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NESN's Andy Brickley talked Bruins and NHL Playoffs

Apr 18, 2012|

Our weekly hit with Andy Brickley, we discussed the Bruins and their 2 games to 1 lead over the Capitals, and the physicality of the 2012 NHL Playoffs.

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Our weekly conversation with our friend -- Brinkley is brought to -- -- Chevrolet in rate in the first place and the last -- -- lead to ever shop for a new or used Chevrolet and by precision fitness equipment -- the pros do visit rescission. Fitness equipment dot com as decision fitness equipment dot com -- store near you Andy joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Greg how are you. -- we know well we're doing well if if dale hunter. Truly believes that Nicklaus Baxter was just defending himself when he stuck his stick enough in up or release based. I guess crappy Torres by the same token -- just try to -- out -- -- is way last night. Yeah if you look across the National Hockey League where they'll a lot of the playoffs and other members restrictions without -- theaters it's. It's hard to defend anything that some of these players and they'll -- You know they'll want to probably still thinks he should have been suspended for twenty games -- -- -- Churchill -- I think it's just coach try to defend -- play here I'll hope to get that title recently that the into the game. Because Baxter is a critical piece of this offense without him they are not as good achievement. So that -- -- that it is difficult position. Jerry asked the question the other day and it's a good one what do you think they're thinking in the halls of the National Hockey League both privately and publicly about the the best for -- we can come up with the mayhem on the -- or watching in particular the Philadelphia Pittsburgh series but they like it -- it somewhere in between. I don't think it like it and I think it was affected you know a lot of political games as a lot of overtime there's a lot of parity. You know of course he can beat -- higher -- and that certainly gonna happen -- -- all of them I think they love all that I just think of nastiness and they're looking for consistency good -- personal responsibility from the players and those of accountability that we can start to get that typically get in the playoffs for the hockey become more focused than. That almost nastiness that we're watching and that prediction edit and as difficult job he's he's basically that he Socialist Party that has been beat out all -- support. And that is challenging position to be hit at least try to do it right but you -- going to be on the right side -- I argue that when you're in that that kind of position of -- -- How significant is back -- lost to the -- Thursday night. He's you know some people refer to that the -- fired the -- is completely done certainly -- to balance you don't have to play real picture would -- the -- can -- looked like. I could put Baxter which advocates a more balance to their laughter and -- great on the power play each penalty killer. Try to control the game went on top of his game this puck skills and sticks gilts. -- -- -- significant losses and they have had not but the people brought to heart but without him their chances of -- without dramatic. Iowa go back to the tone here. 'cause it's fascinating to watch this around the NHL. And and we asked you know it does the league like it or hate him. It is riveting he can't deny that you can't take your eyes off to Pittsburgh Philadelphia series because it is so violent because of the -- just such mayhem. Are we gonna see that here will we see. Every one in the Washington Capitals uniforms suddenly start playing like their coach played because they're desperate because they're the underdog and they have no choice. I don't picket their big capture every -- Water actually players perhaps. But they wanna play I believe the right way which would approach play that would have been they wanna be physical. They wanna stay within the rules of the wanna play playoff style hockey which is rough and tumble. You gotta get some penalties along the way but I don't think he wanted to be part of the reputation. It'll be it'll beat their feet to make it stick -- -- people ignorant people from beyond a topic you can never make -- -- -- the -- make up. I was the Washington Capitals will be a little concerned. If I was sort guy lake all their utility to gesture that need to be lie and cheat with a cry that would be captured from the proposal Washington capitol -- at all optional because. Purely then you end up paying for something like that but the Bruins were pretty much the right way -- not on the senate side. Put I think they've proven that they do the right. So will Lucic. And calls are dropped the gloves animal's -- and no calls as the underdog there's not a fighter but. Does that happen doesn't happen in the first period. All potential also wants to do -- the challenge will be there it'll which it's gonna blog which way you put this team ago. There's there's plenty of hockey to played in some countries don't settle things in a playoff series or this season but. It's well documented and under the read it Jerry during the game it on the Jumbotron they're playing that up I couldn't believe the Washington people with doing that. They don't let the PR department was putting that on the Jumbotron education they have you know there's a good thing because. The crying thing that was shown and do the crying. Gesture yeah I want to -- And wild and and -- what I I thought the BofA made him just watch and -- around the league I thought that game. Like game three would get ugly ugly -- to the the game three would get uglier at the point where we did see some fights. Are they common. Their baby. And affectionately sometimes you have to you have to hold up -- -- things that you do. Well but -- take a look at the personal well -- is willing to drop the gloves and then what is the purpose should dropping the gloves and if you're gonna hurt more men are more helpful that those things you have to consider it should start to shut that changed all the sudden happens yes that happened during the regular season but. It's a little bit more. -- -- play it -- postseason picture. Andy was that -- nerves crying. Gesture does that rise to the level to the occasion of of the -- finger -- lecture as a rallying point probably not. He bilateral pitch on a par with that -- but it's certainly -- players' attention right now and they got it in liberal academic a big deal about out of it publicly. But you have to take your numbers for sure. Your partner Jack said yesterday that the big one of the big issues the big revelations in game three was that. That the goal holes piece of all be played like a good AHL goalie played like a rookie a third stringer. Is that -- that. Can change and that change on a -- Mike -- -- Ken Dryden again and tomorrow. Technology -- a product. I don't think that change wanna that you were really. A good barometer below. What article he was -- a relatively easy to which -- big saves. I think the first cool walk -- is blocked by heavily. That it immediately -- delicate young goaltenders mine those are tough to shake off the street probably should be. Affected by the force -- rather than they lost a hockey game critical game first cable or -- septic shakes his cult that's a little bit. Can be tried like in game for sure that's possible it's not my expectation though I think effective approach speed of the that the way that they beat -- Gently raises some question in this game and I don't think -- -- as competent. What have you seen from Tyler Sagan the says he's playing differing differently now in the playoffs delay -- two ships in the third period whatever whatever you saw certainly Claude Julien saw as well. Yeah -- the occupied battling through it as they say you know -- sorts. Close check you know physical series and the price you have to pay -- hall played -- Getting pucks out getting pucks. Taken the body on the fore check it you know he's even talked about it Alex. Play options that Mark Recchi each city you don't kick out the culprit shall do it seems that usually don't do more like little unwilling to do it. Media player and even though we have some playoff experience -- you'd experience -- the Stanley Cup. He still -- that learning curve looking got to figure out how to battle through how to -- illustrates. How about put himself in the position where he's gonna lose a battle. That that requires reps in games in the ships and you know that it's not going away that you are your expert going to be limited and that's what -- and they do in order to get the best players on the right still playing the best to go to what -- Eddie embrace the whole -- -- play aside in game three from your from your vantage point what what the difference in the in the -- approach and attitude and effort in game three that made the difference. Well I think big picture John it was the fact that they played they competed harder than they won more battles. Wanted to take a look at the action settles. To make some adjustments that can control what they wore his tie up between the offensive line in the red light making it a little more charged wings. Which allowed them to get a little bit more speed love sort of etiquette cultural toppled support valued at the doctor's original little bit more -- Extra -- -- -- -- so that it just try to get everybody in the front of the net because actually capture value that. Six and eat all of these informal poll -- that we get typical. All of elevated initiating it put a much more. Ski so much war between. It is easier to execute they took the body that made better decisions. That they were fully. He engaged emotionally mentally and physically when they play that way this period. Any last week you and Andy -- by the way decried flopping in an optional hockey league something that every player looks -- doesn't wanna be called soccer player in that type of thing. We sing a little bit of that from Brad marsh and. -- two dimensional that little -- heavily. What are the what they call it much -- that -- well. Well a little bit. The state down warmed up that we liked it. Like she -- get up or injured apparently you know it cannot cannot be exposed. Not a -- to walk -- a -- he's a diver and he's just seven arts -- that lies to a pretty good job against Ovechkin line. The operatives and there's a huge gain that instantly be elevated -- -- -- -- well -- opportunity to re really actually changes in Q. And maybe just get on the board seat more -- Marshall we used to it you know I would put the floppy can't. I am brick what -- high school did you go to. It now how unlikely is that how what how big an underdog are you if you go totally public high school in the United States. How many guys. Obviously nowadays when you want -- -- wanna get the NHL. You go to private schools you stay back if you're in America if -- in in Canada a year -- eight years old in the shipping off to some special school. We got Keith -- coming up shortly from a -- from my private channels and I he's. He's earning a living in the NHL UM. You guys are real long shots weren't you. Absolutely and if if you really wanna add to that Jerry. Let's see what I was drafted there were 21 teams in the National Hockey League and with ten rounds and I was stripped children compared. -- obviously due to the basket -- taken the entire draft so we got -- long shot all the way but. That was back in the day -- I was seventeen when I graduated high school eighteen what I what college. You know -- go for -- -- vision award you would age hockey program try to play you know do you want into the two year old with it. What -- that actually were you torn between usual the machine. That swept the way it is anymore there's a lot of competition. According to data -- reached an awesome player -- American Hockey League has. It is still to be recognized as he's being rewarded they have an opportunity politically in the NHL play in the play so. Oh yeah. Is he does would he be a modern day Andy Brinkley. I don't think he's -- he -- -- for you and instantly went to Norway says he's even a bigger underdog than you war. Yeah yeah impressive impressive than at any. Anybody that you know that leaders if you want to call it the American hockey -- of the bus travel. The three games in three nights on Friday Saturday sending. So to play that want to be that successful now be rewarded I think that stretch. Any final question has the series in your mind shifted decidedly in the bruins' favor based on what you saw and gain entry. I do. I do love the fact that for which played the way that they wanted to play not completely but they looked more like the Boston bruins' style most of what you wanna play. I think you've reached your peak -- for this team which it could trading. The -- of Backstreet adult fiction Leo rookie goaltenders might well. I think at all -- -- actually fought to control as I expected gave four to impose their will I would expect that to win both games and watched. They week we mentioned -- Torres hit on not on -- -- last night that I assume decide what to think about how long has he gone for. I think he's a predator. By -- I can't believe this guy hasn't been suspended more tribes what I watch is gonna play. The fact that these you know you can't just get hurt that he'd left his feet. I would expect the -- suspension because he's a repeat offender. Eddie could talk and get good luck the delisting and Watson tomorrow night on NASA. All right thanks -- Berkeley but that doesn't callous element AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TER conversation that you've brought -- -- McGhee Chevrolet in random. The first place and the last glacial need to shop for a new -- you Chevrolet and by precision fitness equipment -- the pros do visit precision fitness equipment dot com race store near you. Talk about us and we and as we know -- that we find this out you know we know where. Tim Thomas. Spent his off day yesterday. That we can the fan boys aren't gonna like it knock it -- not now but now or -- he didn't spend it. You know at the Walter -- at the video arcade know. Or at the mall or -- and scrub out the White House or just walk in the mall what would which had with the famous museum the -- Well not that that the one kind of trendy right now on the new museum New Zealand museum the museum is go to the museum for the Smithsonian or the Vietnam memorial of the world want to -- or maybe did but he did something else we'll have an answer for you when we come back Jerry -- joined us at 830 in the after matching key -- point from Chelmsford join the city 45.

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