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Grande & Max with Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski before the game

Apr 17, 2012|

Grande & Max with Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski before the game

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Which brings us to our full court press we've waiting a long time but he drew moved around ski albums I don't think you've ever done this before -- -- all the segments you don't have all the world all the country. As close as we are traveling the country seeing to the wants -- actually never. -- -- the -- this is an -- before you come to -- -- we know. You get to -- -- -- for the invitation -- excited excited to be well it in the garden right now as we're talked you were about a thousand feet away from -- -- try to coordinate -- things tunnels Postal Service the most amazing Jack Bauer. Tickets they'll service and a Czechoslovakian. Prison camp six stories below that we need it. At Madison Square Garden phonetic nature here and so what's let's jeopardy and we're gonna. It's also it's of people want to hear what you think nationally of the celtics' chances literally it's going on -- team there's a couple of national stores. -- you've been on the forefront as you're pretty much most of them. But the first sort of going on this afternoon you -- Larry Brown with this and view and looks like that's about to happen. Are you surprised that Larry Brown he's gonna be at 95 years old he still could be looking at stuff. Yes he's he's he's becoming -- Lucy's going to be the -- manner that George Allen. Basketball coaches he'll just keep chasing. Jobs till he physically can't anymore but yankees. He he took the job we reported yesterday and Yahoo! that there -- negotiations it's sort of a coaching staff together. And the other gonna paying close to million dollars a year. But you know he's chased jobs with lesser for a SMU's out of high profile job it. He chased the Penn State job a couple of years ago we charity in the interview Princeton. You know lots of jobs some big some small and you know I think he was surprised initially. And how little interest three and was with him on the college level. But think that you look at him he's been a great quote to me VA but the great college coach but at some point together a show like don't. Again I think for Larry his reputation in the NBA obviously he wants to be in the NBA. He he's worked for he's coached almost the everywhere but he's at that point where. The guys who would hire him his guys that Donnie Walsh is the people he had relationships with it they're not hiring anymore and you know he's got a reputation and history of being difficult and while he is a great coach when the greatest ever. You know GM's. Care about self preservation and they -- Leary is a guy who's gonna may be undermined them -- that -- in past jobs and so. It's hard it's been you know that's why he has again back -- That brings us to the most fascinating coaching situation of the year votes for six weeks the requirements -- Gundy as -- Candidate for coach of the year in the NBA now we've watched this extraordinary soap opera unfold. -- people because wanting to get the story first reported it's nothing to write it very well and the lump my quote this from a tree story. Quote only Dwight Howard knows this threshold for pain but never one knows this is Marshall for criticism is far less and the possibility being the bad guy for standing -- eventual dismissal. Troubled him far more. That really sums it up for Dwight who the last thing you want to be with the villain and yet by his actions you sort of made itself. He did and that's why he signed that one year opt in I think to avoid. At the moment avoid having to. Deal with being you know booed and -- in and ridiculed nationally out of town on his way to New Jersey -- Houston -- would have been at the time. But he's put himself where he's to be right back in that situation he does this summer next year we're gonna go through this again. I you know you think about the way how it is as being the villain but. At what point do you start they don't like look I wanna protect myself and I wanna be a father and I wanna do the best thing for my family and me. Instead of thinking about what this public relations complete. Well that's thing is I think if -- had just come out and said even when he denied trying to get. Stand fired -- he's not the first star in the history this league. Most great start at some -- their career had differences with coaches and magic yet we can go down through the years and let's in the great players gonna have more value in the great cultural most every instance. I think if the white just owned up to ways that yet we don't see I I and you know instead of just denying it I think. I don't think people listen he can leave he can stay he can re sign I don't think that's what he's getting criticism for as much as. Maybe not owning up to the decisions he has made in the end and the influence he does have there. I think people except that stars have great power but I think if he owned up to it it probably making -- for the. Ten seconds and only gets in the zone existence targets on this out of the sacramental thing play out. I think they're out of there if if if the -- to keep that team they're moving it somewhere else they can get sweetheart deal where is that that Seattle. If Seattle can get new arena built you know I'm sure they're on the forefront the balloons with up to be in Anaheim but I think the lakers will keep pushing keep them out of there. All right there has been a a great resurgence or reduce office of the fairway again for probably to go is pouring back on. You tend to take a more wrote a distant and realistic look at things. What do you -- the fans who says hey look at our team our team is back. I think there. You know month ago or six weeks ago. We everybody felt the east was the polls in the heat and I think what the Celtics have done I still think. At full strength and healthy Derrick Rose those two teams are better but I think this I think Boston's put itself in a position. That if Miami or Chicago don't flee their best against. Boston Boston can beat. And I think those teams at their best in Boston there's I still. Think they come up short but. Boston has put itself in a situation here. Where you know that they're a threat and you know we didn't know once saw that coming even around trade deadline -- people thought and and insulting to come close to breaking up this team. Well do you look at this I'd go even further I think this way. Does this because this team was so so did in the weather. It earlier does that put doctors as -- beating Kennedy right now for a coach of the year. I don't know I think the coach of the year that you could make cases for a lot of -- got -- here I was. I think the coach of the year is gonna be Tom Thibodeau because their record 2.3 games without Derrick Rose flash they said well one could he had Derrick Rose this year right. You know I don't hope for these things -- But I think you can make that the case for a lot of guys dock you can make a case forum. But I think that there's no question doc has a great ability with this group. He knows this group well and and had no you know gets more out of this group that I think anybody else would of and and I think he deserves credit to for the way they brought Avery Bradley along is Avery Bradley was a player and I think the teams in front office. They were taking criticism about this -- that he he was a Boston. We draw conclusions very quickly on 1920 year old players coming in the lead. And don't give them time to grow and now you're seeing and this is why they drafted this guy and I -- certainly that they deserve credit for him he's been an X-Factor for them. Wrapping up -- hatred goes around ski Yahoo! Sports dot com. If you noticed by the way that people are still help but it's thirty you have to become before people get the name. Fluid leak in 131 felt about stuff. So I -- have a home room teacher whoever got it right so I don't have the extra patience. I assume but Mike Woodson we'll stay in New York what conclusions about the three guys pulling together to possibly draw when they never really did. Yeah and and you know marched out of mark could be back by this weekend and you know you put him back in the lineup and they eat a mare and and -- have not played well together at any point and so they're gonna have to figure that out because they're both gonna be here. And I'm not sure Mike Woodson is gonna be here long term I still think. They're gonna go big game hunting for Phil Jackson for John cal Perry and if they don't get one of those guys they know they can you know Mike would still be here but certainly he's done enough I think keep the job. It's always nice to be that guy that if we can't get any of the guys who want. We're gonna bring you back this -- At will which Yahoo! NBA is that Twitter and I I mentioned only because any ever what you town I -- in the last thirty seconds on this because putters changed. All of our jobs all of our lives pretty much everything what is the biggest. Think it is meant for you professionally. I just think you know you have the ability if you're able to break news provide information may -- others are. And I'm competitive so I think -- it there's a daily living score board there. That you see who's winning and who's who's in terms of breaking stories. Every day and I I like that -- Major -- drastic now sports dot com bullets not wait 45 years reduce it arch on Macs to be with you guys (%expletive). Are still to come all the Celtics are presented by Lexus our conversation with the head coach what we were turned quick trip around the MBA and -- -- which it -- -- -- -- -- Atlantic Division champions. Before this night is over on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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