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Will Bobby V learn from his mistakes?

Apr 17, 2012|

Mut and Lou discuss Bobby V's recent comments about Kevin Youkilis and raise the possibility of Bobby V making a similar mistake down the road.

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You know I think what it proves he is when you talk about. The Red Sox and baseball there is no little story and this is a perfect example this is a big deal. It isn't a big deal I don't I don't think so I think what's important is word goes from here and there's a lot of things -- -- call bosses -- guys did irritated. No business and being a rallying point -- Dustin Pedroia steps innings and comes to telling you courses they'd do the guys unite in going one direction ultimately that's what's important is -- on the field. Do they care about each other. -- so again if there's like picked up on April whatever deals. If they move forward in the right direction that's what's important. I -- by Karl ravaged last night baseball tonight in Ravitch Francona and Nomar interesting group there. On ballot -- and went Francona says not a big deal car route attempts -- what not a big deal. Well let's it was a big deal -- go to this but fortunately for him. You might -- giggle a little bit with what's going on would have fortune with what he does he's gonna be talked about this team we too much. He does what he tied his manager deep Downey and deep down I don't know how to communicate with. Rationally it is not wanna go there he is in every single night have to be addressing stories like this usually like to stay away for the state -- year. From this whole story. Again. I don't believe he fixes and a big deal. But -- addicted to trust is always a big deal that club -- in the original right now apparently. Well there's no trust because Bobby Valentine apparently is want to say one thing and it is completely backtrack and that's. We talked about it for just a couple of minutes yesterday leading -- Red Sox baseball. And I'm not sure my opinion got to cross during that time -- reiterates topic for second. Body about I want to call up Kevin Youkilis on channel seven with -- or receive no that's always gonna do things okay. He can't backtrack the next day and try to represented as something was miss interpreted. That it was taken out of context. That it was not what he meant when it was such it was such a basic thing that he said. There was not that could have been misconstrued. Misconstrued excuse me what balance had to the next night before on channel seven. So you're gonna say it you have to all. I have less of a problem Valentine today. If these will all what he said the day before -- I really got bothered yesterday. We got the or Seles in the pregame show us and Bobby V -- and talking to joke a stake in ridge and Dave O'Brien to get involved and it was a a big part of the conversation. As part just the pregame show. -- to take back track up what he said on channel seven which -- amber -- that that bothered the crap out of me. That he was willing basically just to all of the thing and he was what -- say yeah I set it and I'm gonna move on while. What he came back in Saitama physical just -- what is going well and just just say it. To say it. Just tell -- that's well -- talk about his. That answer that question was so easily is so let me answer -- -- doesn't seem like himself. Why I said a good a couple of days chip audio swing isn't right right now is get around baseball doesn't work out something to -- -- and and instead. That's novel we get. I mean in any tries to come back and let us know all everyone's waiting for me to criticize the players for the first time might I say some things it's going to misinterpret and I don't. Understand how you can possibly misinterpret what he said. You know which overseen by I don't and I think it creates a lot of issues I think it's a big problem it's early on. Yeah as a manager you wanna build trust the new teammate to a technical they're playing hard for you. And this right now it's not to a good start period just because that's one thing a city yesterday it's not just about you it's about 24 of the guys and a clubhouse. And a Sanyo in my gonna be the next guy what's he gonna say about me in my gonna get a call 939 a Sunday from my agent. Letting me know what my manager just said about me before he says to me. I don't think he's. As physically or emotionally. Into the game is says he has been in the past for some reason. Yesterday's seems as you know we see the ball well and got those -- -- city got his. On base percentage jumps up higher and is batting averages which is always a good thing and -- He'll move on from there. Garrett interpret that as lot of people say -- questioned how hard he plays the game. Adding here that would -- -- what he's -- -- -- physically or emotionally into the game as he has been in the past so physically maybe thinks he's out of shape. Maybe exacting care himself emotionally maybe just not focus because of things. That are going on these are fully focused on the game and what he need to do to prepare played a very high level. I think once the game starts. Even though you'll. Note was off to a tough start I don't think you ever questioned the effort that he gives in the game. I don't think that's what he was doing that product double -- trip that way fine I thought it was him talking about -- -- -- commitment to the game -- physically and mentally. Is that the stuff outside of baseball that it is Valentine trying to say that -- Youkilis is more concerned with things that are not Red Sox and baseball related. That's why -- if that's a body men just freak and say it. It seems like you might have a problem with the fact he -- the first place wanna say it fine but all it. What he set the next day with it was misinterpreted. That's not I met his final words to joke a stately L on the Red Sox pregame show. After they say good -- we're yet and I it's one apologized -- port by the cabin. I'm sorry about it. So public trust in that clubhouse. Trust us is I say dizzy dizzy sick when he means as he knew he wouldn't say. Agassi is he's gonna say stop and backtrack. What kind of respect can you get a club house. When you say something like that and immediately afterwards the next day. Yeah it totally. We read it may be in May be in Japan or something but -- over here US now we're we -- have three game winning streak wanna feel good and keep her own so. You know we feel we have a good team and then we just -- Each other's backs and play together. I mean I don't know I -- I haven't prepared haven't talked to him about it I mean that. I'm on that. You play as hard as anybody I've ever seen in my life so. And I have his back and his teammates have his back and we know all Marty plays so. And I think what went I don't really understand what. Down from -- is trying to do but that's filling out the way we go about our our stuff for hunters don't. Need to be that was quick tip its data though a lot of things that were said here. And Elvis is your reaction from what Bobby Bobby had said though and Dustin Pedroia who's the leader this team -- -- that we we do things -- here. It works to pamphlet deal we go to has backed around here. The players that clubhouse for right or wrong if they you know they feel that. The big pull for another because they almost feel like every once against them you know to me which one of the reasons why people probably don't really enjoy this team. So you know he -- say listen we get the media you know the people saying things about us right now we just came off a big collapse the last thing I need right now with my managed to -- they're just jump on the bandwagon -- our -- -- to. That's based it would come down to -- you know what he's right it's easy you know the criticism you want from -- if you don't like you if you don't like any Beckett whatever it is that's -- But the criticism from your manager should be done privately. If that is that's who you're hoping for this team internally knowing that Bobby -- put up a lot crap that Terry Francona did and this team needs that. They need that they need to know that. What they don't need is for that management go to the media first. Before addressing it to their -- play and that's the part where he really loses the thing all together -- backtracked but it -- feel this way. You can go to duke was first and talent right and today you got a player. That wants to hear from you with the manager not to hear from the -- at 930 ninth before. That's -- opinion fine but related to the player and and don't backtrack the next day. Gyms and Brockton as we get to your phone calls and reset the Red Sox here today what's up Jim. In April. And a little. Just one -- two. Mentioned before it's likable Bobby Valentine. I'm very proud of -- graduate but so what some are ones. And haven't really decent seasons as a run. Particularly the Celtics. Be -- injury plagued them. I think -- Call capable teams with excellent go to war and the people underrated and I. It's at least seven GAAP and that that is fine play you'll look the last half of the season along with -- Rondo when -- shooting by a radio -- good bench. Played quite grab some Pietrus. After the brutal -- they have promised Sharon Seidenberg in the balance large will be fine but they I was like a book. Well balanced kind -- suspect that I thought that. Not only got to wage -- reboot will Kindle Randall with a budget of them can -- a couple of others before it was. He pitched a good game he was ready to Kamal. I think well people -- look Grady Little they're a little bit different what eventually but it was a gamble that I know you guys know remember this game whether it. It should have a win. He should look that you want to deal with Siegelman who along against Detroit. -- -- the -- -- Evans who had bought the original equipment for the match and also because a close up. You wanna get him in the -- but he was like. Plummeting that I guess and it it to make it she's like that and that is it just looked up. One moment of the Padilla had that in the packet when we're getting and giving up of that I just think that that question again -- should be more. Mr. Obama on legal immunity agreement then broke up in on the line issues are a few courses are visually. He's eloquent but thoughtfully -- -- it would clutch. He's an injury plagued but I I I think he'd get -- -- it works if people were sent that. I'm truly determined to come back I want to use on the combat. That some might observations. Jim good stuff appreciate the phone call amend that the in game stuff. I think it's okay to be critical many admitted on to duplicate this year I made a mistake. Which is fine but at some point as a Red Sox bring -- you'll stop admitting mistakes and don't make them. A -- I've got my bad well. About make the right decision on the on the field. Boy your team and make the right call some of these guys notable that you know that's the thing -- these guys -- the -- questions themselves with the naked decisions -- -- -- you know. We go while we have to games apologizing for most all of that does is fuel the discussion. Of the made a mistake. I don't I don't that he had -- right thing in Detroit I do because -- saves you closer. It ever was it that you opposite to Padilla did his job he went for an -- -- the team down it was ten to seven game. You got a closer in there. You name a -- closer it's a first save opportunity of the year. You know Gary came in a tie game -- -- -- did the opening databases goat was sicker or whatever was due to hit game over. But the first opportunity if he's -- close you gotta put him in there. That got a couple of moves Leo and a magic comes on after that I screwed up I should have done this session of the net just fuels discussion. It does it mean -- it's a while others reasons why we did it didn't work out this while he did this article in the office you know -- like I screwed that up. When he's not talking about a publicly. Again more an issue of of everything it's on his mind we're getting it just fuels the fire -- this -- as opposed to apologizing at the game just keep it to yourself. 6177790850. To all 38885250850. Verizon cellphone pound WEEI. -- call for you text us any time on the AT&T text line at 858 feet to follow up from a bad day from Bobby Valentine yesterday. Are and where this team goes from here at all of your phone calls next.

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