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Meter's Sports Flash including Larry Vanover mic'd up

Apr 17, 2012|

Meter gives us the latest sports news including the latest on the Saints bounty scandal and having the exclusive audio of the ump behind the plate of Monday's Patriots Day Game Red Sox-Rays game.

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It's -- pretty -- heads into. Not so. -- Those shots. -- -- The on your jacket paso now on it was scored a Marxist and a Chara scored big chart but the -- -- was clearly defective that was off the these elected but it was clearly off the defenseman right -- it was heroic that's right. We scored in kind of look like Seidenberg does it has to Seidenberg tied him up I don't wanna poke a barren makers had fall off with a golf ball so I thought. Or poke check don't go do that it -- just don't act after you kick. But the guy's name this -- Com all the their balls after all your listeners that -- coming after you lose. This is what he's missing is who is the underdog here. Capped a bit of Washington results plant Foreman. Displays the game who wins. That would be Bruins promotes benefits that there's some chaos who benefits if this thing he roads if it deteriorates into a street fight making him and I. And I don't care who wins the fight is there's more truckers mayhem this truck violence. There's one track -- -- does that yup that's a great hour -- so did dale hunter at some point you have to say screw this Pakistan off. You know you have to say this is Inco while -- rookie and then playing like a rookie you know we don't have. Defensemen like Zdeno Chara and -- Evident the Bruins get caught up in that thing and go back at them -- -- it just rushing it it'll have they have the crushing home. Caps that all the firepower to to crush him anyway. You're the underdog it benefits you in the plan to fight and booted up is not to just. And Google -- make it chaos just to strive for some chaos. -- it up that sort of takes a marked up you -- you you wanted creed but more -- now it would be better and good morning it up and responding to of that they've been much better than the caps history -- better or -- -- -- of clean and close to the -- and and and really sort of you know Christine in the first two games. The Bruins scored one game in each goal. I think that's sort of what one of the appointment even go 1 goal -- -- -- a X one goal in each game is that about what -- under would be look at for Isabella Stewart Wong and his -- shaky it's over I do agree ministers. I agree -- -- It all right I'm right I'm afraid I haven't gone yeah do you think we asked the question about earlier. Privately they love publicly they have to say something else. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't know I don't that beat the broad jointly they'll probably both -- -- one did it. If if Washington it one last night I still think the Bruins to win the series. Who's gonna win five. The win tomorrow night or Thursday Wyatt -- three is. Thursday night that they didn't give him -- and the go to the White House and the capitol. This crisis it's the slowest Thomas the embassy in my personal life has nothing do with the Bruins hockey. It remains found. What was the question why why that was that was from. I told them from last night I was -- -- from until we had a couple escaped to players practiced. Won't he BS the -- someone does some DC. -- and he's done. Who's the DC. On -- at a time of his -- wells and no it is called. Frauds in. Sports journal -- history. On. Anymore -- as we got no food we got no jobs -- -- heads turning in a bowling balls if it got. That's with them at the and that. And I -- gimme gimme that's Jonathan Vilma who -- is that between two and eight yes. I'd say closer to eight into. A -- CA. Although a date not Uggla six. Okay good six bit sick -- you were to agree it's going be longer than -- longer than -- yes and Drew Brees what is his problem. His snippy it doesn't wanna talk about brownie gate. I came here as a member of the executive committee. And hopes to. Here's the facts and truth in the evidence. In this in -- -- allegations. Unfortunately. I didn't get a -- -- -- -- He didn't hear anything as far as the evidence you wanted that thing -- -- any any any meaningful. Any meaningful. Pictures of tracks so no Brothers and I. -- have you heard the Gregg Williams audio and. That is tailor your news. We want you know run sideways we walked hidden. I wears a couple stories do -- -- here that that meaningful is that that penetrated full accurate yes. You need to hear more than yes it was a good move texas' coach Walter Reed to visit troops and Thomas -- you know -- will be -- -- And McCain. Stop all this nonsense that is divisive figure praise him. -- prison I don't think O'Donnell would be a good move. Get two days ultimately give the grind and cramped for game four. There some Boston boys Walter Reed in America who knows maybe -- -- surprises you right now there will remove. But I did text but breezes. You know it's -- and assess the close. -- food clothes he's not he's just. Try to help their article about as union face like the unit that is exactly that's the problem in on this they have to agree on this and Goodell wants. The union wants the Morris and true. And few Jeter whose union official who's going to be suspended. He wants them all on the same pages and want these are Mexican and two more -- scream and this is wrong isn't fair came on the plate and -- coaches I don't think that's the case. Well he doesn't wanted to be the case. And oh by the way Kevin Youkilis might not be in the lineup tonight two for nine lifetime against club Lewis is and that it does so for one. But tomorrow night. Is an issue because of those three for five against Holland the pitcher and you courses -- for six are we gonna do this every game left all of the left yes he's gonna play lefties well -- switch. Nobody Google's gonna play against lefties. Out of Georgia is very disrespectful meter. Checked the sample we -- gonna we're gonna do the state it would took just but but he's a book but. The bottom line is Youkilis is in his mind replaceable. -- depending on match ups you can't say about Pedroia Gonzales -- or use Ellsbury he can't say at a -- certain what Ross. And replace Ross at this point. Youkilis think she belongs in with them and it's hard to argue with them right he's a three time all star in his third knew about it when you are. Gold former local communities feels so sure that status that he's in there every day. I finds out a week in the season easements he's -- set quite right when -- There's. Kevin Youkilis I don't know if you ever goal often and reveal his trip to feelings but I am guessing he's -- Right now. We throw the bell helmet like Cody Ross did after getting -- it was like balls that far outside damn right -- sure you're all set JRA's rule would have thrown -- then. Let's check it would Larry van over W I -- much of their -- strike three. Strike. I. -- You know. -- But it wasn't always listening because I was up was that one of the worst calls ever receive any soft drink order for single parent like you know Mika PH zone and the -- -- his wife Hillary to win Arab that we have ways to measure of these things. ESPN. Tracks every average -- yes and and says. Of the 47. Balls. That part threw only one was in the strikes -- -- Of the pitches Cody Ross none was in the is it not even yeah -- the strikes Adrian Gonzales that it was in the left hand batters batter's box. It was but if Richard did Gonzales tries to pull another off speed pitch that's off the outside part of the plate among. You know we just doesn't kill them that is emotionally or physically is in two Libyan then -- was -- -- -- that was brutal. And I -- They've -- not exactly mr. clutch now is and congratulations to Tedy Bruschi five hours 26 minutes and -- second -- -- -- to his -- to complete the Boston next to a website at this point -- Yes you should wait for -- cut line gets. You know what music congratulations to everybody. We joke about the stick figure is yen and you know I gotta say the winner the winner and move. Healthy no it does not look up well meant that the winner needs a cheeseburger and maybe surprise a one day yeah. Us assets from -- A little all of gone to side would you agree with just go to the doctor for a check -- -- Syria perfect. The good and it was those two -- felt at. Peace meat that's not enough for but congratulations everybody finished his. Every one room as is often and then you -- or any of Africa's. You -- mere humans speak. At times point six she doubted he would reach the. Talk to a friend of -- -- a different course this morning who beat Tedy -- -- ten minutes. He said there were two locations one I believe you said at the thirteen mile mark and what the fifteen mile mark when he didn't think he could take one more step. And -- finished five committee will choose to -- the I mean that was amazing it was like a parade of you know to. Match and Bashir and yes the you mean people at the end and stock -- not -- -- already -- -- -- -- it takes. Incredible. Mental toughness on -- that finished as you know. In 26 miles there's dozens and dozens of times we look around someone quits -- pass and say. Maybe I should feel yeah -- next year specially guys who've done it before but to seek a little cold beer over the side. She seems like this you'll say the gives an excuse to quit there's a lot of excuses would you blame someone of if in a friend said he didn't finish no and no 1 morning and got dizzy numb whatever don't say it was ninety. Eric Campbell and what's that great expression that Vince Lombardi had a a -- from fatigue makes cowards of us all but they wouldn't be cowards that just be human if they if they said I can't do in Vince is minding Howard's Roland Delores Lester and -- get your phone calls next.

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