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Kluzak breaks down the Bruins bringing Holtby back to Earth

Apr 17, 2012|

NESN's Bruins analyst and former defenseman Gord Kluzak joined D & C to discuss the Bruins physical play against the Capitals and finally coming throught against rookie goalie Braden Holtby. Gord touches on Milan Lucic's motivation, Dale Hunter's style of hockey, and if Ovechkin can carry his team back into the series.

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There was no panic because you can't afford them. Now having said that I don't think anybody would say oh we knew we are going to win when you're going to be able to come back -- -- death. We knew what we had to do to. To try to make that happen. Tim Thomas after last night's Bruins win that has them up two games to one on the Washington Capitals joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE. Our friend and a terrific hockey analyst who were teams that Al Gore good morning -- -- more area Garrett you're doing very well I'm opposed to you the question I posed to Jerry this morning a little bit after 6 o'clock in your estimation court. What is more important in this Bruins caps series right now. The fact that a whole beat seems to be equally awful little bit or the Bruins are heating up a tribunal offensively and under the collar. You know -- -- some mobile clearly all be looked like just for the first time he was fighting there are occasionally showing little few signs of nervousness in you being out of position and there's sort of a broadcast. Prospect no longer have their one goal barker -- Mr. And that's our rule that there. But I think that -- Brewer also -- it needed to open it up a little bit certainly. The capitals are playing such ultra conservative hockey keeping everything to the outside the Bruins. When -- -- to keep a couple of rhetorical offensive talent up front script which you a little bit our corners you'll I -- our our our. The Bruins game room and this is. It's really pursuing the partly true article a couple -- -- creating. -- -- the -- -- who are your your -- and I think Rivera until we saw a lot more. Game regardless aren't in order to. Speaking of physical play -- and fighting and that kind of stuff maybe dale hunter can't help himself but if you. -- poke the bear to steal the expression from Jack Edwards doesn't that's sort of played the Bruins and when you -- those guys up and -- you play that way. Yeah you know I didn't really seem like you're good idea to give great sort of -- crying motion -- -- -- exactly and it just doesn't seem like your idea. By you know what was tremendous this it's a series that. It cardinal are a little emotion the first couple games it's -- convert some the other suitors are withdrawing our. But now it's starting to pick up where the gravity of the situation is starting to look very clear the ball team. And there are you know they're starting to straighten out the type of thing that happened in the playoffs in some of his verbal and sort of physical and got. And their very -- during terrible pain and terror are or are ramping up their game and that's exactly what you got. They're down the caps down to one -- if they get down. 31 or they get down a couple goals. What will dale hunter's team do will they revert to will they go all penguins on us and will we see a game like we saw in the penguins flyers series. I don't think so -- I don't it was American I'm not a big I'm not a big deal there never -- it was very impressed with the way you played as a player. Mainly because she was she was dirty and I don't mind your got quite often aggressive or not -- you would. Should show -- attempt to injure guys that are just goes order comScore had no respect for that but I don't see that happening in this. Series immunize you see the occasional cross check on the back from clearly. I'm almost positive that wall that. Tension will be standard -- kind of been out for a lot. I think it was a match penalty was. Who trainer who told you my expectation that will -- will will be your restricted but it. -- -- -- -- -- You know some of the brawling that we've seen and other security and according to seek a cursory search -- down to the games get more and more or. You see less and less than and that's what -- but the series is already well along he can't dispute at first you can't series. In court maybe my memories are foggy here but when you played did every time someone touched another that's the opponents. Feet or she -- or legs with their stick. If the player go down and wasn't always two minutes for tripping. -- -- I you're my and -- guidance floppy stuff. Is starting to bothered me more than ever visited. Are your listeners what what's the worst thing all of Islam who -- World Cup soccer dated a lot bigger yeah. It got Kris Moore -- game but we have you more has to do something that I mean. -- embarrassed guys have to. Go out and and and covered pot and diving was under whatever they do but it got to get out of the game. I don't know I'd go what I got an idea how about not call it I -- they called for trips. I don't think any of more trips in your day or. You know 70s80s even nineties I don't think they were trips back then now every -- a guy goes down if the sticks anywhere near its feet. Well you know I think what's happening Jerry's -- the league you're you're gonna want garments from these other series of power hander Scott has obviously told directory. To call these games extremely. Close -- Merrill and very cool real big game the other night at -- aren't you called and they didn't know -- David -- should be call in the NHL playoffs and inserted into they'll contact somebody goes Garrett. Even look back extra move or should alarm are Marchand late in the game arena are. It was almost -- the bruins' advantage but still you just hate risky call like. I'll -- the referee. This is making call it that really certainly shouldn't be made especially report. But almost by 100%. Unanimity guys in the National Hockey League decry and lol that flopping unless it's one of their guy right do you think marsh and flopped on that called you just mentioned. I think you flop and you're thinking yeah yeah I hit a little bit and I I hope we didn't swap I didn't I didn't it it's -- -- -- code immediate at a time when I was watching it. The opposite. The Bruins are perfect I know that but I think on the margin -- play the game. More like Richard -- the NHL. If you know -- approach in my period spiritual players were older from the street you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's a guy who played the game right not because of where they gave dirty your nasty. The top three top guys probably rated by the players were Lucic sure are important and those big guys sat on the physical tone for the possible. That's Smart sort of floppy. Or cheap shots and things like that that there are aware of it or. Gordon going forward is the Carl -- -- crybaby moment just a laughable kind of footnote this thing is that it is it more toward the -- finger biting of of Bergeron last year to inspire some of the Bruins to respond. Our previous quarters battered by -- gigabyte finger but I still figured ill advised I mean. The priority -- You know I -- particularly -- such a key key player for this even mean what it doesn't think Bruins are are this big physical team that you're -- look at port forward. Special would need support now. Would adamant query out of the lineup those are true big physical guy approved -- really hasn't. There are overly physical but one guy they have up front that can really punish players. Can really make it a little look over shoulder and the capitals have a lot you know Boogaard greener -- guys aren't overly physical. To get any -- -- even more riled up you know hit. I don't think that's gonna work of the capital to. Rarely if if you were a dale hunter would you want -- can to be this physical and -- Boudreau didn't want him. To mix it up this much is see more of what does he just have to be himself and be the player we saw last night would you want him to be more. Concerned with self preservation and in -- scoring goals. Well you don't listen I think he you know you of the way he plays a physical perspective he leads -- team and your spirit have a superstar in that regard that I think is set. Is important -- six foot 3230. Harboring is devastating body checker and I think -- good defensemen when he had the opportunity. I contribute goes out of his way a little bit I do you think he plays what -- you Marc -- one on one hockey forget that he has made out there. And he needs to start to use grab more because it is trying to beat Seidenberg and -- -- all the are not that I can harder worker he scored one incredible all last night. Or give you learn to use his teammates more that would open up BI -- form what he has OpenId what god he's devastated. -- to all due respect to Charles goal and two assists. Last night what. Letter grade would you give him and his defense partner that matter for a vets get outdistanced both of them for that incredible goal you just talked about and also that breakaway goal later in the game I think tied it at 32 mistakes by the defensive duo. Yeah you know you're right that that that -- probably go. -- -- like to have both of those back to -- there was -- bouncing part through the neutral -- my personal focused on not letting a wrenching -- -- certainly got on them. And then on the like -- I mean I think you're. When you get too preoccupied to direct your and you watch -- and he really sorts. Slept in behind him -- -- combined -- those -- those guys can do those guys can play better. They can play tighter and united are charged with a little out of control its arms and that's another couple -- apparently aren't you gotta watch batting -- being -- on the -- in every situation especially penalty -- situation. But on the other hand. You know -- -- -- that I'd love about this team is strewn stream which I think is really difference in this series as it. Well I think the capital are pretty a pretty it up pretty tight group right they haven't had much success in the playoffs have all -- how they never really been able to do march. I think you're feeling tremendous pressure they'll have to -- and sort of the Stanley Cup champion. Only she Seidenberg for the gators got a smile -- -- very. Tim Thomas out of it sorted through allowed choking up -- chain gore -- should be seeing it is very serious very professional. But they also know that -- about -- have fun and enjoy yourself and enjoying the moment our guys did a tremendous advantage. And -- -- great example that I mean very -- got you got a couple of calls. But a guy a chance picture down or poor -- in the over you know and setting LP set up our old -- goal in charge goal. -- curry absolutely you can go all the situation -- essentially got -- got a couple of times. Oh my god I can't go to those are gonna sit back sit back -- -- -- -- this very they're going forward I think that's set. That's true that's -- -- wanted to sort of in here. Real advantages whose team has. Kevin Paul -- analysis this morning in the Paper was and use the old analogy the reason bank robbers rob banks is that for the money is the reason goal scorers -- up front of the -- at net that's with a goals are. I guess we saw a little bit more about his point is that. Rarely do blasts from long distance make their way through when you have. You know Chris Kelly and Ralston as a great example on that particular goal. Yemen up and everything and in front their legs or arms or bodies are screens are shields the goaltender can't see you're more likely to score that way you grew up philosophy. -- a 100% mean that does that mean even I mean include a Bruins forward to market in the series so -- has been bad all Gloria has. I knew the guys is better than that he's the guy that really right they're going after throwing his body today in the air and and you know he's got to get that you're getting get knocked around Richard you're going are you looking for loose parts and other IA's goal role and goal also that -- mean Ralston. Goal is -- just a little kind of -- sharp bright blue. And play goal in mind he's got a little ritual from the Blue Line and -- -- miss Campbell would have marry you are so exactly -- also the kind of goal you scored a playoff. And I think you know that's why he yeah you're just you're just gonna see more and more that I mean are saying you know see a lot of -- -- -- beautiful. Think pectoral passing plays in the playoffs and I each other saying can do more but it -- it is it's more about the guys you're gonna you're gonna grind -- torture those. Look for those as we used to call garbage goal. Maybe you're right you're Bruins -- a former Rome but you're a hockey fan in a sports fan Gordon would you be disappointed. In at all if they don't face Philadelphia in the next round. Cut the well there I would the short drive north of Pittsburgh tribute into these so there. I think we're sort out Philadelphia series would be a tremendous regarding. I don't see. I wouldn't be that encouragement on the Philadelphia Flyers don't give up the boulder -- I don't think they have a champion broad debate play they get I carry gold bearing her parents complain that kind of defense so are you I would via the little matter they've shown a lot of character in that come from behind again and again and thirteen it seems to be. Very very into the moment than that and really up to the challenge but that they had some defensive end goaltending problems and a I don't think that's the formula for long term well. What what did you think of game three asked this question yesterday and today. In the league office were they watching Mets and this is what we -- -- -- -- there was -- game three in the pens flyers it was the most entertaining riveting may have about the of ever seen. But it was close to you know just a street fight I mean it was it was roller ball deep is that good for the league or or not. Our hero with a not very I'm very disturbed by some of this stuff I've seen him and I are better than a bright -- -- -- and so when. When you get like a going to an app developers and we're here Swede on Swede violence you know they sell a lot -- and and and the Pittsburgh game was and going -- exciting guys like Neil did a high cost you see that the blind trying to get the deal I think -- It could create was really one of -- going to maker her a cent from concussion problems. Boy oh boy that I don't panic goes over the line a little bit meritless and I think regain your -- wildly arching an extremely. Good record can be executed all of those things with a head shot. The blind shot. Or I I think that that is that is something that that the leak out to really cramped dark and by the way sort coaches the players. You. You don't -- -- want you it could trigger a computer like ours we strike hard Opel and it has. All these players are happy their -- -- with concussion and -- -- seems to be a little disconnect fair article has here. Make sure that that kind of stuff that -- charts in particular the cheap shots blind -- They don't have to be part of the game became can be can be cyclical or can better -- fight Serb that are that are -- one out of your motion of the competition. But the premeditated. She sure. That -- -- going out to boil some some -- that the league just has to try to keep that under control as best they can. -- final question for all the years you played the game and watch the game and love the game have you ever seen anybody quite like Chara when these post whistle -- was and Fraser breaking out and he's not a principle in the original action. Have the ability to walk into short picking guys out of the pile on separating it. And calming those roiling waters that anybody else come close to charles' ability to kind of calm and down separate guys like that. Communists like Andre the Giant step into the middle every scroll -- you have these guys are coming up to her shoulders and insert. Is that any group will be heard about a -- -- -- -- I don't know how that have testosterone may be testosterone war intimidating. Guy. And guy he's their first teammates and -- -- to calm down pretty quickly when he stepped into the middle and -- -- -- and you you don't marvelous competitor are you an extraordinary. -- guy all them inside her car. Such as such your manager Claude Julien has since -- have you guys that even though they made a couple mistakes I became accurate. As -- at this critical time of the game and really want the game for the team so there are all sold so physical and -- itself. This is really sister. At an intimidator that these great great great asset it makes everybody on the team or oranges. All will -- it would Chara ever allow himself to go a 100% balls to the wall innate in one on one fight with somebody talked about this courtesy does he have to hold himself back so we doesn't. Kill somebody. But -- well I see them get into some -- in our priority it sure. I don't know what you do if you're if you're gonna try regardless what being a tall guy and I that you got to hold somebody yelled over broad. It would be that would is -- -- -- -- He plays hard and you know a lot of times when we you want him you want to drop the gloves and we see him do that occasionally but. -- is not a guy that that needs to do got a lot. Com he'll do it and we've seen it but he's also guided. -- somebody down -- -- Kerry was awful this year some guy had the unfortunate that things. Or would -- you're fighting him and he had -- down at a very vulnerable spot he stopped. I think that means a lot right around the -- means a lot of answers a lot of bunkers are being archer RU -- -- that's what it. That's -- players respect that and and and it and it -- -- even matter that the -- -- that you ever had somebody extremely powerful position with you would really hurt public sector or something. Player you always look for the guys were all squirrelly in -- what it would quite sure ever situation. -- you know it sort of let you -- kept an extra IR. Plus to get into a fight you need -- willing dance partner and there aren't a lot of those -- -- ready to -- I suspect. Are no no no -- don't think -- -- -- -- -- great to talk with you we appreciate the title talk to -- -- my -- our -- corporate or Portland sex with Dennis and Callahan took an -- and by the way the Sox open a two game series for the defending American League champion Texas Rangers. Joint TC Jeremy daughter a solo and Jenny Dell. At 6 PM only on -- We're joined us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE speeds up ten times faster than three GAT and T -- possibly again. NASA has game four right direct one night Thursday or Thursday they gonna get huge numbers analyze. The lead in. They fall on the ball announcements so well all -- -- it would just gonna hang around for the Bruins hold good programming and --

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