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Was this a calculated move from Bobby Valentine

Apr 16, 2012|

Pete and Lenny Megs talk about Bobby Valentines comments about Kevin Youkilis and whether there will be any sort of backlash in the clubhouse or media due to the comments.

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-- that Alan Robertson do of the planet Mikey show what yours truly -- a pro again for the legendary. Mikey Adams. -- in the house -- well you haven't seen you wouldn't in a while glad to have you on. Right they hit eight greatly voice again what is what is new usually working everywhere we whenever -- this guy I'm busy guy keeps -- out of trouble. You know with social media the -- it is site yeah I -- have to stay busy I disease he won more new photo viewer TM. What was -- up like potato either choice not to mention to you -- solved by good result for about a couple calls the 61777. Nigeria Turkey mediated by two fives -- refusal to meet that your take -- what happened and shenanigans when you read read on the Internet now -- today affidavit for what he really went after 5 o'clock to get it right now I know I the first regions that there is a -- reaction. -- You know I I -- I've said he would need and and have written at the number 94 as they decided that. There's this downtime we knew before we know let's recognize the different kind of cat -- And to face the Boston media before every game as he does and after every game and -- that tonight John whoever we're Chris. That he's got to say something. Right off the bat that's and he's not gonna tell a player for she's gonna tell us right. And then now who's got the obligation the ghost of a play -- the delicious -- you know skipper said -- It's it's crazy but yesterday it was way out of line for us all you police say he may. You have -- call saying that a click or use guy that trying to geared up. That may not be untrue as you know by the same token to -- say. To say it like he knows Youkilis inside out he's mentioned five years way off base. What -- and I said that because he set up the comments earlier up adultery spring training but why haven't been a lot of time to -- While I don't know I have been here longer costs and Elvis is gonna apply. That -- goodies inside ahead in the psyche of Kevin Youkilis after all these -- you set I had I had I don't know -- that's what that's what threw me off all of a sudden say -- -- seven games is enough to make this -- you know about a player but is there a method to -- mad as you think that's what I'm saying before the break that he might be doing this on purpose to test these guys like -- -- -- they have. But they can be equal and poised at a big boys in -- move on. You think it's something to that or might totally reaching here are a million may be right but he's wrong if that's the approach being -- -- -- was right or right right -- -- -- -- -- your point is right but his point is wrong if that's his plan it has these guys again -- coming off an eight the the once have been around at. Come off a soft manager. Who would never say anything like that -- about anybody protected them out there classy manager not the Bob developers -- -- and on Romo on the sabres last year and not by. Are we know shortstop Terry Francona never -- to use the outpost type of words yeah. About a player on his team. It is times six is on Manny you know that's what I tell people a time and people just don't understand this stuff and someday -- always write the book now -- I mean at some of the stuff that's come out that we can't really talk about -- -- rumor and innuendo what a -- most of us know a lot of it's true. I just don't think people really have a true grasp of what the hell. He had to go through in that clubhouse in the daily basis I would give anybody odds of that and -- -- ten times over yeah. Absolutely and and and balance I just -- gains and needed this this is amazing that it happened this quickly. -- why would you do that as he saying those were armed by the way serial drama queen you know. Some day they will make Hollywood will make the Bobby Valentine Stewart -- again aren't I get -- the chino plane upon right but -- there because there's this so Correia you know I mean he was mostly super Styron died in June end never was what you're supposed to be. He's Smart guys is that guy mark Jack is Smart guy I know via ports are Smart guy now. And yeah I get slated Texas. Around and gets goes to Japan comes in gets five by the -- dosage and winds to a series. And has it all comes back I never thought at 6162. That he would wanna go through this grind it looked pretty cushy -- ESPN -- right. I think he's been away a little too long and he's picked the wrong town not the right time at the wrong team. Derby going after what they went through September. And I'll crap they had to put up with and deserved. On and off the field. And to come in here and -- fives on this -- with -- -- not exactly a golden boy what and Pedroia yeah speaking out. Logic -- shot I've heard what does I think he's been dying to use that line for two months judge I have I'm dying -- you outline about that may happen in Japan amateurs aren't gonna happen -- the -- I think he's he's. Wait for something like yeah happen. But my place Pedroia. Is his best play. Speaking of so wasn't like trying Leo Ryan Sweeney was quoted a Saltalamacchia and you know. -- its it's just but. The thing is there's a lot of people up there and I and I understand -- recover from. -- overall I think the situation today was not handled particularly well then a bigger tragedies regrets about that stuff that's happening and I think there is certain to part of the -- be about him. Just be big boys and move on throughout there's a lot of people out there letting that loved what he did today and Japan they may not. Be wrong at all they want this team to be shaken up as much as possible. Because it validates all the pain and suffering that they went through last. -- and says we're moving on that's what they don't say moving on right. I'll let you know what these these. Play's going to be and -- now they're going to be on the toes and -- can trust this guy you shouldn't. Distrusted new manager at 78 games in cities -- baseball and a herb Brooks I'll be your coach -- won't be your friend. Well that's that's good point and it like that maybe this of them say may be psychologically he's. -- -- To win this on purpose or maybe the team will -- together all line up against -- play hard to reach other but I don't I mean I'm just I'm despair while trying to come up what's topic I just was stunned today a last night. And the fact that an agent -- a call you can wake him up obviously to I mean that's just it's -- it's really not done in the major Major League baseball's a lot of different than every. Everything else yeah -- -- herb Brooks working with twenty something damages written a blog Contra army and the work idea if these guys take exception to that yeah there's no question about it now this is just the tip of the iceberg I'm afraid right. That your team -- will movement on. Why you can't tell me and if he didn't -- he's wrong -- to ensure Adam Matt and he must have with Valentine over these that remarks in saint. -- it's not like the reports I've seen -- at thirty side with. With with Youkilis well yes have to certainly seems that way that's why he would chastise the manager not to play the play didn't do anything. Now -- -- to -- in the event then this could all and again I was -- to find out about any team of special sports with things are going. Courtly fun about the true character team but I don't think it's a little. Different this situation because of who's managing. And the way things went up without last year at all this stuff by I hope I really hope it doesn't stop us -- of what it -- -- a four game four games reflected. I say -- a lot of talent for any baseball and baseball it's set in your absolutely right we do jam you know this isn't you know the NFL were you know -- games' parent market mourned for its games -- sixteenth -- season. And we got a whole -- for the next one. By you're actually right a -- where we stand for and against it I will say this. If this team is playing mediocre baseball after forty games let's say -- 500 all -- okay. I don't think you get five. I think -- quit. I mean real growth I really think that he will have their third place -- god forbid possibly fourth place at something like death outside Toronto was there audio yeah I mean if there you know hover around. The report place where rod you really think there's a chance to Mike where I I do I won't repeat defeatist attitude by his ego so big bill -- believe -- admitting defeat you think he has that in him. Yes at 6162. I think he's you know a -- is still a feisty forty something like that -- might be different but it's like you know what. I have been way too long. I'm doing this wrong then don't get me I don't scare anybody. We're not going anywhere I think that's a possibility another pew global director for the second and organized and ready to go to my wanna hear from you guys. It. When he was with the Mets and they got disastrous European. And others have brought the stereo by the their correct. You can hide in new Yorker with a bit you can not hide -- -- the -- -- top panel talking about the swing and that's in their break point. You cannot hide here as the manager of the Boston Red Sox because people. Care so much the match you get away -- it appears as a lot of different things and not that world. It's just it's just a different atmosphere here than Ralph your -- I'm wondering though he said he was prepared and tear it up -- -- -- -- The reality situation is maybe it doesn't appear in overwhelming form -- offset dungy said yeah. You know he has his thought process he -- talks very deliberately knows that with for -- -- you ask that question. And -- puts this -- hand on its face and leans on it and just. It's very dramatic if it like a drama -- -- before -- answer is men three of four words come out and then -- just screw up his face and and at the other part of the thought comes out and it's like. Well this is what I shot today when he. And obviously room name exactly maybe you're right maybe I shouldn't matter that probably should have brought Thomason -- the exact it's just have. I know what I got Terry on the brain and interests and allies have so much respect for what he did a year and and the way things -- handled probably handle things up way everything went -- yeah it's got an -- try to -- a case that takes some getting used to but. Budgetary overcoming it. Saying something like that now -- have -- but I know what I know I know that that barred Daniel Bard was what that pin was -- for five against them lifetime as a political differences too much -- -- -- back into the starting role right. -- -- -- The bottom line is he he screwed up we should take an -- earlier. It's that in spring training area Ryan Sweeney a he's six -- to a 25 issue hit some home right to -- one lest it. Well you probably know that Red Sox have a look -- -- these big guys that their proposal but he's been in big leagues for awhile right. Bobby's got to go to the -- with the -- it's it's it's it's different you know it's -- it's definitely different you know if if they wanted to had its -- warrant that was the antithesis of of a Francona they did. And but they don't realize how much he has that.

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