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Bobby Valentine questions Kevin Youkilis' commitment

Apr 16, 2012|

Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine questioned Kevin Youkilis' commitment. On Monday Youkilis, Pedroia, and Valentine all responded to the manager's initial comments. Listen to Mut and Lou react.

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Kevin Youkilis -- bats start to come to -- the last two games here but. Off to a surprising start for Kevin Youkilis seven games seven strikeouts only walked twice very on Youkilis like what are your eyes telling you so far. -- -- the books came yesterday and you know he's had a couple -- at bats -- he's really had gotten into it the I don't think he's. As physically or emotionally into the game is says he has been in the past. I that's Bobby Valentine last night what do you think that meant when he heard that Lou when you heard those comments he last out of this morning. I initially other takeout they come across the terror -- got -- in the -- -- remote like questioning the commitment I didn't hear guy questioning. The whole party place. -- got -- maybe thinks my interpretation. He's not shape physically not -- play the game -- An emotionally he plays the game hard but he's not invested in babies outside distractions may -- is his -- not focus fully. On the game of baseball doing his job and it's all the things in his head I felt the same way because emotionally we hear a motion be your guide challenge a motion of a player a manager. Basis that you're not committed to this thing and that's what the worst thing it say about a guy -- Jamaican it seemed like he doesn't care and you want your athletes to care. That's so I took it very similar to how you'd -- Bobby Valentine today though. In reacting to this because he was asked about a half hour -- their Fenway Park try to explain what he meant what he thought he meant when he talked about Kevin Youkilis last night. You know what I think questions like what this is it's not you like the way he's playing. Not you collect. Think that was answered the question answer. Let you know I sort of explain and you know it's his swing isn't what he wanted to be. The physical. Part of his swing is frustrating. Frustration. Leads to. Emotion. I haven't seen him break as many elements is ace on break on TV so. You know -- seem different. The brick -- helmets Hugo wanna you don't seem as upset as as I've noticed when I'm on TV in him and covering deems. A few years forgot I was pissed off that Curt Schilling doesn't know anything and it's coming on the Red Sox for Bobby Valentine to say today. Yet he's -- watching on TV. He's not as emotional. It is hypocritical -- do that now of course after bottle before Bobby Valentine was even asked about a Kevin Youkilis. Was in their bright early this morning and the media crying -- got a product like Kevin Youkilis got his thoughts on his manager taken to task on TV the night before. I don't know. Let's. Now when -- -- exonerated players -- they can take every Ramone Moore and take every. A bad you know our response. -- think -- in -- change at all. So that is out of myself and took him. Let's. I love my your -- around the world. -- -- -- detector even EO -- years you try to collect particular player's side of please -- shut up and play this team made their -- last year enough sleep and it's that is before. How long. As a as a fan if you wanna make them pay and have that feeling fine as a manager. How long can you can you just. They will listen these guys have. Nothing to back that -- -- the -- -- played September I have every right to say whatever -- I want this is exactly that concern that I had all the peoples of why do you care so much. -- -- -- Doing you know the radio hit not only here but in New York his TV show the Bobby Valentine show what NASA. The Sunday night here it would -- -- why does that bother you so much because it gives you more opportunity to -- say stupid stuff. Which is exactly what he did last night. Okay and then you've got. 24 guys -- -- levels wondering if their next. This is exactly. The concern that I had the biggest concern with Bobby V was saying so but the immediate first not talked to the player. Now at 9 o'clock in the morning you get the media every single member of the Boston media surrounding Kevin Youkilis -- locker he has to address it. Dustin Pedroia has to address -- who knows who else we'll hear from today that have to address that. Did Bobby v.'s press conference rather talk about the game in the lineup giving us he has to address it. There -- enough distractions in this down. Due to school out there and just. And every damn show auto on a daily basis. And there's another opportunity stupid stuff. He's created another one another distraction with these comets you mentioned Dustin Pedroia he's one of those 24 guys of course from the media. Gets reaction and a Red Sox topic he's one of the first guys they go to when no surprise that day. Interest to comment Dustin Pedroia on what went down Bobby -- Kevin Youkilis. Mean I don't know if I mean I haven't prepared haven't talked to him about it I mean that it's -- on that. You play as hard as anybody I've ever seen in my life so. And I have his back and his teammates have his back and we know all party plays so. And I think what all went I don't really understand what. Down from above is trying to do but. That's filling out the way we go about our our stuff for hunters don't. Conservative figure that out soon. And maybe in May be in Japan or something but off over here US now we're we wanted to have three him when he should wanna feel good and keep her own so. You know we feel we have a good team and then we just -- Each other's backs and play together because if you don't do care what's for your plant and went. Do that's one that gets me today that Pedroia pasty sand I'm not sure respect the way these guys go on about his business less than a full week. Whatever it is into the C button that once it is Pedroia carries a lot of weight that clubhouse been Pedroia has a lot of those guys years. -- Pedroia was a big time proponent of Terry Francona obviously -- that I got the feeling is wanna give Bobby Valentine a chance here the fact I would say that. And basically say that might work in Japan but does that work here that is a killer slap it. Manager. -- it it is and and now mr. Kevin Youkilis lot of those people this could nothing do with duke got to understand that mean to it did the situation right now does. And I don't think he's questioning all party plays on the going to be a question no hard Kevin Youkilis plays but despite its dignity just introduced that it that -- -- the Kevin Youkilis in the groin issue. But it this is nothing to do adapt. To -- its -- is not that he doesn't believe he's focused on his job by in in this whole thing about the physical aspect of -- and what a swing -- just sick. Say right now -- showing what why are we talking up Bobby student body chemistry that they were you saying. Elation at the clarified just tell us what to think. I mean it almost lost interest every time we've you've heard from Bob this is the coliseum misinterpreted or just not what I meant. Well and didn't say it -- a figure that out after a certain point but this is not about Youkilis it is right now. But this is about those guys and a team this motor racing and hell is -- -- doing right now Carlisle avenue was when my teammates what are they like -- or not. It's just a joystick and in my legacy summit this balmy Tillman a default called 930 on Sunday night. From my agent central to know -- any manager would honesty be chosen New York he said this about -- Heck yeah it happened so sneaking up a plane while he just -- you want -- for sweep in the race. It's interesting because -- really keeping your right is he's busy not Smart enough. Do recognize what he was saying do you believe the Bobby Valentine's not that Smart. Or is he is our second level to this these comments represented. Some cigarette between the manager Kevin you close your early on with the Boston Red Sox and that this is Bobby Valentine's way of tweaking avenue cool Steve Trachsel. Said back in November I -- for Bobby Valentine. This type of stuff was gonna happen about the Red Sox -- -- Bobby has always been one of the guys that tell you how would it be sees something he doesn't like he's going to let you know. If you -- for it to his expectations gonna let you know the key is how some guys react to some guys don't like being told the truth. Some guys don't know how to react to take the wrong way when he's just trying to get the best value. Is that what he's doing here orgy now backtracked -- a comet that he didn't really mean. I think he's pretty Smart guy and I'd think that ballot -- knew what you were saying last night. And it's gonna find out pretty quickly here in the county say something like that and you. All but embarrass a player publicly. Gonna get reaction to your Boston the way get reaction to it at 8 o'clock this morning and then not o'clock. Has -- I mean if a text or just don't ask don't get this the media fuels all the controversy. Texas says. But as a manager in town that's not gonna Couto the complacent players. In immediate the -- of Boston. How the media fueling this. Eat talk to the median. Take some responsibility. For your -- words what on the media said his players not. Emotionally or physically. Into the game. How is the media fueling this. He's the one that's fuel on the Bobby decent misinterpreted what he said last night that let me know what the hell you're talking about this cryptic crap that you always taught Ken. But he's gonna misinterpret all yearlong then. To say the guys swing is where wants to be -- -- And that it's it was so easy to answer so we've this guy's been in the media for how long old guys that. He's been here for nine years -- manager big league baseball has been over Japan in the media ESPN he's been around this. Rodeo before and that's why if you believe that he just sort of backed into accidentally. I can't buy that today I really can't and I -- we apologize to Youkilis. It feels like there's something more there when he says that about an athlete as a manager that's about the worst being it's a not emotionally or physically invested into it you're not shipping don't care. Into space at the -- about a guy your team will. Can you say anymore I don't think you can't at this point. We got the game -- Valentine spoke to Jokester loan you'll hear that. In this hour but we did want try to bang out some phone calls because people are fired up out this. And get your reaction Europe and the Red Sox baseball all one about what seven minutes from now and get Red Sox baseball moment at our show the world will cups water marathon runners skip today sort of splashed in. Skill paste it and that's which again. Not job as enhancing our Bobby Valentine -- eight. Hey good and what's up John. You know I just don't get it I mean that he was just scored 31 runs. In three games against the raiders -- no role that you Kamal what commonly this signature players. You may. Point its -- it's really elegantly planes hitting the you know I mean -- and it still. -- -- it and I mean you know in this town there's an argument at Churchill was right. You don't want anyone talks about -- you know to say whatever you want but Sean thinks about what he says deport you speak. That's what the general's -- a -- and a preacher we delegates make calls your weekend that's like disingenuous that it is Valentine took. Chilling the past -- hadn't been around. Try to -- really meant that he's not as mostly invested in use that stupid -- breaking excuse today. You what games on TV how we round you're admitting that chilling with about a router at Vista its theme. As much as you were last year with ESP that's -- and helping to -- -- you can just basically. The first three games ago on a pretty good you know people say guys this is that there is six for us equals Amy I was getting on a guy like the guy he sixers last eighteen. -- he's got three walks in his last you know couple games. He's starting to come around. It is the note is no reason for I don't listen -- obviously talked to somebody role of the guys. -- much -- if he -- predicted a Bobby is gonna see some like this it probably caused more of it. But there's no question right now there's got pace in the vehicle what the hell is going on arsenic in jewels in Rhode Island today jewels what he got. Our credit I think Bobby Obama and the manager rocky right yep -- -- good control right. Like we know you -- The -- not the -- If you don't have passed it up Bob and no come criticize the player back in the day when -- the group made it to the team. Look different feel another summoned up and into the it take -- got to the right. There's -- be done -- and be a bit larger -- and it might people late -- -- -- on. You tell them what do you tell them. You don't call the Paper and tell their pay thirty tell your your lawyers. My employer -- -- goal jewels. There you'd call. You keep it internal tools. Yet he's run in the shell but is this a good thing. -- that thing -- -- -- people did that at that this team screw them. It -- have everything they get in September. That's fine you can feel that way but this is not the way you -- a baseball team nine games into the season. The distance yourself from your clubhouse from your team got -- talking trash to the media. -- you want to try to defend this guy just said you know what the right way. Is the right away. Not at all. But the bad -- of Lansing comments ruled an innocuous and spring training. This is the this is the warning shot to the 25 guys in that clubhouse Bobby Valentine did not have a filter. Any time anywhere he might say something about -- and -- -- talk we joke is that Leo coming up. Are on the pregame show three Red Sox baseball right now it's the music -- right Roddy here and then I'll do it. I really can't not tomorrow we have all this reaction plus the Red Sox series Texas comes in -- Under at the air reverse we got -- Bruins game here tonight went up those lines but -- the first move on. -- capital tomorrow at 10 o'clock for a full four hours joke at stake John Rich Bobby V they're coming up next night -- 37 WEEI.

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