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Avery Bradley with Grande & Max after the game

Apr 15, 2012|

Avery Bradley with Grande & Max after the game

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I just thank you the Celtics win the third night of the triple black they went too straight they do it tonight without the Big Three with there was plenty of offense on the floor of the -- tonight in 9482 wins twenty of its -- by John Roberts -- -- -- mass Avery Bradley joining us outside so the clock -- Charlotte tonight. And when did you become as call -- it figures shot as what you have to be in the NBA to make the shot to make -- For the tournament. Moore -- in this sudden. Become more comfortable playing out there remarks he makes you know they make me feel a lot more come. And as soon as I'm going to every game you know have a lot more confidence not destructive of them again. Everywhere thinking. That you who broke you you defer defer your teammates -- -- because of its server there's there's -- Ultimately it's all about you know what what you got -- Yes all of us and you know where us. Celtics you know this is not about individual places where team we we all. We all feed off each other room you know is -- -- news we just will be live by that's what we played so you know we all play for each other it's. You know my teammates are the ones that gave me wide open shots and you -- on you know on the incident in office. Office had solved. Clinton as you this how frustrating what's it last year to be heard on the -- is that all the things that happen. And now hop -- is it to be right now where you're. It was really frustrating for me you know being young my played a lot of minutes and -- it's and so once I got here I wasn't planned in. I was very at the same time so it was very tough for me but you know I decided to gain confidence and -- Went to the as solos this year you're not keep working on my game and -- -- -- -- give me that confidence and I am I'm ready for every single demo -- now. Tell me about your biggest cheerleader in the game that Danny is that he's always been. Partly about just how good you -- to play out good -- -- defeat in these seem like he's always been that surely the -- you're. Yet you know Danny Ainge is a very good guy he has a lot of confidence in you know he's on the guys from last year and this year always keep. Tell me positive things to China you know trying to have me guard there and display my game and that I think it's mice and you know. He I think him a lot for helping me do that has not just gonna play my game. Backs segment Aybar being unselfish and hard in the entire conversation here throughout this -- captive. I -- look at last night we came down. For the minute we it was obvious that we are -- -- You are feature for your run accident and that it was obvious you know we do a meet that last night it all again we're not coming on the trip. Take people through the last 24 hours not so much a locker before the game but I thought as a group of very loose confident almost. A group there was looking for to this challenge to play -- tonight's affair. Yes you know we we came in news today and everybody who were excited you know locker room. We were off pumping tethered to see the smiles and everybody's basically you know we can. Our energy level was high we heard. Compared to play this game you know so today everybody was playing hard -- you know defense plays or radio playing you know to social Condit team New York. But I see -- it back to New York Roger won't have will be happy to see everybody. I got back after the -- it's like 22 for Avery Bradley and suddenly analysts suggest that they stop putting on the scouting report somebody you choose. Seems like anybody's done that yet but we'll keep quiet militantly to a you don't Sutherland.

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