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WEEI.com's DJ Bean joins Pete and Kirk to preview Game 2 between the Bruins and Capitals

Apr 14, 2012|

DJ Bean is live from the Garden for Game 2 between the Bruins and Capitals. DJ talks about the importance of having David Krejci in the lineup, Chara vs. Ovechkin, and how he sees the rest of the series playing out.

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Sports -- editor point seven WEEI it's been -- -- -- -- with you until 320 this afternoon for number 61777. I Missouri fifty told 38885250850. There right Specter calls and and sex and all that separatist that is the yeah a few minutes were. Let's check in -- from WEEI dot com are brought insider. DJ being is at the garden a deejay how you go and per well is the ice melting -- away. You know what I think that after after playing what was it three games in the -- -- the playoffs last season I think that. They're prepared for anything but no notebook that. I just know freaky things can happen in the Boston during an area during the playoffs I think the rapid but. Well first bullets hit the obvious question when asked about the you know -- she is going to play today correct. Yes yet that that in a glass didn't hit him hard enough rarely use you get to go. That was one of -- that's one of the freakish things that can ever remember seeing it in a playoff game ever and it just was unbelievable. And all the people birthday happens to mean that. Steve encourage the other guy who two years ago basically. That the Bruins end up being do in the playoffs because because they lose and then obviously each year -- these they're the biggest. Performer not named Tim Thomas in the playoffs so that that would have been just devastating injury really wacky it's -- it's that the badly either could have been. Anything changed DJ injury rise from anybody else hear from from game one -- hearing here before game two anybody you know unexpectedly injured hear anything any any other news that we haven't heard about. Wolf that I mean Adam -- blog and practicing with the team there originally wrote this book to be an eye injury RI laceration he'd been so bruised after that. It punch a rare few weeks back but you hadn't been skating they have since changed its dates and started calling -- upper body injury rather -- injury and -- block from the press box the other night he didn't -- -- I didn't look so bad so. Make of that what you will. So it's look at this whole upper body -- -- -- just as a what did you get a look at this developer I think we will get it out -- our full line up. -- surprise you the how this game went down until opening game you know with the with you know scoreless game record -- with a great shot in overtime we surprised when -- capitals played acted. Absolutely I know I was I was shocked I thought there's going to be. A very quick series I -- the Bruins and I've been I thought that it was more likely. Just to rent in this sport than it would be ten and six but. I know the -- hunter came in there and he's trying to get them play more defensively sound game. I actually think they were at that they were gonna respond to it as quickly they have an obviously. That brought to scene in the capitals a couple times on the stretcher with. With hunters and -- -- you know -- Bruce Boudreau but I mean I was I was floored that they were able to play that road game they played the other night -- Really -- limit the Bruins. Better opportunities and yet they got a clutch shots on net but you look at that first period from the golden opportunities they get them view it what I'll let you. Was was bringing all -- who had their streets -- and NHL playoffs on the place. Probably getting a little more comfortable they would have wanted to be so when they're getting the better opportunities and second period. Before they took a nap in the third -- he was more comfortable and that you already. There's we're gonna see all series right -- and -- -- about it earlier in the week with -- in the -- here you know aside -- retreated dale. To a veterans on the ice even strength that char for 23 seconds on Thursday we're gonna see that the whole series right. Right in this especially in these games the garden and when. But because Julian hasn't rather than the last line change it's going to be every -- much in -- there. You get have the Chara Seidenberg airing out there and you guys talked last year. Against teams like Tampa in seemed like. Like bit quicker and we expect that that the flyers ability VR was playing. When when that -- -- out there against such top forwards. It just nothing happens in that that that the huge victory yet for the Bruins because. Actually I cited some dirty research in the over the years -- -- -- -- in the plea to the 24 times in their careers. Yup -- has outscored -- -- in in just as many games is so much in adult court Chara. Just -- like the old the old matchup Steve cast from Wayne Gretzky ever and he just -- him and and system or at least. The the first like twenty games against the -- Gretzky basically didn't do. Hardly anything. And abroad Dorsey to have a number and -- the -- we got out it's but it's also we ago. I guess new term for journalism is -- researcher Ted and realized there. Mean you're you're you're just doing your job I mean and the big deal. I decided I want to be sports writer when the Internet was around but. What you're so I'd like actually having to -- over. Box scores -- forget I'm on -- -- about places sickening. Irregular -- well a dispute about that matchup will quick with a with a -- and also the mean not to mention you know Seidenberg at the chart but also that that whole first line I think was. Did very well also cut and and complementing obviously it with -- on and Sagan and and and Bergeron and -- talk to -- about the before I DJ about. No signature bought a responsibility and much more this year than last year and post season and -- and and so far he's lived up to -- to a one game the post season but are like one of sin. Right I think that a little -- people throughout the season. Were calling for they can keep playing on the on the curriculum with Lucci twin. Our doctor Horton went down but he. Say in this is this is no disrespect. It's taken but he -- -- peppers -- online and they need him because. In the upper -- like you have. You don't get Bergeron who's probably get a run -- -- silky this year is one of the best two NHL Brad Marchand who is another exceptional to leap forward. And then and again obviously it. He's not knowing that he's very few of the -- number two overall three to play defense and not something that. You still come it's still kind of coming along for and so rather than being on. More offensively potent line in risking allowing a lot of goals which even what you -- -- -- And they were scoring -- -- they are giving up particles to. So. He hit it perfectly on that -- online just -- that eating. Is deficiencies. Defensively are kind of made up for -- Bergeron and mark are. That is offensive skill is told to put them over the top so. Yeah I mean -- in this this isn't last year where every time Michael radically earlier groups seeking to be in the lineup you a lot of Japanese. So getting some some pretty vigorous poppy seed going up against Alexander Ovechkin line. Sergeant seems like in this in series like this it seems like that road team always -- that one shot when these first two games to win netting Bausch in my to have that shot in game one things to be tough really tough and the when this afternoon what's your expectation level. You look at the capitals heading in the game to. I think it's gonna be higher scoring I think that after playing a more defensively sound game that the capitals should be very encouraged. By how they were able to limit the Bruins. But they've also look at what their MO has been heard for so over the years and that's just been to score goals and hopefully. End up with more than the other team. I think that maybe they get a little -- never garden takes some more risks I think they need a lot more. Out of aren't their second line which. Which I mean I applaud dale hunter -- basically. Can conceding. Out general questions to the Bruins in this thing you know what we'll put a question on the top line chart and -- can happen. All -- Baxter and seminar that second line and hope that maybe they can matchup better with somebody otherwise the the issue of their courses. Against the Bruins who don't have. Any big truly elite players. They've got 620 -- scores that such a deep in my offensively. That no matter who you have against two. You probably will be the ones that have the matchup problems. You surprised at the way of how physical basket was and and you know we had yet despite not -- the one shot on net I mean he he was pretty solid in the game don't cinema yet. A surprise that as physical game is that was very physically. But I thought he got there he was great I was wondering if that was ever -- do what what happened the great. Roll over and got it got a big frame and he would use it correctly. The the issue with him as though in this is another area and in which the -- probably take every time. Is. Did if you line them up for a big hit in this in the you put some thought cut back on in the rest of the ship that's always thinking about that you saw so many times against Seidenberg in game one or Seidenberg republic good hit on them. But it wasn't like what collection going after the rest the shift. You could see that he retired -- knocked out in the -- to contrast to circle around and put himself in the position to do it. It's Seidenberg and if that little Alexander Ovechkin is on the -- doing -- the Bruins when this series very very easily. So it's good for the capital that doesn't back down that Hugh Hewitt he uses body but if that's always thinking about the going to be a problem for Washington. I'm not one of a last year when -- -- -- want to start off the power player of Montreal -- -- still sitting here with one about a year but -- on phrase you know social media and here I was sitting here. I thought it was but I was so I was on my college tweeting and and and and and a FaceBook about. People not to panic because to me was far more important that apparently penalty killing was so high that there was still the best five on five team. In the NHL but it would be refreshing DJ. To see a couple of power play goals don't care their full cure whatever. To get them going -- because you know I don't it to the last year but I hate to have a -- toward on the stretch of -- for 21 on the power play again. Right and you know that the the Bruins fans have certainly gotten their wish from last post season they want it figure a lot of -- the lineup they wanted him in the on the power play. It aside a couple of games were called put upon that second unit and play them very sparingly there. The broad sense and get their -- then but. I thought I'd say that they don't have -- in front they don't have they don't have that guy you can kind of -- people that. In front where on one the unit sorted out -- during an on the other ones but the skill -- still high enough where he's still -- should be able. Produce more on the power play and having Karabakh there was that shot should. Lead to more but again it's -- from our -- can sit down the last year which is you look at it. Can't put together why it isn't happening like you said it's far bigger that they. The death penalty kills Salmonella never be an issue for the team given how many. Good to report they have Bergeron and Kelly and in high AA and -- whomever so I mean I guess it's still going to be a waiting game for the for the power play at the penalty kill. Doesn't seem electrical struggle from here on out. My last question slashed -- you know dale hunter among lol you but I mean I hated men. Couldn't stand him when he was with Quebec and some of the things in the crap and he pulled and there was one incident where yet he was. Kicking the crap Kenny wins -- minute Bob Sweeney actually led led up a bench clearing brawl off the bench. You know years ago but. That that was just one minor thing but I'm I'm that I'm that was that was the statement part yeah okay but -- are you surprised somewhat. Most teams take on the personality of their coach dale. As a distinct personalities realizes pressure is surprised that he's Qaeda is it is a better coached that I thought it would be at least I that's been a short sampling your -- I'm a little surprised at how discipline -- is what I'm trying to say because he wasn't. Right that you know you'd you'd think you'd think -- hunter and you think what you just said you think -- countries think you're terms -- So certainly it there was a lot more the ready in dirty or things that valued in the plane crew that. That really get made and postal. Name what he was playing and police that you're older than me but that was also one of the reasons why when I was a kid and I got dale hunter Carter threw away. On back. But. Yeah I mean I think that still his style was enough. -- the a more responsible defensively sound player that you would want it can take that are in they have. You also look at the roster you'd think -- did it compel the get a work there maybe they need to ship some of these. More highly skilled. In in and flashier players who don't really bring the complete package. I wrote in it's -- I guess will depend on our quick this series goes. And I should of realised now my last question but another thing of the Stanley Cup Playoffs we all know -- it's one of the greatest times in in in sports are really got a -- like FROST/NIXON and I'm a big -- -- out of our big hockey guys as you know but -- -- -- saw the other Vancouver game last -- mean for the -- game was great. And the Vancouver game against it's that. I just love watching the conduct suffer but when they give up too shorthanded goal -- Dustin Brown scored -- scored early there's almost a fight between between the goal of borrowers and and the goal we earlier quicken early on the game I mean it's just great drama is and it. Oh it's it's it's it's one of Borneo that at series I don't want people are surprised but -- mentioned Jonathan Quick. The big news that this that this doesn't like 46 days last night right it is like you know what I did in my in my top vote for the Hart trophy. So maybe he can all of -- Verlander. It way way way way -- it like you'd pretend balloting US -- Hart trophy vote. -- Select the hall of fame ballot which like dislike this looks like a piece of toilet tissue with five games on it and boxes people think that all -- -- a baseball. Is this real fancy dollars basic thing. It's just like little white piece of Paper you fight that you know stuck in a and a copier they're Freddie Scott as the Hart trophy ballot not -- give off. A. Know what that does say the and it's a lower -- looks like it looked like an email that says. Hart trophy. I needing your trop but people. Norris I told you five -- All all rookie team all funny jokes involve -- for the Yeltsin this person. Named put it. Well let me ask you this -- is real quick fortnight ago and the and the LA -- Vancouver series do you as a possible while the comes out there for game three Schneider goes in our -- pizza guy. Via game game three army to at least it. But he struggled again and got this this -- finished well -- that -- 37 -- senate which is just shy of what part of the last year in -- He didn't play as much as on this but being that this kid is legit and it's it's funny reason further the conduct in their -- to be to get themselves over the contract that Longo has because. Really this -- can be starting goaltender pretty much anywhere. And in cities -- it's putting time. You do affects a lot then though you enjoy the game today do not be surprised elect the one at some point. I mean -- -- say eighty degrees across the hockey at -- like DJ being joining us here WEEI -- up -- insider does a great job.

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