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Another Week on Boston Radio, And Another Week That Bobby V Gives WEEI the Cold Shoulder

Apr 14, 2012|

Mustard and Johnson discuss Bobby V's interview this week with D & C and his overall approach, especially when contrasting it with his appearances on NY radio. The guys also touch on Terry Francona's decision to not attend the 100 yr anniversary ceremony at Fenway next week and they totally agree with him. Larry's Lucchino's excuses on Mut and Merloni this week were just that ... WEAK!

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He relieves all -- through great current polls had terrific control. You know. Through -- fastballs over nine miles an hour. That's that's pretty performance that we're looking for. Bobby -- out tea. No longer the irascible manager refuses to answer questions from. Contrary. Talk show where we're gonna get in touch a couple of points in the right to the phones has until twelve today in -- had many in. Quick eight you've been in the media for a long time and he. An opinion on the interviews we had that the big goal. Last week -- we talked about the big the last of it as we around the year before or I should say in the immediate aftermath of that particular conversation with Michael and Bobby -- and of course Dennis and Callahan. Got there opportunity. Couple days ago and Johns opening question was not met with the the most approval show we said. By the manager of the Boston I think the differences. I can I can sum this up very quickly here in. I might I don't understand the question sir I don't and the -- -- gets it yet. The interview is only as good as the person's willingness or ability to answer the questions. I think who perfect case in point. They had Doc Rivers on the other day and and I think by far he's he's one of the best. He gets it I think they -- asked him that question about Ozzie Guillen audio not sticky for -- To a controversial situation you're in front of a Mike all the time. Even though was in it it might not have been relevant to that -- that the present situation that the Celtics are going through. He which he couldn't answer that it very very easily. I think Larry Lucchino should be on the radio show -- once a week instead a happy Valentine because Larry gets it. In -- arm colonial -- yet they did not hold back they asked him tough questions. They got into the Francona. Article that China -- rode a borrowed about him not coming to the hundred year anniversary. And even though Larry didn't like getting into which. He can't -- that Larry's creek on its feet I I love the guy you you give me about that volatile I don't have any problems Lucchino. He is when he is in if he doesn't like something. I love when he stark image area in John you'll say Callahan an inch by inch and I batic let Jerry lab that. Don't just sit there and Carleton say a marketing into the question. Well I'm. I am not I have no idea. He just hasn't and I don't know why Michael Kay said -- he has to get to know you a little bit Forrest didn't. I'm just surprised because a guy who work behind the Mike in television for awhile. And I'm sure he's very bright guy does a lot of different things very successful. I thought he would have done his homework a little bit kinda know that tanner. Obama that's that's Indian media that's the job that's incumbent upon the interview -- to know their homework according to Bobby Valentine. So glad -- audacity. To mention that job down enough Stamford Connecticut to do your restart has seriously you know what it all comes out of this and the fans seriously right now I don't get him to win five. They can jump ball over -- and they can be critical of -- bottom line is it Bobby Valentine ends up. When he thirty games over 500 they compete for awhile Carter of the division. They will not care one lick about how he deals we're glad award way or John Dennis or anybody else even Michael Campbell I think Paper offer. These interview people look at money in in and tell us off I think they like that I think they like an aggressive violent somebody who can count her. And come back and not just accepting so that I like I if they only like it. If the Red Sox are winning and I'll tell you what yesterday obviously alleviated some of those issues like Bobby Valentine. -- got booed yesterday. In that game got the sound that well yeah yeah I got a little -- on there was some there was some sounds of disapproval ringing through Fenway Park. But in all that after twelve to win then obviously some of those boos are gonna turned to cheers so that's what it comes down about Michael K had a very revealing comment. Michael K obviously the that the talk show host in New York that has the weekly program for whatever reason -- Bobby -- said you know what he's more into evaluating your questions. Then answering your questions that's -- Bobby V is because he is arrogant you know what. That puts him squarely. In the old school baseball managers they're all like that everyone I encountered beat Tommy LaSorda BY eighty her Zogby Dick Williams three the greatest managers to ever put on a uniform. Particularly that -- 6070s and eighties and that's what they did. They put you on the spot they were always the aggressor this user friendly Terry Francona Doc Rivers approach to interviews. Did not happen with the old school managers and Bobby Valentine. Learned his lessons well from his predecessors that's the way you deal. With qwest bought a Billy Martin was this the same way they're all like that. Well okay let me zest to this quirk of -- logo and it. Will get to the phone lines and and that will expand later cousin to -- -- -- about the Celtics -- about the Berlin situation and NATO play -- Your opinion on the show -- -- -- article which -- content with Francona and and Larry -- -- iPhoto the private conversation between me and him on kind of surprised at the vision or -- she's writing a book -- call on -- end. Terry Francona pretty much came out and said no -- not coming back from a hundred TH anniversary. I felt I was knifed in the back I felt that but it it it did an interview with the cardinals job the only thing they did set different -- ask me about my addiction though about pills and alcohol. So and Alomar coming back in in the worst does satisfy out of all this is of all the manages at the Red Sox are gonna invite back. Couldn't think of anybody that is true that this is the only one you'd really like to come back notice. Well let's -- average Joseph Morgan and -- hundred years. The Red Sox have played at Fenway Park the first year coincidentally enough they won a World Series. And the manager it would probably not be available to return to Fenway. And then they wanted to be Franken had to a stand and then they -- fifteen and sixteen -- the notorious Bill Carrick and he's not available. Ed Barrow is available from the 1918 a funny joke arrogant -- Joseph Kerrigan might be available. So I guess all you really have left four World Series winning managers would be Terry Francona. I'm ready to talk a World Series -- manages aside from Joseph Morgan Dick Williams on available Yahoo! well so you really were Grady Little of a frog had wings he wouldn't -- his only you know and John MacNamara is not going to be returning to the hallowed grounds of yawkey way to bring a little -- understanding now find an invitation out I mean -- Really Francona is the one guy that you would love to have back he would just to say thank you because that way he accident. -- get a chance to really say find out -- Calling on behalf I don't know I don't want patients to be sure. That Tito had gotten his invitation we hadn't heard back from him and there was some question in our organization has. How the invitation went to him because we didn't have a current mailing address forms. And was it texted to him did he ever really get it. We didn't know so it's not -- Whereas it was the courteous thing to do was to call him directly make sure he knew. This guy he like every other person every other manager coach player. Who's worn the uniform for Red Sox would be invited back to the 100 anniversary. Itself again next Friday and and that was the that the purpose of the call. You know what I agree review on many things about whether you know I enjoyed talking with -- he gives as good as he gets he's apprentice program we always -- -- -- -- -- -- conversation he's quick on his feet. He's a bright guy. But he doesn't come off being very right in that response I kidding me. This is a multi million. Dollar organization. And they can't communicate with -- -- -- -- -- -- -- doesn't work -- -- doesn't work out -- carrier -- out but well I got a -- that's our last signals Assad -- that in your of his grand days. Was grabbed Francona said well I have the Antarctic John Henry yet Larry says a guy yeah I haven't and I just part to a lot of the other day in Francona says -- -- the bully the if -- probably gonna be important to him right if it's it's the first time he's getting back to us on it well you know. I'm obviously a John Henry is -- to be less than -- shall we say consisting communicators. When he really wants the -- problems in Liverpool out when he really wants to communicate he breaks down the doors of radio stations when he doesn't really wanna communicate. He doesn't bother to call that the manager that he fire for five months. I -- got to be -- May they couldn't get all the don't try press call I mean you see there is no what does addresses they can't I am ESP and. I I am this Larry I am going to do bats and saying do. I understand Larry's position and he Larry wants this whole thing Google way where's he does yes -- always -- yesterday now let's move on that that the problem is that -- nobody -- hot enough. To resolve some of these little issues during the last are well offseason -- can get manic Curt Schilling probably want. But if somebody in the fields they were -- was -- natural to. Who beech tree inside information about what was going on the clubhouse last year if that was not resolved during the off season. It's still lingers whether you like it or not it lingers in the Francona situation. And whoever leaked it noticeable -- said Larry said well you made John Henry our problem myself we certainly didn't leak the information the only person left. In the front office to think about -- Chicago. Of. Course it all comes down to that doesn't it I blame all the problems via with the well I don't bark they'll flaws I'll bet I'm park. Optional leagues the inability to five -- or the go or whoever was. I blame the -- Epstein all encompassing he's the he's the problem. Anything that happens of the Red Sox the 215 start Bobby -- refusal to answer questions it's all the yellows fall. But come on -- that is that is a lame. Response. No I said that I -- current mailing harm. Me. -- was texted to me entity. Really get it all -- after these guys are a lot -- they are they they have been up until the last couple years and obviously things started to unravel. Our last September for variety different reasons one of the things that they've done very well. You have to admit. Greek public relations people. They had their finger you to use your phrase on the -- for a long long time they knew how to tap in. To this market as well as any ownership group in the history of Boston sports and now they can't find disguising this guy's address. A -- is something I think they lost something of that touch last year I really they have been even in September eat it is something one or something went astray I don't know whether John had his eye on. On too many things went -- but they lost something last year. I you know that's right Bobby Valentine coming out of the -- it be helpful if -- -- model little more. -- have been in and out the in in in in in I think fans will accept the fact that it is a new day a new new page. Let's turn the page. You've got you know back it's out there he he obviously put -- a great performance which he needed. It is trying to move on I'm I'm ready to do that but it let's not be nigh eve about the fact that. The best manager this team does have ahead is not coming next Friday because he was wife in the back end. It in it was never resolved. Right and that's why I think you're right they have had. Contrary to their first seven or eight years in town. They have developed -- in the year they're not really listening and they are making some gaffes I think the Bobby -- higher. Has been a -- particularly you yeah particularly are you kidding me. Particularly in mentality only played seven games you know migrate -- show. I think I think it's mistake everytime I hear my cringe at odd but I think he's a terrible interview I think it's an I think he's turning into key folk. A hockey folk was disaster asked dale and -- -- out -- but it Bobby get a truck. You know in a lot. You know and I'll be takes it one way trip body and oh and I I think it's embarrassing well I think the way he treats. And John. Euphemistically used John Dennis you've recently used the word reluctant. Wanna do the interview -- getting paid for he can't have it both ways Bobby. And I don't see the fans don't care I'm just looking at from broadcast perspective in -- to me he is he's appalled. And I think that's where the Red Sox how do you really feel you asked how I felt you know why I got that good stuff it's appalling yeah I said that last week I guess you weren't paying much attention to. And again fans don't care. You know take given what would they rather have they'd rather have a twelve to Red Sox win and I guarantee if the Red Sox lost yesterday he will be all over Bobby Valentine but they're going to be like you -- gonna wanna turn the page I understand that. But in a lot in in comparison and there's no comparison in stark. Contrast. To Terry Francona. Francona was the ultimate user friendly manager and people argue the point that's why he set on the sideline now okay had a bad month. It's seven and rallied to -- -- like the Titanic with a nice cruise but I -- the guys are you know what you know what differences Titanic in its maiden voyage went down and how Terry Francona doing his maiden voyage in the Red -- -- -- -- -- -- won two world one World Series maiden voyage of okay is very first season. He more than proved himself one bad month -- idea. -- no one should be happier right now than Terry Francona the guiding -- is making him look very very good -- allies decide that you can't uniting that you disagree -- and. I -- to I I I think innocent I ever got to go to break but if I'm Bobby Valentine. I don't blame him for getting ticked off if I'm taking over eight job. In all of a sudden as an ex ballplayer who why government like a lot but he's communicating with guys in the clubhouse. In the red baiting me in the season that edge is just getting started I wouldn't be happy about that. But I think his approach to responding. Doesn't help matters. Are we talking about here I said if I'm Bobby balance if I'm -- I'm taking over job right. In somebody who used to play here is an hour ripping the or saying play is whining about the way I'm doing things. I would be hot. About that I really what. Because now they're doing the same thing. That -- were complaining about a snitch doing last year the defending Valentine I and then you're ripping -- and carries no I'm not ripping -- that's his job to do that Bobby's job is they handle it. It to reach it in -- respond properly right but I think Francona has ever I mean he has every right not to attend I think he's making the right decision by our him. I would do exactly the same thing next question how -- --

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