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Sox win home opener, Beckett bounces back and goes 8 innings: Respond and React

Apr 13, 2012|

Michael Holley and Rob Bradford covered the Sox after their win in the home opener. The bats exploded, and Beckett looked pretty good in the win.

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Well it's an abbreviated version of the big show today this show is so small. That Glenn doesn't fit into it Glenn is not here today but we're not. It's a program. How to dive. Anyway Fenway Park today. Whole ball putter for the Red Sox -- and see this coming digit. I know a lot of you didn't give up on the Red Sox she thought they were better than -- one of five record -- didn't see its -- to win by the Red Sox. Over David Price NC Josh Beckett pitching that well today and it's in its interest -- to be looking at his Josh Beckett start. He gives he gives you eight innings. Gives you 94 pitches. Takes out a team that many have picked to either win and win the division or be one of those wild card team and you do it by striking out one guy. Is that a concern to you or is the result the bigger story to me the results bigger story. Considering what Josh Beckett did in Detroit given up -- home runs about five homers. Even though we just struck out one -- it was enough. Even though his fastball was consistently in the ninety -- 92 range it was enough the Red Sox did he win a must win it sounds trees say seven games into the season but they absolutely needed to win this game. And in my opinion need to win this series so Tampa. Any inning get off and they look like pretty good team in the beginning and then David Price. Falls apart and see that coming three innings for David Price. That was a big surprise so. They totally blow this game open in the eighth inning. And if they hadn't Alou we would have been on a 5052. And after five but that's alright happy to be with your being here with you. Talking about the Red Sox and -- win. And I guess I guess there are many thoughts from today. Let's go to the negative thoughts first of them the biggest concern and that is Jacoby Ellsbury left the game. He had a shoulder injury. I in the fourth inning they took him out. We don't know the status of Ellsbury injury hope is not serious. You see his reaction. When he went in to second base grabbing your shoulder. You can see and say something. You lip readers doctor can help me out on that but he didn't look good. They -- -- as a precaution to -- take him out because something's wrong that's a situation that bears monitoring that's one of the few negatives from today. But but you look at it overall. All the things that we were concerned about some of the things we're talking about after Wednesday's loss in Toronto the off day Thursday and those things did not come to pass. Nobody was -- that would order smattering of who -- Josh Beckett. During the introduction. But. Not nothing nothing crazy. Bobby Valentine was not booed the Red Sox were not Bhutto wasn't -- comfortable for than me nothing out of the ordinary. And and from there -- was your typical. Your typical opening day and this is what happens in opening day. All things that concerns. Are wiped away. -- people here and I think the people called Sports Radio in the people in Fenway Park are completely different animals people call a Sports Radio. If they've been in the house today. Everybody would have been proved. The that this team would have been afraid to take the field but I think the folks who are here. Are are people who bailed out of work. Maybe not your hard core. Die hard Red Sox fan so they gonna -- -- thing. And they have played each year especially with that eighth inning said he feel better now you feel better you to a five. In knocked off the rays. You. He got a good performance -- -- from Josh Beckett. So how's how's that make you feel. We'll take as many calls we can have a lot of time -- until 625. And then we'll turn it over -- Celtics -- Celtics basketball Celtics beginning. Back to back to back games the toughest stretch of this season they've done so far they've done well so far but this is definitely challenging point formal take your calls. 61777950. Total free. 885250850. We will not have a wide airline today but we will find out who the wide of the week winner is and I have my favorites. So I hope my favorites Andy were nominated my favorites were nominated I'm coming after you and I'm coming after bad. It's a hip hop -- this week seat should be -- -- -- -- -- of them -- -- hip hop songs. And over the winners I'm not gonna spoil. -- -- to -- public. It won't be close and with a winners. And I'm trying to implement the voters. Go to the polls. You vote with your heart you vote their conscience and not allow me. And you -- where India. And I was gonna win. Absolutely. So. At this at this game today. Things -- Problem. Shop. -- The same -- that thing for the one of the week. Is it up the name of this game I didn't see that come and -- Kelly Shoppach coming in no open net fairly. Long term but the guy goes three for four and that's pretty good out there and that's player -- 76. So that jumped out at me. Kevin Youkilis. Going two for four. Sure I gave him. A little bit of the -- you know I wish. -- -- That. People bailed out today because they would have to stand here and positions they've taken earlier in the week. -- many hands on Wednesday. -- He thought Kevin Youkilis was done. -- -- -- He said Kevin Youkilis was almost. After the -- that he said twelve all right twelve home runs twelve to fourteen home runs fewer than fifty yard via so. I don't know that's gonna happen protect -- Hopefully the Red Sox beat Kevin you've done otherwise it would have batting fourth and game that is so it was a great game. Kelly Shoppach has a great game. Adrian Gonzales continues to be entering Gonzales. But the big story to -- folks look jobs. Market. It's clear that an adjustment what Tuesday's talks is clear to me. Josh Beckett listens to the radio watches TV. And at least listens to Rob Brown listens to -- -- -- About what. Those evil members of the media and those nasty. About it. Because it was to me. The Brad. For that packet it's a question yesterday somebody asked him. If he expected to boo at Fenway Park and the question was -- long it's have a starting pitcher warming up double pad number ninety bringing jobs back here. Does couples couple a boost organ bailed them out there but he asked if he was asked. Do you expect to be booted. Instead of saying I don't get paid to make those -- decisions which usually he says or bleak view which is another thing that he's fond of saying. He gave an answer about got to be got to be prepared for any thing of the fans don't want -- pitching I'm gonna pitch from my teammates. I'll be you know I got to do what I got to do so. A lot of guys were especially this guy wouldn't touch he did he went out. Gave -- 94 pitches the very efficient start. Didn't make a lot of people swing and miss but with this lineup. You don't necessarily have to do that I mean this this is not a talented lineup. The rays and I think that's what's gonna prevent them from point to the playoffs and a lot of people love their pitching but. I think they are going to be denied. A playoff appearance because they just don't hit it well enough in my opinion. But he he he did a good job against this lineup and got the Red Sox. A much needed victory so I think people are calming down now they're not not out of the woods it's still think they have to win this series. But people -- feeling much better well flat at 6 o'clock or what did you expect. The -- at -- it's time for the why don't like kind of a release time now for you decide the AT&T one of the week. Right now -- the two best lines in the past week and then you will decide the line of the week winner. By texting and your vote to 85850. I know who the winner is and even -- was a first nominee. They'd always probably. I've got a little you know that what kept -- now -- night the thing to do it you do book a like stop. Let's talk about Castro I think it would make -- -- People -- critical tightly and decrease in activity in nightly political you know I don't know but I think it's fantastic want to go to the extreme pit -- what you've -- -- -- the -- -- to Michael Rubin and it. You can get that Philip I think you reported and -- it's like a mushroom deadly EMI don't know that these things with -- without it should be a felony level. But you know -- -- -- are we gonna get that if they wouldn't say it but if -- was a problem go off all that a couple of well these -- night -- now. And that message. Not bad not bad -- second nominee Andy. Okay. Outfielder plastic you and me. We'll look upon that -- -- the people. It's your call and -- -- He's been a formidable running that -- -- -- -- I comment please stop being. They'll. Articulated. An unpalatable. -- think. We can't feel confident. If you later found that it. And Galactica and ask you defiantly obviously to -- -- I'd have a plan like I definitely. Like healthy thing that's not okay. Can. Go through. Come on. Every couple okay I -- I wouldn't influence the -- come up I had really. Really sure what are. Anyway to vote for Ozzie -- baby text -- letter 885850. Don't take my word for -- to vote for John Henry's inter galactic -- Text -- letter to me today 58 bit do you have into the end of today's Weiner lied about right now the text your vote to -- 5850 -- they are being. Our winner will receive a 100 dollar American Express gift card. Our winner will also be eligible for the winer of the year grand prize that's a new iPad with a one year of AT&T service included. One of the week is now powered by AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible. All right so let's let's talk about this in now we have broad and the man the myth the legend. The dot com or all of that stuff too out of American corduroy jacket. Me my -- It all this this might opening day Jackie might. -- in my closing -- everything in between Jack rob Bradford ladies and rob Bradford was going on so I was asking the question as I was talking to myself here it's during the I was doing okay go to go for information to -- -- not doesn't -- -- -- -- And a missile defense I have very different coming -- like some like some people on TV but. I'm not common actually I'm not trying to -- I'm not -- -- Like lord Stanley down the dial who invented all sport I would never -- a bit at the game I would I would never call you the Wisconsin -- Mike Hart. If I appreciate that that the Ohio some visit so I was asking. Is it is it the result that stands out to about Josh Beckett. Or are you a little concerned that the fastballs between 1992 when he was able to make one guys swing in -- Yeah all maybe he'd never gone through it is entire career an outing -- and strikeout guy and it took until the eighth inning to strike someone out. But as he was explaining his press conferences. Didn't really let him get deepen accounts are slinging it early on by figured your -- question isn't are you concerned about the velocity. The velocity is just down a little bit -- if you look at the games beginning Cleveland the first game last year in his second game is Donald little. The people think he's just 95 mile an hour ago hasn't been that a lot now. He's 91 guy today that's what he was sitting at all -- -- -- -- it was all day long and probably should be -- 9490. Right in that he's got a nice. As last year progressed the heat in develop a little bit -- that remains to be seen we don't know. But you know obviously was an encouraging outing form is the same thing is last year where you have this so so outing are really bad outing in this case this year you come back and you're really did. You know the thumb thing aside those last artists but they need him to be -- to -- clay -- to be a -- -- Jon Lester -- club that there ought to teach him. You know one thing that is encouraging for him and this is this is properly probably some speculation that's our you know I'll speculate. If he has doubts you -- about this stuff. If if there's any concern about an injury for him. This was good for him because then knock on Josh Beckett is that if he's a little nicked up. Then he will not see -- so in his head that he will not be able to perform them if he's nicked up well he was able if you as if is it that the thumb is not 100% he was able to go out. Guess detained granite that doesn't have a strong lineup did you eight innings. Give you 94 pitches and limit them to one -- yes that's that's got to be encouraging for. I think the concern about his thumb was greater. Elsewhere that it was within his himself. I don't think he was not concerned about the foam coming into this start penalties that concern about the -- going -- start. And and I think that the foam is about what it was when he was going through his stretch where -- really get last year art shop talk. -- -- -- -- Let's get the calls -- you have talked -- is people -- punctuated my sentence and I wanted to -- did a great job thank you let's let's start off with Matthew Matthew is in Dorchester and guys punch him out there that's in -- was going on and. A guy Zelaya was. -- might -- you -- start under a little bit that I'm I'm -- had opted not that Cambodia glass half full kind of guy and for me. One of the real -- is day one was shot -- doing so I think I was surprised that you sorry yesterday but. -- he was terrific I'm Beckett. I gotta say yes he gave dating ads. You know at a nice win. But I. And -- ballpark and city he was hit hard and there were many ball came close. To -- on -- the yard or or you know not the law mean. He was hit hard all day long he was lucky getaway where. A couple -- at. Well I think I think that you would agree to a certain extent -- -- the after the game in the press conference. He cited a couple times the that the defense behind him and what could place her name knew there was no doubt about it that's what got him through and got in the line he did I think that that -- By the boards but still I think overall you have to look as an encouraging outing. Yeah at -- is it's tough for me to say the guy was lucky. When he gives a performance like that. Yes I don't know I'm in if if you hit I think he's pitching to contact as well he's put more balls in play absolutely -- that that's that can't be ignored fact that they hit the ball -- I'm not gonna knock him because they made contact in weren't able to get a lot of production. Yeah I go go back you look company two strike counts or work but as he referenced they were sworn in early in the count and where you do in that it's hardest fake ice though. Yeah I think we saw what happened here we if you if you compare it to the last start you wanna put him side by side. You'll take that kind of luck for for Josh Beckett because the other catalog we saw in Detroit. And it was pretty terrible five home runs let's talk to John Johnson Hartford was a job. Eight. Actually -- a big -- they -- you. And -- -- right. Well now you know what is funny said that it Bobby Valentine was asked that after the game and -- terms. And he wanted to distance self. From that so much so it is not like he used to be this is not the case going forward this is not going to be eight. Every time this guy pitches this guy -- situations so I wouldn't count him. It popped up. On. I mean about Beckett play at this and sharing -- -- wanna get it showed that morning and is that that ought to be it and he had a point that. Josh Beckett it's sort of learn how to pitch a little bit more added if -- have those extra engaged bat well and and he you know they get very few power pitchers in history about a guy that Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson keep that your. So I am encouraged him and urged the guy. In go to -- for pitches and 88 inning and find a way to get. By twenty or out I think they -- to -- agree that. One part and I'd like to see him continue to do that. I think that -- I don't know about it it's kind of an early on didn't know where the ball going to be and where it needed to Egypt in the yard morning to -- I think -- built up. Well and you're absolutely right I think that's a good sign here's another good sign. For all the talk about Josh Beckett and most of the talk has not been. Most of popular talk has not been positive and in some cases rightfully so the guy knows how to pitch against the Tampa Bay -- Stop at his last six starts. For -- the whole point 081 ERA he knows this ten it and knows how to he knows how to deal with the minutes metaphorically do look at last year. Between the rays and yankees. And he was dominant against both of those teams in the that's what you need. Obviously need him out there and I think. What a lot of Red Sox fans here. Is Josh Beckett standing out there and a third or fourth inning. Waving the training staff to a woman Bobby V they'll come running out and he's on the disabled list for a -- just what it comes down -- right if he's out there. And especially against this division I think he's going to be fun. And and we said -- time and time again we'll say it again for this team to do anything this year. You you need a healthy Josh Beckett you need help weekly buckles in you helped Jon Lester well done and yeah and let's add another got the Nixon that yes and his force and that helped the -- -- -- otherwise I would we have news but. Yeah it would look bad yeah he was taken off premise is obviously you checked out after Bobby Valentine didn't really give any information after the fact. But this his reaction and in what he was it didn't seem good he said that he expects somebody to be here tomorrow in another words. Some for a pocket whether it's like Jason Repko or Pedro Syria -- or Lars Anderson someone but if fight against the mood for tomorrow. This is purely -- guess I would say -- on the DL. And and you gonna bang out a pitcher because they don't feel like they need extra picture of Josh Beckett LT. So maybe Justin Thomas maybe he's seen his last at -- last -- and then you call up to position player from -- It frightening. Yeah it's a frightening time I mean it is not just sitting there two and five and shocked that they haven't changed a record -- the manual scoreboard you figure to be sprinting out there as soon as last pitched it and if Charles Steinberg were a lot of that thing would be a but that's an accurate and you know cut the Defense Department if Iraq related should be was on his game that you drag it there you go there I don't follow along now. But I remember when you remember was it 2005 and had. The Red Sox and yankees had identical record hit it yet the Yankees won the division but here's frequent target on our knowledge Fenway Park the Red Sox won the division you have that Ed Butler before we got nearly as such as shortened show but before we get out here. We gotta play you guys. Some clips. From that -- Larry Lucchino interview with much Maloney earlier today but we'll get to that we'll get to that three or video to go at it now. It's always gotta keep that -- -- -- -- did that -- -- -- It's an inside baseball -- -- with doctor Chris Chris is on the tape was going comment. But I get a little guys. Jealous of malpractice as the same -- the kids are sane person that edged back in Yankee Stadium games six so the violence. So they shut our rock salt rookie 27 out shut out the Yankees -- a World Series game -- -- out of the electorate tell him anything about pitching out of its. We had a -- there's nothing wrong whether I'm get a bad outing it's a -- -- tiger. Or access and and I in my that this will organize a state. Okay today there's against the Tampa Beijing at the -- that much in a lot Beckett was back. And you know object an -- any day of the week. These are different Josh -- -- cost us the -- this is like let's messer director Colin. Or relative. I don't think Josh Beckett he believes he's the same guy who pitched in Yankee snow as we know what he wanted to 123 years old you know throw 9597. And you go back to the 2007. Playoffs he was -- -- was on three days' rest to nothing yet but to go back to his thumb but we we it should clarify some of the stuff is that. The -- a lot a lot of people concerned as I said before he wasn't concerned about he felt it was the same as it was last year when he was going through that run. He went to the doctor in San Antonio. Just to get it checked out. Just because it didn't respond the cortisone shot have MRI MRI showed exactly what you last MRI add on showed. And the only reason you went to Cleveland was because the teams that you're going Detroit we really like this rim guy to stop either get it checked out -- just like a second opinion. That's what he did but. Last I had nothing to do with a stump this started at nothing to do this. But the back to the 2.0 was making earlier about how frightening mrs. It's good that Josh Beckett did we did today everybody was it for that they needed that they absolutely did it. But now you have. Know Carl Crawford which everybody had adjusted to. I know Carl Crawford Cody Ross find Sweeney fine gonna -- Carl Crawford took over Jason -- locker auditing data while but he you know you know the captain that it I don't think it's. Darnell McDonald we we we were we were OK with that. But now we have no Crawford. You have no Pillsbury. For a long period yet we which I don't know it you probably going to be without those guys for a while -- conservative. Couple weeks -- and I am sure sure that's the way you look. So I think I don't know viewer on the this team is gonna score plenty of runs bandwagon. Before the season started. I think that -- become -- off the year where you scored more runs and anybody in baseball and seven you've got it right -- you can make the case that they had a better offense yes I guess I would be on the bandwagon for the good score a lot of but I guess they're gonna. Have to do it in the short term may -- for two weeks may be for a month month and a half a and I have to reinvent themselves. Off a little bit is -- there's just no way to replace you can replace based on we saw Lester from Carl Crawford -- to replace that. He can't replace. Jacoby Ellsbury Mike last year out of it yeah go go what the 2009. Version of Jacoby Ellsbury -- can't replace that. Well you forget about the overall production how do you replacement atop the order and you'll just got me really guy -- we've seen in the lead us -- so though. Other denials there three heads and if so are you gonna move Pedroia there are you gonna do the Mike Kabila's experiment which they try and spring training. Are you gonna put -- there once awhile. What are you gonna do. His reaction. After after he got hurt him and he grabs Hillary and screamed out something like you know it but yes yes if so the idea so. I don't know if you just did it because and I am in pain as the people do their when their pain or sometimes guys do that because they know is that. I might be read too much into it but I don't -- Valentine's reaction after the game like he really didn't give any news at all it just didn't seem like he was expected him. To be back at times. And maybe that's just the DL stint. Buy it -- he he will be he -- even though because he didn't see him after the game he wasn't entering his room he probably went to the hospital -- checked out. But Bobby go to guy he went but it. That's an -- at the you recognize that I do if I could I don't -- about this or that actual that's actual audio of the -- but. This could reenact about the Dakota went well okay what number was that you're doing pushups glory. I was actually it was after twenty ambiguous you actually get up from the group. If this is a -- I was just a little come O'Donnell in studio two now so you were challenged to do twenty push -- No I was job to see if I could do more than push -- and Dustin Pedroia Mike Komansky. Pedroia or -- general and on so. How many that the jury lineup when. It was time due to demand and so is light at the end up like 37 or something like Obama. All right then you spry young man -- at -- I think it about what about the calls in the second who don't have much time but we're gonna try to pack in as much as we can. And there are five minutes that we have here together and then turn it over to Celtics basketball Celtics back to back to back for the Celtics to 3424. And marching toward the Atlantic Division here in the old days that even matter to you -- of course it's not gonna win the division but for a team to start off fifteen and seventeen. Winning is winning the division staying away from Chicago Miami is pretty soon. That would be so gratified to when you lending division they have caps and T -- and on and on Santa okay if they don't want it making give the captain teachers capabilities say it's not for the both of charity yes rhetoric broke. But before we before we go when it plays some sound. From -- in Maloney -- interview earlier today with Larry -- video not available but some pretty get pretty good audio -- What's going on behalf of the organization. To be sure that Tito had gotten -- invitation we hadn't heard back from him. And there was some question in our organization as. How the invitation went too because we didn't have a current mailing address forms. And was it texted to him did he ever really get it we didn't know so it's not -- say. -- it was it was the courteous thing to do was to call him directly make sure he knew that he like every other person every other manager coach player. Who's worn the uniform from Red Sox would be invited back to the 100 anniversary. Itself again next Friday and that and that was the that the purpose of the car. He raised the issue of unfairness -- rather not go into it except to say there was truly about. The whole organization being critics should criticize apple because so someone leaked some of this entry doses. -- whatever leaking went on or whatever conversation. Was despicable. We make that clear. But. I think it clear. Hello anyone who's been following. John Henry Tom Martin and myself none of -- have anything to do with that. And and we -- we find it reprehensible to. And understand Terry's he concerns. -- to get past that really mind pretty sizable you don't criticize what we're but the current no current mailing address -- a black eyed. -- -- that -- if they can't back it could it rubber stamped it some thought Rich Harden shoulder movement that. Bobby -- steps to get out. It. The fit with Leo the about it there's about I can I can help -- -- with one Bristol Connecticut to yes I did plaza. Bubba Bubba should be. Absolutely there's so many ways. To sentiment FaceBook -- but -- -- -- but if you. Waited to have returned. Mailing address so we thought it would be the courteous thing to do but I I think the point is and very maybe Larry is finding this out now. He didn't make it clear. That they felt it was reprehensible and despicable -- didn't make it clear enough from -- perspective that. They hated it and they thought it was disgusting and they wanted to come out and and put their collective feet down and say we will not deal with this with the Red Sox we don't believe that read we love Tito. Whoever told Bob Poehler this. Obviously doesn't understand me doesn't understand our organization that's the kind of that's what they needed to do well obviously didn't do that. I mean that we're talking about through things here at number one the invitation of Francona but I'll talk about the other thing that he ended with which was. Did the Bob Poehler story and they got to get past this they spent more time and energy defending themselves and make it clear that it was not them. Instead of supporting Terry Francona let two point eight and in -- in and he continues to do it and they continued to do. Did it so they have to get past that. I don't believe that they were the leak and I don't think a lot. I'll do it not don't want to I don't know that OK I don't know somebody let us know exactly but so let's. It's of the Braves back some some guy I do have been addressed in the interstate ninety people believe it they were -- who cares get past it. All you have to do is. Show why you want Terry Francona back at Fenway Park because of all the great things he did when he talked about that talk about the support. That you have for him instead of it wasn't us it wasn't us it wasn't us. Well by the way some -- habit she'll receive a gift card dot hills north and Don stake in locations of Boston. And a patriot place in Foxborough we're not gonna last holiday but we did. Last call will be sponsored by terrorists restoration specialist at your property or facilities manager for insurance broke. Call air restaurants -- -- disaster restoration game plan please call 877461. 1111 or terrorists are dot coming into the planet like the thank my manager my producer. But my mom that my friends for this incredible accomplishment -- Robert Redford. It was the why of the week winner you call that. Was it all landslide. 7030. -- about -- at that for a percent John Henry's inter galactic -- when it. The winner receives a 100 dollar American Express gift card from AT&T and is eligible for the wider the -- the year grand prize to claim your prize. Sent an email to one of the week. At WEEI. Dot com rob Bradford back from -- and states don't really -- -- over Celtics basketball literally stay tuned on this Jacoby Ellsbury situation. Looks like he's going to the DL what of the Red Sox do with that but the good as -- And today. On the whole ball putter. Twelve to roll over the -- you can relax a little bit just a little bit. Until you hear this Ellsberg -- today home opener tomorrow -- Syria say a prayer keep your fingers crossed. We'll talk to you later.

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