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NESN’s Barry Pederson’s impressions on the Bruins after B’s-Caps Game 1

Apr 13, 2012|

NESN Bruins analyst Barry Pederson give his thoughts how the Bruins played against the Capitals. What the physical play meant to the game and if they can continue their moment into Game 2.

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We're live at the house of blues extort a Fenway Park is Red Sox opening day Mott and -- got a 37 WEE -- start with the hockey Bruins up one nothing in their series. Against the capitals have Barry Peterson of NASA I watched it last night on TV he's always great to. -- these day games static joins us on the -- hotline and burials are the capitals question because what surprised me was just. How physical the capitals play that wasn't sure that was going to be their style they withstand the polite. Physical left for last night by Washington. Yeah really well they've their top two lines that I have some elements of that but I think on the flip side of that boy. If we were and we had any doubt that Seidenberg wouldn't take you to listen to the same level that laughter in the playoffs man did he ever show that but I he would chart but there's a tremendous job on -- that's good line. Course -- the event having Bergeron a line out there as well of the creatures like do a good job against the backstroke and seven. The Bruins were very solid physically. Defensively and they were tremendous the game I didn't think should have been close to the water putted the second period particular. The Bruins on the power put it for a half minutes to start the second period power play and they have got four -- three a full two minutes. And to -- that's -- -- need to -- put out of out of reach for Washington and only had seven shots against after two periods abroad let -- hang around. And they needed to talk with the kind of -- hole before Foreman up third period. Let's have -- the capitals will sell this as you know 00 we get that over time we did everything we mean it do we could go one lucky bounce but to me. I don't know all they can keep that style up. You tell me having this is what the rule was one wreck right this thing I'll play that physical style Washington to meet the -- what they want the last -- you -- the loss. The I would agree with that I think they wanted to keep it close but it was more of the Bruins to -- just not being as nearly a proficient a on the power play on the offensive side of things. As they need to be the bruins' strengths is as we all though is their defense of being led by Thomas Chara Seidenberg is the technicalities that they break. If Washington wants to play that way that's abuse playing righted the Bruins knew that when you see a player like oh that's good. They keep trying to figure right outside -- and Chara. You could just see that very -- licking their chops than a couple of bring it on we get you up cut off at the game again -- they can both play and that's -- that's sort of -- -- out that the same thing in the alta vista's a big dude and it was 230 -- -- at a -- place like -- -- went out almost rather have a play that Milan Lucic style the next sniper style that's -- with -- -- -- this idea wore down is that just tip. No I think he can get worn down a little bit especially against playing against that the pairing of -- Seidenberg -- I think the one thing that I feel these gains the last the few games that we also based on the Olympic. Well the last time around it and it's kind of -- we double the Russians with the cable over. You know early on in the eighties and nineties it was all about this five man caught up right out to me if they haven't. A negative part of their game it's almost like little bit to get the puck he's gonna go one on 11 on one what you know what you're not gonna be Chara Seidenberg -- want you need to be. Playing -- -- be needed company get a port checking game going to take what they put the pairing would give you. -- not trying to beat those two guys because he could forget about it they're just too good so I think he had to get back using his line -- a little bit. The key to meet to also away from that was. The most -- fearful element of Washington. To be was Baxter he started to show -- the last couple of games of getting things back coming back from a concussion they really missed him. I thought he got seven -- a little bit last night -- that's the best I've seen seven look. In a while he was very involved physically when he gets involved he could be -- night for the very consist of without Baxter so long is -- you like to control him my Bud Light reflect the -- -- Barry Peterson of -- and joining us giving you hit on the power play match and a much -- struggled there in the second period like six and it's -- yeah they could score than the 92 power plant four on three. A little bit surprised about -- not being out there -- all that space on the ice he's the guy I want it's about four on three was it. Was it a breakdown in terms of the setup for that it was a guy's not making plays wide of the power play failed so much their of the second argued. I especially that fourth. Or on three I think he couldn't get that figure out -- back that he wanted to that they I think he -- -- -- latter part of that ship before the penalty was called so they were just way too stationary when you watch the replay that he just see they're all standing at the did you block there at each corner of the box with the three Washington defenders allowed to collapse and nobody. Was in scoring position. So Washington just say keep the puck on the outside that's honorable and could see if there's no traffic in front. There's nobody was a direct threat to -- I just thought they got way too stationary. When the Bruins power play looked a little bit better that latter part of the -- the final month. They were -- around especially by -- -- apparently -- -- point in the power play was very active they were dropping down Seidenberg would be dropping down it is getting involved and not just being stationary -- with a -- to the point because. One of the big -- very impressed with with Washington especially at first two periods they were blocking a lot of shots. So for the Bruins to be successful we're gonna have to get those shots through the have to get their defensive all the little bit more by PG -- by being active in the opposite result. It a power play obviously went with the puck in the back of the net that we -- to -- times last -- -- the swing for the other team. I mean it is it is that the most important thing I mean other than obviously put the puck in the net but they have a good power play -- doesn't change moment that that's what they can stay away from. Oh absolutely I think you'll hear -- talk about that all the time that's one of the things that you want to play of the game you -- -- -- that -- it's one thing but not have a very successful for a three. Our -- out of a terrific stuff before after we keep that momentum to your point -- but when you do not have a warden the like they had. Now all of a sudden not -- momentum that the Bruins had going you had an opportunity to just put. Washington away -- that second period take people over now all of a sudden you start to lose the momentum after that or three unsuccessful power play. And I carried right over into the third period and Washington took control that third period of rule book a little bit looked -- -- to bad turnovers and bad decisions. About getting the puck in deep. And does the transition game grip of a little bit of the -- pretty poor last night as well the puck was bouncing around that's also gonna hurt your power play but I picked the most exciting part for me is the Bruins fan is that the Bruins did not play there. Best speed that they had children that they could still witness here. If bore hole he played -- great game bury the Bruins didn't get enough opportunities and a good shot opportunities on him over the course of sixty minutes and over time. I thought they had some good opportunity I just over the got not traffic in front of them you always cutting you just don't know how are young point two year old who's going to. To handle the pressure but I thought he really can't live well he looked very comfortable early on it to be what you allow -- to look that comfortable it's because he's seen the -- Right now with the way the goaltending so strong on National Hockey League if you're not gonna get traffic in front if you're not gonna make. A goaltender looked around and feel comfortable feel that pressure around them knowing that he had. Have to control rebound not only make this -- these guys are just too good I thought OP really committed shall a lot of a lot of poise for young goaltender has tripled in the third stringer with the -- and the pulled out you can also see after that. Kelly overtime goal you could see the veteran of Washington goading him abuse and you say hey. The players agree we -- that you gave us a chance to win that's -- we're looking for from you. I also think that Kelly -- may be deflected by Wideman could use reaction little bit. Well Bible -- he looked like it just kind of changed direction a little bit on them but. It's Washington struggled last night try to create some offense that's surely wasn't because you break all OP did do his job. Yes yes that the early on they want to throw a lot of shots and I think that -- -- actually backfire -- being gates accomplished that he said that wasn't much traffic he got the -- locked in gains accomplished but how does she react now Anita. You walk in overtime he -- time to think about it. You know you lose that game how does he come back is -- -- the net that -- hurt him. Well I I think in order very -- to be unsuccessful the Bruins you're gonna have to change their game below that. I would think that if they gave him as much time and space in front as they did -- -- going to be successful at big east team. Be very confident for young goaltender and into me. One of the big -- wanna see a lot moreover knowing what we talked about the power play but I wanna see the Bruins -- the -- he would war and take advantage. About Washington defense they're banged up back there pretty good Mike Green is not himself right now I think Dennis why did you -- the body on him. But make sure that they don't get all of the transition make the turn around and go back to get the -- And guess what would they go back get that -- they're gonna be looking for the likes of Lucci should Marchand coming down on them that is with the Bruins are playing their game but too many times have ruined. I could. Closed my eyes were don't think the Brad Marchand who went down that left -- a couple times instead of shipping it by guys. Getting it in the in the -- -- the game go -- he tried to beat guys one -- one -- to return over at the Blue Line when he's effective with Lucic is effective -- -- that -- Beginning indeed the putting pressure on the opponent he's spent and the cycling map pocket that's what they get it back to. Bears can be a lot of fun game one of the books your coverage and Essen last night with that daily -- everybody else was absolutely tremendous look for to it. Throughout the course the Stanley Cup and enjoy games you -- Saturday. Well based guys you know they want to get this is by far away the best primacy and haven't. All of all of a lot of help a lot bigger you've ever -- ticker to deal with some of the sympathy fans know Barrick is the heart skips a few beats watching some of -- Stanley Cup final. -- that it does they low against the three of being back to a -- the host that you bit bill that also blows. -- I don't know how across the street Ellis spent like there are okay -- Netflix I I thought about how to Bluetooth connected that that way that would surely. -- -- there it might be replaced it is also lose beyond a lot of big sport that now. That's Eric Peterson is awesome. On the -- and break -- on the games in between periods and before afterwards when he talks with us he wants more soft -- makes her feel smarter of a -- big. Listening to Eric talk hockey makes you feel. -- -- it is playoffs I want I want it the year -- -- here -- the need more soft dumps. That's the phrase I love lashed to an old run. Dump the puck in their -- get a soft and not we are live here at the house of blues thanks to our great friends that Budweiser -- help you celebrate. Opening day here Fenway Park response -- it but what it. I'm very good friends right now during the break if they wanna be friendly but solid but once while it won't care -- -- new somewhere. A lot of Alec is a great place to and -- Budweiser we get ready for opening day. It's handed us 123. For Eric Red Sox tickets for this week at least a good seats that that's not -- -- -- there right at that dollar amount that's Etsy those good with. These are good seats -- yell at players. From your seats here on the field. Each year. We could yell at the races or Josh Beckett was yellow Luke Scott lawyer at. We'll get it to Luke Scott and -- was to get down -- get a chance to win tickets here from my house blows up Bruins tickets later got to run the Red Sox ticket giveaway. And it is Red Sox opening day. Right and what to expect. Over there a couple of hours they start I get these players introduced talks baseball Red Sox next.

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