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Breaking down the important pieces of the Bruins Game 1 OT victory

Apr 13, 2012|

Mut and Merloni give their keys to the Bruins opening the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs with an OT victory. The boys discuss Tim Thomas and Dennis Seidenberg’s play leading the bruins to a 1-0 lead in the series.

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More often than that when. Your team coaches the other team heavily for a couple periods. Whether. Whether you score not that there's usually a time period in the game -- -- The tables turn and I knew there gonna get -- burst sooner or later so I was I was. Mentally prepared. For that going into the third period. And a so I guess that answers it. Always want to expand on now all sorts of things Tim Thomas after it shut out -- game want. Stanley Cup Playoffs -- Bruins. I've not given the way Becky win last night. Wasn't sure what to expect him -- there in the third period capitals at seven shots. In the first forty minutes that hockey game it's okay get some pressure on Tim Thomas is he going to be fresh going to be OK with it to the game enough. Make the key saves matter and it was unequivocally. Yes for him -- highlighted. By -- came across little bit short side and found a way it was it wasn't. Steve Downey like but it reminded Steve Downey saves he made in the Tampa based series because he came sort about it now works across. And stop BH or goal. -- is about -- and Tim Thomas last night but it's lot of questions he laws -- awesome awesome. You were you concerned about that you answered your questions to them after the first -- because it takes a lot of shots you know but coming into the game any sort of going into the game that you think the it was the -- with him in the postseason when he and -- he played last night. Overall pilot -- last year -- would you if you -- that playoff game last night copy paste it in their Stanley -- Pettitte is definite 56 -- -- and -- it is no question -- that slightly different it was outstanding -- -- he can do that over the course of twice on wins here in this policies I don't think that they're gonna say it's not -- -- -- Back to Connecticut next year because things were a guy I don't think Thomas going to be that -- for night. It was -- or not it's still legal and I was fair question whether Roddick match that sort of effort he made during the playoffs last year for the course of 61 lost. He did that question at. Listen I you know I I get that after what he did Lester get the benefit of the doubt it's completely unfair for him to think he's typical it and give you. That type of effort consistently throughout the entire Stanley Cup Playoffs. But I know I. He changed your mind. I expectations after what I -- and nothing changed and yes the fact that he can only see seven shots -- not really be challenged that much. In the first two periods. To come out play the way -- did in the third you're right back you know Pollack did at the Tim Thomas again. -- let's face it. He needs to get top of his game I do think that does it deeper -- I do think that they can score more goals but it's still all about Tim Thomas if -- detect an effort last night. From him. And that's at the B every single night W listen let's not let's not kid ourselves there were a couple soft bolstered at Stanley Cup championship run they had last year. So it wasn't I was gave all the time but for the most part when it -- this guy was there I believe what accounts Tim Thomas was doping either. He was there a third periods pre X seven shots in the first question was when it at that point. Based out of fire -- an idea that capitals team to the pressure first came back in the third. -- Thomas ready for about this. Chris Kelly a lot of credit for that goal should. Start with Tim Thomas and Thomas but he saved Begin a transition played down the ice the other way. Let Chris Kelley school and we we talk about the -- made an inch that'll match but. The game winning goal is set up by your goaltender Smart enough to get the puck out start transition take advantage of spacing. Chris Kelly scores -- is there's a funny thing it's TI I think ethnic the second period. Scoring chances and obviously they outshot Atlanta was 26 to seven it's gorgeous fourteen to three. And I don't know I just I just felt like they'd never really. Challenged -- -- and see full of fourteen really good chances. And they say that if it is only seven shots. I felt like there were better chances that the capitals you know against Thomas especially their -- third period. At the audio Baxter bought seven mystical -- a good shot on -- Thomas -- shop and one bullet trickled right by the net. I got more nervous when Washington even though they completely outshot -- -- him that there were times I was like you know I. I don't see that it's the great saves from all be like we did he dipped on what is that -- thirty to seventy completely -- shot that you saw a great block shots. -- cap to all the ultrasound to anybody Brad Marchand had a pop on his stick in front of the net couldn't get it even whole block before. Did a great job of created a sort of force field. I'll route him yesterday at a -- are now coming back in game two they'll pick our way through your game what we see all your -- calls lineup we get to. At 6177790. Wait 52 all 3888. 5250. PP Peter Peterson will join us later on this hour we start with pro with will get into Red Sox opening day -- promised let's get to. -- Eric in Providence who joins us here on 937 WE yak aborting Eric. A guy at the morning well. I'll tell you what Dennis Seidenberg must be really really saw this morning news have lost their last night. Unbelievable. You know that can just harder pill that would it was just. And make use a little aren't Ed Murray CI III. I'm talking to my son on the ball and unfortunately couldn't be Whitney and man it was just. I insist. You know I'll scream and yell and throwing stuff at the TV thank god it stopped now. -- I mean you know and and Kelly and you know I gotta get you -- he got to give that young goaltender at some credit but economists. When it came when it when it came to brat actually did what he needed to build and I'll tell you what we dominated that game. And note guys and those guys going to be quite as sore as we are because. People are throwing their weight around and if they wanna play that game. We're going back in the cop in my opinion. You know what's great about it too is that they'll let the last memory of the Bruins have -- -- it did get a better. I don't think you're disappointed it was game one and out bit disappointed became like -- a physical style you could see that. -- -- guys it Ito left and right brewers play and there's doubt disappoint you Tim Thomas on top of his game that gave you everything you wanted to see everything that you missed. From last the last spring whatever was summer -- got six that you play in the summer. They keep everything you wanted to see. Think it's a great first game and I want more I need more I want Saturday now right hey guys they get everything it's all out battle. -- -- -- A belt given it many democratic -- that including power play struggles it gives that to you from what she missed jumper on this it is a if you don't panic and awarding five which a lot of people aren't beat down near Fenway Park. I -- a panic which is the -- for start up our cameras go on the power play six and it says six. I minutes at our level or that first four minute power plant but that -- about that second half put a lot of pressure on on wash the cannabis that -- but those first two minutes. It looked a lot like last year there's no question you'll get to that opposite a car driver bodies on -- 37 WEEI's. Lou we're live at the house of blues where you. Right now -- in still New Hampshire -- beautiful. A couple of things. I agree with you parcel bomb plot that -- it and won't you. That was not sought to which is a way that goes wide the net that was always. And and in my opinion that what they're what way it's soft goal. -- Only just a -- I agree with you Chris Kelly's quota at the -- is always it's so good now. That I think the days of going down on the wing it being a gold with a shot or along passer gone. I was pleasantly surprised to see it go away and. That I don't like it was one of -- -- -- -- well once in -- in -- obviously has all -- and we can't have one without the other within like nearly got out of his game and in it and are you -- He were aboard the seven games that the gross revenue and he walked out like this and what Kim really Kim really couldn't score goals without it people. And -- -- -- -- as they wait. These days even humble and that's his game and -- I don't watch idol -- where -- all stretched it. They whatsoever that the marketing on this operation at the full out sailor to that we saw the dash reports last night but at -- these big as a big sponsor the and it and it NHL playoffs this year. It's a good thing in this series that is Seidenberg it'll match in a particular. Wanna be a lot of that they'll last night holds up over the course of 56 -- eternity portrayed them like like on the young Lucic height though -- that powerful lower is better. That's what Dana meanest guy he wants space he's a finisher has -- -- school from anywhere on the on the ice. So lay off -- split physical style that that's fine that's him I understand that but. Then I'll I'll I'll try to Wear him down all day long that is that's parties that tough summit on a that you what you you'll respect him a lot of people got to get on him. There's -- outscored 6050 goals anymore but out the equity the production it's in the style -- I let's go -- other queen city Manchester, New Hampshire Kyle is the other sport what he got Kyle. -- well I got back up now. Our talk about how much Sara -- -- yesterday I think the you don't think that I enter the jeopardy -- their arm everyone -- Chip and -- every chance they got I think all Americans are not enter into the -- he. I Tamara is gonna be it's Gator in the series now right he's a guy we talked to Alan made on Monday who were the guys that we're not gonna like we -- Jameer was its gimmick to the shot -- Quaid. In the regular season game a couple of weeks ago but last night. Nokia Carlson really get it would very physical and accuracy Bergeron and should bare back and forth in this series it just a city -- at fort in that spot. That's a tough call I am I thought that that back cross check was a big one but it wouldn't be enough rice at eight today from the Washington and get onto America's heated response that's. They were on the road they were getting dominated the whole plate -- used. Not. All what is -- and it -- but it wasn't a bright literature either you know people get dominated maybe give them a little energy. But -- -- -- -- pleasure -- an artist like way everywhere picking up throughout recorded rather. It was great and I edit it the way they stuck up for the guys last as combined net all the Bruins players there that -- it was pretty similar. It's just. It was apparently good Easter conference. First round game one which everything you want at a playoff hockey. It'll keep you need to get your reaction Barry Peterson NASA will join Ali join us later on this hour. Getting -- boy Bruins to don't appear at the house of blues ought to went through it or Red Sox tickets you can listen listen to win those but if you are here. They just open up the bar people get rowdy here it is for opening day at Fenway Park. -- and etiquette where it Red Sox to win every hour here. At the house that was to come -- -- games to good spot nice about -- -- will continue with your phone calls at 61777. -- nearly fifty told three. 8885250850. -- -- -- --

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