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Planet Mikey: Wall to wall beer talk with Jim Koch

Apr 12, 2012|

Koch, the brewer and founder of Sam Adams, takes questions about beer from callers in on a Thursday night with Mikey and John.

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We're back wherever you show back ever get I piano is a lot going on is set the liberal I was gonna ask him this question mast camera now. He used -- Samuel Adams beer in all the venues right for the sports teams semi we do every single one has cinematic finally you know. Which sport would you say per capita you know and it's all kind of based on the attendance at each game but. Which sport drinks the most beer which sports transitions. Baseball into exile more than hockey I'd I'd go hockey -- -- and I think you may -- he'd know better don't realize I would think so but. -- that would you might you know I've never done the per capita thing that's the hard part. Yeah I mean is sometimes -- which guys you know creative sometimes they're happy and they drink sometimes they're really upset like the Red Sox fans were less of -- and right now. And maybe deedrick more than I'm just curious we know football you know it's about obviously if you could go through the tailgating and how -- Sam Adams bottles out there that -- beautiful thing. That's I don't know I wanna go into the game I just wanna like stay -- you have look at all that -- I Prince -- and I think a great entertaining TV program might be one that's on live before each patriots game from the parking lot. I mean that would be I think that -- we should look into. Well but I was just curious because you know I mean we obviously know. You know that with the traditions of the sports all the detail and and I guess in basketball it's a little more difficult you you know to get after receipt and go get a beer. Or they don't really bring them around is much either so -- baseball probably does make the most the most -- Patty is in the car patty Iran would Jim. I am I don't -- and can you wanna crack a cold. Throw -- to get home I'll be your designated drinker how's that I. Well actually get to -- -- -- you're an expert on or about October and I'm. Actually support what you're saying. I -- thinking here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eagle eye ear so apparently. The site and -- editing by I'm. I hope you had a -- for a did you have a beer for a. Here. At the rate. He has got back from America and still there rosy outlook for his -- Yeah I'm in the. -- Oh it would be an art and -- -- and they Obama. -- you know. It's gotta be lit. Yet you coded Sam Adams blog. And there's a list of places to go to Sam Adam's website -- and click on the blue dogs. Ambulance dot com I'm on it right now our blog let me just let me just -- this is -- right in front of me over -- you're -- -- and -- -- -- OK Curtis posted a new releases where can I find the new 26 point two I don't see the list here but legacy. It's going to be on here on the -- get that information and I'll announce it on the year patio promise. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like at the state court I thought at the seventh -- or you know that's a rule league wide rule you know. It and. I didn't -- the -- -- cut you off dispensing case -- -- things there's a lose a loss in progress people get in the other thing -- we're about baseball was his real -- to him. Is the extra inning games. Because if you're if they cut appear in the seventh Connecticut's tied up in the ninth and they go to the seventeenth inning you're tuchman extra 23 hours there and there's no beer -- That's like. Worse -- prohibition. But people leave. So it's -- little they know how watched the next seven innings from the bar because I get a bigger and what my worst nightmare the league's got to do something about that. -- you know reestablished. They got to say to people okay. If it goes to the eleventh inning start again we have free beer for all. Fresh air baby Johns in bill pomp -- California. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll go up from upper New England like it was on your show and bring it up but I know you Mikey your -- per year you're here well thank you oh. They are brilliant -- I wanna thank you who are the single person -- revolutionary. Change forever your drink in this country. Prior to single item -- all micro brew movement we thought we shot the average every day. -- adjunct Peters and now a more complete like jar out which -- -- at Fenway Park and there are hundreds and hundreds of crap -- And we owe it all to mr. cook and wanna thank you are all back that's very kind of way. And yet that that bear -- out here in California. -- and I will say good message to the Monday with the good guys out there material you know I mean that's the only way to Begin a good friend here to get it for you ship it to damage that's a -- do. Welker what we figured double parked as probable on the best. Couple boxer -- -- I've ever had. Keep it up your chocolate pot was amazing the winter I look you're a broad collections keep it up then you end up Eric. I know if you can call back in smeared dress and will you know what -- -- all year -- put on hold that's not illegal so don't tell anybody if -- well wolf what are the US mail Natalie. Baghdad's governor -- -- hold at an -- -- pregnant he -- the mailman from checking out John Bale when it comes it'd pompano California. Knowing full well what's going on. Are -- get the answer for back callers question in Ashland there's a place called John Stone in. And they have. 26 point two I got a list in front of me all the different towns and have it. And again it's something that you should all look for in your respective towns all along the marathon group and at the finish line and afterwards all around Boston as well. Because it's again it's not going to be here forever -- be gone a couple weeks let's go to Josh in the car next on the planet Mikey show where we have full lines Josh. And -- -- and I don't like I knew that the caught the bug you. Doing great like this mystic thing mr. I like get gas professional -- I'm a Mac I'm actually -- Beckum sort sort of mimic -- -- -- -- -- -- You guys have done a great job with Sam Adams. Are they already. You have a great beer we're proud to report. My question you Tim Cook is bound. I noticed a lot of the you're Nevada is probably another year or Alec copying you could -- -- -- People out there are coming out with them out and bought blogger can war can't can't. And that's a good question and the answer is you -- sooner or later. Right now I still pick up some metallic -- from Kansas but. We're actually working with -- manufacturers try to upgrade to improve the quality of of the basic beer -- And when we can do that. Yeah will have sevens in the camp maybe years something like that with the advantages will be keeping it holds I would it would that would that be so it actually -- The opposite really warms up quicker it and grind it cools down faster but it warms up just -- -- or metallic -- via. Yeah that's why I never -- girls -- braces and I was a youngster -- same reason it on your tongue -- just has no place in your mouth and so I'm I'm trying to improve. The basic beer cans and and maybe we'll get there and the I think the advantages you can just take it more places that's coming picking on dad. You know boat. That's an easier course right. I'm trying to get facilities when you get it and a keg as at the -- -- you know I was just wondering it will give it some more space. Now kegs -- stainless steel. Cans aluminum aluminum and aluminum -- picks up the taste the stainless steel McCain doesn't maybe that's the answer stainless steel cans in ninety. -- worked on that tune in a totally recyclable. And let's just by the keg. It might take a little wild and drink it but it's not a big honking at hand back. Jim when you don't see it again I'm mad mag rally this summer man this summer -- I'll bring the beer. I'm gonna tell Richard to our mark on -- let me know I don't care from vacation a prominent. -- -- -- -- -- I you know everybody that that hasn't wildly successful product has pictures of famous people drinking your beer you must have a collection of pictures drinking of people drinking Sam Adams. Yeah it did about Madonna you know like some that really -- like the guy you never Leo here's up. Quote of Vladimir important during the disaster managers -- -- Yeah we have Prince Charles once. Just in when the Bruins center champion parade yeah. We ran and Adam Sandler. He was in the back -- With drinking a Sam Adams and so we get a picture of him holding up you know our little sign that said raised the cup -- magnetic -- Sam -- -- -- -- stuff like that is priceless every -- -- as -- well you -- -- -- six billion people in the world to all of retreated serum you know can be happy -- -- I got Obama yet it really got it really seriously I had 10. Everybody where you -- it against everybody some low project. For somebody duke Gibson his special project a go find it pretty famous in the world and put this in their hand and make sure they drink it. I'll and we got Mikey Adam's yeah as we're done delegates and we've hit the panic delegates at ten or twelve people in Brighton where you -- that. But you know what gym coach gonna stick around here to 8 o'clock at the new appears between six point two it's an honor of the Boston Marathon in the official -- of Boston Marathon. And the partnership between a Sam Adams in a marathon is now official. And available out there it's good. Tasting it right now my Boston obviously listing of just have a few -- here -- -- Uga that I'm not -- -- or -- he -- I enjoy it -- -- original there. Guzzling beer if it's ever ever kid beer drinking. -- not so good -- In fact I you mentioned a name America's old cub can't have -- -- and you know. But you -- to shoot the can't because you open it up to shoot the piercing would have to taste it. The answer right after a bright guy -- -- -- it's about time and I was like drinking tequila and alcohol abuse it has -- it is really. A quick break gym coach here John writers here and that would be right back with your phone calls on the planet Mikey show.

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