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Thursday, April 12th Whiner Line

Apr 12, 2012|

John Henry rocking the microphone? Must listen!

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Music views expressed and expressed the white -- these aren't likely -- Monty and Chris Cox. -- discretion advised. -- And now golden -- your line. And I will tell you this talk to me is always an upper Echelon player. Treated like rock and now. Ridiculous. This is ridiculous. And you could sense this from the very beginning of the ball game. I didn't win the program tonight but WEEI. Whiner line. It's -- Yeah lots of dial 779353. Plus yeah. Why -- near line. It's it's. Kind of. And so Mikey wouldn't -- be officiating last night how well -- -- Michael -- tweeting about this restaurant -- that was. It was ridiculous laws -- As you know it's almost the worst Narveson I don't but you know what one's side happens every game north yet could get it. Refs absolutely suck up to you prop. Your problem is that you can't. Separate. One normal NBA game from what you saw last out of last night was the worst rough edges where Alex. Russia is battling a regular I really do think they got to address that David -- want one now it's not the city's you know what -- it's the same thing is to vary you know. Curt Schilling Bobby Valentine Michael I'll in the eighteen to text but it was terrific if the united just like you just dig it. -- what people say you know what you're wrong. David Stern instead of saying. Got a point there I am wrong no he's just gonna -- it right he wants to be right watch as he gains even as even as that thing just crumbles around. It did LeBron -- twice now and once was 05 steps and otherwise to oh yeah he did it was five steps and I was like how did they not called -- that is say you're right I think what happens is once he goes -- -- traffic -- that -- that was in the Wayne. They sit there and say well he can do that he shall I come back right so awesome so did not sound that's what they do they -- that's why are only -- lesser player. Can't get away -- because the officials do not believe -- that there are skilled enough to be able to do a standard here which was there. I enjoyed a lot of powered by AT&T WEEI lot actually available on your iPhone your ran dry your Blackberry device. Barack do you -- AT&T AT&T forgy LT he got speeds up to ten times faster three G. AT&T rethink. Possible all right Andy let's go to. -- that goes down on the topic I'd like to shop. That he stayed in the game. But he's got a little -- that. And message do you ever think. When you saw him go down like that you have to think he does not know now. And any got -- cycles over you -- like no big deal -- bars people retreat you know he CEO Christian blogger off. That's what I love Obama leading. Social -- company documents are -- as well. Everybody's. Then ninety. Register. Where that -- -- Three after a Red Sox win but apparently not and the -- I don't want them to come back and use. Got -- a -- around the -- to show up based approach. The eleventh hour to get -- all want our budget did you pretend -- killing them and the outcry about. And -- message. This week I wouldn't go back either. Didn't let ordered the needle in -- Where a lot of candidates they're waiting want to have reviewed. Rune. I was so afraid of -- in my grade who cannot all of these days and it'll bite of the and I didn't they they had. Don't miss him on these that if I don't all the ball -- parent I think that they didn't blow. And the home park and the -- again. And message in the Russia rumors leaky you. Sale -- in Russia chicken Fries -- reallocate vigorous tomorrow. Browsers really really don't. I don't know I think I got and a hundred years and it got very little about the. How frank called -- it was you know but today dude do you pick. That's my comment precedent. Haven't had put in Latin product put -- glass bottom boat you know ball auto and then -- go to pick up I felt that the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's bad about it when it. Our Ed and not New Jersey at a red fleas or something dumb like a lot of comments you start to win streak. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- are not yet and it said -- copy -- okay. Did any Latin and head back decade. You'll always. Hey hey. Can I. And a multi leftists -- with the with a picture of playing in the background right. I'm afraid you realize. That. It is. Not a culture all come to count the but the judge that he was talking about Larry Lucchino had about all that's not always a -- this. This just didn't click that and it's probably more to blame for it came forward and chicken and beer and a message that. You know I was born here who did what these young people are doing today that you know doesn't. We don't like about it department that might that -- -- -- -- that Colombo and then attack happened this morning. I got the hope would happen that it won't go on the independent relax. That. And president George apart. As -- -- and -- was. Imports. -- -- -- Yeah. So I believe I. -- don't Wear black and I'm sure glad that I got to frame recorded live outside Dylan. -- -- -- I have a very important interviewed Bobby coming up by developed the five step process -- doing Bob Levy and that's what. After a completely irrelevant question that it not be able to do regret that they. That do don't get upset when it. Kind of remark about aircraft so like all -- -- -- that. Would be relevant question about the -- but clubhouse that players step forward. Com. Awkward back and I don't want that yeah well -- -- -- up -- Bobby vehicle that would that would open the show as you'll probably be saying how bad interview is. And that is. Very nice specialist excellence. Next -- is an excellent. North front that is must listen you Narnia you'll employment market -- question -- we're going to be over from tomorrow and ask questions I'll practice my 102 wait a good. Hopefully it won't do went our way Michael college. Ben and Jerry Della and an idea. It's there aren't that is that the imbalance building. Will prevent that credit that and the subject of this seminar is conducting effective income. Court would run by overwhelming and I -- As you well know who has extensive background of broadcasting. And much has been called the Barbara Walters portrait. Attendant and ended. As usual Portland will be director of the don't. You. And message. And. I'll be there but. All of my wallet is that single yes -- while Mike but I have been tracking it'll do. Remarkable materialized -- body of network of -- brought a lot. At WTI. Dot bill -- -- -- attractive because. Apple would be Europe but it radio it would be a legendary broadcaster. Let all the way I want a lot of pop with worry that they are always of course -- -- fitted to our program. Which heard the -- that -- do we did is right here on W. He ought Belleville -- -- are not quite sure are workable where it perfect but -- right here -- -- about the -- bit. I thought. Are not doing very good right now. I probably. Would have liked what they don't want bad well that all about like that he could. Jacket pocket god nobody outlook report -- wide. WEB I cannot stop that that's about and -- And just Netflix -- called on the market when it's my -- good. Well in my opinion Paper that he did I can't wait yeah I'll -- the right side. Spread out. You can't -- next thing that the better -- I've. Bet that out of court that there and it that's been my apartment owner Bob and I. And that's you know -- And message. -- and an article we have come -- -- go to. Preview up about quite festivities. Okay. Outfielder. -- you and me. We'll look upon. The the kind of forgot. Calling -- my god. He's been up formidable running that -- ways people and others. And crossed. Stop being able to bail -- but I'll take. From Liverpool. We can't feel confident. You really they're not putting money spend it and -- and ask you defiantly obviously the awfully -- have a -- my craft. Like healthy thing. -- And. -- This -- Saturday. I don't. I don't lie -- -- I think it's it's it's in forging LTE speeds up to him to especially the three G it's it's a rethink possible.

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