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Danny Ainge with the Big Show

Apr 12, 2012|

Danny makes his weekly appearance on the Big Show with Glenn and Michael.

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IChat for -- get together every week we -- -- Danny Ainge brought you by -- restoration specialist call 8774611111. Or a or serve dot count. And by SP Eli dependable no nonsense like insurance at a price you can live with call 888 get SP ally. Or visit SP a buy dot count. Invite your local Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers and the complete lineup of Mercedes-Benz for -- all wheel drive vehicles. Visit MB USA. Dot com to schedule a test drive. Today -- or. Where are. Planning on great I can't tell us did you. Ever expect that you would be watching your team. Play the way they're playing right now let's say a month or two ago. Well I great. And look at where where plant at Turkey don't. And you -- each individual could play a little bit better pretend to predict what they're doing right now I'm not sure it would be predictable circuit. Larry. That we sat here the past few years to play as well they're playing now. On the defense has been great this schedule there. Extremely difficult to -- seven -- last -- With their quality competition. The schedule. On the back to act in you not to lose -- greens -- one entry point is pretty spectacular. You know I asked you right after the trading deadline if you had any deals on a table that -- close to being completed you said yes and getting there was any specifics but does wonder about more about the specifics but. But but my question is are you glad now. That a deal that she wanted to make maybe a month ago didn't go through based on the way to the team is playing right now. A great -- Mike and -- but I want that it may -- I'd probably still -- -- You know I've -- that we had a deal that. We could have been different we are protected. So. I would -- But what one of those rumored deals was OJ Mayo for reality not does that have. You and you're not. Gonna answer -- not answer but I think that that straight to Maine. Does that make you better maybe marginally. You outlet that it does any good to talk about those. Made -- brokers. So that was -- up that was in reality that something after the effective people who just talked about that's out there. Yeah well there's going to be a lot of their but I can't curb corporate site. -- -- we talk about players other players -- don't mayor out of it. You're fine for this odds -- that your job. I understand. A about a lady we US last night's game. I -- yeah. I I know that it's one thing that Doc Rivers state clearly away from and you probably wanna do the same. But I'll throw it up there anyway what did you think of the officiating last night. The end and oh yeah absorb or -- basically. All. You. Missiles and he eats -- And a bit -- -- it got pretty. -- -- Yeah I must tell my two sets I thought they were off -- -- -- -- I I can understand how you wanna stay out of trouble but you don't have to go to what could I haven't come up. I thought that we. -- I school. -- I call her college game you're. Missiles. That are that that is in that city. Now life so those last night don't always agree with Tommy but mentality is right on Los -- I I just couldn't believe when I saw that. -- let's talk about a player that is on your team in Avery Bradley -- this morning. Brought up the point that once you've made the conscious decision. That you weren't necessarily going to force him to learn to point and have him go without the ball at the two. The Dutch tourists seemed to gain tremendous confidence do you think that was the kind of the turning point for the -- -- -- Earlier -- brought the self rate their equipment and street air. -- -- -- that he had even though he's not easy. Quite dark like rob -- or a true point guard. We were able to do with him like that they -- because nobody said. You member of the two games back -- -- and -- and keep the pressure put on -- now there. It was pretty it was very very impressive he has worked to -- up and at our offense. That would greatly out city he's writing and art. Outlets are. I think both of those stretches where equally. Impressed. And these are quite impressive streaks what one of the great streaks the Celtics are going now in additional winning four games in a row is Rondo is in nineteen consecutive games with double digit assist. Last night -- twenty have some turnovers where would you write it seems crazy to even ask this about a triple double -- where would you rank the triple double he had last night. Vs the other eighteen games where he had double digit assist. You know I think. I players to triple doubles not play particularly well it seemed like it triple doubles if these spectacular courts but. I think it brought -- street. It's very spectacular own rather quiet very. You know one of the key reasons why our team it plays at such -- right. But there are other guys to shoot. It -- -- get a lot ships can't keep in Britain. And all that -- all extremely well. And eight repeating you know cutting out any duty out arts history prior art our local percentages. Decline. And that would make baskets to assist all there I think that it's really -- a team effort. That's -- -- that assists have gone up a bit -- at the top assist guys all year at the last few years. But I think this streak. Also reflects -- -- But that is in the last two games if you look at them fascinating when you look at the the percentage probability of playing Miami in Miami. A week after you beat him up big time in your own building. And they come up planes that well and handled down in Miami that to me. Was monumental because as you know it doesn't happen that often -- in the -- second one is. You play in the second -- of a back to back against at a younger athletic team sitting around for the last two nights. You're dog tired you're getting into town real late. And they come out. -- it could play on fuel use in the fourth quarter and overtime and played the what you did last night when you look at it as a guy who played the game. The last two nights to understand. How difficult that was you do you marvel at what you saw the last couple might. Well. I talked about this group guy. You know especially our Arctic or. There have been again last year. Apart so yeah it's. Just absorb much I think the greatest surprise your Bible. And without. And what they were able to accomplish. Doctors sort of we were seven settler. Our regulars. Nobody thought they were -- -- other pulled together at best basketball. Are all sides you're stretched against Cleveland and end -- to stay out here. And you made be rocked everybody. They're they're capable -- that because there there we are searching here that are. They were are at their team and they all have strong will. To -- and that's -- that they'd be surprised to. Are this is gonna surprise you this is the toughest question. You'll get this interview is the no nonsense question of the week brought to you by SP ally the no nonsense like insurance company. This week's question comes from Ryan the pays -- of Avon Ryan wants to know what the emergence of Avery Bradley. What do you perceive his role to be heading into the playoffs. Well right -- working very well. It real starter. And break coming -- are so I don't really we. That its decision in the awkward. Based startup team is playing and are completely out matchup -- I. We'll probably have our starters been playing well are there has been playing in a much better with -- them not -- So a reason to make you change it don't you well. But that's we have a more fair question for -- There -- Ry Ryan also wants to know what you thought of the officials last night. -- -- This differ beta selective Ryan -- 100 dollar gift certificate to sports authority. The no nonsense question of the week is presented by SB ally. And announces life insurance companies habits a question for Danny changes SP -- dot com slash basketball weekly winners will receive. A 100 dollar gift certificate to sports authority -- at FBI dot com slash basketball for your chance to win. Equipment. Are -- doesn't like you -- Lot about yeah -- -- -- -- for interviews I don't wanna talk to do anything like telling taught me everything I know about basketball and you know I have worked in the same office with them for almost forty years. Okay invited by -- Iowa and I enjoyed it I enjoyed every little bit and knowledge that -- The he put upon me still my best friends and Jack actually wrote the question and he. Last night I was glad -- get ready for the and it felt that stands -- Kandahar. -- did have questions for Jack. And -- get -- -- well. You know this is this is one of those old times brings a -- you know -- They keep wouldn't the the court down on the ice in the keep -- back up that be great if it went all the way through June and it -- like it'll. -- -- It's it's a great sports out on our -- it -- there's never at the moment I get way -- Mikey we went to the big talk about four days. Would be -- be -- the -- again got all those extra change overs to -- that they were pretty hard for I did have a good -- -- does it actually. Are a -- at the beginning drive you into the action.

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