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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN, on if the Celtics can make a playoff push

Apr 12, 2012|

Jackie MacMullan joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Celtics and if they are a legit contender to win the Eastern Conference. Jackie touches on the Celts recent play and talks about the new KG.

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Jack McMullen joins us brought to you by JoAnne -- golf performance senator. All right Jacqui so I say out loud the Celtics are are right now as of today. By eight championship contender. Back all of it too far this team. You wouldn't like that I'm. You know I think it is I hate that Iowa is a great time what are gone in and certainly they've really proven themselves. Nobody repeat nobody can play in the a -- in. I still -- my issue. That game -- in fact the air and down a little bit. And you know it when he plays that immediately and an incredible game that ought to perfect game on -- and they -- in that they get on the glass and then we'll see if they. You know that you ate in like -- -- it's like yeah it really ugly game against Atlanta and on the black. Oh. It's not like these that these guys are about -- and it's really impressive what -- -- Yeah I was gonna say you know you -- -- last -- struggled in the snickering in Max and even those two were you just didn't see it coming. And I think that's even the people that that wanted this Celtics team to to contend and have a chance. You and they didn't even see this thing coming because there are some injuries here that the and a -- not that he added that it's it's been amazing to watch it's fun. Well you know what they're relying completely estimated you know. You -- say what you want about me or nearly with a seven -- golf record that barrel on assignment. You know welcome back eerie and weird that Denny back didn't want it the other guys get a compliment from god and you don't get screened on the employee inside. And go mob ball and you know like -- It work because they're so little packets on a big -- cool lineup. I just -- yeah he's eaten yet later and you cannot get out. Welcome Avery Bradley that night lineup and giving me beat Bradley the minute it it really seems. Yet again -- that -- a little bit there but they -- the ball ball hawking. It let it decent looking out that iPod and it it was it was a really great -- Director David Bradley uncovering guy like Dwyane Wade with Rajon Rondo the advantage at point guard and and the fact that this team doesn't rebound well get Miami maybe doesn't expose it that much is safe to say they're much better matchup than Chicago Bulls. Yes I would say that that it surely you know Doug Collins and I thought was in keeping late making -- point. And Miami to better matchup for them because you can click on -- on botched and yet yet and I agree on that gain. -- it was here I mean it can't play and also another guy explained Bob that's why inbox though. Ranked dead -- dot -- -- -- they didn't want that it would I have been doing that now no I think I would cost about that game and it was what -- spectacular game. Is it. You know that 8% from the floor. There I think it happened and that Danish. One thing I worry about when you talk about money in the cricket soccer player out there is that the Al -- for error is very very small and. And everything got to go to your right by the that it did the other night and I can go over seven game -- physical player likely. Like LeBron. You know they're gonna lay down a little bit. Jack -- joining us and and I've seen at a couple places today -- the idea that. Rajon Rondo may put himself in the MVP conversation -- having run a set a great year ten tenant when he. I disagree to me the MVP this team is is Kevin Garnett. It if -- guy was a candidate for it would be. What he's been able to do since we're of that center position and I wonder that the motivation here. We have figured out if if he startled look ahead towards next -- is part of life playing so well right now. It is he may be rethought if he's gonna. Retire and maybe this is -- playing for -- contract in a show teams I can play I can make big money next year. You know what it might need you write and record and a guy. I think people in the flicker the feel healthy if I feel whole again. And I think the better part of the last two and a half maybe even three years they've been edition of the body in it it looks to me like this year. You got it back if electrical company in like it again who you know if you wanna point to specific thing. They changed it around one what Bradley the other with putting -- -- that the senate spot if the arrived very late so well there. He -- to make -- public and so I expect they'll jump shooting pool for the most part. But want to allow real -- out on the block and only if they can see his eyes light up when it. A less experienced players that got to learn to block it like it -- -- delighted I'm Eric a lot but you know you -- -- -- -- the ball and he -- having to do that every night all the current. But he but he -- it printed on it I didn't even get to eight so I agree with you and integrated Rondell White the other night. You know I didn't love the way played I think -- turning into the picture it was a real trick -- game -- -- Eric who. Does that guarantee its way to schedule them. -- like that every night. I didn't -- out as permanent and what again. The find the culture of the that's of the -- in the wind they're gonna win with the defense. And that begins an end. What Garnett and you know it is a pentagon Richard. But -- modest compared to your regular MVP candidate so let's be honest -- you know one of them are gonna witness at the stop ballot there. Jack used -- age when a guy has a concussion at the last more than a week. Usually they're done for the year -- -- it's just it's a percentage is these days. Michael we just comes back conducted a play in five minutes is that they reserve the right to change his mind the 29 minutes -- -- game back. It and eighty and you are thinking back to Pittsburgh -- remembered it. And any hand and got a complaint here that statement that he knew everything right along with a particular -- out on the court -- -- and they finally drag him up. But Ironkey guys everybody loved -- and I mean everybody I you know why I had an inkling that maybe -- Getting -- to -- the -- locker room last week after the game. He was joking around with Tony Parker -- and at Wal-Mart president French you know he looked and I actually grab them and talk to them. You know left late last week and he was saying maybe a couple of weeks maybe over the course and -- attacked yet and going to be if you'll get back for the play out -- -- thing. If you do it'll act but I had no idea don't think anybody did. And -- energy you know we know about it three point shooting -- with was how mean appear to be even when he made that finding. I would get the -- -- on the -- I didn't know that he could he do it he's been doing defensively and the biggest surprise me. More important down the stretch years starting with three games in three nights -- getting these guys raster trying to solidify. That number of the real number four spot not just the seeding the home court in the first round against Al -- looks like it landed there before five match. Right yes I mean I mean that -- Hewitt ducked but you know I. When -- -- right -- they -- in good general at that but that's the look at a long battle that they've been fighting with Katie and I got him however many years ago. But I do think you need to -- them -- -- -- -- bit I think to be very conservative that the way to greatness you know yet another game. That's an ankle problem or mistakenly -- it. And Avery Bradley has been -- he has -- telling -- right so important. So important EU and the energy you bring that unit off the bench is incredible that three point shooting under no one else. That I can think -- from the ball going that he can you too -- that three point dagger way raid controller that string of big moment in the game. So I -- you know I didn't like -- -- it is still very important but you know I think -- You know the document it is integrated pop up at school I think he played the land you know again within reason. And and it didn't copy I think the guys like continuity. Yeah my concern that you didn't without crazy are they -- you know I know it's crazy to say baton they're playing so great but you worry. You know he UH it Buick classic start tomorrow new appointment -- And a quick follow these sort of stole my thunder the the Ray Allen situation I thought for sure he would come back and start after a couple games. The way they possess our Jacqui he is he was OK with the with coming off the bench and he almost volunteered for it. You you think deep down he's OK with come off the bench right now this point it's career. Full court cannot -- -- now looking like he's not gonna try any problems -- not the best you can hope what. A -- Grail was comfortable or OK with what happened when he came to the Celtics and the calendar -- you can elect such as -- minutes -- shot you think you like that. No he didn't like you know life. You made it work and he'll do the same thing the guy is such a thorough I -- a -- you can't -- over the last week itself. I'm checked them you've -- -- OK -- at the same thing. Of course I -- the guys at trial. He doesn't like and I'm sure you've been attacking you probably think you can do negative things that Avery Bradley -- but it'll never affect him. I don't think you're gonna have an issue brewing there that's like you know -- and you know what actor in a quiet -- like they think that don't even out of but it doesn't matter. You don't go out and do what -- close enough to easily done and I believe that that that you can do it. -- -- Paul Pierce last and I think more than anybody kind of see the tired your tired legs front rim and a lot of shots. He looked tired to me but with all the talk of David Bradley Rajon Rondo KG leveled at a plane at. These -- very quietly having a great run here also with this group which is. You hear his -- of the guys are stepping up. A little because you know why he's here in America and yes you can -- -- don't need anybody out an album. It doesn't matter where -- -- to -- and get in the bombing exact right spot likely need to behind the three point line you know. Paul Pierce hit a pure score and you know he is tired and it even admit I can't quite do you know what the regulator done in the past. -- immediately called me any time to the -- is there any doubt he's gonna get up and spinning the minister he has now. You know some some nights when they're gonna play with seven seconds to go and take and that's all able to conduct an inning but allowed that okay. But I did learn that because the rest of the night he did great at it could either flat out pure scorer and -- better defender -- people give -- credit for and and -- only eight. Whether we can debate all day what are the injuries heel injury early omelet -- because he was ready London OJ. Does that matter anymore -- Jackie is always a lot of fun look forward to but talk and go with you next week it's always. I'd been it's been a couple early and that you're gonna pray for Celtics an awesome. -- -- -- -- -- all the big island and all by the way how does Red Sox get received tomorrow and our. I'll tell you how well you know what. I'm going to be in Florida so bad deserve what you get if you ask me I didn't you think -- you know Terry Francona have been so vocal about it I'm surprised that that I really -- I thought Terry would you go away quietly -- you can get you killed her -- it can't can't. I'll absolutely talk sedan all you can tell he's he's art air and he is not afraid to let people a joint Florida Jacqui we'll talk to you next week. Great -- geographically the best Jacqui McMullen here on the program.

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