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Avery Bradley, Celtics guard, on his recent success

Apr 12, 2012|

Celtics guard Avery Bradley joined Mutt and Lou to talk about the Celtics impressive play over the last few weeks, his emergence, and KG's influence on him.

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Celtics are rare off day here today back to back and then their back to back to back this weekend Toronto. Charlotte there in the mix of one of the great surprises for Celtic fans. Birds of Avery Bradley and he joins us here on the eighteenth the ID rates Mike a little Boston our -- I'm no longer are you dollar -- appreciate taking the time here today doc was Doc Rivers your coach on the at the station earlier and said that. The big development for you was when they said you know what they've knocked a four -- -- parties and off -- we're gonna let him play in that position and he said once they did that you flourished you agree with. Doc and his assessment that that was a big impact for you as a player. Yes definitely you know you play it off the ball. I played off the ball in college in -- to a little bit outplayed the one in the two. So you knock some incident yet -- -- -- you know make a match and it's in. It would not you know -- -- players like broad -- inevitable are prevented him help yarder at all. Our firm let you know improved in every day you know -- get a chance -- -- -- 100 troops you know meet playing the two deputy Mexico more volatile. Avery when you're drafted ninety -- broad Iranians remember seeing a dispute put back the Texas probably a lottery pick. That's kind of talent that he has we got some good value there. You left at your freshman year seems like a lot of people are doing it given the limited time that you had your your rookie year here in Boston. How important was that move for you what was the thought process and did that he's sitting the -- and be part of Doc Rivers and practicing with these guys to make it that much better than staying sophomore year Texas. If we you know there where either way -- novels pretty good on pension and let it flow will learn more about the game. Are far sighted or my -- -- occur but. Up till like -- all Bobo learn a large you know I was able to learn how to win them now only deadbeat parents -- Well what might be made and so you know that was a good experience firm you're not only. All of the player alleged but it cannot dispute the show got a lot did you not just -- spirits were much. I had -- don't have any other experience to reference it with this the one team you've been with but I would think. Coming out of college in the joining a team with personalities like K Kevin Garnett Avery any Paul Pierce and Rleal on the hall of fame cachet Rajon Rondo. Was at all intimidating coming into such a veteran -- group that it had come off but a championship a couple years prior. Yeah I always joke you were about how. I'm a first sort of practicing and then the -- that -- oh dear god I didn't wanna get on the court saw that. I was that nervous about playing with the got into want to make -- -- saw all the nervous sought in a -- practice at all -- He knows go to got to go you gotta it is near got to get it near I was so nervous you make this day. We double play -- with those guys you know you guys like Tony Parker spoke very highly of you Dwyane Wade you are pissing him off Avery. You really guarding you see and talk it to use. Well suppose conversations he's sort of pat on the back are you like it just give it some time I'm gonna only before it's all said and done. Hey you're a little open look like you. You know fair amount -- -- but it wound to language of very few players he's advocate -- it was just all motivational -- can tell me that. Total net dot com a look like him out there when -- -- make up box you know here inept from a a clear it's caliber you know that's that's a compliment him and makes me wanna continue to keep working hard. Trying to become a great player. Let's talk about this this defense reputation you have because when when you're saving about it MBA players -- good defensive player usually means on the other sites is not a great. Offensive player for you that reputation. Something you worked on for a long time that the defense part of your game how important. Has it been in and how is that come about for you. It is very important you know via my mom sit back -- last because he not been entered its traditions like art strayed like -- we turned on the tapes early in the first grade you know that's sort out defense I think it's in the car. Human talent and not only that it's the -- -- take pride in because you know you can have all. Shooting game off off this game but also like you can never have all Pete gave -- If you going to be game you know one to get your all of our partner in -- -- then you know us are due every night. -- -- it was with the lockout you look at this team and you yourself you know did a much time last year in -- -- in teachers and yet a lot of these guys that weren't part of this team last year not having much time to work together and and but now it seems that even though it's collecting but how hard was at the beginning of the season for you -- Like it was very are he could be our it was our current says to click get to Begin embedded in us respond to come around now start net. You know except our roles and understand our rolls -- select right now with the Connecticut seeming you know we're gonna continue to pattern continued takes steps or. A lot of talk about the starting lineup. Possibility Ray -- enemy obviously. He's being professional about a beat up and what a hall of Famer sort of taken a step back. You'll look somewhere we're seeing -- or any -- you know. He's the one that you know L make a decision. But got started seeming you know. We you don't -- -- start. Virtually mute or anything well you just wanna win games so you know it's immediate and Gardner it's. You don't creatures are a league you -- share league we're -- just sort of went. Rhonda said the other night we got split up under fifty points against Miami -- finally got our offensive sets down -- -- say matters that really take. The year for this team in different roles and you are now starting -- different guys at the bench new players -- to figure out. What doc wants to do to offensively in the difference that you guys have yet. Are acting met -- -- a year we -- really treat their fault because you know. And Hershey of Hershey has always thinking that you know they've been playing together for so many years but I do not always the -- you get that. And helped almost with in an actual like this year. I'll restore and it clicked only the first unit but -- -- you know we know what dot once promised we know which says he wants is there room we. You know we know what he expects and so you know that makes a lot more easier. You going to be. When you're going to -- game being in its art but when you're going to -- game no with the coach what she could do it makes a lot. No Michael -- a guy that came back I think a lot of people are surprised Celek you even know score before the game. You know much about the style of then the great energy had I hope you heard the subway just listen to him after the game talking to Greg Dickinson at -- puzzle out about this death. You know what about comparison about what has done right now but I'm glad I'm kind and so -- to him. And I'm very happy and you want to. -- into that. You'll enjoy it addictive like myself and Portland we. Recruitment. Oh god there's so -- in the my next door -- aren't here every bit of it is is that is that just him like energy posit that it got. And that it him all the time every day it might be in a morning. You might not aren't ordinary session of everyday. -- never. It. He's not he's not Twitter Avery he's for he's fired up in this day and -- this stretch this weekend right I'm sure you haven't. Odd about this a lot but you're a young legs ready -- play in three games at three nights my guess is not Mike call on -- little bit this weekend Avery. Yeah you know marble on the seamlessly bring that energy and you know my younger guys not only that you know decrypt it. -- are seeing you know that's Australia and so every game is sweet yeah. You can look for me during the holidays and human decency in him call it in the army in the -- to me it is committed some in there are -- You always get tired and you know -- -- cargo targeting come back in the game and his bank being you know that's -- try to do are -- that's what -- -- -- gone and in a -- on. Can look at that as we -- You know when you guys off the schedule is tough -- City get the back to back to back this weekend and it's not easy always backed the best big east you -- Kevin Garnett. Who looks like he's just fresh every single night lately it's been awhile since you see -- play at this level. I mean what is your impression you know before you play with them and now after cup we have been with this guy. You know he's a -- -- he's so professional and honoring your it takes care of the party. You know he's a great. Player play where's our -- and that is you know we always -- our -- I come in every guy in. It worked on his game and every day he. So deputy -- he's ready to play him. You know we know these games art form you know I -- bag tags that become do with the same energy everything that I do. As as a teammate and respect her so much in -- makes this what are. Work -- like Chilean. You know when he does go on in the gang fight hard every day out I think we give it a little more energy so we off speed. Treaty feed off each other when they need to you know I am just also on the team we are we your support each of mail we are try to give each other -- The man who says they're locking down offensive player since the first grade he's Avery Bradley joins us here on the program today Ellen Avery appreciate it. -- -- -- -- -- Avery Bradley Celtics guard joining us on the -- hotline at the AT&T -- LTE was speeds. Opted ten times faster than three GAT team. Rethink possibly -- Peterson's neighbor locker neighbor and that locker room. That guy fired up -- backed up John's got -- top of the hour we get back to your phone called Jackie McMullen won 21.

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