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Doc Rivers, Boston Celtics Coach, talks about their amazing turnaround

Apr 12, 2012|

Doc Rivers joined Dennis and Callahan about how things have turned around, no awkward moments here, the return of Pietrus and resurgence of KG.

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Couple of minutes from hooking up with Celtic head coach Doc Rivers talked to Matt in -- between now on that -- been waiting patiently the morning -- how aria. I don't -- we're doing well thanks. I'm always -- double quick comment job you know my grandfather just -- the way you'll get the job. They collected this year in -- is that I had read charts and I -- -- -- European I'll be played what would you like city. Jerry is either Red Sox won a championship so they ended up one until. Before you ask so little some. Wanna say everybody criticized the reds side so what do you say in fact that -- -- Me being looked at it but it. That goes solely use -- -- the same that struggle. If it -- happen that this an idea let's say united Arab edit. It needs better actually accusing me. When they -- they don't hit with a hit they don't pitch they have put anything together yet. That trophy went to our success. That his later this from 4356. Yes yeah playing from behind him not not not a good way to establish not a good formula now not a good formula that they best do need to hit better call it was asked him that was -- -- it's just a good idea yeah. Our conversation -- -- Is sponsored by ARS restoration specialist at your property your facilities manager -- insurance -- make sure you have a disaster game plan in place. At ARS -- dot com and myself pizza if you're going to carry out why not pick up the biggest freshest tastiest pizza around. Cells pizza now that is the slice doc joins us on AT&T -- Morton doc how are yeah. Yeah well not as well as you guys and your team market explain what's happening here in in the big picture -- knew what the hell is going on with this team since the all star break. We're just like them better you know I think a lot of factors could but we've. You know -- given to -- obviously lapel pin -- -- -- and -- Lipitor. Bad combination that stretch the local Rondo and -- all and then within a week and everyone else. But overall -- -- is still good to -- just it didn't Miguel but it could. -- Google productive. You know you have slipped in the blazers. Our team. And you don't have a loan to help. No assurance and would give a lot -- today just the embarrassing collapses just like star. If you're the head coach of the heat or the bulls or Indiana Orlando and you're looking around at your possible playoff opponents. With the Celtics probably be at the top of most of the team you don't wanna face right away. I mean I would probably suitable. And it will also productivity. -- -- Hopefully it does. But I don't get duke there's still some 12100 members. And probably met about them either. Did you think even on your most optimistic days back -- say December or around Christmas when the season was done that that Kevin Garnett. At this he's almost. Almost 35 at this age after this many miles could be this. Spunky this prize this this this good darker is this a surprise to even knew. Well you know I didn't know. Earlier auto -- by the dissident you know it was good to see you have a ball. But the -- you play ML with a spirited display and work because there's been complacent up. This is normal to -- to subscribe -- brought. Did you call for the bug him to get the ball on the last play. Because he he he asked forty insisted or you just saw something elected to subway's been planned. Normally you give an appalling get out of the way last that you called Kevin's number. Yeah like I didn't play delicate moment posts. Didn't give the ball in the right spot. Bend in the place Jenna. -- wouldn't start to play the way you're supposed to so it was -- broken blood. But it -- have the option was tall order film at -- let them know run and there was some sick about some of the. 36 and met in my math as the British are just six in May but he looks like he's. You know twenty. -- a a -- do you plot this is off off off course here you know the plot of the played Damn Yankees. Joe Hardy is a salesman and he he sets out loud I'd sell my soul to the double to be along ball hitter in Major League Baseball. What else KG sold -- sold to me it's. It's it's it's reminiscent of that plot. We you know very. Luke and you couldn't have gone -- over the last couple years it just doesn't. I had that engine in the light city as well I booted have been shortened minutes is ultimately will play him in the five minute stretches. That it helped to give you know when he's on the floor. And goes and can. I just play and play like that in the until well I think those stretches the ultimate well. Speaking of minutes and speaking of of managing those minutes and resting just third place matter enough to keep the foot on the gas all the way down to the floor board. Good about you know. Clothes that looked at the -- brought -- but she's. If we didn't get home court that would be nice. But system which itself. An inaugural ball loose foot altitude that's all we want we want to -- -- Gordon to -- else. -- -- -- -- I'm not sure how hide your confidence level was just before tap off last night but if you look at all the factors that seemed to. Be lined up against the Celtics you've played in Miami the night before you got in at 2 o'clock in the morning. Rondo went three of sixteen KG files out steamer files -- pierce took some horrible shots and shot six for nineteen Ray Allen is out with a re injured ankle. And I believe you turned it over 23 times for 23 at three -- return for 23 points that's sounds like if formula for a loss and yet you won the game. In overtime you're now three and what an overtime and you said after the game that's the worst wind we've ever had. Well no I could definitely yeah I was playing on words because that could everyone wanted me to talk about. Something else. As far as appreciating and things like. Always gonna building a well -- that I didn't let it all the absolute best when we go year. I didn't include blood into the day yeah. No -- moan don't usually but the really valued at -- gonna look at the felt. Just you know I'll do -- a pill and you know after I attempted to do this for a dame and then we give up well work. I walked in with the coaches and good. We're gonna have to do is somehow still this but the -- -- exhausted depleted their presence. Mosul what did you think of the officiating. If -- but the I could pay Avery Bradley. Looks awesome I'm not every night obviously but it seems like a great that jolt of energy for this team a great addition M regularly -- in the minutes what what. What's wrong with the coach why didn't know this earlier play this earlier what do we see more from them earlier. Well. -- the most determined -- report goes about the business that we -- it was. You know that's -- all along with the police to record. But we're really trying to force in the mid point guard who remember many years really sure -- those shoot 20%. -- could make -- You did the -- I thought -- to -- guard was the best thing that happened there over and don't let that people obviously are political just let -- to read more. It is don't look too. Could -- more -- But what do you -- bit in the bill but defensively. It was great defender of the decisions -- this year this is probably ten different. You know what the coach. Really looks good when he can win without a five and with two point guards. -- -- of reluctance five. A skinny five. -- these. Well most of it's been -- guy will -- -- extremists. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We want to play. But you know you're given this a lot of these guys have given them. Did you just feel like a team. They've been different helping and who are a little bit something is no I just know debate they have a tough. Demeanor about them and then they're fighters and can keep that in. -- I could ask you the obligatory question to talk a little bit about how great Rondo is playing but I'm gonna skip past that go to the fact that he he. Begged to stay in the game in the fourth quarter even though beautiful are racking up 47 minutes now know for does that take the C asked politely. Does he demand vociferously or does he just wide until you let him have his way. -- At the third quarter total total adapt I've. I commend them productively twelve minutes of the world that you were struggling that is neutral over the -- to the first quarter. And this is you know those losses. So you have to win -- let reported. Wolf poor. -- -- -- about a legislative data recorder a little bit. A -- So. The -- Britain's already looked to me and Saddam did -- good as sort of good let me say. I don't want to make a -- right here -- don't know who neglect implement what you gonna -- you don't open. It's because we're -- was quite remote like we're about to make it work. And had just committed to make sure you know a lot of. What concerns you more bass is -- or raise ankle. -- do they go yeah this is -- third time they've displayed a couple days and the Puerto except in the you know you could have left and right you know re kind of struggle loved my. Everybody struggled really want to make -- shooter and the value relative in the big the last leg of the men ever to murderous right. It in a perverse kind of -- it could did not agree that at least a silver lining -- raise overall injury is the emergence of of Bradley into the spotlight. Yeah you know love ended up -- right you remember when browsing window yes and we started to increase in my computers. Then we weren't what Eduardo. Or whatever. -- but did was confident supply they'll. The more blue lipped out that David was competent as well. -- -- we're going to Miami doc you -- -- Miami just taken. Maybe we'll get the breaks we'll get lucky steal want a do you have confidence. When you get there when you get to the arena where. And I -- government did what what why that's the toughest place that is. Supposedly Bowden -- with -- -- -- -- -- Well that being weakened. Some of the series. That we believe that we don't know but when you were playing well. We're confident group. I just love the situation we're -- Dorgan to -- day. It was removed the duke debacle that you. It was going to let -- in that it's like when into the situation like that would include -- regular season. -- -- -- God there's been sort of a million. The heavens above and then and loved. It's it's fascinating to watch from -- I mean it's like a like a Disney movie you go in the toughest arena that the wind -- the best home team is Miami. You beat them you get I assume your guys get as much of a -- lot of watch in the heat lose is they'd -- -- -- win in the game themselves. And I'm taken you know there's no way can win the next night at home in Atlanta and to do that to. And good debate and limited in Sydney it would force. And so I was really concerned with. The last play. To me he was every bit as important as the night before I think it was more important in a lot of ways because. I know you look at the schedule it'll -- the total year. If you're welcome Miami gives him a great but this make statements involve a portable. And to win it was great. All right if you stay healthy if if you get all the calls from the refs if things break right can you win at all. Well I I don't know I think did I've said that before. You know. My prediction business but. It's going to be -- war and lose one game at a time to. Wouldn't -- -- great rhythm of the way we deploy. We do believe anybody would do its work I've with a series of good got to be so the world Fargo. But first things first you have Toronto New Jersey and Charlotte Fridays Saturday and Sunday back to back to back those minutes management -- him even more critical over the next three days. Yeah you know I haven't gone through this before. The approach reporters. Have never gone through this players. I've talked to several coaches who voted go to rooted. Just joking with a million yes but it could happen targeted amount of religion through the back of the a -- the three yards they don't have different things audobin try to do so. I wouldn't complain about a year poorly. If we didn't -- admitted -- you know is obviously you have to be helpful there will not -- Will you do a Popovich are considering Popovich in any point just sit guys down to say. Not tonight I don't care how much they pay for the. -- good about doing and one of the day and overall. Or maybe somewhere else on the road the -- this slip up. It doc I think you said after last night's game you would've lost that game prior to the all star break is upbeat just because you're playing better now not displaying it as well then because Atlanta was stressed that were what factor -- to say that. Well the first factor because -- playing well -- we were not playing well. You don't really have to do well. Between golden -- would have been a good -- good about it Chris Wilcox in and out. He had ruling was in and out. You know Paul had been in and out so -- -- -- to go to -- well. Attention has been playing as it did on that -- -- we -- just not playing well. Guys. Other new guys especially Brandon and Chris and all those guys got really picked up rotation defensively. And I think Melvin know they get older and older -- -- the victim. Plays into our system I don't know we're just different. As a practical matter what does Michael preachers return mean to the coach -- those in your options. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No I don't to their bigoted but -- Marvin Williams there were important Joseph Johnson they root we shouldn't guard Joseph doesn't give -- size. And we head out the truth the bill went in the period and punishment report. That's a huge -- purse mostly guys I'm really did not think. Well when we kingdom this year in. To do -- -- This news just it's a good -- It is he has crazy in the gym behind closed doors as it seems to be in front of the media. Good luck -- what is really is that right then the plug on global midfielders. There's no prohibitive -- -- victim didn't -- exactly what can you do unbelievable there. What you got to run a -- practice today the boys. At a debate out there. Doctor continue rob we'll talk it down the road got to keep the daughter we'll talk to you next week. Doc Rivers to -- Keller -- AT&T hot line brought to you by heiress restoration specialist. If your property or facilities manager or an insurance pro make sure you have a disaster game -- in place at ARS serve dot com end. It sells pizza if you're going to carry out why not pick up the biggest freshest tastiest pizza around -- pizza now that's. A slice and you wouldn't eskimos I knew he wouldn't waste nobody out now Doc Rivers you could ask him and he didn't think anything you say. -- -- -- the last time your wife remained immune went mad love you go lie and tell Leo whatever it would it would roll up get -- -- you could. An adequate you know anything he's such a pro -- I don't think he's. Take it is not a bad mood I I don't -- except that one -- the Chicago's that was that that was -- that was with those rare and that is where going to be good laws in yet to kick enthusiasts are responding -- -- lost since that that's true quicktime obviously phone calls open.

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