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Jerry Remy talks Red Sox

Apr 12, 2012|

The Rem Dawg joined Dennis and Callahan with his weekly check in discussing the Red Sox and their 1-5 start, and how they will be recieved at the home opener tomorrow.

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Our Thursday conversation -- Jerry Remy is sponsored by ARS restoration specialist property managers and insurance pros depend on -- are asked to cover all the disaster basis when it comes to 24/7. Emergency services swing on to a RS serve. Dot com see what they can do for you. And by dragon speech recognition software dragon makes it easier for anyone to use a computer you talked and it types visit get dragon. Dot com Jerry joins us on the AT&T hotline good -- welcome. All my friend welcome -- to be home that's for sure and I'm I guess the players think more that even that you do don't think. Absolutely you know I think everybody in that clue about is glad to be called back at Fenway Park and you know get an opportunity that get that thing turned around in front of the fans but it's been the longtime is that February forums and other back and we'll see what happens. Jerry you're the starting second baseman for the Red Sox team would you be more frustrated about the fact that when the team so far only been six games. When the team hits they don't pitch when he pitched they don't yet. When did you manage to fall behind in nearly every game of the six she played. I think right now falling behind in the game you know why -- the offense that have been able equipped early in the unity you know that put pressure on everybody obviously. They admit a couple of runs late in the game to come back but the fact is that good player from behind. You know early and all these games without making it difficult on everybody -- the offenses starting pitcher. You know the guys in the bullpen and it would be awfully nice about the I was talking about that the other day. You know to get often in and get by the six run to get a -- for the -- and let them covered baseball awards. And that really didn't happen on the road trip you know they they get matched up a couple of times -- with the starters look -- pitched great yesterday but. That was a little bit better you know one that was again one of those close games and it comes down a little things not being able to occupied you know about broad approach based on the pick. It knows the difference to you about to -- between winning and losing a game like that so. You know -- the united that the office again get clicking and you know siding with Ellsbury. In and you know -- Be able to get some runs early at a ballgame. And take the pressure off everybody because when you're playing early in the season like this. There is pressure on everybody you know to get wins and it was a big relief when they got their first win. You know they were not applicable almost six foot it turns out to come home one of five so you know you're getting run really take pressure up every. It does it feel like last year to you at all -- dog and. Back why you know last year was a little bit different it was like team that was gonna go you know just -- in the World Series pennant. And you know well we'll get -- big turnaround and on the problem and you know they eventually did and they with a bat in baseball but what three or four months. It doesn't feel that way you know -- it's a different it's totally different different managers different players. And different schedule you know they've got they've got a heck of a schedule here early in April and they're gonna be really -- target. Did you know early to play good baseball against these teams. And you come home and you bats are cold and you get a faced Tampa. God it was a great pitching all the way through I mean they're so deep. In other off to a good side as is you know -- expected in the they get so much good pitching. That doesn't help but the fact is getting back to Fenway you know may help these guys. If the crowd behind him a little bit they get back to their comfort zone where they you know they enjoy playing and hoping they get some turnaround of that. Coach rope would you as an analyst will you give Kevin Youkilis before you think before you even. Entertain the thought that he might be reaching the end of the road that he might not be. The player he was a few years ago when he was -- when he was an all star and threaten the middle of that lineup. They gonna see is is is is he gets more time more popular we saw that. In a game back in Detroit unexpectedly. It Opel -- -- -- -- earlier received in the third base and you know I think as the season goes on your basic you get more time off than he had in the past. God I -- as far as giving them hope I mean I'm not a lot of play a member -- that given the chance to -- You know to break out and get out of his slump that he's in right now. You know we've been talking about it and try some different things so -- you know a lot offensively -- instead of trying to get back -- -- he was we have four years ago. And you know that's all been working projects were from day one in spring training. So I mean you know what you gotta get -- there's no question about that but they also think. That you know he's gonna get more time walk now that he did you know a year or two ago. When they -- feel like going to they can put and it -- to give a morass. I guess the question is will he know the night before he's going to get the day off the next day we asked about what a bug the Rem dog when he play I'm sure whatever that's what I wanna ask about a bloody Valentine told us yesterday -- that -- that was that big of a deal three games into the season and the generally you might tell the -- the night before but it game three not a big deal. But I think that they would Bobby pointed out is a little bit different on it and other places he's been. You know Francona was always the kind of guy that would -- players there before. You know that they worry in the -- tomorrow that you had a day off. Bibby got but you know Valentine's style media have done that in the past I've -- so you know -- -- I've done it both ways. And you know you pretty much on the the ball like every -- expecting got to play if you look at the wannabe -- -- -- and you wonder why you know so. You know I I think in his style is style maybe just different you know they've been. Or what but he -- was. And you know keeping guys that it sold make sure they're ready all the time and you know given a lot of what he -- in in the early in the season to. I think you'd expect quite a bit of that you know globe where you're gonna see certain guys you know get a game we don't expect that because you want to. Keep the bad shot. And that's always an issue with every manager early in the season. -- this might be more. Easily answered tomorrow after the home opener but do you believe Josh Beckett when he says the thumb is not an issue. Well yeah. You know with -- I'd go I'd we don't know you know I mean when -- you filed a trail in and -- you see a couple of doc is he here about a cortisone shot. You hear about you know maybe someday there's -- need surgery. You gotta wonder been. And then used a performance like you know he gave money in his first you just don't know I mean you know go to doctors and let -- -- Now whether you know that has an effect on -- pitching. We don't know in the we'll have a better idea probably after the stock tomorrow if -- better -- he -- his first but you know I mean they just don't send it to the doctor. And two different doctors. If nothing bought. It and so that's why you know you gotta you gotta wonder if if these you know pitching on the present right now and I. Now whether it's something that you know have to shut him down that may not be the capabilities of discomfort in the but that -- that you know that he can deal with him -- is going to be able to pitch effectively work. But the big stopping them obviously you know coming up last year -- that he -- the whole group -- -- -- I mean you know it did. He's he doesn't say very much about it but you know what you want to -- about deputy possibly in and -- -- -- tomorrow. Jerry when it comes to opening day is that tomorrow won't be your first -- rodeo will be you know multiple rodeos for you and I earlier in the week said. I even after 06 and they're not there one in five that it's a different kind of crowd on opening day and you know what's more corporate it's more sued to stop -- hardcore people that show up but a real hot day in July right but do you think based on September and perhaps that this is the first. Chance the fans have had to sort of vent their spleen. Based on the one -- six start that we may hear a smattering of discontent in the stands to. All of the possible no doubt that that's quite possible -- -- it. It was -- base -- and it was an ugly in the last season. It was kind of an ugly offseason and has been an ugly side to this season. And I wouldn't be at all surprised you know if -- there are those who come to the ballgame tomorrow they show their. Unhappiness about the way things have gone I mean that wouldn't surprise me one bit but I think that it got to be outnumbered. By those -- happy just to -- at the ballpark the first time in 2000 well and you know from a player's point of view you know you that -- kind of goes through your mind. I mean it really does you know oil -- -- out on the road just -- -- hope that you don't come home to a bad reception from the crowd you know you want you wanna know that behind you and you know I've you know you've got -- -- that. The fact is -- I hope it's not a tool that let me then and I really don't expect it to be I think it'll be. You know I think I think there will be some some discontent. From but I think good for the majority of the people will be happy to see baseball again. Back to Fenway Park. After the loss last night in Toronto or yesterday afternoon in Toronto a number of the players were asked by reporters have you given any thought. There are you worried at all about what receptions going to be at Fenway Park most of them said I haven't thought about that that's -- and it. Well. Maybe at that time they had thought about it but you do think about it I mean with the united them might appreciate it would. With Boston back in 1970 Dayton and and I I would. Responsible -- a game early in the season in Cleveland. Yeah I've addressed it though yeah. Look a little -- you know what my got to get opening day and you know that there was in the case so you do think about it you know you look at everybody's. Gut feeling you wanna be wanna be like this. Everybody want to be like him you know you hope to get the reception they deserve and a lot of plans to build up the word about anything because it Giuliani get beat. Reception they deserve but. You know they've you know what players say that -- that there that you that that they can about the moment right there but. When it all comes down what you sit down all day today it's an update you're thinking about tomorrow you're thinking about opening day at Fenway Park and yet let them go through your mind. -- on the obviously on the right side of the infield they are great defensively. Left side not so much of if you pull the pitchers on this team would they want would they prefer a guy like it deletes itself there. I think they would say they're very comfortable what they got all I don't think anybody's gonna go right now and say you know we needed late utopia I think you know they broke camp with a team that they feel that they can win -- You know we'll see as time goes on. You know ability had a good spring. He's got a little bit of a -- east you know as there's a lot of guys. But you know pitches going -- the best defense they can have about they have. But the fact is that -- you know this is what they have right now that's what they believe -- And you know this is what they're gonna go away I don't expect any major -- I would think they're the only move that they have maybe made -- -- opening day is maybe out of on the bench player and get rid of the picture. The only got three bench players right now about who that is I don't know who they would call up and I -- -- -- is right now. Bobby Valentine told us yesterday that if and when they bring Lavar -- Lavar and way up to up to the big squad and Iglesias is well they won't be brought up to sit on the bench they -- starting. Right what does that mean what's what's the what's the back story there -- -- that's a target. Playing a triple like the other there's no point of bringing guys that are prospects like that and guys who. You know you kind of banking your future ride -- can come up to the big leagues and sit in the back who does them no good at all. The doctors they happen without a triple play and they have to play every day and that's how they got to improve their skills. And a great uses is is. You know it -- improve his offense with a -- way to improve his defense. And it doesn't know good -- -- -- -- big -- to work -- that they've got to work I've got to -- So that's what he's talking about that 25 prospects you guys will eventually going to be here but they're gonna be here when they feel that you know those things have improved. Well enough to come up and play every day and when they do come the big leagues. They will play every day like there's no point call them up and have them sit on the bench here -- away did not improve their skills. They two extra points out and blog if you had blown the game 78 that would have been no one game playoff after a title. -- block. A pay I've enjoyed all the new features on this and we headed toward the clubhouse. We -- the bull what's next they gonna go back here hotel room with him. Well I wouldn't be that that would be very boring TV they did that so I I you know their welcome they go to they wanna be understood employee. But if they -- apology for their -- bothered with that you've got a valid IQB get a good film to put on just before bed time yeah. When you wanna virtually. Oh I -- much more exciting befallen the Colorado for the day what do you think it could record. It at. It -- I really enjoy that little special that they put together the best of a deal and Rem dog but I don't think I got an answer as to what you settled on as a hobby. You sort of seemed to embrace canoeing he suggested sleeping. Did you ever settle I want -- -- actually it was that. Written about you probably don't care professional at that right -- oh my god that -- I cannot put Ronald Reagan on the way up up up at a our Gerri welcome -- afford to opening get a Marleau will stop over its payload the at the ball yard tomorrow all right guys. Red dog with Dennis and Callahan sponsored by ARS restoration specialists. Property matters insurance -- depend on a RS to cover all the disaster bases when it comes to 24/7. Emergency services swing on to a RS serve dot com to see what they can do for you. By dragon speech recognition software dragon makes it easier for anyone to use a computer you talk -- types visit get dragon dot com. More your phone calls DNC Doc Rivers in the fourth and final our panel five.

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