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Doc Rivers with Sean Grande before the game

Apr 11, 2012|

Doc Rivers with Sean Grande before the game

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Celtics are presented by Lexus continues from the garden. Like just yesterday we were all together another part of the country it was yesterday but tonight it's itself which it ought to find your conversation. With the head coach -- are brought to you by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care making health care. Work better let's start -- last night no -- news of the night which is surprisingly good -- credibility however with me is baiting because lastly he told me. The one thing you cannot do against Miami in Miami has turned the ball. What happens that. Well here and actually if what would -- the point that would lead author of over his score you know that the made themselves. My relatives -- -- succeed. -- you know when today spent most of there are. The review of the day because we kept. Although. To win a championship you have to be able in the game like that be able to take a punch with that you're -- this year taking punches and just continuing to plow forward there it really was because of a lot of home. You think about the start of the yeah they're gonna come out. And just try to -- miracle if they did that and we -- started. You know when you know kind of brought does that lead and they just kept coming back that -- did well. To greet their important. All right here's. That a million dollar question -- -- -- worth a lot more than that Macs and I've been pondering it for weeks and we don't know how he did how did you change the chip in Kevin's head. About looking to pass. -- we have never seen him so. Diligently looking at the basket when he does well I don't know how or why but we just wanted to there it's a great it really. The credit is still present that time when. You want in this group but he's so aggressive but right time. You almost -- when you -- and it's great. Our job or I guess my job usually in this case is keep track of all these crazy milestones as you move through your five of the Celtics Irwin your interest obviously is playing this game against Atlanta but tonight. You'll have. Three of the top 25 scores now in NBA history to you at once last year window -- got there yet Jack and -- even April but this is. And it do you ever is there ever five minutes to sit back and go while these are some of the best players ever to play in the all in this one block. But this one I really don't you know from there hopefully earth no you know I appreciate it I just appreciate it more. You know it's humans as far as coach -- god the team of players. In the milestone stuff -- motive but. I understand why they have the milestones are better from coach. All right -- back to backs -- -- -- nine nights for five all the craziness. Or a minute wait. In specific game as a potential -- of fatigue. Over emphasized by all of us compared to things like you know getting days often not practicing in travel we just look at got to play just got it 42 minutes and thirty -- Yeah that's overblown at times you know. I think what you played you played your going to be tired in that -- -- usually twenty minutes 35 minutes I don't know what really matters when your body. I can get the day evolved and stuff like that is far more important. All right it is that you Atlanta Hawks coming tonight you if you win this game tonight you movement of the fourth position not by -- her by division league but they actually have the fourth best record. I suppose the same thing would apply to chasing down the stretch avoiding top teams in the first round of the playoffs getting home court. -- -- down the stretch you would want home court but you're not because you're self again. That's -- I mean we would love to have. These stories. You know we would've thought about this for weeks ago and now we are having said that we still understand. And we have to be healthy and we're healthy we -- among world report. The Atlanta Hawks doing in here you saw them once before in the month of march it was a an interesting night. With this crazy year in which there's no time going to do anything. When you play it seem like this you're -- Orlando next week. You have behind me mentally to say this team we might be seeing in the first round. Yeah I have time and they nominees say it but I don't really think. They have enough time the actual think about it you know confident. That this would promote -- which is that the focus during the game removal from there. All right record your thoughts you know Max has sent its top sort of surprising turn the availability of Mikhail -- a lot sooner than we thought. And we're trying to -- our brains for starter was last time you got surprisingly good news is supposed to surprisingly bad news. And they met this year than zero so. If it's just an American feel much but the fact that we have clearance to -- Is something obviously I'm surprised that he got at all this year. Totally out here. -- not the place anymore this year and the -- and that's that's the big deal. Great note on which stands it is the Celtics and hawks and other big game of the garden that's next. On -- WEEI Celtics radio network.

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