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Curt Schilling responding to Bobby V

Apr 11, 2012|

Curt Schilling called in to talk about his relationship with Bobby V and comments that have been traded back and forth with the two of them.

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I -- is an idea. Pretty astute baseball guy. I think he's I think he's glad about baseball and then a -- a bit. I don't that you know they they better team. Quick aside here as the guy who reads the call screener. Push of the button and decides which callers on first. In no particular order these are the guys that I would put on if I saw this on the call screener. Somebody from Cranston says Tito is the dumbest manager and his -- baseball. He'd be on first somebody says Ozzie Guillen was right about Fidel Castro he'd -- on -- somebody calls and says Jerry sandusky really a good guy. He'd be on first building -- Gerry Callahan Sox you do that to do good effort off the list and you'll that would be higher analysts it would be like her in the car would be -- -- -- Current -- aria burial doing very very well gee that's strange. And as a did you hear our conversation with a body absorbs criteria -- -- -- it actually worked in the studio. What do you make of that. He just wanted to dismiss you were dismissed as simply that my problem right now is that this is this has become. Didn't been playing this something it's not -- Is you know pro apparently -- -- Bobby Valentine Meehan and you know I can't imagine anything being part of -- -- like Bobby I go along with -- there we go along we're just can't. -- that to give my opinion on on how I saw the situation based on my observations and conversations so. I'm not trying to get the job back with Jerry -- That -- -- -- the team the way that's intended to -- have to go in the last year it is embarrassing and all the things around that but that's what happened to be in the last year had that happen. You know I -- -- I think that document will do when I had this highly surprised me. Based on what they knew about Bobby and in and as a management personnel in this market playing here and having done here and you know I I've been occupied it is my opinion it could be like it when the division I can be part of Iraq to tell you peel. So what -- seen a -- Hurt I don't know if you know the answer to this what do you suspect is is the personnel that we've heard these last two interviews with or -- last week with Jerry and me this morning. About what Bobby seems to be in the clubhouse or assert too and is very dichotomy there. I don't think you can being to people successful. They -- I can't imagine that that that and -- -- -- you you -- certainly handle addressed the media part of the -- address -- point you should write. -- platforms like don't know like agenda I don't based on conversations. Is there any with guys on the team or. In the end I'm not gonna speculate -- I've played -- I get this little lot of guys in the in the media that that I knew who didn't know. And -- I'd I'd I'd but probably wouldn't be one of those gotten to the comment on something about the brought orbit debate based on the conversation that I. So you you conversed you'd just talked to some guys in the clubhouse and they send. The -- their eyes at some. Had more than one conversation with guys that that -- on the team or around the team and hand in. You know there was some concern I think. About helping to work on. And then -- -- on the board situation are at as a pitcher abandoned that that situation that -- most jobs and and I've been in the handled differently and I I think I have a little bit of insight into how that affects pitcher's mentality and approach and and and so like that. And and how does it want to -- and what are you talking must listen. Listen I would tell you that that you want managers to be exactly. The same way you want umpires to be which is. It's consistent the last thing in the world you wanna be as a manager is unpredictable. I think that that is absolutely. A problem in the end. You know it was my impression that there were some some unpredictability I guess -- to work. And make it'll. I believe that the challenges that -- don't -- I didn't wanna hear the multimillion dollar athletes are being. Spectators who are being coddled and I agree. The same time you have the matter to people you I want to roster. Do you think it's a problem when guys don't know if there in the line up -- they show up at the park. Less than three and then beyond probably right I mean it. I just know that that. Communication and how that was handled. When I was in Arizona a bit with the hunt and I knew Bob -- that would be a big league manager because it was he was the guy that the problem you to communicate it would just seem to -- -- We didn't do much of that and and and Brian Butterfield and Toronto. Tomorrow bill and those big guys. There's a reason that that managers use coaches like that communicate with their players do they do -- as everybody else that little bit apart -- You know and it would there was always. A night before able to get the day off tomorrow so you you know go out to dinner with the family chill out relax and -- play and block block. Game three that'll help I didn't play the -- I don't know I didn't know what a positive impact that had a player I was around when that happens. Do you think it takes the pressure off players. When the manager becomes the story when he's the focus of all the media attention. I wanted to as long as I don't have to pay portable player it -- don't have to spend my -- with conversing about it. We think about what your managers have about this what do you think about what you're both. Those questions get higher fat and an end. You know I again I'm not around them. To be rhetoric and it -- you back out acuity is going in and out locker room but that's not you don't want him being you know. Sitting there after 41 loss thing. You know what it's requested the -- manager producers said this or acted this way. -- maybe I should know the answer to this but I don't do you think it would have been unfair to Bard to pull the plug on his starters -- before you got a chance to start I put in the bullpen. And what it affected his performance. I don't know I can't tell you that I just know they wouldn't have an I don't think there have been any positive impact or any part of problem doing that. You can or cannot. You cannot Begin to die without the answers -- the manager -- your world when someone at your regular season. And I were trying to figure it out ourselves I always wanted my manager to have all the answers when they were right Rogers -- a little bit that somebody in the club off -- -- -- go on. You're so let the record show that Curt Schilling agrees that Bobby Valentine at each other -- that -- should be the starter and up close. Yeah I and I don't think I don't think that. They they debated there -- not only the united you know why he had a closer -- didn't. You don't know what they don't need that was about them apologize to win the phone -- -- -- -- -- -- idea that that that's a quick formula for disaster. And we had Kyle Ravitch on yesterday's and you and Bobby were -- you -- along great. Carl thanks Bob who's gonna win it all issues the Red Sox are gonna win and all. You have your doubts what what's the difference I mean if you ball hung with the guys able -- why does he think is gonna work out so great so you don't. I'll never played and I don't mean that in a condescending manner called it's hard for people that don't understand. The -- -- dynamics. And the way that the schedule works in the way the light his. How how the clubhouse and how that the detonated relied impacted by someone and opposition doing things differently. Good talk idiot thanks to all out of business by the way. Are well at the tone thanks -- on addicted. To sell some crack next and I feel a little while. Obama less than half as fast as Kuerten in the car whose. And doing his job again doing his job. Do -- he's not trying to get Francona rehired. He's doing his job he's observing the scene and line he just said Francona -- to be fired he just said it's Brent caught it needed to lose his job they did what -- -- -- your friend needed to be fired.

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