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Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine talks with Dennis and Callahan

Apr 11, 2012|

Bobby V made his weekly radio appearance, in Boston, this time with Dennis and Callahan. They talk about the slow start, Daniel Bard and an uncomfortable spot in the interview when asked about Schilling.

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Welcome back forth and final hour Dennis and Callahan very happy that analysts join us on the AT&T hot line manager the Boston Red -- Bobby Valentine. Our conversation -- Bobby has brought to you by our -- insurance here your car home and your business. Here for new englanders and here for good and by Verizon files a network ahead good morning Bobby Valentine how argue. Yes good morning I'm. A little before my bike right but it feels good how you get. We're doing very great help out on the bike how many miles today how many miles before this. Let's just -- it. Clear clear heading get it that I don't I don't really -- the myopia. A -- our afternoon crew last Wednesday got there interview with you off on a bad start -- ask about New York radio sort of risk the same thing and he's not not the same question. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This -- up by asking you this. As someone who has very strong opinions and very willing to share those opinions with anybody who listen. How you governor govern yourself and walked that fine line of not stepping in it saying something that can. Get you in kind of hot kind of a hot water but Ozzie Guillen found himself in Florida. My don't understand requested -- I don't. Brutal -- it. Well you you share your opinion you have strong opinions and yet I don't think you have ever stepped it quite like that. Are there certain areas in which you won't venture are there certain self governing things that you know not to discuss. I'm. I have not I have no idea now. -- the same store look -- at that -- the. What did you think of the -- thing did you think it was handled appropriately. I haven't followed it totally. -- It seems like that. You know situation that you know base. When I don't know I don't even had a comment. These situation I -- -- and -- out of it okay. You can do the same thing same thing you didn't spring training bubbly just wave the bull by the -- -- And I've been friends street for years related to. You know think that that's a bit too big problem but it looks -- is the big problem. Everybody so far this year despite the won loss record your your staying positive in the post game you talked about things you like it'll battling back from a big deficit. You like Gelbard pitched like this you like that. Record aside what don't you like about the way your team has functioned so far. Well just seven. We don't put it all together yet when we put it all together I think we'll all be happy and that door waiting for. Is. Daniel -- Wii game week in the CC plus for his first start he looks composed out there it looks like starter. He doesn't look you know all this looks like he doesn't get too high to low. What are you wanna see next time what has to happen for him to establish himself as a as a very good starter in this league. Maybe some of those ground ball have to be hit that infielders instead of finding the hole like they did and once they're you know once they're caught and turned a double plays it turned into outs they think he'll be an oral. The potential to be that pace to be one or two obviously he throws hard he has talent. What does he have to do to -- top shelf. Well you know that it could go from let's see if he's just started to being the best in the league is is to. There's a bit of a stretch but I think he can build -- What he did day yesterday and become a guy that can start winning some games forests and keeping it in the games as he did yesterday. And you know then maybe build on. You know a top top but I guy in the league because he does have pops up its lenders very good exchange of prisoners very good -- is. That bush is able to maintain the velocity. Pretty much right through the you know hundredth pitch rank. And that district timeouts so. You know he's he has the makings of a pretty good pitcher. Bobby this perhaps qualifies. As minutia but I know you're chart pitches in a -- you know how many fastballs -- off speed pitches a pitcher pitches. Do you McClure have an idea in your mind what the proper ratio for -- to say -- in -- last night would be. I believe it was about 50505050. With with fastballs and breaking balls beat duke is that the percentage you watt or is -- all determined as the game plays itself out individually specifically every week. Yeah I think it's more the individual pitchers in the line up -- facing you know some guys. You know a little better hitting the -- although Daniels is above ninety's so you have to carry that a little differently and you know some guys they're variable set -- break in blows especially when they're behind in the count but. In Taipei think that the -- the -- before he we do we get up to that -- little -- who mixes a you know -- where he's he's able to get ahead in the count with any one of his pitches and it's not you know the same particularly following footballers they particularly following a strike. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I think he through most of our a lot of his fastballs early in the game Whitmore was breaking stuff that the -- is that significant of anything. You know most pitchers wanted to. Get out there and established at that well early in the game so that they command. Work awfully hitters the next couple times through the lineup and you know as has -- hitter reacted to the past bullets that -- standard game plan it's not. You know -- clearly. You know the doctor that everyone lives by a good. I think you did it did turn to page one of their pitchers manually say they established that well early and then. That bill looked at a. Does a reliever in this case Bard have the ability later in the game to wrap up and get to 9697. Reach backing get a little bit more -- he's just now starting to get stretched out. Well it seems like he canyon LA again it's not. Every reliever and it's not and you utility individuals and I'm just dealing with said Daniel looking at them for the first time up close and personal here in. You know it seemed like he had plenty left these medical opening up an amount he said you know I've got 25 more pitches these the end. Because that's that's good to know put that in the image data bank and we'll see as we go from here. And you said I believe post game that you felt you left just and Thomas in to the EU delegation about a man. Just taken a -- little quicker. Well you know in the walker period you know I had a good chance to bring in. -- outwards who has -- heavy sinker isn't look at -- ground ball and they hitters -- there you know its ground ball to 2% of time. Against lefties -- varieties that you know probably get the speaker would have been on and a little higher percentage. We got used to the last manager telling on the veterans on this team that used to and we did is as fans as followers. That the guys -- when there -- the day off sometimes a day more than a day in advance. Just -- prepare mentally for or whatever you don't do that have you ever done that -- do you. Plan on do you have a rule where you'd tell guys when the lineup will be posted and that's when they're gonna know whether there in the lineup or not. Well I I don't know if you do that the big game atmosphere -- -- season but. You know what you get into the swing of things that you have guys that. You know -- are grainy and L five and six and seven days in a row of course you know being you know we talk with guys -- estates. You know might be good diapers you know blow -- very good time to. Take a risk good a day after tomorrow because we get that the left in -- will give -- two days Cinderella I mean that's an easy conversation and I going to Adam. You know there's this became a situation partnered gay men these and I think that's kind of ridiculous conversation in the third day of the season when you're just trying to get everybody in the lineup. What about hitting on -- lead off as you know everybody says nobody's a 169. In their leadoff. Obviously you know that -- do you not care or do you just let what other things. I really do elected leading up. He got three hits well. But a -- before you take the field he put in the lead off. -- and so there's gonna get you -- -- hunch. -- don't think is the 169 here. So but there's other data -- simulate that there. By its -- so you think that that's not a big enough sample. Well I think a guy -- is more what he is them what type -- stadium -- -- Obvious -- difference in value to a team of runs scored early vs runs scored late select the Sox scored a lot of runs late would you prefer it to be early and set the -- -- the game. Well you know -- deserted 2012. And we really haven't had a lead early so you know I'd like to see you know. What of those things and it's a coming together I think would be having the offense. You know getting getting up some leads early so we -- You know play with decade a little -- -- When out when we found out -- your closer was going down and needed -- surgery we asked a number of baseball people experts players commentators if losing your clothes -- like one minute before the season begins is a big blow and a big deal. -- percent of them said yes we do I assume you would agree with that that's a big blow that's a big deal. Well it's a and it. You know it's unsettling and it elected -- have guys. You know breathing easy one way in the seat and started tonight figures just a little unsettling for the entirety merely. The altered state now having read they're gonna have to score in the bullpen was a little uneasy as to -- they're going to. Come into the game and actually who is going to commit a different places so. And say it is unsettling and take a little time to figure out. Well what is your feeling on closers and pitching to contact a lot of people. Who were. Hoping barred would be sent to opens you need close of the blows people away the strikes guys out. Do you agree with that or do you think that's overrated or irrelevant. No I don't know that I'm. Anything over rated very irrelevant and you know you you work with what you have. You know it I -- teams win championships with -- to. You know have to have. You know the strike out guy at the end of the night and day who. You know won championships with. You know guys district district about half -- -- of the payment that is six the year 70% of the time for -- out so you know it's it's just what you have I don't. You know I think every manager would like to have. You know a guy that doesn't put that doesn't put the ball in play and strikes everyone else but I don't think that many of us have those those luxuries. It seems to me that on the most important thing if you have their rank him. Would be getting Josh Beckett back to the -- he was in in the mid season last year when he was among them at the Cy Young contender is. And and not the Josh Beckett we saw on September or we saw in his first start would you say that is. The most important thing is there something else that is the key to your guys you guys winning in 95 and being in contention. Come September. You know you have just starting staff which is a very big competitive team and -- released that ultimately the offense -- the defense and I think they'll -- very important components. Girl and that girl very important components of a team so. Of course just being. You know what the big big guys and campus here we'd we'd like to see him straight in and out in. A lot of times when when you have your big guys pitching well everything else pulled from the place. -- final question for me -- and butter our Twitter fans to suggest a question that they'd like to have you and -- -- them. And Donna Gregory says on Twitter Bobbie it's always been a guide at. Think outside the box would you ever consider a six man rotation. As your starting rotation and if the answer to that is yes what factors would you consider you try to make that decision. Well I've used it a few times in the past in New York. In a couple times in Texas and it you know the schedule has a lot to do it didn't he. You know availability of of guys who could step in and do it whether -- night you wanna. You know during those long stretches of games where you're playing twenty games in a row if you. Feel that they'll all. Five of your guys can use that one extra game days respite. And of course did you have the guy that that couldn't be a starter without depleting your bullpen staffed. Then you know of -- I think it's always a consideration. -- what is a reasonable amount of time before fans can look down -- Pawtucket and say what heck I could help -- and with somebody this morning sent. What -- -- will be good bat off the bench. Obviously you wanna play and every day getting his at bats but when do you start looking down and talk consent houk who gonna bring up here for help. Well I think every day yet I read reports every day and try to figure out. You know what this 25 man rosters. Looks like -- -- it could be. You know maximize you know. They abandoned it and my case and and and Brian -- look at net. You know what the minor -- look like and -- everyone developing and I think. Collectively bent and the look at the fifty man roster -- between put collected and. The end Boston's figure out what's been the best groups here so. You know I don't think what are always an option to be had a guy off the bench. But I think he's definitely an option when he's. You know ready to be a Major League player to come up here and and. You know hit the middleware line opens. And be -- of course but he's not quite ready to do that. So controller which so when he's read the -- would come up stocks you think winning is ready he'd come up and play he wouldn't come up and -- -- off the bench. And you would say assume the same thing about Iglesias when he's ready he starts. You think he wouldn't come up and be effective should step. You know him that I mean that early this season pressure. Bobby I find this amusing colors and textures and tweeters all this week have been been pointing out the fact that there's no C on anybody's Jersey since the very -- -- Your philosophy your thoughts your overview of of wearing -- see how valuable -- -- not valuable at all. Again it's. I don't know it's valuable don't seem to obviously most don't have them so. It. You know whatever whatever is needed with the particular group and if there's an individual who. The group thinks. She has some designations then. You know I think it's a good thing. I haven't really given it that much consideration here after four days but it. You know it's is it that the need will definitely -- it. -- it's one of those things that certain Red Sox fans obsess over treatment who's going to be the captain yeah. But I'd like that. And it's another big devastation and there's nothing wrong I mean I don't think it's silly it's just. You know but I I look great feel they don't see any any these and then the other the uniforms again and the Padilla. Constrict it. Yesterday we had your biggest fan local boy Karl Ravitch on now who's picking you guys to win and all you feel bad about put the pressure on your Bobby. And he said to us that you wouldn't Curt Schilling hung out along great we're friendly when you were down there why do you dismiss some likened to say consider the source. I -- is -- -- pretty astute baseball guy. I think he's I think you know glad about being exploited in any relevant a bit. I don't Leno David better team. Is it do you think because of his affection for Terry Francona or do you just think he's. Have no idea -- asked him not to really be a good. Get your show always has been always has been yeah but I mean he. He says he likes you -- you know he's fanning yours but he doesn't think your style will work here and you just dismisses consider the source what's wrong with the sorts. -- You'll wanna set and I'm and I don't know I think he's pretty good source I think he does he pays a lot of it. And it's credible for you it is was incredible for -- Questioned. -- -- love to get out by Friday at Fenway Park. -- -- Bobby Valentine -- Dennis Kelly animate AT&T hotline brought to you by our bell insurance here for your car home business here for your new englanders here -- it. And by Verizon Wireless. A network that. He's enjoying time with -- with radio show myself. In midday show next week if they can just off. Mike -- habits like I would Mikey would like but I mean it's it's of viable question it's citizens it's it is who worked in the media.

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