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Celts Beat the Heat...again. Are they for real?

Apr 11, 2012|

Celts beat the Heat last night again KG stood tall looking younger as the season goes on.

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Dribble handoff -- Toronto down 209 to go one way Google three. Here it's not like doing that against response. Maybe folks who wanted to let me turn to the outlook -- Jack right down the middle. Kevin Garnett is five for five in the fourth quarter and the Celtics -- by seven. -- -- Easily you could say three things it's at the Celtics up well for the playoffs to be the player Rondo player Bradley and certainly -- Kevin Garnett and look deeper to this would you guys continue to line up three stars are three factors. That's set up the pick the patriots this helped -- well for the playoffs. Number one we saw last night was a killer instinct. We have not seen before -- times in the past have we seen the Celtics take a lead. And then just sort of post in the second half coast into the third quarter were to the fourth quarter and let teams rally back while we SR in the. Past yes you know like in 2008. Was -- a couple weeks are twelve days ago and if you are absolutely right there was that field last night that the bonus say. Nice moral victory right in on the beat the spread that we're scared to the heat but the heat are great home team. And the -- prevailed in the end -- they wouldn't let that have yeah. And sort of 182 that it's related to it every single time they heat -- Iran and they made several lead in that game the Celtics had an answer for. And I know you could also -- defense is gonna. Get a beat -- backbone in the in the playoffs that's true the most amazing thing the next game last night was. Almost every single possession there was a -- offensively. Was wide open there was a Celtics some Celtic -- in the -- Kevin Garnett the second half there were some Celtic wide open you see many forced shots with guys hang on guys up the offense -- running so smoothly. And -- wasn't penetrating like last time you played -- neighbor's door real late thing there was somebody wide open free face up jump shot and they made most of uncontested yes -- -- should I think I'm. Nine Garnett is it and is -- he gets his shot when he wants it elbow jumper known as the big tall long guy. He hasn't knocked it down he doesn't take it with a -- he took it with last night and I know it sounds like you more. Astute a -- when you say it's all about the defense and I'm sorry that wasn't all about the defense that was all about the offense and the offence when it appeared to. You know they run was over in here come the heat. I mean hell LeBron went one -- 36. And to wait wait was always scored when he was nine for 21 but Bradley's in his -- at least in his said. Bausch Eminem data usage in -- But cagey on the offensive and was one of those deals where he had -- and I feel just give enemy I feel. Which I think is rare he generally the first apple today. And whenever he he's so unselfish -- say it's a weakness in his game almost you know rivers has told us many times we'd like -- We -- more service. How was that -- how was that he went five for five. In the fourth quarter with ten points and -- all well meant only Celtic less than 50% was Ray Allen is who -- shooter on the night. Well that's shots are off for me when you say it's still though Jeremy how -- go to him for 7244. On threes in a huge three. In the fourth quarter and it it is clearly comfortable his role she seduced point 7% in the fourth quarter. -- That isn't the largest crowd have for the -- on and but. It's a pretty good pretty strong home court advantage is the best home court in the NBA point 44 -- -- Point four and four after last fundamentalists after left that fourth -- loss for the heat last. I think and they just wrote in their face and this is what the Celtics were like. You know when they won the title and when they marched from the -- estimated the finals in 09. You know had that attitude adage. That cocky is I think and it always has as -- go -- but at times it seems forced. He is. -- it again I said after the game it's in or shouldn't be in the game that dedicated this -- Fidel Castro. Looked up the crowd this for Fidel I mean he is so oh yes. What caught -- and locked in is it possible theoretically. I and we believe that Avery Bradley has inspired and probably the better word is energized for John Rondo as a possible he has energized and and and keep up Kevin Garnett I mean somebody wrote that the of the day how he has taken this rule. Really taken to anticipate a leadership role where he is. Open. The -- not just. Bradley but also. -- -- gasket and a lot of big minutes gets more -- had playoffs against him that anyone since Greg kite. I think there is an instinct when you're the -- to say a Q is going the big stage of the big I mean he get this at this real prejudice against them the you know. And he gets these calls and he looks at the -- one inevitable with the place some time the they look for the big -- on the guy and say it had the medium level -- is. He gets the bad calls but he keeps on plan and he played please pass off like he does I think he energized and they've got is whatever reason. Is so energized right now. It makes you wonder you know he doesn't want the five you know he's not. Brought an easier next year you see I think I might bring him back is he planned for contract. Reduced contract -- very reduce whatever its relative if you were limping around and -- done he would you wouldn't be done nothing but -- plan like this why would you. Oh and -- with the Celtics plan for from his divorce for someone yelled yes capsule that is good reason as any he has planned better than he ever has in his Celtic you know six. 77790850. We kick it off with neck out in Springfield nick first with the Santelli. What guys I it. Really got to start thinking about -- in case you back next -- -- and so well. It's how we can get about a one year deal with a hometown discount of Doc Rivers discount. I mean he's an essential piece right now. I thought a month ago to Watsco that he had made up his mind. As guests and that he was moving on he lives in LA -- In I thought one another team retired at Malibu all another team yet another team and reduced role though obviously less money could use another ten million bucks right I mean who. Who couldn't use that. Well that's I think. The teams that thought about making a deal deadline may be Danny didn't listen for Garnett may -- he was resistant reluctant to deal. But -- have to be contending teams saying we -- that's a pretty damn good rental. Accepted theory that anybody who called Danny looking for some help during the playoff stretch run would be looking for Ray Allen already -- -- not Kevin Garnett mean -- Kevin -- name came up as much as Ray Allen Paul Pierce's did. Yes is more than Pierce's because it's a rental I think you know he's done at the end of the year and -- it's a big salary cap hit in the big luxury -- -- and I mean electric Texan we -- project human -- about what she was here but still it's like that guy becoming -- locker room the final. Well you know you two months enormous and. Into the -- Miami would like that -- at the Miami met -- -- -- wins the title easily -- the mavericks would rather have Kevin Garnett the Lamar Odom at the point. Did not just in California Jim good morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- How are hurt very network is pop chart last week that was also. So now more in the -- writer Boston but I had one question. Because you have Miami. And Chicago we -- that division in Boston in the division but why it's Boston the number four slot. If you looked at point -- That is thrown me off court I'm I'm gonna go on. Have been -- with Boston and I didn't doubt due to an older team a few years ago are kind of leave that there isn't gonna hit you guys bought some other folks. It last year and if you wind east than you were four. -- they can be thirty to be third lowest in division winner can be used for this and but there are marching inexorably. To and alerts one. And by the way immediately -- tonight yes. There one game behind Atlanta. Mean there obviously fourth and fifth is the division winner. But they catch Atlanta if they recede after that I mean if you play. Should know this but at the and it's going to be confused after the first round. They -- recede. They get the home court over an attorney say never ask a question that you don't lie but made it would not -- it didn't do it I don't mean I don't. That only makes an upbeat outlook for that caused by static ups. Though they don't recede so they don't that doesn't matter that the gonna catch Atlanta and they're gonna catch in the end Novo they're gonna catch in the unit is. On the road to Miami we know how tough the schedule is right there now. What is it five games this brutally came straight -- him yes and they won other six games to believe. We're brutal -- the the almost beat San Antonio almost sentence on a bad game. If -- was -- Chicago Baghdad in Chicago and the bullet point -- Libya rebels in employment and that's what -- -- -- -- terrorists -- them the next game and Saturday march and since then made it that was a launching point your call India in Louisiana other -- -- -- was -- reading them out for the lack of effort and Kevin Garnett by the way responding negatively say. It was Boston -- their discipline of the -- set out about I was gonna say the one loss in this stretch. Served as an object lesson today it's almost like if -- won I'm wondering if the message would have been. Course as is strong from doctor and get a little cocky little would they have listened if they had survived. Against each in the Chicago game. I think. One loss. In a way. And I just as you analyze their chances for the post season you can break it down to say as long as they continue to play defense this way as long as they continue to move the ball and get -- open shots of the -- last night they'll be fine if that play the game right they will be fine. A killer instinct maintains. It's stays intact they will be fine. But the risk of oversimplification based on who this team is how old you are and the stars on this team. Kind of junk at the right time isn't the key the playoffs the health and well being just the physical health of these guys. I mean if KG it's another heel injury or leg injury or calf injuries had the past Paul Pierce goes -- Rondo goes doubt -- -- all changes is that. Not oversimplification to say if they stay healthy this is a team that nobody wants to play in the play and they don't get healthier because comes them. Which he and and trending now and and the preakness. Would probable be covering LeBron. And LeBron had a good game and last night. Disputed the the outcome. And I assume patriots who plays a key role against the against Chicago against the Orlando against Atlanta Indiana yet. He's one of their better defenders and he gives them another -- is good midrange option on office and he's run right. Excellent shot goes relentless on the MVPs and he's done or Miami is it's just sit there and -- -- still laying in bed right now Stan. We just lost to Boston home. Court to -- -- about -- are putting basically they are making everybody in the east nervous which is an amazing accomplishment in and of itself. 6177790852038885250850. When we come back -- discussed as being a probe us is sports flash. Little coaching corner from yesterday -- little triumvirate that would be. Petrino. Parcells. And Ozzie Guillen -- days for all three guys Bobby Valentine joins us at 905. Andy Berkeley at 805 in in the 7 o'clock hour and an aero downforce in the 7 o'clock hour we are gonna give away two tickets to the Red Sox home opener on Friday meet pro sports flash and the coach's corner next.

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