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Dave O'Brien with a Red Sox status report and some Ozzie Guillen perspective

Apr 10, 2012|

Red Sox Play-by-Play guy Dave O'Brien joined the Big Show to update us on the Sox. Dave also spent 10 years in Miami with the Marlins and gave us his unique perspective on the Ozzie Guillen comments as well.

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And currency via the right hand batter over two with a walk. This Davis is Cianci turns on the rubber now and the 12 pit. Swing and high chopper behind second blow by idealists -- throw into time and -- Red Sox are finally in the win column. Tonight rallying in the ninth inning for three runs to beat Toronto. Final score fortitude. And this Davis finally gets to shake some hands. Outfitting it is Cabral weekly get together -- Dave O'Brien -- you by Citizens Bank where for Holmes talked to them today about how they can help guide you. To the moments right field not only is it great to have Dave on as always the talk about the Red Sox and their first win last night but there's some. History here for Dave down there in Miami. It was a long time broadcast of the first I believe. For the Florida Marlins down moon known as the Miami Marlins. And tomorrow night on ESPN two QB in the play by play broadcaster. For the Marlins and Phillies game. It's a great pitching matchup they've -- Halladay and Josh Johnson but. I'm not sure people are gonna be talking about that. The truth -- the first thing we're gonna. The disk certain and -- you know -- -- do we go we need to. But he can't match like you're all excited about that he couldn't -- after they continue to broadcasting baseball. For a match like that because you could see in a game like old guys Greek priest threw two hours five minutes. But the first thing we talk about is pretty ridiculous and stupid comments about -- Where exports today in the -- -- apologize. Maybe dug himself put another hole because. You know backing up the week EPA which is very -- -- like -- -- -- the first thing we're gonna have to talk about a little around the. I you know that market well down there how big -- deal these weaknesses. It's huge. A patent in all we hear is slightly bigger bullet and it. To work tomorrow league itself or fourteen years that the extra decade. I didn't ever you only -- one -- couldn't. -- -- -- -- You've been to worse -- I think it's stupid stuff that he's always apologize or -- or sometimes starts. But what makes you were -- who differ twelve eager to himself that whole -- for him. So a better audibly different fronts -- never should have commented that's quite obvious that could think. About blue -- and consider them like is that the bigger part of the problem we don't conflict of -- he says look. Of all places don't see that in that market. The ballpark it's little little hook him up for crime and -- the brand new park makes. It's I think entity -- elusive job I thought it fine -- probably wasn't bitten off in the Major League Baseball may indeed step in and and tax some more often there have a tremendous that's -- -- -- -- you cannot -- And Korea worse than he did it goes -- Dave you said it of their for fourteen years in you're a Marlins broadcaster for decades could you give us a snapshot of that community. The similarities to Boston the differences. Up from Boston and I think a lot of people look at this. From afar and say yes he says something stupid what's the big deal what's the big deal with these protesters to give us a glimpse portrait. Of that community. Well indeed just re looking like it couldn't be different countries there couldn't be different and New England. People continue to grow up your point here call obligated IQ that's not true to itself Florida. And it's not true a lot of Cuban American. So obviously at their victory to have content from a ski for. -- Fidel Castro. And they brought the user stories they brought him that he brought there. True life experiences of the horrors of the -- was like -- on the Castro to -- or enemy. And their children were there -- police to work hard is because. Greek citizens here in two. Work hard it is to put them through Q school but -- forgot what it was like. -- for their parents typical super for generations. Most of the spot so -- floor populist -- Fort Lauderdale. A lot of folks vehicle from other places like York and Boston Chicago and sold in regard you know the -- lived there. But there's a -- 65%. Of the population in eight. It's a Hispanic origin and helpful that. And so talk about stepping into which you can do worse than not he did -- -- -- that the witness to keep producing as much except that. That which we canceled batting practice public the way. Glorious time for the Marlins and experience it's that -- -- -- It just a few days ago that the strong character we've -- been doing that for 25 to twenty years. More than. Yeah I thought that was very strange. When we win I'm excited so I drank what we'd lose some depressed and I drank that's called alcohol. And you know that did not go over big as -- sadly that's his biggest prob I I'm not sure there's any political conviction here. I just think he is -- he's he's got a huge ego he's got the microphone and he loves to talk. And gets himself and in the trouble -- he says stupid things. Exactly right -- of the crime that it is from from his home. Professional life is -- the good me in jail in a lot of ways like but your adult Bible at managing its sixteenth. In bleeding need more -- called Norton. All that he. Accurately received an exe like 99% of them pay it off. -- agree here and any of content should be on what he's not talking in front of a microphone personable with. A -- and this and because that's what it gets really -- By talking about those let's get the last night's Red Sox win they win after they dropped the first of three. I thought the mole in the ninth inning and seven -- back out there as your closer after the EU had taken the lead. Was one that like I think Bobby had to do but many it was loaded with possibilities. Politics regardless of the -- Japan it's everybody was unless you put audiences see it's in -- -- -- Bobby and his -- security to make that move. And competence that is why I had to bring back and it's it's not retire a batter in the trek series. You know despite the five or six pitchers like we were getting hit. I can make that politically it turned out uneventful thank goodness and restored some order to -- and -- it all out. By the time. Sure you put it. It talked about nothing else except -- are. -- wrote in to the closer role or somebody else move that closer role on the waters a little bit restore a little normalcy. Talk about appreciate that I also think the Pedroia is making. Not to overlook that guy is hard to do deeply. It's such -- high level all watching the want for almost in in the old we get it would only be extreme rally started. He just. All the time that optimal level and he's just such a pleasure to watch it. -- to take for granted some good can do it we couldn't do that because he is as responsible for the winner of the people. The Red Sox don't have a captain right now and you took the words in my mouth. Talking about Pedroia they don't have a captain officially I think he's that and it's pretty interesting if you look at the 20 and three teams last met the two superpowers of the Yankees and Red Sox. When it to their games only three. What is Pedroia -- but deliver winner helped deliver when for the Red Sox and the on the other side the official captain of the yankees' Derek Jeter goes four for four. It looks like to -- that Dustin Pedroia. Even if he doesn't have a C under his Jersey I think his teammates look at him as the as the captain of the Red Sox don't you think so. Actually saw it should be like him he's he's proven that -- -- I know people look at the personality legal help. We talk too much talks too much talk too much traction. That's baloney -- always that it was ridiculous because it has nothing but incredible respect. He can make people laugh. He it'll used to watching out there who walked out that -- the right side of the field goal and -- in the cage early batting practice what the other team stretching. And one by one you see opponent were chaotic with a falling down laughing. Like bowling pins because there's so we could set the but unity here that personality I think it's exactly what this -- truck -- knee expert guy who. Simply go to places -- off. No quarter ought to peak at all he wants to do is we didn't. Tonight it will come back return to tomorrow. Article written many professional athlete can take that to the bank a 162 -- here that we -- By Dave always good stuff will be listening tonight of course tomorrow will be watching will be interested to see how that plays out Philadelphia even though Ozzie is not there. My guess is you're gonna be bringing up his -- quite often. Olympic hockey -- quite a bit most comets and and when they're really good pitchers school breaks that they get as it. In that particular case -- so I can just do the bespoke. Forget about the politics it's just look at dot. I didn't know chances I don't see how they talk and rhetoric towards what a good question what Doug did actually sealant. Dave O'Brien right here of the big show.

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