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Rajon Rondo: Most Complete Player in the NBA?

Apr 10, 2012|

So the Celts have two nice back to back wins and this caller brings up Rondo as the most complete player in the NBA... but is he actually on to something? We discuss.

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How does get back to the locals here at a bank showed 6177790852. All free 888525. 0850. Here's Jeff from the car was up Jeff. But I -- put them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's amazing to me I didn't think that after four straight years abroad are getting better every year -- possible that he too cute again. I mean. I'm sorry but I definitely think he's the best point guard league I don't yet know the guys score more key in the -- maybe. The most complete in the empire -- I don't think he's the most likely our players are at it Jeff I would agree if you if you wanna go it got your definition strict definition of what a point guard does and what -- upon what you wanted to do. I'm glad I can make the argument that he's the best point guard league but I can't make the argument that he's a complete player because. There are certain things he needs to get better better to make -- a complete player. I agree that obviously the scoring. In the nation which had been told them -- this year. -- -- bidding up the score the score against it's it's very simple it's it's free throw shooting free throws. And being having some consistency on the midrange jumper to a level of consistency on shooting from fifteen that. 1518 feet so I think he's the best point guard for this team based on the personnel that you have out here. And Bradley's developing. Something not only is -- defensive player but as a guy who cuts to the world. And if. Pierce is overplayed if Allen's overplay it if Kevin Garnett is overplayed. Rondo -- able to find anybody on the floor he finds Bradley -- to the floor so he's perfect. For the guys that you have put a complete point guard you start taking -- of those other guys and tell me -- complete idiot. Well I guess my question -- yes. Is that your your -- You know cookie it's in -- mid range jump what they need people like what you want. Do you think that he can put the -- the angle -- -- you'd think but he just not a good looking need to vehicles. I think he's become a slightly better. Outside shooter at times she's inconsistent obviously he runs in the we're runs -- -- sixties is better for my shots in the outside but Michael's right the thing that drives me crazy about him is the free throws. And if you're gonna take the ball to the hole as much as he's taken a bald little got to be able to make those free throws man and he. So my question them. Okay if you are gonna look at you know I guess. Using the you know on down the absolute quietness I can't believe that I think you'll be -- needs to be that guy is this one -- the obvious. Question have you supports it but he kind of thing you're allowed to -- -- -- -- -- -- when -- absolutely that's what I'm totally missing. Okay -- -- honest about it and want to leave only at the right at it that already up and he's -- that I. And you can continue. -- -- -- people don't really act and I didn't bring together and it WII. And a possible that. Eat how many guys let me would you say that's not have -- -- -- -- -- -- I must be. Doing about it you know and the big guys. -- -- yep I'm on your side in this. -- -- with Rondo was a point guard because I know what his his job is that the -- does its job very well does he set people up beautifully absolutely does make. Of the job of shooting the basketball easier for the shooters on his team actually regulate the pace and he's a hell of a quarterback and that's what I look for a point guard but you talk about the tools. And you're looking at a guy shouldn't 59% from the free throw line. I wanna see my point guard. Make at least 70% of its reproach especially especially got the coast of the free that's what I'll look at force as often as he goes to the free throw it to nip picking. If it's it would be nitpicking for somebody like Dwight Howard we we've seen big men struggled from the line some of the great -- you know whether it's will Chamberlain. Bill Russell a Shaquille O'Neal used -- as great instincts and great senators. Shoot in the fifties. From the free throw line and you excuse four point guard you're not as willing to excuse as you are four. Power or not not a guy that relies on his scoring have taken the ball to Iraq as opposed to being an outside -- I could excuse -- a little bit more. If his game was out of the -- game is not out -- -- -- mistake at a ball at all so you're going to go to the free throw line in. It did -- games. It allows me to easily defend you -- and -- not like you get to at all I'm just gonna wrap you up and and -- you'd go to the free throw line and her. I'll say this he does he's not a complete player he's a tremendous player and he's perfect for the the make up of this team. He's not a complete player but he does possess one of those tools it's exceptional at his position may be the best in the league at his position and that's rebound. And he's doing it with a team that really doesn't rebound -- about it so he gives you something where did you talk about one through ten. He may be a thirteen of 48 when it comes to rebounding and it's something this team desperately needs so you take that away. They don't have the other bodies to go and get those -- rebounds that he. Get when these -- runs and he's when he's got it going in. It just in open court he may not be. One of the top five players in basketball buddies with the most top five exciting players no question what he's what he's going off and he's rebounding and he's dishing and very creative very resourceful with the basketball at a delicate and it is it's tough take your eyes off of. Again legacy in the in the text that are coming in people a confusing what we're talking about here vs would you trade him for crisp ball. The idea was what happens when there's no KG this -- Paul Pierce there's no rail. -- then you need that. Cook more complete player they can give you the outside shot and can make the free throw it that's and I'm glad they didn't do. I was on board and have it do it. It was temperature sing -- you're seeing him in the environment. With those other guys create but nobody -- -- -- -- -- judge this big giant -- in the future where those guys are don't know nerdblurb note this is where we disagree. I'm seeing him -- that in this environment I believe he has created this environment they're everybody's going with. A four year old file on Rondo. While it especially people and other cities on benefits from playing with four hall of famers. -- -- KG is playing now he's the senate KG is playing like he was at times. Four years ago right now those guys. Paul Peters consistently is not as good now as he was in 2008. KG -- -- he's playing great lately you know as good as he was into doubt it is right. Who's better anyway 2000 run Rondo of course Rondo goes to what I'm not remarked she's -- it's an orgy that necessarily benefiting from the apartment he's creating it. The trade that we were talking about was all for the future. And we're looking at him again in the present picture. With all of those big hall of famers I agree with you he's the catalyst he sets them all up he does all that work. But you take those guys away in the future we're gonna find out whether he can create that offense audience don't. Which I think Chris ball could another -- go radio and eviction.

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