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Red Sox get first win of the Bobby Valentine era

Apr 10, 2012|

Mut and Lou discuss the Sox first win and the team’s 9th inning resiliency so far this season.

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To save to say Bobby Valentine could say whatever he wants and about 10:30 this morning and not to people would notice body I -- I can. Rest easy that no matter what he says and about 23 minutes from now. To be overshadowed by whatever Ozzie Guillen says -- in Miami now the QB talking picked to be few -- of what's going Miami but but my body feels a bit better about himself. That click double teamed up at the -- last night. Now they -- what when it went 61 caught some people he had apple just lose another ten games in -- was it was a good first went last night -- set up exactly and and how you want to see if your Red Sox fan and as a million wasted to go through this but the basic premise would be. Starting pitcher good. Bullpen good a comeback win. What's not to like about that game last night surprise somebody's. I vote the same as we talked about this yesterday -- I mean I was but what it -- to bring. Very surprised and I said last night you know we don't last that that can go a long way in the clubhouse. I love the story. Of Alfredo was serviced by about that coming into the office just in a -- note on his desk from Alfredo was Davis and it's at one word rushed. I'd love that and affected Bobby wood up there and trusted him now. The bold Boca went up dig up blown up again of people that what do you do when you're -- again against this -- guys got a note yet but he puts him out there he gets the save. And I think that sends a message it was a talking about Bobby V having equal improve that he's got his players back. It is a lot that you could say the public that might give him in trouble the media what not so far your four games then. Not a problem with anything does that affect that I like an awful lot of what I've seen and from this team playing and Bobby V and the fact that he gave the -- -- savers in the ninth. Again have the way the first two appearances went. And and it worked in a Prado -- it as the outstanding. I think carries a lot of weight necco Abbas he stuck with this guy he trust this get there was no panic. I thought we seem lancet in that spot based and just the way Savvis it -- these last couple times out I was not surprised that. Get somebody warming up right behind Alfredo with seven they've got a little bit tricky there. But give him credit he pitched well and I don't remember and I'd like to make in this up here but I don't remember Lou Alfredo -- is going as hard as he threw last night now. I'm relying on the -- and gone which had Alvarez the kid from Toronto April 9596. Consistently during nine games so maybe there was a little bit of a bump. In terms the -- and gun that we are seeing on the broadcast. But what -- sevens at 96. I don't remember a time he's ever hit that high on the radar gun out of all this is just going to be a different look because he -- committed to get three outs. I can see enough from him during his Red Sox career -- see the first to outings. By sought out the Sox pulled up Red Sox their fervor when it's -- rare back of -- as hard as I've seen operator was seventh ever throat during. Is Red Sox career out of grip of stopper shopper that what you get that first out and get a ground ball. Everybody ticket deep breath I think he probably got so pretty RA which was nice just by getting it out. Be able we joked about a Bobby saying goes 96 to Cabrera I don't think it was -- audio this guy always lives in 92. 93 -- some movement a good break and ball. He looked like he elects to last night and he looked sharp breaking ball very very good. I just I you know if you ran from him -- we said now is exactly panicky but I would have shuffle that ball in a row but he gave -- the ball. And Alfredo responded. I think everybody sleep slept a little bit easier last night they -- -- Bart doesn't have as much pressure on him going into this dark. Is. Regardless of what Daniel Bard could have done tonight that game didn't go well let it would of mattered. -- Barbara Douglas seven innings one run it doesn't matter people still discrete from would be to close and his team. Now he can just -- -- -- and not have that thing and overs that he answered questions that immediate before that -- talk about it being a closer. He's a day away from making his first big league start. And you know and I think that it was worked out perfectly for this team to just sit here and and everybody can just sit -- they -- Well you guys talk in negative all you guys panic Annika played up their club out. We're Terry Francona before the game to the other day India we try to play it off we don't want panic let's be honest it was hard to breathe and a club off a Gonzales set to pick -- goods goods. Let's a year ago it -- six so look we're gonna be fine. Gonzales after that went last night that what we need that win and he was an -- clubhouse a year ago -- their last night. He was one of the guys who was was going up and and and Gonzales was talking to Lance and the other and after he didn't pitch well. He's trying to take moral leadership role that was a huge win for that team and get it up plenty of that the textures and callers today -- -- is why you don't panic. To me that's the whole lot to be figured out in the apple that it's it's one out in. Alfredo -- slick very good can you rely on that is are going to be gables ground balls that he gets and that getting by and he can't get out of it but for night. He was good Scott -- was good man as my understanding how much the seven basis story here today. Let's give Scott -- a little bit of -- because this thing guided the idea -- that you know -- art curriculum that we're we're gonna move on Scott. You look like a country music singer sums are professional ball when -- see a lot about this. Sure of that adds up on the web people look at it doesn't look like a baseball player or Bosnia John Burke a good job market to mean several of baseball player. I'd seen a bar is hanging out perplexing and a country music CB. There's actions and the F -- from the team one bite you back. To spring training. Or keep thirteen pitchers you've made the team and oh by the way 678 like I loved that good morning good afternoon good night this guy that inform him bounced around awesome. And and no matter when he comes up the metal what they ask for it goes up there and does his job. How me appears is that as you have like this a year EO Leo they'll have a handful always that they're saying. Look at Ashton was the jeopardy Keating -- -- two with three New Guinea played that Alfredo sabres rolled it delegates that they Padilla the play that -- role of a bigger role. It's got ashes and eggs I remember seeing him spring training talk to him about it and -- -- IDF radioed in designated for assignment. Any discussion -- head and that's just him. Get up and down last year's on the Maloney shuttle left to right the Pataki -- never said a word when he came back up you do his job. He was outstanding yesterday for one night that open was was great after everything that we -- in the first three days. Music huge part of it we see here talk about guys that strikeout stuff but I want the and you bought back their close -- these gains you make guys arguments that not a guy that throws that art. He just throw strikes and he gets ahead of people and I'm not quite sure how he does that but in that spot to keep backing close. After Felix you -- I thought debut was. A good first appearance on the mound for the Red Sox in 2012. -- -- to keep a close there are two zip actions in -- was able to do that and leading into it -- -- he's overshadowed because Anderson -- was so good. I'll put Felix -- brought on that list of a pitching performances last night overall from start to finish. Likewise softness -- it. Yeah I just got told you know try to get through quicker and 800 pitches five innings gave no big deal is first outing in awhile as a -- -- it was a lost year. -- like it's awful lot and you know I know -- -- united 3% before you watch a couple of his games negative reaction. I'm not quite sure what it is and -- facing hitters sometimes it may be hiding the ball maybe it is a little bit of companies delivering the report though the timing off. But it really does look like it's 97. He's got some late life he gets that fastball and guys always get the changeup and curveball -- in the last night he's -- struggled that first inning. -- to give up much everything was 32 filed off the pitch to cut -- a little bit more early on accounts to help market some innings and the double play that helped them on -- at first but. -- appears to contact get out try to get some 23 pitch at bat instead it was 67. Foul ball. But you gotta like which saw from a but it does lot of pressure on -- -- -- three sky's falling on this team people predicting he's got the ball -- first start of the year. Is -- opened as a young kid Anderson Alvarez who will look pretty -- in his own right. I played outstanding is gonna give a little deeper in games which is obviously think about you're talking about going up against offensively. -- guide that in the pregame especially their Toronto. They're talking about as one of the best home run hitters in baseball not the best modern baseline and enjoy bats mr. -- I thought that helix Q brought at times have teased again he wasn't sure what he's content and it wasn't just to Batista. The curve ball you talked about me that was a 8126 pitch that had guys swinging early in had a booking Adams second guessing how look at back at the umpire. In -- first start against pretty professional lot of parent Toronto out to make but he -- -- those guys look the way they did. I took away from it -- -- but to stick it to the against the lefty. And he's used rule I don't regard lefty like that no fear at that that's what he brings. It prompted Strickland. When America was it Batiste you can see the -- kind of -- ball 110. You lol but tighten up believing more is now is gonna come in it was it Batiste and forty plus bombs yeah it seemed -- was aggressive out of the strike zone. Went after him that here's my stuff -- it. I love that out here love it. Or take anything from the idea that after his outing was over. We need see -- run the shower of the clubhouse he sat there the rest of the game NASA natured keeps showing over and over and over again to sit there watching that game. And the idea that this team is gonna do things a little bit differently in terms of supporting each other stars bill I'm starters out of a game. They got that jacket on the runway you don't see again. This gig is up two runs over five innings Andy grabs a sweat shirts expects the Josh Beckett who's there watch in the game that's nice change of pace of the Red Sox fan -- Beckett into that game. Except there are watched by over think -- I say that's so well at different from the way somebody starting pitchers acted a year ago in this rotation when John Lackey bit. Hanging out there is the number four starter throughout the rest that gamers see back there. An article about hanging out get ready go -- and you would like TriBeCa club hostage rescue of five in five innings summit aren't you happy. But not it's not like the fact he's a young kid. You know it's. There is some of it you know your veteran guy eagle through 67 innings -- -- your -- -- Armenia active I don't have a problem with guys going up there at all. What -- you right come back. After you point thirty minutes of ice time Annika backed down it's in the -- you see that a lot they just don't showed on NASA. Not affect the cute isn't there a dispersed tart while you. He into the game like that I agree with Brian tweets the show early and get a lot of these that he still think you should pull barred from the rotation. I can still the best option back there he's gonna start that I am excited for Daniel -- startup and -- like. I'd first off the taxes you guys -- killed -- Red Sox yesterday when one game and now the greatest team ever. Can you run the tape again and you're really killing of there was some concern about this bullpen but. -- of -- boosting even Q results idol but one Barton in the in the bullpen but. Don't think anybody was in -- gonna golds when 62 he must be listened that are on channel to any that's across the street. Any concerns about the team are still there the bullpen still concern and -- -- buckles to nothing last night the -- gonna be good this year. But for one night what what are you gonna criticize what we got a bunch just up the pick through with this game. I you wanna get on me for being in panic you Bart fine I think that that was to do level -- he's still the best option. Addict you'll still be able to the bullpen it's a blip we'll get the spark an -- said this in Richmond if your baseball fan who's at any sort of feeling on Daniel Bard. Your fired up the watch is -- pitch tonight because the upside that he does give you if there is the clothes horse he's currently constituted as the fifth starter of this team. We a lot of stuff to get the -- talking about being abort including. The idea last night the Red Sox able to do something. In the fourth game of the year. They only did twice. Over the course of the entire season a year ago. And what that means for the Boston Red Sox in 2012. We'll talk about that ninety cents. Red Sox finally went and technical -- 62 but is good now a -- it's all bring up here. All talk about this more because I think this is a very interesting interesting. Stat from the Boston Red Sox. Last night they trailed -- ninth -- correct correct they won the game four to your final. They aren't -- out once in their first four games at times they did that last year. Did it twice in seven the opportunities -- -- enter into the ninth innings all year. They were two in 68 a year ago when they trailed entering the ninth inning they were to -- 61. When they trailed entering the eight inning. You did something last night you did twice all year you accomplish that your fourth game. And not just last night but how over the course -- these three more games we're putting today still opening day they came back it went but they were down -- enough that. And it. We talked about this last year one point and and I didn't understand it is with this line up even if you're down four runs. Going into the seventh or -- you would think that they would be that. This stealing game late. With that lineup it just it never happened with -- all the runs they scored it just never happened. That never went after a closed -- who was it to a 68. Two and 68 when they trailed going into the ninth inning palace in have been -- ten but in you know balls I do there's a few games there don't want -- to a three -- into citadel this lineup. Let's let's get some walk off victories that's that's the -- to a -- it just didn't happen when a game opening day down -- and they got to a closer. The only finish off. We we are game for a big guy again big get too close that they do finish it off. Even in the third game you'd down big early -- got to come back it's 770 come back again -- -- 7107. You know they just kept coming back that's a that we haven't been really see you with a great lap last year you've actually seen this team coming back now at three out of the four games. Pedroia is that a spark of -- And I. I don't know how -- a year quantify this is not something you put a baseball prospectus panel clutch has long been discussed. -- in Major League Baseball as you Ortiz clocked what does clutch mean all that crap. All I know is that this team has shown more fight in the first four games of the year offensively. Then they showed over the course of six months last year. At a -- quantify that but now that whatever it is something in his team's DNA. Has given them the ability to come back you went trailing in the ninth inning. And get develop party last night get to Santos at -- huge. Huge characteristic of a team that is gonna be likable. And it -- that you can. Trust it late in the games I don't know what that ability -- -- you you've been around teams it's just something you have can is this do we -- Bobby Valentine credit for this. That's the one thing different lot of players are still the same guys right Sweeney's new nick pulled don't know -- shop -- but -- -- -- -- you last year. The differences -- developed as a new manager. Like I sit here give Bobby V critic is -- teams want a fight to the end -- -- -- -- -- Terry Francona didn't or is this just something that seems to happen. That's -- I'd love to know -- quantify that how much credit to Begin Valentine this team's fight in their first four games. I don't know the answer to that -- get your thoughts on two I liked the way this team has fought back at 617779. Zero wait 52 all 3888. 5250850. Verizon cellphone pound WEEI it's a free call you can text us any time. On the ATT text line. At 858 it -- all your fault called Ozzie Guillen suspended five games by the Marlins he's gonna speak very still had that for you as well but it will not -- them.

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