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Ozzie Guillen in Time Magazine inserts foot in mouth and sparks debate

Apr 10, 2012|

Dennis and Callahan talk about the Fidel Castro comments made by Ozzie Guillen and Dan LeBetard reaction to them.

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-- -- start with a question today I will start with an answer are you -- The answer is 27. Twenties. Analysts and answer is -- 27. Reggie Leach 77. Number of outs and a perfect game and that's pretty good good guess that guest -- but not relevance not relevant. Oh I know. From infinity to 27. -- -- it yeah yeah yeah issue that got us. -- that was awful sorry Daniel that start -- before ain't happening and that was worse than having. Received from say yes that was or Milan and pitches Beckett block -- call us. It was -- -- again in the -- off the field to. Yeah she's rattled you know he choked and the pressure got to him whatever the situation was too much. Wild pitches yes and and you know it all happened and who won the game for you last night nine -- Actually -- -- had a great game -- and it's great and analysts say it was close though. Pedroia won in butcher Pedroia won that game -- -- it doubled the whose hustle the second. Stole. Meant -- third in the wild pitch just right there area Santos was right yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like is supposed to do we -- chase pitches around your eyes are bulldozed already -- -- double by the way. It's a scouting report like if -- throttle and have you meeting. Pitches pitches pitching coach you mentioned the fact that he likes and -- like that a by a ball a lot. You know John Ferraro between east airs -- that's which you mention that the approach and maybe you did -- -- in his prime candidates as well. But he would much rather have a that is guys well which is a ball that is knees which is a strike. If your pitcher why would you ever. Give a -- this well it could give her Sergio Santos doesn't make it different where you think the ball should go you were putting it anywhere you wanted to do its best you briefly yeah that's miss that smile a lot and -- rightful money and the double. I've also worked strikes but that's what he likes and it just seems like too obvious -- sure they discuss the fund reports the new ones but. One thing that would match first -- it got Pedroia he's pretty good and don't grow Omaha all strike -- And and dirt and now the -- now the question who is more nervous about what is going to happen today. Who has more stake. In what is going to happen today. -- -- Daniel bark or -- I was most of those draws I would say yes yeah yeah bulk of their jobs the bad performance. But part would still be on the table as far as losing his job. Now bush is not lose his job today he's gonna he's gonna give good effort an honest effort Guillen. Is gonna grow. If he's Smart and Nigeria's. And he's gonna grow and and and hope you know he survive is to get a claim second language. Lost in translation. Always gets I think it's the simple. Explanation for him. Policy be an -- yes speaking out of -- drug is Smart ass there's. It'll mean and it was just me trying to be allies as trying to be. Try to be -- that's what I do that's who I -- an end and you got guys elected the story -- Mark -- was -- and Chicago is now -- the Miami's and we dealt with that every didn't. He didn't deal with -- every day that's not true this is a much different from most yet policy team conqueror yet he's talking about haven't do them with the news in notes that juts. And anger management in the -- well. I knew that it -- rumored to -- like a mile race. -- -- -- That's funny silly funny you're -- -- tough thing not many people thought. That was funny but that's what he thought was yes would you admit he didn't write this was. A serious. Commentary so -- some form or fashion he's politically ignorant -- acclaim just try to be funny Smart Aston Villa just I don't -- and he's gonna do it in day. Right the hearing way Wednesday that's that's not a bad guy who's not a bad guys evil he doesn't really mean this is. All of course owners John and a glorifying this monster yeah this is just. A baseball guy. The irony is the Miami Marlins based on their marketing based on where they put their stadium based on the the the audience they're trying to lure into that new ballpark. And based on the fact that they wanted a Latino. A Latin culture with their manager and went out and traded for this guy. And unlike before they can play game he steps and -- all the way up to his ankles in about as bad a way -- it's definite in that particular locale it's. It's one thing if you said you know. I'm. I don't think. Fidel -- as bad as some people say I think we should have diplomatic relations of the which opened up colors. To say I love that guy. I love being that guy or not. He's OK he's not that bad I think you know. Whatever the it went over the right wing media yes his demonizing him but. I love him. I -- if you if you're unaware of how how that resonated in such and horrific way with Cuban Americans in Miami Dan -- -- a Cuban American in Miami. Puts it in the context for -- I would. While I Williams. I knew the storm but close coming his way in which the little big generational I worry for -- Tomorrow trying to tackle -- staying at a press conference in its second language because I believe that part of the problem that he's running into here. Is that he's conveyed something in English -- -- an -- that language you guys get our try to be flipped trying yards -- and you know you got to respect the guys who managed to live -- long when people have been trying to gel image just end up being if you can't say anything positive about veto Castro -- -- -- community just like you can't. Today that you know anywhere in the media stream that you know Hitler had good taste and wallpaper you can't stay. These people that it would -- customer base -- -- party can't say. That kind of thing and what happened here is that the older generation people over fifty years old who are really angry -- emotional. They don't wanna look simple logic and reason about this basically bottom fired. It's others say it loud and powerful group of Cuban Americans who for them a suspension and the fine. No matter how larger how Long Will not be enough they want Ozzie out. I would say given today given you know wait till 1030. In the chance -- says I would never want fired for saying assesses its its ludicrous. Ludicrous even if he meant it. And even if the mean you don't say fire and you say explain yourself and if -- guess what if they don't firearm and you don't like income and. Don't go to -- Major League Baseball much spent. Yeah get the death. You Korea suspend -- but that's the been rumored to know -- -- -- there's going to be a suspension it will be the Marlins and -- what if if there is going to be a suspension the Marlins want to do it. They wanna look like the organization not that uncle but somewhere -- some ivory towers to get rid of -- -- for a -- -- apple -- photos -- in the -- suspend him or ominous display I think a good choice and this article regarding your choice would be for the Marlins to suspend them to send a message to the Cuban Americans in Miami that we're not gonna tolerate this it's Serbs this. Ending the man that if you wanna. Castigate them you wanna pull him you wanna boot the Marlins you want to root against the Marlins as if -- Cuban American you can which can't say. And fire him thing is they had to do though because they have to. Com the tide which is -- the Miami community which that's aussies job today that's -- his job today I think he'll do a good job of it. And what does -- have to do a second language but it was trying to -- he could do like and Spanish German people in the commitment to both both -- but this -- bugs me and I know we have some more limit we have positive and we have -- to an -- because he'll do good job today don't you. In he's going to be alone having you know cry a yacht battle now and and tell policy. Amid I think he will appear human. Cry but he will appear contrite. And that and and he will fall on the sword and and and and if they want and discuss it with them. Go back and forth which is what cute this requires some requires a guide to explain him some -- at that if anyone was offended I'm sorry. And crumble up that statement Broadway and go back to work he should -- to. I hate to uses terms with a -- of Fidel Castro and you have to face the firings well you know. Figuratively. The face if firing squad here and this should be. Journalists. Not just sports writers put it on journalists from whatever from Miami Herald in the some Spanish speaking version of the Miami the Miami -- -- low yet that and they should -- I have and they should get. Grill his ass and and see how we handled that and make him income. But if there is any kind of Josh Beckett kind of rejection kind of stiff farming Heisman and -- not gonna go well he needs to once seemed contrite. Broken. Shamed humiliated. Key I think is ignorant he needs to seem ignorant I didn't know what I was saying it was just stupid thing I say edgy things they say. Controversial things should I I don't often think Boris I don't know what the hell I was talking them because he doesn't didn't. You know he doesn't mean they should ask them. You know well. -- you know just name them the most prominent dissident. In this in the community deal that is. The most prominent political prisoners in the most prominent these I don't know any of that you know that is no he met that and although we don't know there you know he should just I don't talk about OK I just don't it's like. This than some the heavy metal rail of politics -- you know they're not. Bruce Springsteen someone totally ignorant -- -- politics rate one above politics and they did just don't know. Now meter at a later in his interview with outside the lines -- chart again referenced the Hitler thing and then tied literally tied the Jews in with him. In this first when he said that's like saying Hitler had good taste wallpaper later in the interview which by the way is stupid because that's he says I love that yes exactly. Exactly no Catholics and I love -- all right and so and so he said he amended his comments and all I don't think he said love Adolf Hitler but he said. It would be the same things you couldn't say -- anything whatsoever positive about Adolf Hitler to Jews without having the same kind of visceral reaction is taking place in Miami. Don't think if some manager somewhere I can even set the standard that the state where it would be. Equivalent to Miami in Little Havana in the Cuban Americans down there. Missed some manager or coach Rex Ryan says something about go Red Bryant says it's a great example excellent. Rex Ryan said and out of Hollywood get to this help now Ozzie Guillen got to have African Fidel Castro a mug shots said it was good at the beginning the beginning -- again -- and -- baseball suspended Erica what what what would be that the loud and powerful these eleven -- words not mine Jewish leaders of the community want to happen Rex Ryan if he said. I love Adolf Hitler he he wasn't that out of a guy that one of tilt. Would they arrest until he was -- not presently with the unrest yes they -- not rest and -- interesting dynamic may be going on in Miami well. Two things. What does that wind is that a question for the Jewish community. It's not a question for every -- I I love this Levittown and laboratory that is one of these liberals who thinks. Everything is tribal everything is. Give everyone -- separate among groups and this is now all about this group not that group. And that's -- say it's about our Adolf Hitler. Well who owns Adolf Hitler why why do you possess it would go on why do you possess Fidel Castro. Claim on him even if you're gonna matter just point is -- -- who is more as the most up in arms and that Miami community. Our our white hands -- African Americans you know a cut to the quick on this thing. -- look at it just another stupid cause if you were to coach. Mitchell returns. Look. You would turn to. Jewish -- say -- how about that -- -- would expect a reaction from the Jewish people to be much more intense that it would be from African American white lady -- the Iranian people I just stupid statement would you -- -- I would I would march on and on on the meadowlands stadium with picket signs calling for him to be taken out and hung -- I wouldn't say that I would do that for anyone to anyone but but. It just it's just silly to me. Oh he sets about de -- let's get the Cuban guy on the talk about the Cubans. Everybody does offend an enemy of the united artists don't get the people who are most. Up offended -- Jerry are the Cuban Americans are the ones the ones whose parents got on -- and brought -- over and risk everything and that Brothers and sisters killed it is it is a very logical person to have on the year a Cuban American. I know it's a logical person have on the air but the like the the the logic of -- -- the cut escapes me it. This would be like saying it was good wallpaper and I mean I mean. He says I'd love Fidel Castro would be like saying I love ill bit. And -- a coach said that I would go. Mean what do you think you're Jewish. Kid wrote bother me I'm not sewage that's above everybody -- The protesters an enemy of the United States he's a tyrant and a killer and a monster I don't need a Cuban American to validate that opinions -- is not. A matter being validated it's a matter of talking to the people who are in tune with who were connected to the most vociferous most angry the most demanding people who want this guy killed. Not literally but figuratively take it out and thrown out of this organization. I'm not thinking that that the NAACP. I'm I don't think Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton showed up Miami. Today anytime soon I don't think TV you know the Irish. American popular show and she -- well. The problem and why do this why does this have to be divided among groups. Why doesn't bother everybody when does blogger ever that not true actually you can separate it should not to bother all the Bristol -- -- and -- -- will that bother African Americans as much as it bothers Cuban and she said it would issue facet. Okay that I'm I'm talking about the problem here and you're not you're just fallen in lines and follow -- all about Castro. Cuban guy. Cuban guy what do you think. 06 month old mug shots that some skin Jewish guy Jewish guy what do you think. Doesn't have to be among ethnic lines and -- jury it was the same res. And that would Baltic -- came down every talk show. Every ESPN show. Every around the horn pardon the interruption NFL live. Talked to players who either played for this guy or were playing defense in the National Football League to find out what their take on -- because what their take was on it because they were closer to the situation it would make no sense to bring. Shaquille O'Neal on the set of NFL live and ask you kill O'Neal thought about. Bob gates it's relevant to those people so obese and I love Hitler you'd asked me either but why. While his Jewish I would I would ask the leaders in the Jewish community people who were connected to the Jewish community get the -- of the tenor of the pulse what those people were thinking how angry they work and what they want it done Ozzie -- yes because it's more relevant to them. Because they lived at their parents brother and PM and it aside and -- like with what I did. An elevator and -- it. I haven't beat her in the past community worst thing you've said he's made what he's about he's the only Jewish guy in this rules so. Have to do it -- almost got hot that. They're good note I have ever felt if it is -- it is very easy and obviously and your knee jerk superficial. Reaction to yes he says it's but don't -- a big guy on. You think about what he's going on what's called a Vietnamese guy and I asked him what -- -- about Fidel Castro that's -- not outraged Albany the bad guy that's five. This could get a B but I don't know what I'm Americans are the people I don't -- -- the most -- that's why it's relevant nobody here is not that hard to understand -- these guys on you can ask him being Vietnamese. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right it's it's simplistic simple minded concept that's the Jesse Jackson approach. Oh let me check what color is his skin and what what ethnicity what backgrounds -- then I'll tell you how outraged I am. Everyone's supposed to be affected. Upset by -- Gunes comments just like -- mug shot or or restaurants is somebody. We don't need you know reaction from the Jewish guy also you offended that they went to a Cuban American -- to -- to somebody who just should've just. Up properly on the outside looking in Irish -- Vietnamese guy -- -- and -- Jewish -- to have him comment that would make more sense to you and talking to a Cuban Americans to send them somebody and all had a dog in the it's like no -- somehow my knee jerk reaction by ESP I'm not a put -- -- on. His deceit alone does it a claim. On Fidel Castro because he said -- -- back Clemens for always that's our Adolf Hitler. When he went owned and it was an enemy of mankind. The human race that's the so that's our -- it's stupid till this point just got an honest to god Jerry to duke but -- what I'll do -- do like the I'll just say I'll fall in line I'll say the predictable thing. Let's cut let's -- Cuban guy and it is why would you not call Cuban guy should he should absolutely not Arctic ground -- -- seven how does all he says that's our -- Making the about the city burst of bullets -- Miguel Castro Fidel Castro is to Cubans what Adolf Hitler was is is to -- OGG thanks for -- that well you don't get -- also what else what else what else is the connection what else that's that's that what -- he's the per -- the single -- a lot of -- -- -- it's a single person I -- in the final people who have a start that'll let my people. Americans. Should all that -- he's an enemy of the matter what Cuban Americans would pay it off -- would hate Fidel Castro that I more than -- and any other that I don't -- did it that's why you would -- I a year in -- talked to -- I think -- a lot of conversation I'm I'm not a big lead -- spent 6177790850. Toll -- 8885250850. -- rabbit will join us in the 8 o'clock hour. And we have free -- so what just about everything right yeah pretty much a Red Sox opening day -- and bruins' first play around in game one will give details on that we can back nineteen seconds from now Randall brought Kevin Dix Steve talked you next.

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