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Monday, April 9th Whiner Line

Apr 9, 2012|

Sapp is broke, the Sox start sucky, but at least the Yankees suck just as bad.

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Views excuse views expressed and expressed the fly these aren't like ET TE Chris Cox. This discretion exercised. Holy smokes. And now. Here. To -- to did you make any kind of -- last year because he never wasn't -- crawls and it's been more -- thousand wasn't abroad and now and I've been that way we treat these kids just a White Sox and myself. We help him a lot I need these pros yes. Very very good thank you for the ring. Did get a good job. And believe me it wasn't a big lead to go -- WEEI. Who Maureen airline's common forum as the price and he goes everybody and his organization to a lot of great to inform you do a lot about -- last year we live forum would protect them. I respect his wife and I respect his kid. -- -- I wish I was a lot of money because I will recuse patrol dial 6177793535. Did you Bollywood to by the club. I Libby as being everywhere we go reduce costs that that's a while the biggest result weekly musical last year. So once a week to bridge whiner line his worry about Boston or otherwise out. Makes you. You don't frontrunner we're totally. I loved it here and now I can make it woke up all these Q&A book. I feel sad you think that way above but also the -- there's that about it because you -- games. Easy easy you'll just get. WEEI. Yeah -- airlines so he's got a problem when Bobby Jenks. But he loves Fidel Castro and -- and get -- can make a book ought to have to. Many books. I don't Mikey. I don't know yet. And look at it should issue a shaky endurance we look at this one and yet you have something in common -- you put yourself. What sent -- -- -- -- and also for the citizens of both abject failures in our careers I can tell him. CI CC sabathia would have -- better job than service to -- what's easier Irish. They would have done a better job in the service that is it's not a size -- that Alfredo exhibit well at least he he worries 130 pounds more eat more. This is side it's it's got a lot of ways I believe Matt Albers might be heavier now than CC's what do you play. Seen him this week ago. Shoppers like twenty pounds -- a lot of Valentine not putting Alfredo and a position to be special I don't know what each one of those little glitzy things by the way he was the only field. Your right -- -- good call -- it was the only. Well everybody's attention off of those days you're playing somebody else ever experience -- -- right now obviously edited it labor unions to organize a planet they've pretty much a problem not the right above some -- says how can a guy play this well yesterday he -- a Lamborghini and a donkey ride yeah. That's a great drama he -- one and -- yeah. It's throws 52 miles an hour. But then you -- and enjoy analyzed by -- by AT&T WE yeah I live it's available to -- going to graduate Blackberry device brought to you by. AT&T EDT fourteen old he speeds up to ten times faster wicked fast -- AT&T rethink possible -- ambulances -- Don't want that the bulk what. Politically is that that include north we're prepared to Likud but why would get it at all aren't even given to a woman. Well that everybody wondered why did it hit one broke. And that message. New penny of a large -- -- -- big girls like to play tapes and at. -- -- -- you know -- US foreign relations with Fidel Castro. Boy. -- starter for certain I can Campbell from my great. And only ninety miles. What are are there. Like they're probably five people on the list of the top two people -- government should never turns out well. Hitler Castro. The problem it's probably unite here your public triggers are gonna work out of other kids got -- challenges is not gonna take you there Chavez is in the same. Team until he -- he's one of the -- -- Guatemala are it was number one yeah. Day's are big game but -- -- Back to where appropriate and -- calls. How long can you tread water. And she knew that it probably. Bid had Stalin and dollars on this does analysts don't don't so -- Yeah I think you have it will -- Israel and the good spirit about upgrade Hitler was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I could go out and got back what I hear that base. I loved it paid. A minority that are about -- And -- -- a lot that there's just left it. Eight years and reloaded. Yeah yeah like I always say. And they've ever had thought that in September they didn't expect that September. And -- You know it is you opened up now -- the text line. To people who want it -- atlas -- -- in -- and did I don't nonstop. We took him -- put -- about 645. My bed beside him admired what Bob thought that. What that -- then candidate this year it players. -- -- -- -- And. I didn't got loud I didn't want all of the data are available but the one of these days I know it would have come away with a W. Are brought up but -- -- on the pop pop pop up without. And the message I do feel I've I will agree with one thing that you said so far in his -- and I do feel better tonight. That is anybody put John Lackey out and pounded the rest I don't feel that I don't that's enough to push steam into the -- -- but I do feel that he entertainment -- -- -- when we start blaming Bob McClure Bob or are different different players room. I have really good bad cold that didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Frank stopped you teams always treat the relies which you don't ridiculed the other polls to elect -- couple. Frank -- better than them. A bit of that we end up a backhand but -- -- that might yet. Lebanon -- -- had a democratic. But to take -- while -- bit and it -- -- -- aren't yet body did you people who then I'd read about expect. And just outside guys. Early candidate for one of the week. -- slip out last week. Does that count how many don't know what happened on Friday because it was like this Friday it's like an hour and a half past the system. I think -- fifty bombs that might be the clubhouse leader so far it. Got to come like the Yankees and the problem about -- -- the good -- common -- Well that Bob Owens pretty you know like yeah I like the idea about what had happened -- had -- few more -- what you are. And -- LB Mike from dampers he's on a list of them. But. That it. You don't know available and it's -- and all I have no doubt you Arcadia but about the future admitted it cannot -- a bad. -- -- -- the -- the great and I got a lot of my card -- tomorrow -- And men in their own treated there after twice -- were last year how do you. At that point six -- that's twice as good and I just three days away from being where they were like is bad. But -- hands. -- Cool. That room. Can you. Went. Okay. Created. -- more. Then. Hillary. And be. He injury. This. And create an event. Where -- pain. I have. The same side. They didn't believe. It. -- Where he's being. Okay. And that was sweet. Blue Green Day in my Kiefer bring to an I have heard a Green Day yes commission. Bit of oh probably because of my feet at a bid price of the problem bearable my own law. Oh -- for a bit of who have gold. Bit of food they might be. Goal of the event. I practice field don't really have had built right here involved. -- evident. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I like it. And that Mikey anything else. It wouldn't have sent the diplomats. And he. Eighty URC. News Cotto. You know maybe I'm wrong. Okay here it would have. -- mean it is. Being. And I hope we. And so we get swept. Don't -- Continued. -- -- -- It's -- issuing the same outfit every day just different color. The purple outfit looked like the bull. That it but you look at it closely you've been out of their efforts given up -- outfit all of two minutes of fashion. Yards of fabric and those objects -- featuring raptor. Are you complaining. Those outfits make a statement recently. Just remembered. Something I really -- -- -- -- a little -- he's outside the box street here. Reason. Tool too young for you but she's she's definitely a thirties and that probably. Probably get you can look at them like they use that information -- numbers 8675. Trio nine. -- -- The third when I've got a set and a if you want a shot. This -- got up to me don't baby. -- And -- Didn't do what you are expected on Saturday I've always wanted always -- away from any peace deal. Bob the way back. Paid a lot of quietly. A bit more typically -- -- -- in between and it has not really going to -- -- plan -- -- you know what I mean. -- -- -- And -- and what's it like you said they're talking about each element whatever yeah. QF -- 86 today in view of the -- and any of these them at 86 right he's got a shot while you -- but I don't have a of velvet rope astronomy and he's just shot. 86. For Viagra is at a time I was gonna say it -- that probably doesn't work. Probably -- back. From me is all the result of -- -- bunker and it from the deck off. Hit it -- on the neck. There are few. And got -- yeah yeah you know. Obama said. I don't -- man that's got back on behalf of Hampton. I've -- Happy about Mexico if it would take them via -- yes he can affect. You -- apple want and -- And -- hero three which stops laughing that's a record for most home runs given up in one season is fifty so I think. He's on the pace for a 150 homers. Not only did -- troubling economy out of -- all excited about it all up on the front. And thank. You -- variety. -- weekend finally has she gone from likeable to totally unlikable and it just makes it worse. If you have bad behavior you pick a club. At Augusta you just look like a total jerk. He's just came across like so bad. There have but it was used in the kinder gentler now are -- -- -- now he may never get -- again and got dot for these are right there I'm sure after he lost that -- if the union India and -- -- are gonna do all right -- -- -- inspired -- eighteenth -- AT&T -- LTE speeds up to ten times faster. Treaty.

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