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Josh Beckett claims his thumb injury isn't the issue... is he telling us the truth?

Apr 9, 2012|

Beckett got lit up in epic fashion in his first start of the season this past Saturday, leading to questions about the health of his thumb. Beckett maintains that it's not an issue, but now we're left to wonder if he's telling us the truth.

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Mentioned some solutions shot. Some some some. Mentioned some some. You have had a. -- -- -- -- -- I'm going to have. -- Enough and I. I'm who've been. -- Also last place there sweetheart yankees Red Sox hole and Torre I oh and Rory. Acted a phone calls it and it because some nightclub that. That's -- burglary. Plant at a tequila rain actually well you think there are now much of current Yankee. That's 6177790850. I should just handle all went three nominee how she -- about urgent care. I don't think she even worse is gonna cultivated to harass us about or three -- -- is an internal. Yet Yankee color article that. Can do it if your team is only three. And the Red Sox -- three why would you call say it better 03 that you write with archaic to think closed well we both shock. Through three games all -- cocaine heroin right. We got some clinic here is a Christian in and it says secrets. Neat are you doing -- correct Kurtz. I'm -- I in the first time caller ending the long time listener I love your show I listen -- it all day long. I think our fans want to pick a couple quick remarks on obviously what you guys have been talking about all day on is how you. I don't feel about this year -- all these -- eighteenth in new players. I'm looking at new management. It almost like I don't know media I have in my head that I'm -- You know I keep the team that -- that was last year and the year before I feel like it suggests it's like hole do. Team all the management I I I don't even know how to feel about fifteen yet on. I unconcerned I mean maybe that's a little you know assumption was kind of we just started and you were only three back. I don't know I mean he's thinking you know it's gonna take them a little -- -- just kind of fine there. You know find their groove and it just you know we're gonna start out slow and we're just gonna bill I don't think it's. I don't think it's their intent to start out slow -- the question Chris is they have enough pitching. Yeah to be one of these playoff teams that's what it all comes down to end there are a lot of questions going into the season there is a new manager you're right does and general manager. -- -- in my opinion got a great offseason. What do they really do -- what I am probity -- to a team that did not make the playoffs last year did not make two players the year before. And three years ago were swept in the first round of the plan you know Chris are thought to answer your question about. Be in the neighborhood of ninety wins whether -- 899091. -- that they finished second. In my elitist. I'll grab one of the two wild card spots. And I'd be able to compete. Ford championship -- my thought it was I still think it's a playoff team. But one thing makes me nervous and is not the performance of the bullpen. That doesn't make me nervous diamond and the performance yesterday clay buckles because there's no injuries that we know -- still -- not entered should be a pretty good pitcher. It's Josh Beckett. Going to see three doctors before the season started and then going out on Saturday. And pitching like he needed to see three more doctors told him -- Josh Beckett is not available. All right well. I don't think you can be a playoff team if you don't have Josh Beckett available say perhaps this -- A mortar and what that was all about that appearance by him. Is it that he physically. Can't throw a breaking pitch right now because hardly ever did during that game and he relies a lot on that. Was that the issue. Knocked couldn't patrol color at all. Is that the issue was it physical -- is this Michael that since he went through. Red Sox team doctors and a teen then a doctor debt. He knows in San Antonio that a doctor that they both agreed to in Cleveland. Is he out they're basically now saying -- like -- is a problem with my -- like he played the good soldier him publicly upfront. I'll do whatever you wanted to do. You know just team guy. I'm gonna go out there and throw. But on the other hand it looked like a guide to me. It was just thrown meatballs up there during that game on Saturday is what about having a physical problem and we've seen it many times. We see good pitchers and he's a good picture -- what do we get lit up and what happens. The trainer gets out the about a -- to fifth inning to guys wheeled out he walks out and you don't see him now for another six weeks it would every goes on the deal that's not what happened in the situation. He left again. Because he'd given up five home runs. You don't Josh Beckett -- and you and you just sets a pattern dissent or physically is one of the options that he said -- -- told you so. That the problem with Josh Beckett is that most fans think he is a C I told you so guy. It's it's based on the way he does interviews when he decides to do is based on the look on his face as superficial as that sounds. People think he's an -- Uga. They they think he is. Off on his own they don't think he's quotable this is all that that the perception of Josh Beckett here is that he's tech guy. What he really means. Is -- that that advertising firm is that does all of the great ESPN commercials. They make everybody look funny on TV and they make everybody likable and everybody has personality I -- just -- Josh Beckett. Needs eight PR firm just don't work on him because why would why would any pitcher why would any Major League pitcher go out here take them -- Embarrass himself just to say I told you so. But people here think Josh Beckett back. Or horrible I know what a horrible has an -- a horrible thing for people to think about listen I don't think it out of there okay yeah you're right in probably isn't there. Yeah I watched that performance on Saturday. I can't think of another time. That I've seen eight top flight pitcher top of the rotation guy. A lot in pitch like that. And not have some physical issue that's something wrong foot and if you wanna know why he went out of his way and I've talked I've talked to people that we're there. In the clubhouse after the game said he want out of the way to say no there's no injury. The question was asked over and over again because I think people there that were asking the questions. We're trying to figure out why -- a really good pitcher go out and it's like pushing of the two games of Baltimore reported last year that we all bring up. See him pitch. Anywhere close to that they have last year. Ever last year no not last year -- won the last time you've ever you've seen pitched up every time he pages that poorly here he's hurt. I realize -- -- anywhere close to that bad we found out it was so suppose they're telling him. Not hurt you're okay. And he immediately and feels he answered yeah why do you go to three doctors yeah. I just think I think what it is good and he is he's got a few things going on he's got the injury. That I believe it was a legitimate injury. He also has. A and because of his because of his defense. Of John Lackey his friendship -- John Lackey he has now taken the brunt. Of the criticism that -- probably would be divided between both of those guys that -- he's not around -- not pitching. He is taking he is taking the abuse in the anger and the frustration. -- fans have for him and Lackey he's taken it for both the bulk of spin on the road. -- bill that President Clinton. Good you can -- -- don't like this guy every -- they don't seem like they did they think they did it teach you about here. Direct -- it comes out and and which is the same -- On opening day on Friday. You're right he then it's gonna feel the criticism -- I -- that he criticism. And it. And that away from the criticism you don't think people in Boston he's not you think he's listening to -- right -- -- He's listening. Now maybe maybe. Not think the thing up but that's not the point whether he's listening. There's a perception of Josh Beckett. That in our war and a lot of his World Cup were OK but -- The perception of just back in the media world in the world all evident when we're actually. I actually think that he would do which you throughout the electric he would go out and pitch. Give up a -- of home runs just to say I told you I don't he's getting on a home run think he would purpose that but I would underperform. -- You think judgment that. That's what I was saying no Michael you're you're okay you're not characterizing what what I'm saying. The way I shuttered or maybe I -- didn't. Say it properly. I think with him. He has an injury problem they're telling him he's okay right. And he's trying to be the good soldier and say okay you it's -- I'll go on the program I'll know it. And that he's going out there and he can't get it done so instead of coming out after the game. And admitting it got I got an injury primary I can't control. My fastball I can't. Moved my breaking pitch because my farmer the ball clubs telling me I'm OK it's no big deal just keep on going in patching up there. I just can't get it done instead of doing. Is it not only injury probably not I haven't sold in the and I know what would you senator united accusing him of being modeling or anything like that. Let Josh Beckett is at the point maybe it's because of it's mound presence maybe it's because of September 2011 maybe it's because of the -- rapper article where he should have different priorities in my life. No matter what I don't know what it is. But he is at the point where people think he's capable of anything they think he's capable of sandbagging the rotations -- you don't perform it. Saying F you to Bobby V being -- did John Henry they think he's that guy Palestinian he -- a PR may go on on Friday of this ballclub struggles up here in Toronto it'll be fascinating to see how the responses. When they introduced the entire team before the game I remember 2003. Ramon Ramirez and Chad fox who apparently. David Ortiz said this week and he never remembers playing for a guy named Chad fox on the same team when they were called that 2003 story to. Never remembers playing with a guy. That was that daddy's -- -- out of -- out of his memory bank. But I remember that champagne I don't remember -- however that in Firefox I remember Marlins I remembered -- -- That that bullpen and got after coming back home from a dismal road tripled luckily by the bullpen by committee. I would say they they have a bad time up at Toronto get ready for that. If Beckett strong rumbles with you start on Friday. And he's pulled out of that game in the fourth to fifth inning and he's going here he -- from the crowd that. I quick break right after the phone calls you -- picture.

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