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Rajon Rondo with Grande & Max after the game

Apr 8, 2012|

Rajon Rondo with Grande & Max after the game

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All right John thank you he is one of the attack put up historic numbers right now right before we started it he told him let's go let's do you think we slaughterhouse run -- run the broadcast now right now -- choices from the locker room after the 24 -- -- let me start with this. How much did -- teams in Philadelphia comply with the import of this team for the division. Play into the energy you have to start. About what -- over the last couple games. Return the favor of it. Seems like he does this right now claim of the defense of me in the way things have changed now. Tells a little bit about how raid has accepted his role now coming off the bits and how you -- way Avery Bradley saw the game. Whether right -- admit it gives more depth -- offices you know we get you know we got rather we have sought and got Kevin you know -- great -- When -- back compartment now and everybody -- haven't even the president. He's the best in the game means finishing where will -- -- -- -- -- think it was bound to their road except. You -- the key word when it comes Avery you're probably one of the people because of the way you see the game and see players. Could you see this in Avery even when he was really struggling early this year refine his game. I believe you know confident player they -- on nothing -- -- -- that's what that's what sports where every night that they. I'm very excited -- We will not let the -- failure coverage zone here it is boots bastard UAE program what what you'll -- That led to this of course he's not be fast on the Bob remain. And out quickly answer that question to me you know I know I think. Matter -- you stated. That's okay. Well I hope mansion on the question if you thought he did not happen and a -- Me being NB AQ well the way you guys have played here in the left in the game to let you got that turned the corner you can think you're right what -- -- -- -- Guys on how to forgot about the -- which are in the best of I think we have like 32 assists battled 3830 -- -- so. We're playing together and basically with a code that you get stuff this and make it the fifth and -- translated. We'll get the best we surprised the stock's reaction in Chicago. You know reduction act you know he's he's that a couple I'm coming kind words to me going off the court. I don't know Wii Fit me. He -- you laugh about all you'll laugh at our guys don't always left the run outward. All right bottom line is that that second answer is this team where you feel league needs to be now with two and a half weeks to go to accomplish what you wanna accomplish as well. We're not there -- it was very close. We're very confident group. We will work group that believes we can get it done and we're group a couple got has been there before so. We got a little bit young gather those great chemistry. It was the fourth to be expecting nothing less contact you back of the -- -- right.

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