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Baseball season and second guessing has begun

Apr 6, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder are looking more at the strengths and weaknesses of the Red Sox.

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Some freaky dude on TV hit the golf ball down the gusts I know -- -- he has grizzled veteran Mike. Miguel on the -- Jimenez. He has -- -- these historic these -- for -- he's got weird point shot back. Like a straight party -- on at UMass is going on a course that we got part of that on on. Finally you know -- it is a little irritating when -- the early April games and they don't have every -- You know that bothers you because tonight. And have to go through. Suffered through. The angst. Of the Red Sox fans who -- are just like. Already at odds with themselves over what's going you know and I I just want to reward uses only one game but we do have the complaint line open and we anyway. Who would what are rarity nobody on a Friday night. I don't know in the next full Friday night show will be because usually there's assault his game or -- -- wanted to know Friday sure especially with the Celtics aren't going to the playoffs. -- I will do a show in Vegas on May fourth. The -- that maybe there's one job and so forth and the rest are. -- We're gonna do is -- and let it let it fly a little bit you know we're gonna let you let it fly out to hold back John's gonna hold that pullback. On our offerings. By name of anyway 10% rise in order to enable you the sports watching knowing -- public. To voice your opinions on any at all of -- it's gonna get two teams. You know launching themselves into the playoff mode pretty soon twelve games left for the Celtics and brewers at one game left pronounced yet they're offset. -- -- very soon they'll be in the -- a Red Sox heading for the playoffs as well it I give it in my humble opinion. I am HO. In my humble opinion right there will be heading group where you may feel differently about that the Yankee game what's the score on that -- Do we outside bottom of the sixth on the bottom of the eight yankees now from weirdly the Yankees scored get a cast off of the Phillies Raoul. Ibanez. Who you know has been. A life -- lifelong. Trouble spot for the reds and the Red Sox have had issues in Japan yeah when he was in the Mariners there oil America's he's actually he's a good hitter in -- a kind of a crappy year. And you know he's older now that -- patrolling the outfield and he's a lefty DH would he like 39 is around you supporting you might be forty really that I'll look at them. He's getting on an age so the he hits a home run for the Yankees today and are immediately their very first and only and cheapest. Offseason move maybe pays off for them. And also for the Tampa Bay -- the same thing they go get -- pay you who's been here there. Everywhere back and forth yep bouncing around an awful batting average -- strikes out a million times a year. But he hits a Grand Slam in his first -- re a appearance for the race -- in in with all these pitchers -- Mike. You know we've been seeing that even Erik Bedard spinning a gem although losing all the one nothing games every one -- anything -- Sabathia going up against James Shields you know the Yankees can hit but Tampa Bay you know couple guys like him but not much and it could give this six but both shields and in sabathia -- -- but I think the good news is sufferers such -- that no matter what happens here these yankees Red Sox a regular rays and yankees says it kind of split it beat up each other little bit. Maybe the recessed in what -- beat the -- men the fist demand tomorrow. -- tomorrow's afternoon tomorrow afternoon recess game finally the defect how does -- -- status. -- acidity try to. You know make room for rain outs. -- make that extra day off. Is that in the middle of the series -- make at the end of the series like for example they play Thursday Friday. Saturday Sunday. Euro or they're off Sunday eroded -- off Monday or something like that right but I just don't I don't have to because to me you it's where it would -- -- to start with their appetites for baseball. I his one game at a live with it for a couple days that I just I'm not a big Big Ten days off anyways you know. -- and decided to via a bond is by the way of and was wondering turns forty on June 2 was born in New York, New York -- well you know and ended of my biggest fear -- -- -- he turns it around and DH does that play in the outfield and just boom boom -- yank your radio or entertaining guy pounds budget all runs their who votes you know against. Chili Davis type of vote. Yeah he's DH for the yes good good analogy definitely over the hill but can still swing the lumber a little bit used to the pot sites hitting coach and who was really chili -- is from Jamaica. If there aren't many ball players from tomato wells was from their vote to bond light. Writes that former blue Jay yeah while he -- Angel he -- was -- bunched. That's funny -- you would know that about Jamaica. So we open up the phone lines and by the way tonight you know we -- 10 o'clock and then writers don't want to leave you know like he does yeah what what next week writer when we're in Vegas when when -- you know -- patio and I go on you can get a night off. Do yeah they were gonna be a tenth -- one right. Charlie added all you mean after the big after the Geary. On for a last well we're don't want went too far this month -- but it's going to be fun. Does have a great time we'll talk about some boxing. Camera there and stuff like that and and all the things we see in -- -- again -- have never been I should bring a video you know -- -- do you have HBO. I do I do not all you do not -- because I never got a chance to watch out. Because they -- -- -- -- 24/7 you know Mayweather Cotto that they always do leading up to the -- well right that's bigger and -- -- -- -- getting HBO in the next few months I have more time to watch it right in but in the meanwhile you know I I have a hard time just -- through my -- Judge -- episode of course. We have rate has come it and I've just been informed via text that she's in the neighborhood so we're gonna have -- India. Absolutely splendid email female in here helping us out with similar text messages because it would keep the barrage of of pithy comments coming on as six point 77790850. At 8852 advisory typical for our end or end or text us. 885850. -- just text to visit your home Justin Masterson is -- yes he was born there aren't. That's unbelievable he was what what of performance he had yesterday pieces -- from Kingston Jamaica I tried but she wouldn't yes that's parents. There -- religious mission our school. OC now we're learning a little bit more as we go this is what happens and it -- -- because in the old days you'd say something people want and in the had to get through on the lines. Which are sometimes quite sharp fall. Now they can just taxes. Correctness. Or at some bigger conversation without. Hopefully without endangering themselves while driving -- whatever so what six or seven times advisory to the -- -- arrived to 550. I didn't care for -- last night's Celtics gave John either did Doc Rivers know it's arguably you know what when. Went there without the best player in the league. No one on top Iowa you know you'd MVP right of the league -- you'd take what -- an opportunity. Nights ago. Last night again pretty much the same problems with the Celtics last race -- well the F Reba exactly and they they even without Derrick Rose has bulls teams beat the Celtics in a couple times in Tokyo just give full credit to Tim's. Two museums now -- -- call dibs at it that stands he's amazing. And he's I think he's got speed some kindness of -- When it comes to coaching and defense in this guy's unbelievable. Hours of first guy ever to get the quickest aggregate 200 victory yes. But. The Celtics missing passing the liberals at the bulls have not been the same since he got -- they've been so much mentally of the personnel to -- it's pretty deep team but he knows how to use them in utilizing and he really maximizes reached out there and look at his record and got. They get ten games left there like just. Block the road better pace than they were last year yeah. So let he's coveted tonight to any measure progress hang out talk sports review so let's get the phones. Lit up and let's see which you have to say about. This year is Red Sox I mean look. We now have one game and our bill is it is it any kind of -- reflection at all what the what the Red Sox really are what we know that's the promise that tiny little dinky. Teeny -- sample size. And under the most extenuating circumstances -- that. In yesterday's game. It's it's different it's not your average run of the mill game when you're facing the guy who's the best pitcher in baseball I'm sorry. You don't wanna go in advance of that put an L on it. Any more than the tiger fans or. Berlin himself wanna put W wanted to come out of it with a no decision. But he pitched has guts out as usual is remarkable better later in the game and it was even early in the game which was good enough. And so what's that was just can be just put that game aside. And look at what we really have now immediately I looked at the lineup and I said well this is really kind disables sable. From what recorded last year I I was sort of -- a bit of a shake Atlanta part of that entails. Carl Crawford batting second you know we'll see what happens when he gets and Pedroia to third not sure that's gonna happen -- Because I'm not sure how fast car Crawford gonna get back to whatever he used to be Tampa Bay. But. To me it's all about you know you try to get the best guy in the right positions throughout the lineup and it is to me if you could shove. Crawford in their second Pedroia a third. Gonzales fourth Youkilis fifth. And Ortiz sixth and again you could flip that around -- -- -- -- lefty righty situation not a problem any of all all of that I do have some fear about what. Youkilis is going to be this year and -- don't ask me why John I don't even know I don't campaigns to feel like LME's coming off a bad year last year. He's he's broken down before New Year's general breakdown. I just don't wanna look at Adam hitting you know -- he struck out twice against for a Lander will would have an excuse there causes Justin -- When I'm watching him nowadays I don't have that that. Confident feeling these haven't either good at that put the bat the ball solvable widow and I just don't have anymore would you -- -- -- hate to say Jack has. You wanna have faith in these guys -- they have a track record that that was the one wrinkle I was in the lineup yesterday. Was what Ortiz batting cleanup Youkilis fit right -- maybe may be bad -- and feels the same way about Iran. He's if he's fifth overall general that's pretty good place for but you know that is -- is there are going to be some problems this office team. You know you don't have a bunch out hop in the bottom of that order. Whoever hits fifth sixth beyond that. I'm just a little bit fearful yes six through nine yesterday. And Cody Ross a little bit Saltalamacchia. Holds only guy I've got two hits though was hit in what was he -- -- Series' sixth it was hitting six. If you're. If -- -- if you're gonna. Put your money in the right sweet beer BI -- six or an instrument zone read. That's not what you want it there in an end when you take it almost committed Golan in Berlin or against Lester we give the Red -- generally down. One nothing. After seven. Well again it. If you look at -- a situation currently superlative you're looking at a guy just before Robert blew up four -- birdie yesterday. Got a guy who's coveted orange lights out. It was last year so. At that point in time the triple was a bonus -- -- in extend the game is certainly win the game. You know. It's just a question of putting off the inevitable. Which was -- normally it's -- and a company is screwed up.

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