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Doc Rivers calls out Celtics effort and desire after a tough loss in Chicago

Apr 6, 2012|

We discuss Doc River's comments after Thursday night's loss in Chicago, and wonder if the Celtics are still on track to be a competitive force in the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

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Player and and himself Andy himself. And they all wanted to be cool and they all like to have that miracle I thought it was -- -- like after the game. Yeah yeah because I think this team is over it resolved but right now that's twice now they've they didn't to us -- frustrate us and our guys like Goran. Bottom line. We're we're not gonna go a lot of horses slam what that title -- so well toughness. Chicago's tougher than -- right. We had three weeks because of where were planned. -- -- like that tonight how will we play one of those guys in the first round. Then. We've got to. That was unacceptable but that's my that's on the first. -- this something where I didn't see something. It's always on the coach. That's that's an unacceptable -- I love them because when you door to one individual when you call one guy. Then you really exposing one individual that guy has nowhere to go nowhere to battle it. When you're dealing with a whole team in your assuming responsibility courage your name is on the top spot there. I love it because usually that becomes a rallying cry for the troops they all work together. Yeah her great failure was gonna approach would be the bigger problem is this opponent that eligible for I would be surprised at all the Celtics. Took on the Miami Heat beat. Be given a series and that's not supposed to happen as the great Miami Heat. I think they match it well I don't think they match up well with Chicago and you would think last night. I you can maybe steal a win on the road because -- plane and the bulls without Derrick Rose -- They don't match up well with the bulls without Derrick Rose with Derrick Rose -- its. Now obviously they don't get the MVP of the league backed. Is going to be that much more difficult there's -- point every game. Where you say. Oddly. This is that is not gonna happen and for me that point was early in the fourth quarter. Lucas. Made a three from like 75 yeah away after OK. Are we got out all right are we gotta stop this -- is ridiculous and that's gonna go where. As I can happen but you could just in the third quarter. They're getting closer and closer the intensity was way out there they're playing very high level talk trash. They were getting into the Celtics had a little bit -- had to push off follow KG had technical. And if you have any decent TV agreement be great TV a decent TV. You heard everything you said the got a technical merit aren't likely to get here they have so they can start to disintegrate. Taking bad shots losing their composure. And then not being able to match the energy intensity of the bulls got. I've been the -- about a -- couple weeks. Because I really believe they're giving a lot of heart and a lot of pride. Today uniform and their Boston harassed and undermanned and they're undersized and they're doing it virtually every single might last but not one of those nights and I agree with you I think they had a shot against that team. I can't figure I know they're the worst rebounding team. And I'm not expecting them to go out there. And get themselves. One of them in a million rebounds against a team like that. Aren't their portions of the game we use a parent's written about it rebound Euro -- that read Robert. They should get a bulls no I don't think -- while some Obama I disagree with I think they have good position it's almost as if they're not working hard and if they've almost given up. We can't rebound sure you know what we're gonna shoot for a high percentage we're gonna open up the outside in all yelled gonna take the ball to all of we can do all of this stuff. The rebounds we don't need to get the organized it to me guys -- -- -- too -- side I think there's a lot of standing around here etiquette when the ball's gonna don't but the defense of and oh yeah defense of in Chicago mrs. how all the get three opportunities. One possessions. Prostitutes on my house the reminders and make a run we actually literally. We were cooled -- we're the cool Boston Celtics tonight. That's who we looked like you could see you walking around walking the ball could get the ball in bounds. Nobody won the world to do tomorrow is a joke when the truth Celtics. And there's nothing about either school legend. You don't play basketball school. Expect Chicago. Re going to Chicago and had a cool game on. Curtis -- on Chicago native. This kind of still optimistic. Back I don't think starting bug I don't if you can't -- a little cool reserve I heard of it about that -- let. But you you brought the point about Chicago and rebounding. Look at all those guys that they have that in -- You look at Boozer. Gibson. -- -- I mean almost guys happened on my -- like -- still -- -- -- even getting -- you get the three position at the reposition Deng who was -- who's not a power player percent. Deng has really good games against Paul greater good to -- -- appears if you look back they'll have ten to twelve game. Yeah right he got literary well he does. -- We know they're not gonna be of our good rebounding team but there are times when you watch them that they have great position. And you sit there saying there's a lack of effort you're not making a move the ball because you're right undersized. Against the team like that that team is not only. Big but they're. You know do you really active they are all over the place. Celtics to me was beyond cool. It was statue like at times they were just kind of admiring and stopping and saying okay yoga position. I'm boxing out and then out of nowhere Noah. Ten feet away is coming up speaking to rebound the drop for identity program moms don't you should know you should at least have a 5050 shot that. Ran in they're not getting great job I will talk about both of those things today -- going to get into this whole. Gregg Williams. In this documentary. In the the video now that is going to take Gregg Williams from being suspended. Four in eternity. In the National Football League that may be finding himself on the court of law and they be spending some good old prison done that's it might be that bad. For Gregg Williams will get it all of that. This afternoon. Guarantee in a village are Isiah Thomas is just a fire. Justifiably college job -- -- just go for. Florida -- -- Florida international. Just -- F are you have fun you have by -- and that's what they said don't have the chocolate. And -- two timeouts in the first have to remind us that we are actually have an NBA game tonight and that we need -- -- -- -- -- worst loss -- year. With the way we approach today. And then this terrible I just thought Chicago was registered tough for us I just thought that toughness. Made a -- go to -- you can see we one years old is she uses all night. I just thought struggles too tough for us tonight. It. I don't read a worse day today in college sports Isiah Thomas. Or Bobby Petrino out and and Arkansas Bobby Petrino do pass the -- far. -- me get this straight he gets into a motorcycle. Accident. And it churns out. That there was another woman. On a motorcycle with a little bit about getting an accident. You don't wanna get an accident with another woman when -- married you've got like -- -- It doesn't play well and in a college town like that ample notice it's the -- go well for all her you know. Each -- you admitted. You know Mary. Lie away it initially he said it was a woman on the scene you know I don't know as a woman today and in need. Elvis still and then Nady pretty -- didn't say that it is there is on the -- little there was a lady actually -- seeing who flagged down a car for. -- -- -- What do you happen to mirror that he -- very well. And she was done by finally -- -- it was grabbing your wasted little 122 mile. Violence -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It tells athletic director of battle and quite tell you holes story about my little motorcycle ride as he was trying to tell people. It was out wanted to go for he was with this family at the -- -- this fairly political for a may be a whole family book attracts or. There's potential there. Minutes before the police report is gonna come out. In the police report while all that information has made it different than it is that it. The speaker open and into overture to the AD in the eighties that OK your. Group which are on leave for our continued in the under the lady friend of working his department yeah weeks ago or two weeks ago former volleyball player -- work. I tell us. Florida international golden Panthers this past season apologists use for a -- that it key questions eight and 418. And Tony that's consequences. It doesn't have the answer these great players. If you're coach Byrd retired or -- -- -- is destroyed by pressure for Michael Jordan. -- Isiah Thomas. Isiah has destroyed an NBA frontier and the people wanting them back and why he never left. He's apparently destroyed a college basketball program and oh yeah. He destroyed the whole minor league basketball. CBS the original the original utterly destroyed it. Let's not forget blaming an overdose of his -- that's right that's a good one got a what would actually never laughed and joked there. Speculation. And it's probably. It's beyond speculation -- there's some very educated guesses that -- apartments. You know -- prominent role with the next. Although he's technically sound work and he's got pictures -- -- you think you can -- there is no way. Any human being. Does what he'd done and confident. It's not even a matter what's a couple of ointment as the -- he does. He does have that type of personality that for a while. Maybe an hour hour and a half he can con you we -- -- really believed that he's someone different than he really. When you're dealing with lawsuits. You're dealing with. Disruption within your your organization because you're spending more time on the on the front page of the newspapers opposed to the back page of the newspaper. I'm sure it's time to finally move on how is it that the owner. Continues to I agree with -- I keep on here at a -- as well regardless they were a he he's got a lot of windows open right how is it possible like I was I don't know. You got pictures. Made it may be Dolan took a motorcycle ride want to I think it's a -- A lot of imitators mr. Arafat you he's got -- -- -- he's got no pictures on the golden dollars. They says -- later they figure about his career record of Florida international 26 and 65. Always a much better -- the next president. Are about saint do you think it was that he could win any games when he was actually out there on the floor he simply could play a little develop a player what about it.

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