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Friday, April 6th Whiner Line

Apr 6, 2012|

In Russia, line whines about YOU.

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Views excuse you expressed and expressed the headlines this hour is likely to see this car. This subscription -- but still. Morris is now. Warning airlines last time I'd look. He's wearing a -- back there same type suit I'm -- he's not in the battle and now he's got a bone to quality teams here. She shut -- yeah. It's not a most him. It's about two quality teams that WEEI. One in -- -- -- that stuff there we understand hopefully works as far as the dialogue that goes on when all this stuff here. When it comes to a close to an opposing player it's disrespectful it's wrong it's done -- dial 779353. But. And that's got to stock. -- -- of shoving your pocket it's a -- the two teams it's chicken and and it's not for the series -- I don't care vote all the garbage that goes on until he does it all the time. -- line they like with -- -- who listen to hear themselves talk about this that doesn't that's not an effect or it comes to a close to a player. That's just so it's disrespectful. These are two quality teams would great athletes -- plus it's not a hope the coaches and now. I'm not in the battle I am not in the battle. He isn't in the battle -- Jerry yeah but W. -- You know alone -- shot yours -- -- I wonder what would happen if we used to it to wind stars over there -- -- what happened. So nice to see what happens with the lead with this just no respect amongst players now. -- Anything that happens. Ask the guys who did it ask -- while most -- organizations and believe. They whine about this stuff all the time and look what happens. Answers. Words. I haven't talked to -- well. It's ridiculous he is just classic anything but don't whine about some also their own thing. Start with their two stars. We've got through literally local guy -- Carla guy that you bring on computers and now you're -- during a break and you seem really really aren't upset about it. That is larger drive into work today when it happened I had you know. Is the term for a couple of holes in front me at times. I don't even know a country either front or the drive but they don't think they learn to drive Americans I was gonna simulate a maybe they were for this country awesome I think how. I couldn't sell I don't know maybe that crazy flag on the back in the windshield sticker and by the way I -- idea because it is. Obviously -- -- -- -- -- we just thought this would be zillion dollar you know I think he had a short attention span this has. -- goldfish tap on the glass. Different direction -- -- this is great you get those two temporary tattoos that kids where you on the use currently comes to when your arm whatever. You make logos of like let's say the big show and and you you he's due -- girls to Wear them in their cleavage. Where you know everybody's look at -- After that I don't I guess the million elaborate says I can -- you Soledad it's like a little -- -- you give the girl. You know like five bucks a word that night at the bar -- would -- to percent of the properties of the artists don't use sexual harassment. Is just announced that it's their choice you're giving them a choice. Think they have Illinois and won't look you're you're quite the archer brutal but I thought I might have picked up a lawyer on staff. At all time Dana at all -- I wherein -- hear Mikey read -- objects. Reignited the Russian car drives that. W deciding what other of our AT&T why the -- right now gonna play the best you want to the past week in. Make the call simply by texting your vote at 85850. It's nominee and now they need me here. It's my my I'll bet they. Ha -- we really -- it was an -- equipment equipment went over all over the world. And then -- That's your recent past there and there is the -- nominee which would need. But Barack -- port barrel. I got here. Perhaps it would probably -- critical to the parking lot and I ended quarter quarter as well call 400 fired power. -- -- it's ready to go work there aren't. About the good. They probably did those are going to be all right bill could go bigger and embargo world people don't they woman and nobody. What good -- but not very good candidate Bob Bob and I got a guy go over all of a little bit -- I don't. Look for limited more directed it for probably. Can under the -- with a with a torn out of the boat and it will open but I would gobble up a bit older then -- work hard. Public -- kept I gotta go out there. -- it was -- a little bit like Dave Lewis did. Normally. There ago they've -- music -- -- both from the Michael Holley impersonation. You text a letter a 2858. You vote for locals -- you'd strong letter to 858. Is very simple. Up until the end of today's -- aligned to. Text your vote in 285850. Our winner receives a 100 dollar American Express gift card also eligible for the -- of the year grant price that -- like that. One year of AT&T service including wind of the week is now powered by eighteen to four GL TE. Speeds up to ten times faster three G. AT&T will rethink -- My own home runs from Colorado Colorado. Won't stop stop -- -- as you know he's got you I don't know Michael stop trying to influence of them are trying to influence has got to vote right now people try to do that you know they take people that. You know. To the polls that coaches shouldn't. Hide it it's just gonna hear from some Yankee fans -- our loved the fans -- -- with one from yesterday -- that it. -- -- -- -- Quote. -- That there will be able. Pat pat pat -- apple could I -- Pretty -- -- I expected from him was the Yankees your last Saturday -- Let's hear from one a couple of recent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If part of and bad and then. My -- and get out and about and a and -- yeah. It was epic got a big debate. And -- bring it up and added that doesn't back up. And nobody. It. And not as bad bad but the -- -- at every and it got it and -- yeah. Now top of the eighth straight he's a -- six Tampa Bay file still -- Well call it in I think. But definitely they can we had in the -- these little bit because however the old days. Maybe -- -- -- Friday tackle where do you walk on water. On the ball defeated -- -- But not all -- And -- them. Russian. If you're gonna war in Russia that Russia bullpen changes you. But then their book big gigantic I think well -- I -- from oil well -- I don't think we can't in my opinion I don't like it might like. Well when it started that callers bullpen. Controversy X games. It's standard here in new -- Go well after the first game this -- We haven't done. Service has no blown saves. If they really get well soon. Alan and I think that that let -- go off there web. The fact that they need to be that crap these stream it. -- -- -- -- -- can Skype I'm and -- did -- -- that you don't believe that there. I'm not somebody and independent. Could -- me. The afternoon. Me. The pin again. Okay. And that message -- set from Fiddler on the Roof. Passover starts cents that's what you think it's Russian. In Russia cleavage -- you. -- way yeah waited in the Tampa -- almost don't do -- now. For probable last several years. Many years ago was I was I was touting yeah -- -- -- -- brother -- -- nine years -- Oh yes it was closed to -- -- as -- And it. Mike Adams Morgan here right here -- -- played songs and it. But opening date yet like you would do and. -- -- -- -- -- As an instrument. Really -- -- a privilege it's a static histories to have on the sports show guys coming off the streets and played their T. That's a reason that's him still lives in Russia deeply you want to and -- shows like that anymore. I'm planning on actually have I can't talk about on the air but I got a big planned on that reality TV this time. Hey guys I have a question point -- yeah so what's the difference between the -- attic anonymous. And Bobby Valentine what will look after -- PTA meetings I wanna like you wanna point. At a hearing about it these boys. I wanna do is watch reruns of the and Buffett think a lot permit. And that is there APA. And either it's -- -- that. Like Dennis Kelly had today gave you elect your -- portal backgrounds one what did you mortal background I don't -- background outline an obvious fact that you guys are you as man that's only raised some property loan you'll -- -- a movie theater I -- to properties it became an X rated theaters yet you work you ran the place and I helped out a little -- that's -- -- tennis and delegates at this. -- of the day I can do my own boogie nights movies huh. Or they don't like that that's apropos because the name of that song recorded a man was playing with somebody I used to know so I let -- -- if you're arrested -- you know that movie theater discount would actually make sense is that golden shower thing -- -- -- it's like you what did you do at the theater. Well I was a brilliant kind of -- the bookkeeper and it was like a real estate and -- a few of the films of natural. Before -- many films -- also just to catch it becomes a deeper and according to exclude those films play for. -- they were there every game the continuously showing 11 AM. Very provocative and noticed starting 11 AM to 11 PM. -- zionists like it was five so I don't they would have to clean the theater I think people out back and undertaking have to grow up I got Starbucks procedures. You know that's what's. -- way up to pick up the popcorn boxes to -- and I yeah I hardly a day given the option out there a couple of popcorn. I had a ten foot pole everywhere obsolete optimism. Talked to these days are. -- So what do you guys could attack we got there yet. That's about it yeah below I've put the ball I think that this says. And -- message. The blow hard who could throw hard and. -- -- pick out a lot and yet what happened back. -- get out. And shore. Spectacular. Trending on Twitter yesterday. I hurt -- yeah I got to explain it got -- I don't deities that Q2. Two big acquisition yeah explain it to me -- she's a couple. Couple might not ones. Cody Ross and wind -- -- -- -- -- our -- our tax policy. Jordan doesn't because the boat already click. And -- -- gonna show. The idea the old Jenny don't mind doesn't know. And message. Didn't have the talks today but they were very very impressed oh -- studio today. Guys don't get me wrong headed or are. But both Dennis and Callahan have to go on and on and on about our botnet. That's proved okay. That have brought along the side. Approaches dissident literally fool around overreact for the kind of a -- woman just the credible that athletic. Don't started well didn't say anything about -- let's say that they go about that and then stick it can't. And that cost. It's. Right. Again it's for a about. They dot I appreciate upon. That -- -- -- I would be comfortable but despite a lot about -- -- -- -- and does that change. Now. Don't have supported him Bobby Petrino you know I was really hope we -- gonna get up there or Clinton I did not have that with that motor side. Came out of city in wanna tell the truth because they wanna -- it's -- disgusting and inappropriate relationship. It and it's a compression than yes which did she get hurt most and ultra cautious on not our process has -- down people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Backbone summit is youth programs she was protected behind -- herself positioning. You know that anyone remember the that Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino -- -- -- part of black poet but. -- -- -- him yet but my body. And I did not. I bet you apparently did not know about that back that picked up but I don't know. -- it's. -- -- -- A very annoying commercial it is sad reason yeah and they they they have this figure in more different set of circumstances right now board writes Russia and wake you up when we chew up as the worst she's. Sometimes -- commercial wakes me up on those aren't sleeping I. I opera I thought something else that he may never find the remote. Dick Dick no it's true that won't work that Bobby Petrino hired Rick Pitino to. -- an apology I apologize for that discretion that happens I'll -- gold. And that it. I apologize he has professionals for that industry accessories longer than a 152 ride on the -- like on a day where -- Kennedy di -- -- got better. Allotment -- -- adorable -- that adorable look. Outdoor obstacle on the list with Clay Matthews through this. You're big fan a nice guy. Government and I don't really does is he out of his eyebrows so. -- there were overrated anyway why nobody did you notice that he's like totally hairless from the neck copy I think it's Andy's I don't play every. I had to do knicks coaches vibrancy. And Mikey -- yet. I'm Mike was -- outgoing and shake them out a couple years ago I'm more interest to fire his team and how we -- her story. Yes and not necessarily back up letter. Whether you know he's got eyebrows too bad deal wasn't fortunately through Brazilian -- I don't know how to for cheap. I understand why that would not -- out more than one year contract their fate is getting old -- And that I thought Barrett and depend. Return us to. The best protection looks and feels just like underwear -- -- -- Free samples you can't you just asked this question because it's about another uncomfortable commercial there -- certain. As that you know that the product is a little bit different and they can be really funny yeah but you. Final funny at all -- it's. Was to be funny easily history by its next year. Girls were those -- at those trojans sex toys in the -- -- in the walk in the -- of The Herald blown back -- -- that -- The girls have collateral. -- -- it. It's like mighty mighty -- nicely in the wee hours of the morning when while watching TV are currently up. On the ship -- you watch you know. -- -- 30000 people are expected to -- -- and their service delivered by can evoke an attack this church. Yeah how much you wanna bet with the job as a photographer. And that the PS so I think is that the red. And this message when you surprised that true. I don't know. Oh all right. But I can't have a better than I -- the creepiest thing whoever the you know what people I can grow marry a bit but probably not spotted him. The creepy. And cop. And not walk and -- What else to say about your coverage would get -- -- -- the -- all. I would drop. Maybe that brought back. Human and all of a lot of people don't like -- this is. Bring up a few good it's him and I'm -- adults lucky enough I know is one of the way to go in this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Obviously going. Board seat all -- whatever -- 0100 daughter American Express gift card for Eads anti eligible for the wider the year grand prize claim your prize sent that email do. Why under the -- at WEEI. Dot got visual analog. Brought you by AT&T four GL TTE speeds up to ten times faster than the three GAT and T rethink possible.

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