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Red Sox bullpen blows a comeback in 9th to lose opening day: Response and Reaction

Apr 5, 2012|

The Sox new look bullpen started the season much in the same way it ended for the Red Sox in 2011. We discuss it and take your reaction.

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I got game one in the barks. And we're ready to talk about it at 6177790850. To all free 885 Q five. 0850. Load up the lines and we'll talk about it. -- Dell's pretty good today but you guys. Another girl were used to wars and our character Byron York area remember it remember him. And then gives -- -- And Hannah. Excel wasn't knowing that it's did you should as the nationals are like her. I know and that was that Harry it. She had a good job Heather you know what I never thought I was editors didn't American Idol contestants -- Alpha. That's a lot blue dress. Nothing better. At all because they would have a little bit about what you want -- -- -- Development of -- It may look up trouble and violence in the opening round -- -- going into the game today that you're gonna have a difficult time against Verlander and man he was to spectacular. -- -- I did great Lester Lester gave you exactly what you needed out of the gate this is Jon Lester. As struggled. In the past in April right this was a terrific performance from him because back to what we've been talking about over the last couple weeks about innings. Notice what happens. It gives you seven solid innings in what is related do gives you one more -- asked if they're more they're not gonna see that keeps you wait for the bullpen. Well you got it to 52 innings pitched last year Verlander he gives you the extra innings and the guys that do that. Are sold valuable Michael and you sort had to go to your bullpen for an extra inning and guess what now the -- What a mean Justin Verlander is a mystery boss. It didn't get this guy. It out first game of the season. Personally didn't NFL moved. 45 to 45 degrees in Detroit. -- -- Come out there a blow my hand and I'm not gonna acknowledged the whether it's funny enough it's a forty. Pakistan didn't it Gregg Williams kept hockey is already ago. Walked. One guy -- dialogue. Into check control of every -- he was -- unbelievable on the -- we know we know. That was coming although somebody said yesterday can't remember -- was -- was not yours about it yesterday a Betsy Golan. That is not going to be a typical Justin Verlander -- tomorrow remember who said that you would that you'd you know restore what did not that would not you know you figure it out when you're in the room with -- And you actually said. Unstuck going to be typical Verlander game plan it can't -- Like it if it's somebody else Alia that -- -- could have been handy but it wasn't Verlander was tremendous and listen. I'm not disappointed because I expected -- to be to be tremendous. And this is going to be something that we're going to wonder. How it plays out the Red Sox bullpen they come back. They got to love -- Thursday. Not strange what character he has announced range dude net and you look at the body is just not an athletes athlete's body you know it's just -- and it is not it's not there put. 849 to forty ninth save opportunities last year and he struggles already in the in the first game Red Sox had a great job of getting to a but did you got plug -- like to open even before that -- getting knowledge a couple of outstanding performances first law. Of the double from Pretoria of the great peace keepers like -- an opposite field and you can tell right you can tell pretty early that he was on to me a lot of confidence against them. And I felt like a laboratory is gonna win this one. Then you have. Good -- from from Adrian Gonzales. Typical Gonzales I mean. You would look for you at one you wanna take take out apartment situation but it's just that good piece of hitting from Gonzales then. Good management moved. From Bobby evening putting McDonald -- first McDonald McDonald in the game. McDonald's steal second base. Then yes Sweeney with a triple -- That was pretty good and -- and by the way you're not going to get. Lot of those in the deep part of the ball park. Mean I just commented just before he got the triple Tijuana that you can -- -- I don't know I should pose at the is that this guy is 64. He's like Jordan thirty pounds. And in each of the last two years he's hit one home how can that possibly be and I look at it would Pedroia. A look at Ellsbury and I should their body their make up their frame and you compare to a guy like Sweeney. He is 64. Short thirty then it's it's not -- looser fat this is what bill got. And he is one home run in each of the last two seasons he has no power. And from the left side I was going to have power in Fenway Park. I don't see how an athlete but he but he came up with a big hit today that was a huge hit today. I'm not sure what they see a lot of those different course of the season and the one thing he does really well. Which is field out there he had trouble -- episodic get they get flipped around and he was a mess on that one -- are you ready to. Bag for for Jonathan Papelbon come back now you are ready. It didn't listen we're we're gonna overreact everybody's gonna over the course with with the first game we always deal. If they had won this game people would have overreacted Mikey when -- tonight at 162. And listen you're not gonna know anything now. For. Eight weeks and weeks and you gonna do you figure out your team hey -- ten weeks into it -- that we thought we have the team figured out them. Along came September episode disaster. Questionable for you gotta worry about that they noticed once. Verlander was out of the game the one thing that we all I think are an agreement that this team is gonna do was hit this year once he was out of the -- they had -- You're gonna start -- so now do you have any problem because I don't have any problem with Bobby Valentine. Taken -- Lance and out of the game bringing in his closer for that moment. Alfred it was I don't you don't want. As he saw the bullet to give up the two hits he saw bullets and struggle during the spring so he said I've seen enough of already seen this act during the spring. Com and that's something to worry about because well it's -- a bed spring. And today it was a little bit of a shaky so you gotta go to was said that she got to go to the guy you got it. You know get you gotta put the brakes on right now so that you have an opportunity to win again I think I find hopeful. -- anything to Bobby did the official line on the official line from a -- 13 of an inning two hit him pitch. Which is exactly what it was in the -- so if you're Bobby and you're seeing the same crap all over again what do you do big -- they were in trouble when. You're wondering if -- the checked swing. Four for a service went service throws the ball and it's not -- is it it is the checks going but again. Now and I you've got the bases loaded. You're in trouble Austin Jackson didn't make good pitches to Austin Jackson. Nobody's gonna get that ball the way it was smoked on third base line and open to it was and there. Because of the switch are taking Gonzales out again duke was the first if you could have been a thirty -- a gun volley they'll. And there's a -- Asset base as your closer will lead closers. In the American League with a hit batsman. Only 50% of them will be intentional. And he -- this is his make up this is what he does the tries to he tries to look to scare you that's that's what he's done. I really -- the I would I would say I just thought about it with with Bobby very. Was I was a little surprised that he had morality and who knows maybe Morales was doing his -- dreams constantly throwing to first base. With Cabrera at first in a typical first -- not goal is not going second more if it doesn't know what you're gonna vote for. Now that might have been a miscommunication. Saying it's the first game who knows maybe it'll communication issues. That was to be a little mystery. I let's get to a -- -- roll them -- -- we'll talk a little bit about David your impressions. And and what you thought and don't get too down yet it's one game and don't get worked up yet. At 6177790852. All free 8885250850. Years Joseph and Connecticut. Jail barrier there are trying to. Say what -- -- good there despite being what the idea that there's an article there. But I can quality you got -- not you think it would matter at all today. There are seated near normal -- to a normal. Day becoming an app there but they'll be being that it Padilla and one and game. Are so but then who who who's close it out that situation there are you gonna stick with the -- if you if you wanna put if you wanna say a -- goes in instead of morale us. So you've either got morale is or among Lance and or Padilla close not a game -- you want -- not a game. Well what I mean before being this show go out there ordered -- no answer but I perhaps the left there yeah. Maybe it command and not -- in India or -- game. You know -- -- they taken. They be better than normal role if you guys they bet. -- -- -- got it but our partners images but he's got a problem here I mean you've got if you put a sevens in in the game earlier you put him in the seventh inning put -- in in the -- inning. You still gotta have somebody there on the ninth inning. And before today and they if Jesus there I don't normally have in there because we saw what he did today but. Who we gonna put there. While the -- the wanna have some articles what Joseph that is a built in negative here. With losing Papelbon and then losing the guy that replaced him in Bailey in the seventies. Our gives you flexibility. As you can pitch multiple innings now. We asked questions about BV yesterday that he pleasantly answer essentially can you be pleasantly of this one. He's seven if you ask the reader questions our -- seven is could go more than one inning but he probably won't go through. But I hear what you're saying he is so flexible. NS seven is it such a great job getting you to brought it lunched here whether you needed him for one or two or three. That that is a missing a roll right now and -- -- -- occupies dollar -- thanks. That Vicente Padilla who has been a starter in the past two years ago he was a starter with the with the Dodgers. They think that he might be able to fill that role. And that network are from trying to stop before floodgate opened it -- just -- godaddy tonight. And then worry about it after that sixty kinda. It is additional flexibility of a savage but when you lose it it was a close it wasn't an issue today there was there wasn't it -- you -- floodgates. Were down two zip. They came back -- -- do in that situation so if you want if you want -- evidence and earlier. Now you're you're basically switching places you're saying -- well if you started the ending with the service. -- still be playing right now is at that point I mean if you don't gambling incident you bring us the service and first. -- -- services and citizen he calms it down. Eventually you're going to somebody want those guys and articles about whether it's Morales right. Whether it's Padilla Milan since somebody's gonna close it out so out of that group I think. I think that is the best guy. I would agree with you unless you're gonna have barred in that role but -- unusually -- As they started let's go to well -- traveled around what's up well. And I -- well. -- and it. I'm actually concerned about the Red Sox lineup. I realized -- Verlander. Is best pitcher in the league. And -- out -- the -- they -- comedy acting no surprise Pedroia started that. -- I got my. Michael's right that was -- That was a great piece of of hitting right there on that pitch to go you know off field without the right yeah it was a great. It right at what he. That -- armed and I feel like eighteen. Or -- or ought -- for victory in politics you're aren't better right. After that I Hewitt it's a lot of question mark call -- to solidify the party do you know like 4 o'clock o'clock here. Hear a lot Ortiz. Right I a lot and I shouldn't even more than when your outlook the guy. You know you streaky. And art entirely sure yet he outlet. You. Gotta remember rightly been hurt the last year or whatever -- -- debt is -- You're getting hurt the lack -- playing multiple. Yeah and that's not true such a class a last year is true the year before actually that's not true. He's been -- jewelry like. Your master thought that he he was sure these -- the last two years. And even tell after that. You'll -- and and brought street -- I would I would. I would agree with you mark I I believe I would say this mock you a question mark and look. Argue what you stand. Take it to its bye sweetie today. Which were two good -- especially the second one. You're not gonna see that most nights I would agree with you what you go got a lot of Sweeney in this game today. It's probably something you won't see an awful lot during the course of this well -- -- our territory I guarantee you. That your concerns. Won't be there in. A week. About the lineup this was about today -- about Justin Verlander. And all slander. So yes everybody's got to look you know that that 456. Uga -- problems of 456 most people have problems after five or six Q you've got a little earlier and everybody else. They don't look a lot better. Saturday. I think he's -- important moment. Listen I'm gonna tell you that the bottom are part of this order. Is going to win an awful games for you. Com and in most teams the bottom part of the order doesn't win an awful games its interest in how he lines them up so he's got Youkilis batting five. He's got Sweeney had a -- my guest theories. He thinks that's when he has a good chance of getting on base. But not necessarily driving anybody home. So yes Ross behind him who's a guy that is more likely to drive people all that he is necessarily. Spent a lot of time getting on the place don't you don't you wonder why he. Why he switched it was it that you think it was today YouTube basing. The best pitcher in the league so you ago. You move Ortiz up the lefty thinking he's got a better chance against Verlander. You think that's why did it war. It is that is at the ways going to be for most is he's -- yet Ortiz as the number four nucleus as a five. I think he probably stays with Ortiz is four and duke is five of course you go back to back with lefties a lot of men just don't like to do this. This is Bobby billion neat he thinks outside the bar level by the way it -- when he does -- interstate. That was the only thing I could think of you puts winning above rosters Ross is your better hitter you're better powers and Sweeney advocate today. You're more likely to get home run from Ross when he's -- -- happening at home runs we. But he looks at Sweeney's it he gets on base I got another additional -- start the inning. And Sweeney is my first -- I get a better shot go in swing get them all based. Ross may be scored well speaking of Bobby V where are we on the Bobby V meters this is not going well there's going to be a disaster post game press conference. You throw somebody under the bus I don't see how you can and what was his what was his press press conference like today we monitored his press conference. He blame anybody we'll play blame anybody by oracle lost and we'll play anybody uncomfortable because this is 1160. Q. He blamed you a question you uttered it yesterday quoting -- -- Blaine do your homework and you know. School did you chastised yesterday. That you direct your great job of chastised daily -- you should know the -- -- a veteran that I can I get a handle it. I'd sexual what 777085852508. Fish fifty -- or your impressions. Although opening day here in Detroit. Can you got you got to get those guys out you can not be given -- five hit -- -- -- those. Really did have a problem with what he did today I thought he was he was guy here is saying in the bottom half of the order. Did you know feels pretty good players as well pretty good hitter and its -- their catcher Johnny -- lot of teams don't have that. Nice little player and I just liked it before I agree that it is -- -- stuck in my. Hey guys I don't. You know I call any of the day and I and I said you know what we found -- that feeling was going to be -- street for a month I personally. Would have moved -- into the closing and brought up what looked to be the strips daughter and I believe block will be the close by Memorial Day going to be awhile but I think he will. Let me ask your question guys in the left seat and -- told you re in the seat and ended. They're being helped apple bought no part in the wrote in the back into the bullpen next here but at the Lance and I think able to jump off the clip I think that's what. I -- hold -- not I'm not I did jump off the cola. I didn't like it the one thing I would say about the couple blog you'll watch what do you have a great season this year. Because he has a terrific starting rotation. You'll get more save opportunities to did not score an awful runs that Philly team. So you're gonna get you know to one ball games 32 ball games he's going to be in a lot Hewlett apple an awful lot of saves this year. But. The -- he'd get half from the Phillies because they would desperately needed that at the end. I'm not sure that that would have been a Smart move for the Red Sox to pay that amount among went after right to a Mike are you jumping off a cliff. No what I'm saying is I think that there's going to be aren't bad and the and the baseball ops guy for awhile because. You know the right scale Obama ski it. But -- -- from Lester and Beckett and these guys you got the bullpen. It's gonna you know not it would hold -- sort of -- it into GameStop they had not been worse. That kitchen staff that they don't that the cost to adapt to those guys so. The way the the -- is it sport I don't think. They're too many people out of there right positions. And I have been major problem. But not by design I mean out of necessity yeah at least much we already talked about that -- -- let -- -- commission today. In the eighth adding it is normal role you might have been okay but you couldn't do that because he is now you're closer. Now you're right. Use that you Europe for the -- guys and and lose that you know addressed this a little feels they should have moved -- it's that close role but then. It leaves a gigantic where you -- where he was mostly any figure move pieces around. But maybe the problem is -- all of patients out of faces any anyway -- -- that people are going to be out of this he said they're too many guys. Who out of their rightful positions well. Daniel Bard we talked about it for the last couple years -- particles are so you're making him a closer. Yeah putting him in a position that he's never a good point we -- protocols or he's never been a starter. So you probably not a shot to don't know we don't I don't know all the you know what you know what I can make an argument against that by telling you when the pressure was on. It is old role in the month of September he did not perform well at all and -- Michael's point is a couple of and that is we know forty years in the eighth inning. But do any of us know what years in the ninety is a whole different ball game. Because if you screw company -- you still have the opportunity for the high powered lineup to get that was back in the ninth. If you screw up the -- -- you good night we're gonna home everybody. Drive safely. Hey guys we hear anything from Bobby via Bobby v.'s -- now on over controversial. In throw anybody out. Didn't say a sophomore and didn't similar has this got to make deficits. And say Cotto he's got to come up with a book or. The look like them and urged caution Boston aggress. You're great you're gonna hear him list that's Michael on blunt -- Chris what's going -- -- I think I think -- -- -- they're a little too long today I mean I think go to walk of Eli. And then brought it on the view. Yahoo! after that I mean. Appeal uproot themselves last year and I yard edit in my bet there are locked in at Antioch Syria the thing. There you walk the and I know. That that those 78 guys as I referenced earlier 78 they came up with five hits today. But if you look at it now you you've got the benefit of hindsight just like we all do but if you're in the game situation. Bobby V is putting on the number eight hitter you've got Jon Lester on the -- You tell Jon Lester. Walked the number eight hitter. Now come out of the game I'm gonna have somebody come in and pitched to the number nine hitter. Get the thing about tennis let's be fair as we know the result but of this happening in the moment. You might say Bobby Valentine is knots. I mean I guess what I mean I feel that toast and then. And the other side that I think -- game. But you know the results -- -- Michael Microstrategy -- and what you're he's got the guys at the time so it also. If anybody's got the -- -- we think he thinks he has him out he thought he struck him out he stares him for a long time. At the home plate umpire thinking he's gonna get a call he doesn't get the call and what happens Avila comes up with the ball a with a double so. It is not like he was overmatched or he was I was right around a hundred pitches. At that moment like a 1000100. Pounds but at that moment when he was pitching to reveal it. So is it is it's easy to -- because you know now. One Avila did and then of course he struck out a Santiago is the next -- so to and the -- -- You you know what now but I'm not sure I I agree with that matter of fact I would like CV Starr is going deeper into games I -- a mile in August stays with the starting absolutely if -- all in agreement here. That this bullpen is going to be on on a nightly basis because you got a lot of guys out of roles and we're not sure how good some of these on czar. Then why wouldn't you want the top three guys in your rotation going as -- as possible on these games. Granted you might -- meant for a a batter or two longer than than you normally would but. Verlander got through eight innings and look at the different -- I hope. The different philosophy a cigarette that during the game and and I heard Dave O'Brien talking about. Of the pitch count right before the -- the Avila hit -- sound Jon Lester right around a hundred it is right now. I don't think -- please. Let's not do this I don't wanna see that's one thing I just don't understand have heard. Lots of explanations about the evolution of sport and how it was just different the 21 century. Of that it was even in 1992. I I did I got to -- I see a guy. Whose great mind you but I -- -- guy in Detroit right 250 innings -- right so if Jon Lester -- 235 innings this year. And with that. Thus -- peak at 200 pitch. Let's not start thinking about the bald men at that moment automatic. I'm a total agreement ticket if the strength of your team is now the top three guys in the rotation I think we all believe that's the strength of the team. And guess what you've got to work them to the bone you've got to get as much extract as much as you can on those three guys because if you don't. And you're limiting how deep they go to games into the pitch count and innings into the game. And guess what Michael you're gonna Wear that bullpen that we worry. Is not nearly as good of as what you have in the top three rotation. I think I think a lot of it is. A lot of it is makeup body tightening some guys are able to do it. Jon Lester and much bureaucracy Justin Verlander and CC sabathia can Lester camps -- guys like Josh Beck. You can't but it's also it's a body type thing but it's also been talent but -- -- Pakistan -- a couple times I never never never to Girardi. Now there -- now is what 215 I think it's been -- He's got a couple seasons it to twelve to fifteen something like that. And that's what the RAZR kind and I hate to bring all -- -- -- and I put divers brought down that remarkably good credit. Accredited and well after five north. But I will signals and Lou I'm hoping to act may spare -- and a half hour long aren't that Smart -- The thing about them is that their starters have gone so deep into games. The ball into the open for the last few years and they probably put it put this thing together. It's not that much. And that's the key I think right here for Bobby V get as much my outages again on those top rate we -- admit that. Four and five is going to be a challenge that rotation so you work 123 -- is gonna have to go deeper in games and if they can't tell you screwed anyway. The Orlando Boston. It's okay -- that there. Orlando. The watching the game and outcome of the really great you know that the Red -- So you. In the entertain and do it. And Orlando that's -- much -- like great science you know. You you would -- just -- you you put a lot into you know. Finalizing your decision last year I agree dribbles I've won game one day and an odd deal out Orlando would differed first discovered that the residents really -- -- would any. Minute and it's. -- -- -- -- and -- what he saw a policy now I've heard a guy on the mile route for Detroit. I've heard a -- before. Even the problem. Like it. Stat like you say okay. Groups linked to pick -- And making you don't get it out like 207 it to be -- -- -- Detroit at their face you know Jon Lester is good he's got Justin Verlander though just if if Detroit was racing Justin Verlander they probably have the same production has Boston just. Verlander story pictured above 95 blazing her past. He's up -- of the batters up there are suddenly he's going to occur ball that you have to your knees are balked when you have no idea. Where the ball's going at 82 heading to. No I did not say that. -- Not. I am not not real optimistic about the team this year as you probably yard you're my idol but I don't think you can determine everything. After one game especially with a pitcher that you're facing. Is Justin Verlander and he stole the ball 952. Or -- I didn't want it or are just have a great. -- and I don't give us it was one more reason why the Red Sox suck before it. Yeah at least before. A lot re arguing couple of actual. -- teammate -- no. Different when did you say it is not a first or app of the one. I'll just. Have to won the -- back in August. Not because they. Haven't said that OK what are you need to catch. Well what are gonna Orlando instead caught up the first game last year you said Lisa. So did you call back in July and August when they didn't -- and yeah yeah yeah did you consider it out a laurel and you're on vacation. -- -- -- -- That's what -- that if -- goes to jail. Others thought Minnesota. And we started investors terrific. Through. Did you study he needed to go out there in. Put up innings and he did encourage them. And if you're into it it opens came back. There with do overs game. -- -- -- So Miss America was hooked. -- to be more lively even after a loss I was. Bill Belichick like red hair done so Lackey started about it as well today we got is we've gone through one more on -- 160 -- is over it's going to be okay. I'd see what happens let's see what happens after game two. -- -- -- to big show here's Kevin in coordinate Kevin. Submitted the one of those and this game one and not get too excited but. You know what I'm very impressed by Lester but I would get a little nervous at 200 pitch. And you are you gonna do this would be that venables doing -- doable. I knew it was going to go. So you don't like uttered it is -- so you felt like Bobby V should have taken out Lester at what point. I don't wanna kill these guys are not about Augusta and the tunnel is asking nerves will win would you take him out. Would have taken mommy -- six of the seventh but. You know we've got a lot of questions you've got that thirty. I don't well what are my name is Kevin a -- one on Amazon and please do me a favor be honest with me about this. Did you say this after leave the -- double. -- I guarantee you that a majority of people thinking it's right now. Already have the information we have now seen the movie we know Leo. Look at it it's easy to do this. At that time the way he was pitching. I don't see why you would take him out effective everything. He got a bad call by the umpire. It was a terrible all. Sound like Mike -- telling Michael that. I don't know why -- take him out it have anything. That's the one thing that this guy I think. Bobby Valentine has got to deal he's got to get the starters to go deeper into games yeah you know you need 200 plus innings out of -- -- the. Just just for perspective to Kevin bottom of the sixth inning for Detroit look at the play by play by play right now light out to shortstop walked. Double play Prince Fielder grounded into double play and that's it. No runs no hits no errors in the sixth. But all of boxing fans know this is Verlander. This guy you don't mess around with a. Sort -- shall we we're we're version better aren't why you're going what you raised ticket to shout to take a lesser pitcher. I'm not saying. Take him out when I didn't say this is what we're going to see and some some of the guys stole my thunder ready but our relief. We're in big trouble. So why I think the. -- -- -- -- and it is just had so why do you think Bobby should have taken out the aged. Pitcher who got a bad call on the reveal at -- by the umpire then obviously double. Why should you take them out if you -- -- now that said -- Maybe this one instance below ball in the future. This could be in danger. -- -- -- That's not insure that -- probable. If this -- yeah I know we ha I guarantee you that's what you do my -- guilty if we were certain I didn't hear her today. We're glad that we don't know got to -- yankees got him who was sitting there with any one of these other guys is they are watching and you saw that he got a bad call that was a strike and called a ball hit the outside corner. I guarantee. Any one of them that -- called up and completely right now would be sufficient. Right now not -- Not a -- art art last year. Yeah and under six. With a double play ball. -- -- -- -- See you later there's no way. All the against field of infielders who. Health and got a crowded it would double. Check your throats of the kid and you're sick you've gotten through the toughest part of the lineup. Right now we get to the seven. You take got a guy who hasn't hit 100 pitches yet. And you go to to go to a bullpen that you're not sure you know Roy got the ball well -- the sent it to come on now come you're gonna take Lester out. And go to the I'm sorry if he's an ace pitcher of -- Verlander. Squeezed you out and gave them eight innings to me that was the difference in the game he gave you another in and he gave you pretty much the same pitches that lasted -- 105. Verlander got -- am. And under and three in in 408. In eight innings all of it would virtually the same number of pitches. He takes you one extra hundred rockets and fervor under one extra in and wondered to what that. On Italy and Lester had a 107. 107 for -- under and five at the previous caller. Your little -- -- -- -- like. Today. Wharton -- New England depleted -- house calls like this. No you know there are out there are some of them are your friends some of them are your neighbors of -- -- you know. It. Gonna happen if they win this game today. And that Hitler except. It's great -- Great manager guys are overrated you know and a great management by -- You know this -- -- don't know. Could they got it thank god it was. -- -- -- -- They award rotten day and editors say I just while I don't know what he Lieberman is nothing -- -- because you you know that you emotions have been uglier for one. And outages. In every -- Clearly from Portland or that. Man. Call us back -- July Orlando James and Boston -- games. Hitters. Memory. -- Isn't saying yeah. I like and leader you're our market -- and what we're watching heroes their. They're Indy it sure a lot I mean do have him come back the way it. We're gonna get what cigar left. On the front for a game -- -- -- where you look at. I find it pretty hard to come to the conclusion that this team -- based on what I saw. In nine innings here and I would agreement. And they have some good terms that there are going to. Right now to give the events at any of the concerned but I didn't expect. In the first came they would answer -- -- that -- felt it but know little bit more but like Memorial Day early show. We don't -- under the -- and -- -- still. Our guards got the reporter doctor ago dean in a car there saying. Oh a game being. -- -- Hey look what he unwritten rule in a tight game on the road in the ninth inning comes out of the bullpen usually. -- is that -- you don't do your. For bringing your calls are out in that situation. Exactly so what you did. What you you have you know. Supposedly too quote does -- album they've both end up failing. But doesn't usually remain close -- wooden -- Koppel -- come in last year and that's it. -- Shore because you don't get you don't get a chance to Tibet last the road that's why. Why I didn't that say that's come in in the top of the night. Bottom of the night. 9% at the start hitting. It won't say. This quote save situation right workload or older at that point it's only -- -- so you close it would recommend in the bottom of the night. -- What article and -- at the top of the number but I can't write about it. But Bobby no like yeah why would have happened -- -- here at the bottom of the Republican that the bottom of the -- okay. And that situation. It was and I haven't heard Valentine's press conference on that. It could have been a matchup it could have been a matchup situation. In terms -- bottom. When -- went in. -- and probably. Well Melissa was an American League before yeah I was -- -- actually he's. All my note very short time now -- my but he was he was with the Yankees but did not I'm not sure I understand. Your point of all this because he didn't start the ninth. With a seven. So that's not that's dean's point dean's point is in that situation. Why not bring your closer. Into the game. -- start to start off the night and neighbors that the Detroit have the bottom half the ninth why not bring your closer to that situation. Is that -- bringing in Milan in the tiger. Exactly. You think we'll know what you're trailing in the did not know I had it right now that I. You -- about go to the bottom the bottom of the -- if you're tied it two. Why why not bring your calls are in that situation is the point why you don't know you know hold on he would not brought the closer and and in that situation. Because you wanna save did the the culture. No -- you can close look at -- again you would do it on that you wouldn't do it at home you would do that on the road. At home you get an opportunity to bat on the road this could be it. I really -- that's why everything right at that at that that's why I think it must have been. Either. Either a matchup situation has some numbers where you felt like moments -- had a better shot of getting out war. It is -- by the social or origins were about the so what difference would would that have made because. Savage hit the first guy he faced. The second gun runners were brilliant routers were already on base at right and it in the second -- singled against so. What what difference I'm sure that while he and -- and not to speak for dean but to speak for being since he dropped off here I think his point is that in. It's everybody's point when you get the benefit of hindsight this point is if you start. Seven with a clean inning. He never would have been in this situation where I'm forced to hit batter home with what -- about to hit he had given up ahead it would have scored the winning it or with Lincoln and look at -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey guys skip it just -- again. It really is just one game and in Milan and this is supposed to be close and number -- now. I mean all the press -- -- occurred out of Arizona I like it was a great idea what that. Last caller was saying he was making sense I just think early on in the season you don't worry about stuff like that you -- Bobby V is still trying to find out. What he's got out there in the bullpen. So I'm not worried about. Well it yet yet that are gonna make is that Bobby V is buried on Collie and he likes to win every single game doesn't you don't look alike no and and and he's gonna plate platelets will let me win in a -- it was it was but he does get very hour. -- days when he loses an opening days hopefully the course. What was his excuse yesterday that he didn't want it. -- just came out and rather. Yeah it came out -- -- you today. You should know better I resigned in December of first you know that I didn't didn't get the notice some story. -- -- but they do a quick break. We'll take more of your folk goes to the white alike coming up here about fifteen.

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