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Can Adrian Gonzalez win the Triple Crown?

Apr 5, 2012|

Mut and Lou discuss if Adrian Gonzalez has a legitimate chance to win the Triple Crown.

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Butler night 37 couple hours away from Red Sox opening day -- trial to what it's at -- the pregame show begins at 1220 Bobby -- time exits first pregame appearance. Directly and at 12 o'clock -- do not go anywhere. On our guy Kirk many hand WE eEye dot com -- bowl prediction couple weeks ago on Wednesday in his column Lou. Saying that that's been 44 full seasons since he as won the Triple Crown. If no one managed to pull off going to be 45. And his prediction is that some well -- pull it off. He's going Adrian Gonzales. The Red Sox first baseman. For Triple Crown first and 44 years they feel about that. I think he's gonna be closer to them away from it I really do I have a huge feeling about AG Gonzales this year. For a couple reasons one heat as ESPN car wash the couple weeks ago at least things you'll pay attention to you. But he made a point on a couple different occasions to bring up his shoulder. And to bring up that even last year. The shoulder wasn't quite where he wanted to be in any one of the off season this year. Any watched himself hitting in 2011. And hitting back into San Diego days it's -- G I'm still in my shoulder is finally feeling better. Still sort of compensate for not finishing my swing I'm not the industrial drive the ball and going through the ball like in San Diego. And I think this year I've found what I I was missing. Anybody that to be in the guy wasn't San Diego and it beat bounce up and that he thought after it what you last year with 213 hits. It beat out subject and get his power back up and get a feel more comfortable. I go home runs are going to be up the RBIs are going to be up and that's it sounds crazy. -- 35 and 125 this -- this year as having monster offensive year. Yeah listen I I I agree and but it's not be enough to a Triple Crown is a guy named Joey backs up in Toronto and and is also another name by name Albert Pujols. Potent and -- time -- -- Detroit they're playing today and others a couple of them but I'm just listen I think that there it is their chance absolutely. It up because I think that this and his average is he gonna sit there and and at 338. Again this year much the average. Will be as high although it could be because you -- drop off a little bit gets people saying that the sky was awful last month the he wasn't. News is that the the power numbers and power covered in the second half via but the big win the Triple Crown is gonna hit 4045. Home runs because Batiste. You know Albert -- 35 -- -- -- State Department at 840 to 45. The that that's the struggle I do agree though I do think that he's gonna you know two point seven home runs last year was. Say it was a disappointment because to talk about the unity is. And is no question that his shoulder he didn't have a full offseason to strengthen it was good enough. Get to the year of strong enough early you'll be figured that he was. But there was a drop off in the all star game might have I agree with by -- -- and I don't guns -- appearance to his death at the exit at that moment derby and nothing to do with -- but the -- be sore shoulder you looked there in the course of a couple hours aren't half in just -- balls dreaded as far as you can. It's gonna have an effect at that we saw that -- -- but -- the power numbers will be better. The average and 38 that's that's pretty high but the -- will be better policy Triple Crown -- -- -- a -- there's no question about it. To go one guy like Joseph nick was able -- the -- it's forty plus every year that makes it difficult. Better as a whole you'd agree that you expect the power numbers up yet to 27 home runs I try to -- is the straight face but it was disappointing because we all saw. Was it Larry -- called in talked about park adjustment numbers that they're great graphic the minute the Red Sox signed and trade if -- Gonzales. Where will look at these hits when they weren't Pepco. Look at what that would have been here Fenway Park and see your expectation was thirty plus homers easy. The Tennessee and get out this party did the first -- and -- home runs the first captaincy drop off -- was disappoint 27. I think easily hits 78 maybe ten more and gets above 35 home runs and is the power. In the middle this Red Sox lineup I'm not -- to go as far as many hand is but I think one Theriot 35 and 125 for him. With -- Ellsbury and Pedroia hitting it from a potentially Carl Crawford hitting in front of him. I think he's got the skill to do it and I think he's gonna have to help this year to put up big powered. -- -- yes numbers that first half. You one point 06 in the first half its seventeen bombs 77 RBIs at 354. -- was an 89 games second half seven games. The numbers you know drop off below the 317 that's why should there and I laughed and people say that he was awful in the second half. -- to the pre seventeen public -- be awful 400 basically said. But the power numbers to add on runs forty RBIs more polio yes on 893 so that there was a power production drop off the second half. If he puts up the same line. If people are complaining that they should be. But I do expect and it -- 27 this because it -- because he's a great hitter. You know it just he's that good of a hitter that I think he's closer to this 3035 the pace that he was aren't. Before the shall the senate to give out of him a little bit. That is a deal that you know it's critical of people that really talk much about it that's it was time to local crop because he sucked. That's going to be in the been a great deal with the bottom -- is resulting Hillary's not out of San Diego -- -- he's going to be. Let's see what Kelly is to the key point it becomes. Which you -- team big market team that spent twenty million dollars. If it's at all possible it's not real world but baseball twenty million dollars well worth the it while we're -- as a kid gold glove defender. When he made for him a tournament call which has been your money. -- it's pretty obvious right terms of where it right now especially million dollar now here's the the one thing I'll say about Gonzales. He's got to be better against the division this year -- people you wanna point out the second -- power numbers down okay ought to point out elbow would give you back 37080 hit. During the second half of the year but then you look at. Dollars awful what he did against the teams you want him to do well against syndicates say he's awful I agree you look at -- pull up for second yankees. Eighteen games 183. Tampa Bay eighteen games won 31. Tiger is one of the better teams last year in the jail six games smaller sample size but he hit 130. Feasted on bad teams feasted on bad pitching. He has got to be better against the media that division because the division is going to be as tough as it was last year I got acute Toronto team make it run their BA at least. If there's one thing that power numbers are up. It better come against the American League east because that was his huge bug album last year and lots of people around around here. The -- tea offensively I am most concerned about that I look at. And say he's not going to be better -- Kevin Youkilis. Kevin Youkilis had an awful spring ice 33 years old. He has been dealing with the injuries now for a couple years has never been able to really stay healthy for an entire year outside a one season his career. And if I'm telling getting Gonzales is going to be better when it comes to power numbers. I see Youkilis with the seventeen all month last year he missed a lot of games and eighty RBIs. He can be right around that if not worse this year I got major concerns about him staying healthy and play at third base -- six games like. Epic excerpts of that through as far as him being healthy efficacy. -- 258 he hit he has not eight to 58 hitter in disguise it 300 hitter period and he played a lot with that injury. And that was it in this Indy could very well get a similar injury again from him and could miss a lot of games as you play through it. I think -- below its moderate to gold that year try to play to a look at it that are -- of 258. Thabeet he gives you another 120 games. I think the production that the average out ever everything across the board -- -- will be better so I don't count -- played 150. Booting to me 125. Of a better Kevin Youkilis I don't expect that the approaches are so bad for an hour and a big deal about spring training games but if by the concerned about any of the regular calls odds of in a home run their government thirty for a still hit like 340 -- and I and I think the power numbers are back for him. -- get some your phone calls here we'll get your thoughts on -- -- -- of other questions out later on about some of these guys' policy Quincy -- It's not so much they're hitting we just don't have the pitching. Our guys that Beckett and Lester couldn't even get out your idols. I mean -- last year. Well let me out just why are they a prohibitive underdog they are a real laces which I like -- and a little. A Verlander is Cy Young MVP Beckett and Lester chicken and beer. Okay well -- and listen. Blog and handing out yes high -- those people. We Ellis and he struggled down the year. Have a conversation Paul Quincy -- 45 minutes that guy. You always do that is at the it always does -- frequency. The always is -- -- example little -- record fist pump -- I just got does not put too -- those guys of the Jon Lester. Utterly critical album I mean if you wanna say Jon Lester a bad year that that's fine that's your opinion aghast but still thought he was good. In September everybody was bad. Everybody was back. We weren't we when you have opened down a lot of political done this rotation. Mean you -- if you put all of September and say that this is probably gonna pitch. Then that's fine and be my guest but you know Josh Beckett was pretty good although I'm a little worried about him with this -- -- that where you want that. I am way more concerned today than it was yesterday on Josh Beckett and as we got to go through these players big -- to W -- talk about coming up because Josh talked about. His -- we didn't know what was going on there guess what we still tell. But the -- Beckett presented to the media yesterday. I am way more concern about -- you heard me yesterday I was concerned about Josh Beckett after what he said. Hockey now be more concerned we'll talk about that and get to more of your phone calls Red Sox opening day 2012.

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