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Will Bobby Valentine become a distraction?

Apr 5, 2012|

There are many questions surrounding the Red Sox at the start of the season. Mut and Lou take a look at some of those questions, including how Bobby Valentine will do in his first year in Boston.

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The unofficial start of spring here today if you're gonna have Red Sox opening day Detroit Lester Verlander we at the masters on behind you here in studio at all. Boy this is a great great sports weekend and it's really focused if you're in the -- baseball fans six months and seven days removed. On the disaster 162 last year we get -- to put that in the rear view that we keep it up I would. While the gold -- a big part of today the theory opening day everybody happy opening day -- better. I love opening. Of what it does signal the beginning of spring -- what does a last note that he missed play in game percent -- play that much. So no I don't miss -- and a bench. Forced that Monica spring training and Atlanta media last reported when you in Fort Myers yes that's when I start missing its spring training you get -- -- opening day there's nothing. Like opening dash of happy opening in my -- this Mort that the market for heads she play the game now but still it's it's that everybody should celebrate. Everybody at George Brown came all of us in the football seasons and he still feels that it is bold to get to the playoff time football. There's up an extra today -- to govern extra handful agree -- on the way out the door here today edged up in the uniform nice and -- apple apple baseball of the compartment. Drive with a little bit of property management. It's excited you get its expert trading at just ground balls and hit it in BP. They get -- -- it becomes it's going to be it's gonna be a lot of fun here today Dave O'Brien be one of the voices of the Boston Red Sox will join us at noon as we take you to twelve twining. The pregame show on and I guess you're getting your body belt on what in the 12 o'clock hour. Bobby v.'s first -- conversation in the pregame show on WEU guys gonna do every single day. Whether it's with Jokester Leo or disabled I'm sure at some point John Rich that yup they sit down and talk to Bobby Valentine and I'm guessing just guessing here. It may go a little bit. More smoothly. -- his first conversation with the big show yes I don't think that went smoothly. You know if it. You don't think everybody just got along -- and -- big big body ballot that was. A lot of I don't know short war kind of rolled back at these guys. Don't back a little bit comfortable -- -- -- as comfortable as. A wool sweater with no shirt underneath that's a comfortable that -- was yesterday. And it really it's you're doubled leading off the -- like Kobe l.'s personal leadoff today for the Red -- and that lead off is gonna set the tone. The entire season -- -- gonna go. Think the lead -- question yesterday that he set its own brother in every guy's gonna go with -- in Norway about giving. You imagine that. We're doing our pregame of the pre season and actually has been booted first question about something like that yet yet Leo suggests. Absolutely could do they take what a week -- my good buddy Michael today. We think we used to that I recent sets up -- holly about -- we saw that side you're gonna -- to bloom guest in the pews he managed didn't. In managing and he -- I appreciate that. I don't really know where that met with that -- we -- whose -- that but dumb. So we -- that so it aside and I have been before nick out of every single week but it. Out of the gate with a I gotta be honest those little surprised but not maybe cut a you know you'd just get up and Nestle up to this guy talked about it a opening day of the excitement but lately I always bring up a -- -- -- very -- Does everything go instead they -- give credit to cable fire right away in New York radio at Daly thank. Bobby gave his response. And not all that effective out about the rest the interview I think. The three assault that questions probably did it -- was brought I think maybe expected that first what an it'll maybe didn't I got to. -- criticized -- time for second here OK I we we joked about yesterday I think it's it's. Awkward that he's doing this in -- group Mike OK but I don't think it's really gonna affect the Red Sox unless they going to some tailspin losing streak the perception is these folks on Michael okay. And all the baseball team that's what this thing bothers me he's gonna make money it's all about money just admit that. Yesterday comes on. He acted surprised by the first question. I -- I is by all indications a media maven he's been in Japan he's been in New York he's been at Texas on ESPN it on satellite radio. He does these things -- living. For him not to recognize that was going to be the lead off question. And be offended by c'mon Bobby. Grow up. I hope out there let you know it's her hands all over you we have billions. In New York obviously go to hear this show let's they have the Internet I guess and there's not a broad target a baseball fan and. You know what what what do you think it should be worried about. Anyone -- not have Internet by the -- -- a Smartphone that can play the WEEI app on their phone. Or could get a copy of something Bobby Valentine's gonna be saying in one of his twenty loss. Press conference or radio interview type -- a week. That he's gonna be doing. He's going to be in the pregame show the post game show going to be a big he's got into what opportunities a week. Ever the peoples and on might say something in New York that might offend the Red Sox fans. He's going to be on -- twenty times a week in Boston Charlotte plenty of opportunities that it's open in Boston not eleven minutes with a buddy Michael can't stop kissing his ass in New York. I mean what does he really doing that that Tito didn't. -- New York thing. -- -- -- -- In game talks with Terry Francona might Begin at his pregame that NASA and is gonna apparently put a headset on him in the dugout in regular -- laughter. ESP ended fox did not the out of every SPN two and that -- -- and try to what was going to a plaintiff of the dead. I thought that was new for this year pitfalls what I should be worried about. The bottom line is I think you know what you should be worried about is talking too much more importantly. Giving. Baby and perception of people out there if things don't go well something 2.2. You can't do that I think as an athlete you can't do that as a manager you can't do that this team -- itself. I can guarantee of people that density he's not focused east in New York is doing interviews with them and by the way. It's tough enough for a manager I would think to do debut at 230 here and big show let alone you know at 3 o'clock whatever time is gonna be doing it. Is the same time spot right there that's shelves so. He'll that's a pretty busy time you walk in that clubhouse you gotta find that was on the DL what's -- we make any roster most is everybody healthy what's my line up looked like. Are there any acquisitions that we need this guys banged up that guys nicked up. There's a lot to do robot you think eleven minutes a day once a week. Is gonna make an impact it could if if that character and on now bench urgency in his office. And -- discussion over -- that he has -- Obama second to Michael -- if you -- quick to -- it really is everything gonna does that apply. I think that Bobby Valentine. Can deal with eleven minutes a week that that's not gonna be the tipping point maybe the other stuff easily just ripped them for building nicely it's not a big problem. I'm telling you I don't think it's going to affect the way he managers or fact this -- addict it's about perception. The perception is going to be a -- focused on media not on the team I do not believe eleven minutes a week that Michael K. With these blob questions the president of eleven minutes ago is gonna get into what you're talking about -- we can we spent those eleven minutes talk and a and cherry -- all scouting lobbed questions okay Michael fighting in New York itself. A lot. Yes read earlier with an eight bit of a relationship they are good friends. But you think there -- always going to be up questions with everything that goes on. It's easy to generate such yankees play in a robbery and there's some controversial thing in. Big Joseph Girardi comments about Bobby Valentine what do you think about that Red Sox team -- you appreciate judge pectoral on this guy. You'll think that it's gonna be nice for Michael -- to have Bobby Valentine on the next day or. Later on that week does it what you think about Joseph Girardi is -- to what your senior players you. This is potential there to have an issue. You don't think that's gonna happen here. You'll think that the media if it's really a big question do you think -- Boettcher if that's your argument. But he's got -- all Michael -- get a reaction about Joseph Girardi but you don't all the Boston media very well to Joseph Girardi says something that they want an answer to. The gonna get on one show they're gonna get the pregame and the guy in the post game. The getting the scrum can get those answers anyway. And you are with him -- new York and the problem becomes the perception of this thing. What you're talking about actual answer you're talking about the physical nature of eleven minutes week. Being an actual issue for the baseball can up your you said that could affect the team negatively terms of preparation a conversation with -- did I I think pretty highly of Bobby Valentine's. Ability to space out his day -- I read -- spring training he's there early he stays late he loves baseball. My feeling is you'll find a way to make those eleven minutes not impact the baseball team in terms of I got a template for eleven minutes from -- -- or whomever. And go -- -- wild thing where does become an issue is the perception part of it. And if he does they start to lose baseball games he's going to fuel the perception. But he cares more about media and about this baseball team that's where the snowball effect giving up to a good start April. Is going to be so important for the baseball team but I I think it's comical. That eleven minutes a week is gonna impact us in a way prepare all the Major League Baseball game. I've played with guys that you walked in the clubhouse at 1 o'clock in the sleep on the couch 13. -- some rumblings you know latest damage he's going up too much but he played well is that while. A bit Derrick Low to golf every single day on the road but it's okay because he's closing games out as the starters went 1718 that's fun. All of a sudden the god it's passed out on the -- taken note date naps and -- -- because may be felt too much all the studies that is that it is it's. Also he's not playing well of -- Derek -- Gary jumped to five point seven. It also now we got a problem Derek you golfer too much you kick off on the road anymore well -- Ellis knows golf related two point 7118 games. Golf right now ya got to 55 you think that's the issue yet doesn't look good. Well listen you gotta get to sleep at night did you sleep on accounts nine S meanwhile while I was doing -- -- -- -- -- -- and an all star wiser now problem will be is not doing so well. If this team struggles. Bobby is giving people excuses. He is given. The fan base excuses he's given the media excuses or reasons why they'll dig into it. You take all the stuff distractions all this media stuff that you are doing outside your job is becoming an issue. Is there's there's a pitfall there again I don't I'm not saying it is just like him talking too much spring training and let's say that the problem could we have played their game yet. And I was gonna react Marty gonna see that he's in a different guy we heard that yesterday they're regular season -- team plays most likely. As opposed to -- on spring training they -- different guy. Publicly to the media I don't know. He's got some excuse is now for the people to jump on things don't go if they don't go well -- up and Cherokee this morning talked about the potential to. Make changes in anything including Bobby Valentine's media appearance. He's you think about all these things. And then you have any family who control and so we can control body control access controllers. -- -- we go to this every day and obvious struggle assists and sometimes that's. You know got back so we control and then if it ever -- if something ever became. There -- some very I don't know where that rather subtle down there or something is doing -- -- we're doing together that. Gets in the way that it can. Absolutely does something else to talk about it. They're -- adjustments are made and send us sort of demand -- actually. There you go tubby talk about laying the foundation about a bad cherry to base a center right there look it's it's fine for now. But we'll leave the option open he went on to talk about not have Bobby didn't -- approval ready to stop that he's in high demand. And that he had some opportunities it took those off so that they feel it's distracting from his team is winning him to change the -- he can't do it anymore. If this team is losing. Even if it is there isn't -- on the stop -- up. Am -- got nothing to do -- -- eleven minutes who -- eleven minute okay I'm -- at 330 whatever it is. Something happened a talk bench Eric and Riddick is gonna sit there I was gonna call click okay ticket or preparing its -- -- four. There was that it's gonna keep coming there's baseball things number one priorities based on a two Letterman interview but we told them. Or who else knows what is going to be doing defeat it works at a TV give kudos. Just I just -- like I'm focusing on the game itself. I like he's -- focus on the game I don't view him as eleven minutes a week extra above and beyond a bunch of media stuff with him not being focused on the game. That's a big -- to take that when a radio interview in New York. Except or might not be -- to say that you want your guy focused on the game that those eleven minutes are gonna unfocused and that is a major. And I'm not -- make that leap of Bobby Valentine right now. He's doing it for money no that it's clearly the case may be yet some TV until it. And it's great for us to be great for us talk about because he's gonna say some things. And I thought and he said some things yesterday in New York -- one thing the time -- what bench argued that this morning. They give me an idea that maybe the the close situation itself right now but in the future. They've let the door open for something I'll ought to hear from charity and a Valentine on that will get to. I putted for Red Sox things with you today at 617779. At 0850 toll free 888. 5250850. Verizon cell ball pound WE ER -- call for you text the shell any time and 85850. Come back either from cherry an invalid time but the future disclosed situation keep it here.

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