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Bobby Valentine: Beckett ready to go Saturday with no pitch limitations

Apr 4, 2012|

We have our first weekly visit with new Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine. Bobby comments on his NY radio show, Beckett's health, and his bullpen now that Andrew Bailey is gone.

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I bet -- -- the big show blunt way Michael Holley as is the -- each and every Wednesday here at the big shall we talk with a manager. Of the Boston Red Sox and today we while commending the manager of the Boston Red -- Bobby downtime brought you -- -- -- insurance. Here for your core hole and business here for New England -- here for good. Bobby you don't. I do regret it gave up the fielder having last. Practice the preceded Andrew looks pretty good. No more injuries right everybody's fun right they all walked off on their own. -- and I think it would just perfect art but we're excited about doing this each and every Wednesday throughout the baseball season -- I do wanna ask you this question because the story has been out there this morning and apparently very verified it. You're gonna do a weekly radio segment on the local ESPN's station in New York as well. I can't even imagine that. We're doing our pregame of the preceded and actually has been your first question about. Something like that I am yeah yeah Leo suggests. Absolutely gonna do it I think once a week -- my good -- Michael today. Well I think the world of Michael he's a pro in his own way and yet there's a -- but there's no question about Michael never okay and her efforts after -- and Michael. You know Michael is a pro -- approach does say a tremendous I just. Asking you argue not a little bit concerned you're doing it and you know your your historian Buffy with baseball you know the but the rivalry is extended between the Red Sox and the Yankees far beyond a rivalry. This hatred you've got a couple of comments already that played into it during the during the spring. Aren't you a little bit concerned that doing the -- they are Michael's gonna have a much different approach -- Michael and I are going to have here in Boston approaching you from a Red Sox point of -- He's gonna do it from a New York yeah key point of view. Aren't you a little bit concerned. That it might deal with some stuff that gets out there and cause you some problems. I hope not but you know it's -- fans all over you know we had to say and. In New York obviously go here they show the -- they had the Internet I guess and that is not a broad target baseball fans and. And what what what do you think it should be worried about. Well you know what I don't think and that's that's Glenn who think she should be where I don't think should be worried about anything. Does try to flip around Bobbie I just know in Boston maybe this is this accentuates the differences between us and them in Boston. We wouldn't wanna hear from the manager of the Yankees weekly. I wonder what the audience would think of will think of hearing from the manager of the Red Sox every week. Or maybe at the ratings look down so so bad that they had what do -- -- best. Since you know the goal line here it. It's unusual that's why we ask it extremely or you're talking again because guys appear from time to time Joseph Maddon has been on the show Joseph Gerard he's been on the show. But to do -- regular weekly scheduled gig is a little out of the ordinary especially with the heated. Rivalry it's amazing as you've probably seen on the media side of it. One little thing can be said by a manager or player and from the Red Sox and yankees. And it blows up and then. You've got every player having to respond to something that the other manager or another players said you you know the dynamics of I don't. I let's get to the team. -- let's get to the team from thirteen pitchers. Are is that because of the Bailey injuries that -- had to do that. Absolutely. Yeah we know we have done this starting staff and they. You know a group of guys you're going to be in the bullpen they'll just say to protect visitors were sorting this thing out. Bailey is not going to be the closer obviously for a long time just tell us how you came to the conclusion. That a seven should be the closer and and what you expect from a. Well -- just taking consensus so the of the coaching staff and you know. Targeted some of the players and others is the guy who did that go out there and has what it takes to get the less that of the game but. Don't we have mark Blanton has already done that also so. You know he'll be in that mix but -- don't start off I think Alfredo. If it's anyway and has. The credential. He was so effective -- bombing at times for multiple innings. Can you do that would then this year or do you lose that if he becomes the so called designated closer. I don't think a pitched many three inning games but. And you know Ireland peace straight to bring in a minute -- and sent them back out there which. Is that here's a lot of people have been there with their ninth inning guy. It's a much debated position we'd we have a phrase here closer by committee that we. -- -- -- -- The Red Sox wanted to 2003 season talked about different roles for a closer and united doesn't necessarily out to be one guy and the guy doesn't have to. Necessarily be used an -- tonight Danny can be brought in in the seventh. How do you view that position are you pretty traditional and he's my ninth inning guide you believe in two winning closers how do you see it. Well just today today I dimension I think it depends on the individual that you dealing with then you know high tech guy he's. You know come in with what now the editing and wound up finishing the game. And alas today guess they had been in Japan was saying ninth inning guy and you know Armando Benitez. Love becoming with the bases loaded in the -- that was always his favorite. Favorite situation wait until the eighth inning in the bases loaded and. -- here's what Blake perfect eleven for eleven in those situations or something like that so it it depends on the individual -- deal. Always been a great argument in this city this team and as always seem to have power hitters. Top to bottom and -- lot of people like to see more small ball manufacturing more runs you've done a lot of the bunting you squeezed you've done a lot of things so far in the spring. What's your attention during the during the regular season with the team how would you characterize. How you gonna work this one. Well I'll work good idea what the players so. You don't need to and talents that are -- take -- -- that -- -- spring training where. With guys who are in on this roster. Desert trying to make the team then. And they you know had the ability to play baseball. And a little different way you know and I always talk about hit their running nerd. Stealing a base -- scored from second and a base there. You know even a squeeze play that to which you up by a run late in the game. As baseball you know -- I I was taught that there's help -- post plated Millar started hitting the ball over -- -- with every swing of the bat. We thought about the big game and big ball and some well I think the misnomer was attached to the ability to play the game as being something other than them. You know. Something other than baseball I don't see a lot of squeezes her. It's the very few second place but there might be some person second situations -- and you know that that situations call for. I think we'll steal a base whatever the opposition. Not present and we'll try to do. You know maximize any any leverage the opportunities that we can't but I don't. I don't see anything other than the team that. Knows how to play the game does that hit the ball and hopefully knows how to run the bases as being anything better or trademark. You have vote characterized the jock Josh Beckett -- situation and correct me if I'm wrong. As not a real big deal was that is that safe descent. It's no I think the first thing -- said it was it is a big deal anytime there's any concern with any of my players it's a very big deal with me. I think they wanted to call it just a situation. That was being -- though it. Because it's kind of unusual that a guy ends up going obviously the team doctors first and San Antonio doctors. And then to the Cleveland doctors. Why three doctors why did -- have to go through that process that it just a situation. I they -- -- that the guys who make those decisions in their medical staff then and judge. I think it's to make sure that. Everybody was agreeing on whatever situation we were -- But you have no doubt he's pitching -- node to. What do you expect from him if he pitches and it is he is he on any kind of pitch count any kind of inning count because of the thumb situation or. Is that out the window if he's out there you can do is go as long as he -- ago. Yes I think he can go as long as he needs to go or as long as he tells us. He's. Capable of going -- be the last conversation and I'm gonna have a conversation just here. After the interview and after you get certainly room but it. You know he just came back today and when he left he said his back ever felt -- like never felt better designed it herself better -- let's just make sure that. His sperm is gonna match the rest of his body yen and the -- it is head is. You know field. Clear enough that. This situation is something he can he can pitch with all year long I expect -- to be whenever. Our best pitches and divestitures -- On another starter of yours Daniel Bard. First year starter obviously for you was there any discussion. Of making Bard a bullpen guy more specifically a closer when you found out about the Bailey injury. Obviously everything is discussed there and and in during the discussion at the end of discussions. It was unanimously. Agreed upon with everybody who's who is talking that. This is the time to keep you know exactly we're we're he's been all spring training and panic it would be. Not fair to him at this time to you know sit years. What what are some other strengths. That he has that he's displayed. As a starter that you've seen so far. Well let most starters do as a kid. You know probe more than one pitch for strikes at any time in the -- and Daniel has. You know displayed the fact that he can do that what is Slater and later on with the -- You wanna make sure that a guy as some. You know pitch ability with a fastball where he didn't -- them both sides of the plate and and have it's something other than being streak like them to control the running game and be able field his position. As well it's be able to combat the the demons. Of that play being made behind him already hard hit ball in. All of those things seem to be coming into -- with Daniel and we'll see how the Major League season and treats him going -- We're talking about -- downtime here and -- picture will be doing it each and every Euro Wednesday. Saw a lot of this team last year obviously and the other side as a broadcaster. What did you come out of this spring is there something that you never expected. That you would see that you come out of the spring and -- man that was something I never. And thought existed or that guy is totally different than what I thought he was says something that sticks out here bombing. Boy you know I had never seen my Billy's place sort that out so he's totally different than. Then you don't what I expected. I thought he would he'd be. A little less polished he. You know it seems to be able to make all the plays he seems to play in the control up more than nine. Envision him. Other than that. And that sure there's anything that is really totally the surprised with. We asked you this Bobby I mean Curt Schilling has been very vocal about. Your your dynamics with. -- within the clubhouse and how players respond to you he's not the only one I want to just pick on him. Some other reporters have mentioned that maybe it's not gonna go well -- Bob be a reason he may not be the right fit. In this clubhouse. Have you ever had any players. Come to you in the last three weeks six weeks and expressed concerns about the way. You're handling business in the clubhouse are handling business with the media. And serious yet. No British cars that are enthusiastic whereas in that but I think that -- that that. You know spring training is not a club house situation you know -- -- had dealing with -- 25 guys to world sensitive to. Every little thing -- goes because. You know and spring training runs going about their own business it's very individual. Let's get ready for this season situations so I think it would shut -- because there I think you know before it's over someone's going to say -- either. Too loud or too saw the leaders. You know to Italian or are not Italian and where you know that that there's something that. They either do really like her. They -- possibly they don't like it and and you know that I think it's everyone's truthful and every team you're gonna see that. In thirty different cities and if we win enough it won't be an issue at all that. If you use all the comments from cart that it gets your attention that a body what did you think of. I never saw my heard about them and I basically think. It's irrelevant. Well what lies that are relevant. Because it is not think about something that he knows nothing about obviously. He never played for me he he's better continue to pour -- me any hasn't. Bit in this club out Internet spring. -- different though is that. From what you were doing last year he's got a different job obviously you yourself. He's got a different job and you know levied criticism -- Josh Beckett how long he went from pitch to pitch obviously -- -- different role right now. So you're not gonna do that same thing with Carl Crawford and his stance. You were in a different role you're not gonna do that anymore. -- CI you know there were don't with this you know. If you watch so we'll play you make it critical analysis. Of what you see that's one thing. You'd you'd you'd jump off the you know the latter. And what you. They might be the right thing this day because. You have some pocket maybe thought that's another thing in -- what I -- in that position night. Was paid to say what I saw and I did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Say what you CNN. They and he used here I guess or do you. You guys and I'm saying yet -- which -- I don't think. Current make up. As I've said before it seems like there's a little edge little edge with -- towards you and they may be used toward if you. You guys get along is there anything that we should know about between your anchor. I don't think so I know that he's Serb news -- main guy and maybe it's suspected them. You know in that position and he went to make sure that things don't go well who knows. I don't we ever in uniform together I was hoping he would be might. All star starter. -- that didn't turn now but he decided that -- in the 2001 bolstered. What's his momma gonna be like few world tomorrow backers say. Major League manager in this league you obviously managed overseas -- back in the it in a big -- what it looked out of emotions do you think you're gonna have to mark on -- I'll let you know when they're -- when they're all done I'm hoping that. -- experience all of the good emotions and when it's also it and. And we're doing our post game interview well people who revisit them. Well what is your what is your typical preparation for game one a -- you are you still. Usually. You still going over lineups tonight before do you pretty much have -- your lineup figured out I mean what is your. Your typical prep for game one of the season. Well it's -- in the lineup and I guess there's something that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it will again Begin. You know the preparation is over and. If you you don't. They envisioned things that could happen in -- prepared for them when they do. If you mentioned that you won't always do things conventionally. And we expect to see Jacoby l.'s very as the leadoff hitter tomorrow -- -- have a surprise for. Did I say it would never. I forgot that comment -- -- that there is investors. And there Odom open that we're gonna score a lot of runs. I you -- stays of the lineup. Bobby your do you would you move it around from time to time. And then the team that I have been. And on the opposition that we're playing. I one final question are you still leave public. Service. -- And you guys know better than that you do your research before you do the show -- I resign that on December. First I didn't know that drives us is like -- I'm sorry I didn't see that that's what I was asking the question. Is the advantage. I was the director of public safety to Stamford Connecticut that was in charge of a 142 million dollar payroll of the fire. Police. -- The MS and the board of health -- likely an -- in great team who did all the work at all at that I had was the the office next to the -- I said as a compliment you are public servant is a good thing well as -- final question -- -- naked one or I saw. A while ago and now we weren't there when you made the announcement I've read about it. That you have not made a slight change to the dress code on the road guys have to Wear jackets jeans are okay. A -- to make the change. I didn't know it was a change actually it said. What do we do that simulates. And and went seven do you Wear a coat basic idea and that's what it is I'm sure once it warms up. Codes won't be necessary. But it just is it I know why certain managers do wouldn't coaches do they have different reasons you do it just because of you know if you watch a team looking a certain way on the road what your what your logic behind it. Yeah I think when that team goes into goto represented bluster -- sides the pace. -- that should be well represented. And again. Did I images as about a dress code it wasn't like hey I got to enforce this just noticed that do whatever we do. I don't I don't think it's a big deal they it is. Bobby great talkative and look forward to doing it all season long had a great summer good luck. Beginning tomorrow in Detroit we'll talk to them apart thank okay the only -- spoke by Bobby Valentine. He's interest and we'll get your reaction coming up next at 6177790858. 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