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Buster Olney, ESPN MLB Insider, says Sox won't make playoffs

Apr 4, 2012|

Buster Olney makes his first appearance of the year on Mut and Merloni and gives his predictions for the upcoming baseball season.

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Once thought our Butler -- -- 37 WEEI opening night baseball Red Sox opening date tomorrow excited to be able to talk baseball every single week here Wednesdays -- -- only. A BSB Eddy joins us on the AT&T hot line he's live in Miami in the question is buster. Those fish tanks behind home plate out of those. Are most safe for -- gonna bust open itself with a foul ball or the regular season. I've been told that there are basically two layers of bulletproof Plexiglas. And there's no chance that it can be broken. But of course everyone watching the games this year will be but it might. I think -- all the Japanese here at the alcohol back we'll all -- holding her -- To achieve. An official comes spilling out and under the deal it. I don't feel. And you know I look at it pistons expect the sprinkled a look at. A look at that I know that you pick a piece in the ballpark. But drugs in the news -- Bailey here in Boston can be elf four months or five months it's sometimes. What do you the Red Sox do here because of the lab look at it if it Bailey was never in the mix and return to Begin with but Daniel Bard would have been close to start with and and I like put them up there. I agree to a deal I think eventually that's the way -- gonna go because let's face it it -- perhaps that they have on hand. The solution in the back -- in the bullpen -- mark Watson does is grab this by the throat would be put art in general I'd seen him. If it is their cause a whole year I just don't get an upper couple reasons one I mean hadn't done and the -- -- I just think if he's so valuable at the guy you can over eighty different jobs in and -- -- we can get very welcome them last year. So the solution is due to a call -- -- like your -- from the mine released. He can beat it starting to put barge that bullpen role. And I talked today about you know what the bullpen market could look like. I can't stop the trait early pitching you can only -- you say that in a cure color Pittsburgh pirate that's going to cure all -- I -- Pirates are basically -- keeper to your best prospects. And given -- volatile you know relief pitchers can be equally. Think it's not like you're gonna -- candidates are complete disaster I just don't see in the right side step -- a price for her early itself. Did that could detect question -- to play before you made your predictions buster were talking about earlier you -- the Red Sox out of the playoffs did you make that call before you knew about the daily news in itself. While some of the reasons you don't have that as a playoff team this year. -- I did make this pretty. Predictions before that mean that certainly would be a big actor we help but Bailey would you -- an -- and be -- solid guy he does -- a long injury history. But I think it's a question about the rotation at the back and I'd like chicken boy from like couple days bureaucrat stocks again. Still some lingering stopped there and Iran making every day I can't -- -- the best read on what everyone's picking. But an extension there and he can't steal any talk that guys and he's not that I normally you you can speak it has to me go to spring training camp. Everyone's optimistic and everyone's fired up 100 correct but can't it just felt like -- was this all on the result -- -- -- with a cane. I am curious if they. You know -- -- it was reported the plate I'm curious to see. I have power entry into college gives them this year -- it really that in spring training camp Perry in particular Carl Crawford. -- we're talking about that too coming in you know the talk about the questions coming -- -- last year at this time though Josh Beckett coming off a 578 ERA. What he wants start no clue what he was gonna do pap was trending yet three point nine year before. Every salty food -- -- catch every day every kept saying Ortiz is gonna be done Ellsbury missed an entire year. I think it's natural that question Mark Ellis and is closer there's no question that concerns me -- I'm surprised that the huge drop off from. Know people set a lot to you know make the World Series in Gwinnett to a team that doesn't make the playoffs is it have a lot to deal with maybe the -- at the Anaheim angels or team like Tampa Bay. Improvement of the American League. Yeah I don't question in what you're saying -- -- -- little -- through -- -- think it's ridiculous -- here. I don't I don't like -- old Red Sox. We don't think it site lets you make the World Series it would -- Street here but it it was over -- know it's picking this year so we're probably not put much into the spirit last year I didn't think it up. Several factors poignant -- -- of people picking it sucked out of the playoffs. You -- gotten better. Detroit Tigers look like -- got this spring that they're going to be questions about the statement but I don't think that really can be an issue. Until you get into the post seem inevitable always the American League central. But I also think that the fact that the American League east is so deep. Art -- within the division. I -- trying to make the playoffs that you are being told you at Texas Rangers to hurt your intra division game. Are against the Oakland Athletics in Seattle Mariners beat you all are -- recorders to be true to the Red Sox. -- ready to K that's a big disadvantage I think that those paint. We're talking about strongly BS PL join us every week on the program -- terms of the bullpen. Red -- not the only team dealing with an issue Kyle Farnsworth -- start the year on disabled list buster what are the -- due to solidify -- bullpen to start the year. Well a basic course for years and -- with a mix and match. I don't really and a closer -- help their relievers just be ready. And I would love to have beat. That the key to their open information. Because clearly don't want -- -- authorities to better I think if you haven't seen it. They match up -- relievers. In separate incident it is based start paying your dad is telling them I -- I didn't know exactly what we've been here. If that happened you wanted to -- David Price coating -- -- seven. The playoffs you're against the Red Sox were dispersed or hearsay. They. Want to wait to get some bullpen so what they're still -- Alter Fernando Rodney. They don't seem to rehabilitate. And put them in positions where they exceeded I think he'll be okay with a ball that. Well let me ask you both the American because I just I just think that the angels are just the best team and -- because a pool holes but that I think Kendry Morales comes back at the social still plays that style -- guys -- Kendrick with guys like I've -- guys -- -- spoke. But you go pool -- in that middle rotate in and -- because kindred modem line up Jordan ball does scare me. But it just so deep to a C. J. Wilson a sight to see them be the best team come on America only. And I and I can't argue that Turkey might -- People work in your ballot that is great -- in spring training when we knew for sure that you can come back. He got me going into spring training what the question about that what they were so right here they were there a lot of quick break. Polls and -- -- potter -- well. Well that chip camera horseback it looks like it's chipped it back to being used to -- have some protection purple. But not at all particulates phenomenal I agree to you about the bullpen that's going to be a quick question to veto it. What will Walton doing -- called if you really CQ last year. And again when you look back at the early market Ike could see it and seeing that would call pirates and say. What what he can enjoy every minute away I don't think -- such well. Our buster one of the things that I've kind of criticize Bobby with -- obviously we know when he talks he likes to talk to get this media a lot of things to talk about political back the players it just adds to the discussion. Today we hear that he's gonna be doing a weekly interview with Michael -- in New York. How exactly how is that a good thing. -- while I -- That that it is surprised by adding that -- Internet Bobby Bobby. You'll go and speak to someone's birthday party -- Saturday morning. -- -- personality. Any -- Michael and I that you can all call it again you're probably not doing anything on that day. I'm not. That that governor is not -- in the -- and it will never -- -- and that should help -- communicate and you know this -- what he's been so outspoken. There are times when it is. It is somewhat covered reporter -- your -- -- in -- but -- at court with -- -- grange. I wouldn't you like. Forty don't look at because it just reinforces. That concern it could actually clubhouse. But that's just Bobby and she's not gonna change. -- you're expected to be different he said it's not gonna change it sounds like from your spring training -- didn't change did you expect at some point deceit a different Bobby Valentine with the Boston Red Sox. Well I don't know what I'm talking about not happy not -- -- -- entry -- Italian guy. You know it's so good at Bobby. It's a lot of it from you know standing backlash here I think goes well -- -- a lot of talk about -- -- -- In check out -- spring training camp I think. I can't think -- a lot of resulting from last year and so when I say that I don't need it at all call Bobby got a lot of issues that they can sort through. The lot of talk here about the that you know Josh Beckett from day to Bailey's dumb -- the latest the call Crawford as you started to swing yet. Does anybody know. Yeah he can start that's what angle at that I would think can't even talking about. It on how -- tickets and swing that Paper is the thing I mean in nature of the injury he's basically a chronic situation towards. Going forward. Tell him look literature swing and and that's one thing to say. Two particular personality. It's sort of like -- guy to have a really heart attack Crawford would be right at the top of the list he's got that percent or. The coworker. That he thought healing right he's gonna wanna -- take a hundred extra swing. Apparently didn't help you know created this situation in Israel. I don't know that -- that because she doesn't know any event. Hey I'm -- slot are coming back in and ready to play and it might be myself -- good place to go to anxiously. That to me I've got it going into -- Buster last -- -- -- what seven hours a -- so for the beginning of the season for real not gonna help those those two games saw Japan last week so they're getting it and I -- this how do you view the health a Major League Baseball that some wild card teams. I see a lot of teams around baseball getting these huge TV deal the Red Sox have benefited from the NASA and regional deal for a long long time. How do you see baseball help wise heading into the season. I hope the people putting to -- is -- good baseball is in trouble and that's based on. Television rating from the World Series and television ratings and help -- game. There are so many other barometers that you inspire in annually. Couple of them another one which hugely underrated. No sporty -- east followed on the Internet the way good baseball is and -- all the selling a package is it where people can watch. And television -- you know all of that thinking -- they have like it you get. The Dodgers don't like the two point 15 billion these players getting two million in order to re -- but he'll only get twenty odd million dollars a year. Players -- money to make money so the sport but we don't pretty well for the healthy -- -- to look for to talk with the all week enjoy there Bolshoi does he Guillen -- but I. How can you know I know I -- I tell -- -- and is up a bit bus early BS PL a to have not just all we put all season you'll be weekly guest. -- talk in baseball on the show and you can hear in the background in in buster. Those couple planes went overhead the way they've built up ball park in Miami. There's planes like it with the Mets at the old -- planes of fly overhead they do that Miami's he flight after flight after -- get him -- next week. -- endorsed lesson he's gonna you're gonna build on that cellphone it'll get better buses the past.

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