WEEI>On Demand>>Andrew Bailey is gone for most of the season... what do the Sox do for a closer now?

Andrew Bailey is gone for most of the season... what do the Sox do for a closer now?

Apr 3, 2012|

The news on Andrew Bailey's thumb is worse than expected and surgery is required... leaving the Red Sox with a massive hole in their bullpen at the closer position. Who fills that hole? We discuss it.

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I got to answer me this court yes -- Yes what does that mean also have blessed nation October. 5 or preserve the -- without running I don't know -- the report. We have such a. I saw. Great. What does it mean. When a pitcher is. Seen by his own team doctors. They tell him one thing apparently they gave -- something positive. Because Bobby Valentine was not hesitant about saying not -- it's gonna pajama on Saturday so obviously they didn't give him bad information. I understand distrust. Of the medical staff because there's some history here -- one thing. All -- -- people. Think clear all those guys out and brought all the new people. So that they could make the players feel more comfortable more. -- shoring. That they're going to get your needs taken care. So Josh Beckett -- he's gonna take off and go to San Antonio. To see another doctor -- I get that second opinion you've done that I've done that that's that's what would what people do you get a diagnosis. You know what the folks -- mean there's opinion I don't know what oblique that it. So you go to the second and checked. If the second guy tells you don't worry about it it's okay. You don't go to third racked. If you go to the third guy. It tells you that the first guy in the second guy disagree. Effort sent her biological or the up a third guy. Rob Bradford city you know he obviously spoke with with -- for the do. They do. Long term fishing tournament Smartphones their program do so he said piece of mine. That's what Josh told him peace of -- Thirteen bodies of mine he wanted to hear from as many people as possible that it was OK maybe they all agree. Maybe that you know yeah there is a -- an issue -- he's got to go to three people maybe -- execute -- yet have already told him you're fine then I that I won't even more about them. If he's got to be thinking about this and you and I have heard this before with our -- picket picket that may be that the team doctors the first two doctors agree. And that he feels like something's stolen there's something not quite right and goes to a third doctor. It yet that opinion that the burst through doctors gave back appear to have worry about that because were heard about that in the past. You know each -- is his ankle. Apparently in the in the -- the the bullpen last year than we turned it again out of a mile when he was pitching. And than anything terribly wrong with that which you could see it changed up everything he did he gets very concerned. If the body is not operating exactly the way he believes it's supposed to -- right so wondered if this right now. If you're right and the first two doctors it's no problem. -- pitched twenty games on currencies. Epic fail. You'll load out of my office the belly -- and away -- Why you would fly now. The Cleveland clinic. A senior specialist. Who by the way specializes in doing surgery the surgeon. For the stuff. To me that's a little bit strange and it's one of two thinks it's either he got conflicting. Diagnosis from leap from the first do. Or. -- in his head right now he said they don't. Right. Accurate sick -- -- okay well. And Texas as first guy says it's not dampen the first guy -- not bad second guy says. It's not that bad. So you gotta go to the third guy to figure out really -- yet. Which when it so why -- -- -- -- why is it if that's the case he's bouncing around to the doctors. Why would Bobby be -- and -- -- over the last two days of saying. He's pitching on senator I don't know. They afraid of more bad news out there they are they afraid that the people back you're gonna freak out. Think -- is more bad news is we already found out that they leave Shelley long term here. It's been the -- rail connector Josh -- and secondly do you think Andrew -- thing is that that change your opinion about where the Red Sox are gonna finish that change your opinion about the Red Sox in the playoffs and my predictions that -- -- on the sheet that we will reveal at 3 o'clock -- we will reveal a big reveal they are no different record way why wouldn't will reveal I wouldn't call it. I said we would reveal everybody's revealing their predictions. People don't they vote majority required to Hitler dune three cats team -- -- you know break the best team ever again if you want to find out -- pocket -- last year's predictions apparently have to wait -- the British team are at -- -- go do it right now but it worked out the dollar got a little bottle trickle trickle now of my predictions were made last weekend if you remember talking about Israeli last week. This year I had -- them I told you I was. Writing him down. For forty to 45 appearances this year why because that is his track record here over the last 32 years so this would be years three. I think this is what he -- -- Papelbon. I would put down for sixty or 65. So yeah I'm worried about post I was worried. About those 25 wells was appointed quote I'm a -- those 45 the twenty to 25 of the -- I look at the closer the closer position. And obviously there's some special guys and we've seen some special guys in this town and an in this division. Jonathan -- up Obama's special. Even though he things were down he was a special. Closer. Mariano Rivera as the best I've ever seen as round as he continued so yes he's got to you have those guys you have those guys who. If you can do it for effectively for six or seven years it's pretty rare. To be very good for six or seven years and obviously Rivera's that are much longer than seven years. But there are guys who can step in and do the jobs season this season for a couple of seasons. And be effective at it I don't think it's a deal breaker that Andrew Bailey is not. Is not the guy right now we have no idea who it is and might be -- service in my -- -- But I don't think it is going to be. One of those positions. That -- think the red -- I agree because as I said I went into it thinking he was gonna make forty to 45 appearances I already looked at that specific position. Instead. It's a draw. From a year ago and that's the problem -- -- looking at the steam and feeling. Optimistic about them. Is that other than a slight elevation I will give you this as you brought up right field -- right. Slight elevation in right field. It's a slight I mean if you you look at that Ross right now arm. -- -- hit -- so against lefties he's gonna put up by I think some terrific numbers he's got -- of a swing it's it's certainly built for Fenway Park so. In Fenway Park -- against lefties. I would think Cody Ross is gonna put up some numbers I do worry about them out on the field I do worry about and sometimes. Against right handed pitching in a larger ball parks were. Those hits in left field at Fenway Park. -- into the seats and their -- or fly out when you're you're playing elsewhere. He's going to be okay. BR right right and you know maybe what you do is you you you put Sweeney out here and put two and a little bit so you -- -- hide Ross a little bit. From some of those right handed pitcher and I -- have too much could you gonna face. 321 righty is over over lefties slight elevation I can't see of another position. Where I feel better there's one potential. And that would be -- If he's healthy Buchholz could give them a gigantic. What the -- rotation could be -- number four starter last year. -- never force started last year yet what depends means Lackey Lackey who threw for. -- right so you don't see an improvement there. She improvement but I also see twelve wins. Second most of anybody -- We want to -- -- only what twelve Dave's other buckle up I want more intelligent let people have been telling you for a -- time have been government's offer more time. The winds are overrated. And that is exhibit today John Lackey as your new exhibit today of how overrated winds are. You've got to be kidding me. Twelve wins for John -- yeah. He had nothing to do it Ellis editor of the subtraction by yet I think the addition my -- action doesn't work about the -- because -- -- -- pitcher in baseball had twelve wins last year. The court Richard based ought to have three wind causing bodily -- of which is what wins would tell you they are now the worst guy was a double digit winner right governments and it's terrible. -- go out the possibility is there to have a slight. Improvement at that at that position earned run hard -- -- earned run average you might approved by three runs again. Com and again you're still dealing with the tigers' staff. With wins and innings innings to me -- just isn't -- estimate is extremely important with start. -- at the top your rotation store and this is probably the Red Sox have. It's the reason the rays and I probably do it look at their bullpen this year tell me your -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And dogs -- like maybe he comes back. I know exactly was coming at 3 o'clock what you got about a 115 wins this year 1118. I don't have anybody winning a hundred you don't have brought you don't have the -- like you like -- never under three you'll never be able to murder throughout the West Coast of Florida again you don't have the race. Not over a hundred winds not hot tuna. No but I'd look at the bullpen I said the same thing I said last year and the same thing I -- two years ago but the race. Bullpen is toast. They gonna get anything out Soriano two years -- gonna get any available. You know what they get inaudible plank of the starters go so many innings so you're not taxing anybody. -- -- -- -- and a yankees when they didn't have starters they were deep. India in the starting rotation if you're remember that just Wear out that bull the only thing you've got is were virulent. I think that's the problem Red Sox still have right now animal collective Q I have to the whole lot. What you do. And Andrew. Bailey out is going to be out of reform and who knows after that how effective. So. What are you put and that's Bobby Valentine's won a few lessons here in the in the spring you know it's right there is giving you some valuable information. But he's finally. The the volume up on on the music a -- as possible. And -- somebody screening and background so that you really can't pick up exactly what sent. That's a good way of doing -- I think -- kind of disguise hide -- you know maybe you. We hear what's going on they have to go to oil from a. -- to find out the -- still. -- -- way Bobby V walled -- is. -- on Tuesday because he's already been on the program by you'll be on as the for the first time. He was on as a manager reporters he was already named manager. Beyond tomorrow -- rise for Charlotte many all summer along you be on every Wednesday. At 230 odds are that are sort of 2012 season. Or go our show to 2012. I asked him about that until now he's still apparently the safety commission. So even though he's with the Red Sox in the -- -- supposedly had like some safety issues back in the town after -- do this again go on there and make record of exile and he probably does -- they ever replaced as -- Somebody out -- can call. I lot of these like 61777. Nights early -- toll free 8885250850. Here's what we'd now. Did you Bailey is going to be on the shelf for a while surgery and that he's doppler three to four months who knows. Com the latest on Josh Beckett. -- the Red Sox doctors are doctor in east specialist in San Antonio now seeing a specialist in Cleveland what does that all mean. Well we know that daily is out -- put in Michael. The sevens. And make a service that the closer. Him Lance and year set -- guy. And you still have dual use you have Barton -- brought. The dark inaudible parents or your fine. Up because I was close. I do do. I think -- the mentality -- he's yet easygoing I would worry about him as a guy who's who's balanced drama forties bounced around as a starter as the long man as a setup man at the -- the only thing I would worry about him. He gets a little bit emotional. He wants a few guys -- he wants -- just because smokers just because she's afraid -- its. And to me you can't do that when you're coming out in the ninth inning you cannot. -- more guys. Apparently like I agree with one of those guys -- make the ninth inning and -- interest right. Get out of it and I have two guys on at the end of the game but. -- finished with a punch out and go crazy yes I agree with you that I think they can real place. Andrew Bailey for I was just in the short term this is probably. In middle. If you lose in May before or after the season here. Com. But what words screws you. Is it takes away something else that your. So in other words you lose where every point in this spot you lose what they bring to the table in there. Near roll right now -- it will bring up Daniel board that's what you would do he would move pour out there right now ouster note while. It's Tuesday one event -- Bart can do the job and even though -- ramp them up and stretched him out to be a starter. It's much easier going from a guy who's prepared to be a starter into the bullpen you can't do it vice Versa. So that becomes the problem with -- Middle of the season what do you do do you switch him accurately. Do that you would have to keep over the bullpen. And maybe in another role. If you bring Bailey back as the young. It is so -- and in a big -- at the answer we'll socket operates team game you gotta be part of the team. Made a big huge paycheck yet. He watched dubious daughter. Probably part of the reason he wants to be a starter as he looks at how much money. They're doling out right now the McCain got yesterday doling out huge dollars and successful stars. You don't make that type of money in the bullpen even by the way -- -- close. You aren't they aren't that makes them makes a lot of sense for him is that a for the -- I don't care about the money. I don't care. How excited he has to be a starter I'm looking at it this way. If Daniel bark can be as successful starter you really may have some that he may have something that you may not. You may not just having good at you know average starter Major League Baseball he may have an. Above average you you know borderline great but you might not it is not good -- that's probably not -- that out of the -- and you won't have -- out of the -- I wanna take that chance and when CP gets there. This season I wanna see if he does become another Derrick Low not that Derek -- was a great pitcher Jericho was pretty good. His pretty good for a long time what became a starter and then there were so it was different yeah that one pitch this day the anchors and there were some seasons there were some seasons notably the 2002 season when he was really really good right to see if -- Daniel bark and become that I'd rather see him. Do that -- the old argument gravelly -- 200 -- not gonna -- this year but 200 innings of Daniel -- verses 6065. Innings. I in the bucket but they better be patient because there's not gonna this is not gonna happen overnight they think it's gonna happen overnight and that this difference Michael -- you pitching for Kansas City. You could throw a market for thirty starts. And you know he can go you know eighteen and sixteen to one of India you know you're OK -- that. The reason you're okay -- that because you're trying to build a -- you see is the top of the rotation pitcher. This team right now can't afford. -- fall behind. Because. There's there's this certainly looks like there's a pecking order here for for playoffs and the -- a lot of available spaces even though of the league is added. The one thing I would say about him being excited. Zealousness -- little. Let's yeah I know people -- jump on and stick ons suck it up your team player but he is human. And that's the normal reaction of your -- I worked all was time. To be a starter and not you want me at the back and now it's not what the rollout -- -- before so obviously it's a step up. I won't be a starter and you wonder whether. He loses some of that bad zeal he loses some of that. You know aggressiveness going out there and doing it because it's just not excited about the wrong -- Dick -- -- Are ready to go but I'm not worried about that of the keys he's. Good where he is right now is the best option for the team. Have Daniel Daniel bark in the rotation now as far as -- The service clearly. It is not bothered by the spotlight by the next day possibly -- -- -- -- -- quality -- as a menace that's on to a seven -- wants to start because. It's it's it's more notoriety gets to go out there to give to show that he's one day he's one of the best very best way he looks at. So in the bullpen closer problem. I'll bet you this will become as big this'll become one of those roles would he'll start doing it heals at a wanted to anything. We could have I Obama from now the good reliever and it was interesting because they sent Coke to Pawtucket today dropped him off the Major League roster. And and they can do that for a month up until -- the first I mean the first they have to make a decision. At that time they're gonna have to bring them up to the big league club he's not a bullpen guy he is a starter so you're pretty much gonna have to start. I was surprised that they didn't because he's been pitching pretty well I'm surprised they didn't bring him in. And you're right -- Bard was going to be the guy I think cook would have been activated with the -- And then they would move would move bored out there I agree it's either going to be -- or it's going to be seven by the -- sevens may not be happy. If it is who -- And they keep him in his role as the setup guy because remember he had his sights set on starting now people I don't gonna -- a Kamal what differences that make. The difference these guys do get worked up about this stuff it affects them. Yeah which is still it affects them to got to do what's what's best for the Red Sox. The best regrets I grant you -- their studies is better demolish it yeah Walesa maybe just may be closer. And you know what. -- check because on the settings may go back to was all role. As I said before it is not something that. I don't think Bobby Valentine or lose -- -- and -- -- Red Sox and I can be wrong and has been a big Red Sox fans and we lose sleep over it. A month into the season a month and a half into the season it just happens you see it happen all the time. And Major League Baseball made some of these closers if you go back to the closers well. The top five closers -- five years ago and into the top five closers of today is some names remain the same like Rivera. But it Rivera couple bombs some of those names are changing it just happens one -- position vacant positions that continues to evolve. And you can. You can get a guy -- nodded jag. It you can get somebody. The fulfill that role in you'll be okay -- cardinals last year. Cardinals didn't really have a closer -- your wall and kind of use different different guys during the course of the season now I do believe. Values kind of unique it doesn't always happen that Michael -- both agree afraid it was seven days. Is probably your best guy right now to replacing jubilant. As your closer. And I do think that. That. That feelings do play into this that. Because. I think if you if you throw -- out there and I'm not saying that he wouldn't be great -- role he would be he would be excellent that role. I think he's gonna get pissed off. EE. Seven is on the other hand if you end up taking my Lance and making it closer. And has said he stays in his own role however this is a guy whose dream was to be a starter. And everybody's moving up the ladder and he staying put I think you might have a problem. I think he might be crazy enough to have. And -- -- well that's the case and everything. That you think about the Red Sox -- -- me that that's a lot of a lot of high maintenance. Forman. Normal a lot when is America quality to Joba Chamberlain they screwed it up. Any screwed up this is -- old battle fourteen was a mouse it's normal to be upset by them paid a lot of money -- -- -- -- what -- it was not. When you say that you've been in the business you've seen how it works eloquent you you you shot in ninety when you say naive yes because you're not taking into consideration that there are human beings here -- -- -- feelings to him like anybody at any job if you don't get what you want. What our people passed threaten them what they sometimes they don't react the right way. They don't perform. In that role. At anywhere close -- -- Persico for a couple days for a couple days a few days you -- need -- you know personal day or two to get yourself right to. The kind of schedule a week to week Michael they don't they have -- contract I'll give you that I'll give you give your feelings but let's not take it too far right. -- give an example. -- that's the Vietnam was coming up Nomar. Was going to be the shortstop John -- went to these sorts of things. There's a known known John guess what not a place second. And Nomar. Is going to be the short story of a minor league they're number one -- -- -- -- do you remember what happened but he didn't number one proper. You are considering it's really glad he's got really really really well right when he human spirit we're talking about number one prospect look at it from John balance and perspective you talk about feelings -- the touchy -- up and security hotline the number one prospect well there is a -- -- had a bug -- not -- yes -- is he human beings got feelings -- anyway. -- a couple of days. He came back you know it was pretty good. You figured it was pretty good even only want to continue to play short it's pretty poor example now they don't and I am all of that was that was number one. In the organization we were talking about him on a regular basis unreasonable idol it's where you find -- for those gal are you going to stick with your argument enough. You keep telling me to think about the feeling Michael if you if LA are brought up for -- -- done in the last five minutes you brought from the touchy Feely guy who. It human resource I understand your pain and and I feel. You to -- are now I exaggerate how you're going to do it your value gone back to you. Talk show host who says hey wait a minute this is the number one prospect John balance and you should understand. That you're going to be out of the jobs sorry which what is it you wanna talk about where you talk about reality well it depends what the level of the players so you gotta take that into consideration. Not gonna sit there and take feelings to consider because. Because no mark is eight was a top level player. You were talking about your shortstop the future. He turned out to be all of a player's hours he was great heights -- But that's a lot different that what -- -- are going right now. I don't give a damn okay I'll give you -- -- -- get so here's the Phillies are are irrelevant pork if it's relevant for a day or two. I don't wanna hear in August. That you hit to 35. Because you didn't have the role that you want I don't hear at all inspector ERA and let me -- alive because. You want it to be close -- you want to being set up mannequins. Totally -- up on behalf I'd let me ask you this question. So you and I both agreed -- said they should be deeply closer right now. -- of Bobby Valentine believes that Daniel Bard should be the closer. Should Daniel barges suck it up and not worry about it just over the -- I understand you know what you gotta have. He had with you boys you have a couple of drinks you talk about it you rip Bobby V at your tribute closer reckon you rip Boston should never bother. It will bother you for a couple days but she got a job to -- and this happens across America it happens all the time people would've supported I think he's gonna promote and you don't get it. You know you think somebody else's somebody else is doing the job that you should be doing but people. Figure it out they adapt and they do the job they're paid to do I think a lot of guys had to battle bottle -- and a lot less money. Then what's being paid her. Well I think. A lot of guys can do that a lot of guys have the personality to do it and others don't and that's what makes. Good managers you arrive at this conversation many times I really believe that a manager is a more of a shrink than he has actually baseball strategist. And that he's got to be able to team the egos be able to play that whole game and that's a big part of it public sees. I here's Kevin Kevin's insurer Rosemarie first up on today's big. -- -- Actually can't can't. Our groups -- let them get excited about it stated dean -- -- And then keeping partner -- I don't know that that you get it. -- -- Well because you're under -- I think it was an old girl -- say they started you're immortal being used. And yet -- -- doctor Barbara spring into you don't each and I don't know. If we keep them like. All right what's -- what's -- ready though he's ready to be a starter is he ready to be a guy didn't go out and win. 1518 games probably not but he made up you got. He may not be that through the whole season what you're upside with him what you what does what does the finished product going to look like. She'll like -- we use him right he could be all right Erica I'd buckle the ballot sixteen in game winner every year. 140 or so they'll tell you stay was the -- I know it's like I think the whole racial direct talks with the people out east urged EA and you know a complete. A complete 180 for the team that we were last year I feel like we we shouldn't be wary of Katrina when you got there either they -- division repeat nick you're or you're. Unfortunately I think they're they're very much like last year's team. The only difference is they have a different manager. I mean to you what in Japan manager bought -- what we are a lot more than. Do you like he's gonna like got a new manager that's already done. Oh yeah now I know not much you can do about that -- we we can't but I feel like. That Bobby east or hear a lot. To what does it would bar those guys are -- you're saying for forget about the future if you think you did you say Bart can be Clay Buchholz. Yet but -- like. This year is more now we can. Make your World Series. But you always think that -- -- -- them. Next you'll be that like that -- right and and 2014 will be like that too if you think this guy has the potential to be quite -- Then you start his development right now -- as great as a starter and they've already done that I was born I was bringing up early with Kansas City -- go out here. Makes thirty plus starts and he can lose 1516 games. You don't worry about because you're developing. A guy okay that's what you do Detroit -- a few years ago and it ended up working for them. But. Here. Worry camping impatient. And you write it might cost you early on. -- may have difficulty making that transition and people may get very impatient fans management alike. Gosh they will if you really believe if you look at stuff you talk about adding a pitch year. You look at his stuff. I don't see why he's not a starter. But it might not happen in the first 346. Months are going and I struggle for a for a little bit like out of that restaurant it and then. Don't you but he got a goal of and it might cost you games right now there's no question about it it make now that he's gonna struggled to the point of of Lackey Lackey will always be the example. Because that's what you're trying to that's the worst -- active actively get back to your point of improvement how do you improve. And you had a guy last year and a rotation. Who was who's gonna give you a 64 ER so that's what you're trying to you you're trying to improve on seems like a pretty modest goal. But as long as those guys in the 45 spots. Are better than that you have gotten better. On the slightly better than. At that position for a fine thank you combine a blast here for five you know you go for with -- Lackey. -- five you have Wakefield you have but guard you have -- while and you have a lot of B Andrew Miller. A lot of people who. Who through and whether it was -- two games here five games here you combine the -- Of the 45 starters this year. 45 star 45 starters last year for five starters this year trying to improve on and they should be able to. I'm not sure they will prove much of upon that and I I think it's kind of irrelevant. I really believe the top three or where you gonna win this thing if you go to when it's going to be a top 32 before five will make a big deal about 45 as we -- But of Buchholz has back problems again. And buckled can't go deep into the games they got problems if you know Beckett doesn't pitch at the level we pitch last year and -- can be difficult for him to -- I still argue that people thought -- terrific and did terrible two final starts he had a great year last year he's gonna have trouble duplicating what he -- laughter. Lester is the one guy. -- you can look at saying he's better than that. -- he's better at the top three real legal when it. I'm not sure I agree with you that there is going to be an appreciable difference with four and five. From a year ago slightly I would give you that grip active phone calls eviction.

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