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The Big Show's official 2012 MLB Predictions for the Season

Apr 3, 2012|

Bookmark this one Rene, so you can come back to it and chastise us for our lousy picks at the end of the season. Glenn and Michael give their picks for the 2012 baseball season.

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Aipac you're the big shoulder right back to -- also the second is 617779. -- -- that are getting a headache with that stuff does not nice we crossed the 45 our Martinsville about a wanna be around like 3132. I'm excited already I'm excited about how bad shot just like that. -- you want me to go first do you wanna go first you with the predictions how can we can do it's Hamilton I guess it's okay let's start with the all the important American League east right. Who was your first place finisher in the American these are like the Yankees -- -- I think they've got. Get to the pitching staff I think -- will pitch for them. Mikey Mikey and -- probably in the second half of the season I mean I've got concerns do you get an aging offense right now you don't know when they're gonna break down. The light they got nothing on Iraq last year he played 99 games he wasn't healthy for bunch of those. I think they get more on him you get more out of I think they'll get more out of resin is is out of the news you know that's -- -- -- -- gives them extra vitamin whatever you -- column I think Teixeira gives them. More this year. And I am I'm not gonna do this I did this a few years ago this was the dumbest thing out of the a lot of dumb things over the years but this was -- A -- aged 3839. I said you can't expect -- repair article out there aren't. It won't happen one -- what it's okay that the season where you were you don't call it. Is this season he woke. Up I happened there's no way 42 to keep going he's forty. You can't keep doing fought each. Yeah I think the cutting to the best team. They're the most balanced team than the most in the American League east. I don't think -- great defensively but they are the most -- I would agree with you and even without Joba Chamberlain I think they had yet. Inaudible unless they of the central division. What's gonna say what the what is notable welcomed by the wild card out with a -- that's the short conversation -- I got Detroit you probably have Detroit -- here's the question. They wanna -- fifteen games last year that they went up by more than that or with the over under. Albany I'm gonna go probably seven because think about how bad Minnesota was last year and had a lot of injuries -- think Minnesota's gonna be that abysmal this year. I got Minnesota probably. But I still know what exactly. Mean we're gonna ought to save -- automated anywhere from seven to ten games back that apple. I see people picking Kansas City to give the try to run for the money. Kansas City has some nice young players Kirk Osborn the the pitching is not great but it's young it's got upside. Says -- going to be a fun young team. It'll finish fourteenth -- the leaders. I just don't this year Derek Lowe added to the Indians but I'm with you did Detroit Tigers. In and run even without Victor Martinez that aren't you line up and look at the lineup -- got a pretty good one too. They do they're pitching staff they do. In Doug -- yeah I know I know deploy and support. Are accurate way to say you're gonna win -- here and all the miserable when you gotta be -- though. Jose bell verdict. Perfect 49 for 49 in save opportunities last year you tell me is the season was progressing along. Did you ever -- -- going 49 of 49 there's guys talked about the -- not appropriate for. Can't it can't they tell the programs I don't I don't -- program if you -- ago two -- dropped about twenty pounds -- -- good pretty good creating now. -- The winner of the west. -- don't let me highlight. Until angels. Went look at that look at that wrote to seeing angels Jered Weaver. Danny -- She's C. J. Wilson is your number that really know Santana as war. That's pretty damn good Walden is pretty good closer. Albert Pujols -- and they they didn't score. -- Conner runs like shocked that they were under achievers offensively. You look at that lineup now and in a lot of it had to -- Waltz. At the lineup it's not like you talk about Detroit doesn't scare you like. Detroit's does their lineup is not as good as the sounds as the yankees' lineup -- it means that the Red Sox -- really think I would agree but but. With their pitching staff with Albert Pujols and your team at Albert pulls in the offseason on it. All he had to do was spent a lot of money it's hard to hate on it okay when it end. If you wanna go to the wild cards are the first -- first wildcard we disagree on this first -- -- your Boston Red Sox. -- I like I like the fact that. That Clay Buchholz hadn't had any problems. In the spring -- like the fact that John Lackey is no longer in this rotation. You know you know you no longer have by the way of picnics are you telling us twelve -- forget about it worst pitcher in Major League Baseball was has been eliminated. From your rotation. And then they do have a young guy I don't know how good he's going to be they have a young guys their four or five if you wanna go what you brought. -- brought four part five vice Versa. They have some you've been there with some talent I think it will be better than what they throughout their especially in September with the likes of why island we talked about before Andrew Miller Erik Bedard. At all eyes you know here's my thing I think they are. I think they are a very very good team with some questions. But it still good enough to give by -- and the reason I don't think Tampa is gonna finished as a first -- -- I don't think they'll be able to score enough they're pitching is good is not the all time greatest pitching staff have ever seen but it's pretty good. They don't score enough runs and you got have to. Have to score some guys I American that you're going to be surprised that this I agree with you. I don't think Tampa Bay can score enough runs to be the first wild card game they're pitching to their rotation is exceptional. Keep on and goofing on your bullpen every year. And for some reason Joseph Maddon fines and reforms to make it all work and that that is open to do with the started going so deep in Cuba into games that he doesn't next ball. I'll tell you -- Answer me this question how -- the Red Sox win more games. And the Texas Rangers the Texas Rangers have a softer schedule you don't want -- softer -- -- know because they're beating up. On nineteen games against Seattle nineteen games against Oakland okay. The Red Sox. -- you go into the same thing within their division against. The Yankees against the race. Against the blue jays my bank won't be better. But I'm not I'm not crazy about the the blue jays out of that ready -- drop a little bit and against Baltimore eight and it examines him he went and against Baltimore team the Red Sox shouldn't do what they used to do. -- -- Whether it's not used to be that while -- win 9495 games. It was sixteen against the race they would win it'll fourteen against ball with the beat up on a bad team. That's how you'll accumulate all these -- The Rangers are not only he really good team Colby Lewis are calling you -- I'm not sure yet first year round. By the way if he -- good if he is as advertised that the Rangers win that division and the angels. How much of -- time around well he does it. Harrison. -- removing him from the ball into a starter and a Joseph Nathan -- years removed from Tommy John surgery two years. That's when using the players about it. Our knowledge -- ballack got a code grand you can talk about the -- are you want. They're growing up there if you -- -- and a -- they're like they're loaded well they're loaded but they have they have a question mark. You're right we talk about this over Josh and bright note Josh Hamilton's of course -- fine until he gets the ball well he's a question mark because of -- of his addictions and he's also question mark because of his injury history. Also the results were more games you'll esteem well I was playing -- the deal one that he's my NL west that team also lost its best picture with division. You lose your you just hit the button here enters a conservative doing some Q2. You -- C. J. Wilson to the angels news boasted. Is wrong with that and win the division make the play called I don't everybody split but if you -- -- as re re right about -- record low volts Loma. They're adding full lesion to the starting rotation he's a good pitcher I don't know what he's gonna do as a starter. Well he's been against these these dumbo art -- what you do not okay. You'd garbage if you garbage has a decent year and they're gonna easily replace I would say easily but -- -- to be able to replace. I CJ will people say that all the time but in every every sport when you got a special talent whether it's an eighty's. In baseball a 25 point scorer in basketball. A forty goals sniper and hockey. Well that's what we can do. This guy who will score six or seven more goals we will get it across the board and that will replace his production. Does it work that way ever it never works that way so C. J. Wilson will not be replaced. By you -- you operation or anybody else in that I didn't. He I think -- got to -- I think the key for them will be Joan game -- Nathan if Joseph Nathan can come back. From where he was two years ago when your number in two years removed now from Tommy John surgery he had a rough first year back from a partial year. And then he said an awful lot spring so for what does it mean I don't know but behind him outside of what he -- up Mike Adams they got a gun no. Very deep and apple open I think they're pitching. Is pretty damn good and their lineup is killed -- -- -- great if you don't Britain's oldest -- -- and coming out of those Rivera back 37. It's 37 I think their roster now here two years removed the bodies also 37 result all right second wildcard team. -- they are paying an Angel of the Rangers on -- wanted to review of the Rangers totally out of this yes. People they don't make the play don't make the playoffs out. So you go with a -- hit just the lose. C. J. Wilson. Watch and go to somebody else in your division. What's that team pick up Albert Pujols OK okay I still think you're okay and have a manager to cocaine that was -- -- -- okay is that children he has he has apologized. I think the -- I do I think because. They don't have to have now they didn't everybody laughs and so. -- -- able to materials they love most people most people of the the World Series again. I'm not sure I love him in the World Series again but a lot of people in the course -- might take -- car team would be the race. Better pitching and the Red Sox the Red Sox this year remind me of what the Rangers used to be before. They've really hit any pitching and by the way the pitch and win when the Rangers had no pitching. It was a it was a lot worst of what the Red Sox have right now so we got here is really there's three teams in the Little League east regular playoffs. -- ask you to. You don't have the reps I do another assessment plan I'd rather of -- but I also equipment vendors use. I thought you had the Red Sox over the rays. When I -- out the -- -- these -- -- Alaska which to the program. I I know are so I was surprised that I agree with you the Red Sox went up about their pitching and and and the depth of their titled effect overall their team one through 25 let's just as -- everybody talks about Bobby V and they're making him. The referendum on successor failure -- this year's team I'm not saying that down the road some of his antics. In losing streaks may not crop up. But he won't be the reason that they don't make it to the postseason for their lack of pitching. It didn't in my opinion a lack of pitching. Will be what prevents them they are if they they score 850. Los runs again I think aging Gonzales will hit more homers that he likes to articulate a much prettier -- -- -- that was terrific I realized that it is registry. Your playoff teams are the Yankees the rays right the Rangers and the angels and Detroit. Industry and for my target practices. To be honest with -- my -- be honest with you Michael if the Red Sox were in the National League to probably win one of those -- if you look at the five teams that I have -- year. And it will sixteen total in the American League is that there is there anybody else sticking get into the playoffs there -- six teams vying for five spots appeared -- there. Article another one of these teams in my opinion. That that. That have a sniff Europe making the playoffs now. Strange things happen we've seen it happen before. But I don't I don't see that happening right here but nationally. Nationally does not have the strength of the American League. And that's a problem for the Red Sox because the teams in the American League that are vying for those five playoff spots most of my I've gotten better. And I don't leave the Red Sox. Really don't that would take a break we'll get to your phone calls coming up next right here -- election.

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