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Around the American League: NY, TB, LA, TEX, DET

Apr 3, 2012|

Mut and Lou talk to sports writers who cover the top teams in the American League. The Yankees, Rays, Angels, Rangers, and Tigers are all previewed.

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I can be a very funny here in the American League it is Mott and Maloney 937. WEEI get six maybe seven teens -- reply playoff spots can be Alter competitive. Opening day tomorrow we got to check in on these other competitors. The American League as we -- around the -- only know what got to start New York right. The good place to start and your -- in -- BS PN New York joins us and Andrew we start with Michael Pineda issue in New York how's the concern about the lack of velocity on the prized acquisition this off season. Today I mean they gotten it potentially be the number two shorter. Instead he came in and the forty pounds overweight. And he forgot the pack about the lead but -- started out ball and now. You know they gave him tonight -- their previous start -- on the DL. I know -- the wrote a -- being number two of course he's still could be done and the first apple actually -- that pitchers. In baseball protect happy struggle that you -- it was about five betrayed me you aren't there we a lot of pressure focus. Opening at the right now did not factor. Less than a lot of depth now rotation even more so with a guy like any petticoat Beck what's. What is -- its timetable. Yet he had no pitch illegally in mag though lead beating America I can't get an immediate than that tomorrow -- camp. And -- And then from there you know look at that it's loud big -- and he talked about it looked like. -- skinny legged under a dark field line by actor -- year -- -- be forty this year I'd get Blake back. But you know he's gonna have to go to Kabul full spring training which means. Early -- you'll probably see any kind of packed Yankee reports. At. What he's gonna do a retirement wise. And I think they're gonna retire but he won't say he joked about it but -- -- -- it says Leo's 1000%. Leeway if it didn't mean -- indicate that he thinks he can retire our home. You know what it took seventeen million dollar yeah this year they'll come back for another he's been speaking to my card maybe. He noted gonna come back -- the air quality he's in there are not. And you know there's really no reason to believe there is likely be seeing great low that he always did because. Did you just sticking into the dugout he -- -- parole on spring training at the first I'm like well here -- you give up or once spring training. And the guys just incredible. I mean look the same during the strength so I think here at the -- seamer -- you'll. Saw all the -- out there. Enjoy I've yankees win the American League east. But again the only pitfall would be of course age -- -- some concerns there maybe some question marks in this rotation what what are the concerns out New York about this Yankee team. -- it -- I mean that they'll the infield. Culture agreed to -- 37 this year. Their ears in the 38 this year market -- that -- lead -- here you know he repeatedly thirty now. So you know he's -- guy who. You have to watch kind of closely that started that yet they had you know with deputy real starters include an eight. And then have them from young guys are -- in a high -- about it well the chances the public -- who wore a belt. He gave Mitchell are coming. They do at some depth there. But I think some of the pictures perhaps you know Hiroki Kuroda doesn't you know you welcome pretty and I went to elite. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If they get all that up and in our eight another cute talented. I'm not at least see you in the running to win the division I think ultimately will win the division this year. I injure marsh and ESPN New York Yankees are. Thank you appreciate -- Tampa. Right now let's check it would Mark Hopkins of the saint Petersburg times and and market put on the spot here try to project out we saw Matt more than -- -- up in just be lights out in the playoffs. Over the course -- six on what's a realistic expectation for Matt Moore at the end of the season. A real realistic expectation is probably similar to -- which you're helping out and did this past year. -- well thirteen win at any any are in the prearranged I think the rate would be very happy with that being the expectations. Aren't the point where I think you get your 33 and -- -- a couple an -- to -- the mall. Now did a business rotations second the non I think it's deep I think it's very count that it's very young it's very dependable. Talk -- me about this bullpen last year felt like Carlo late in a bottle Kyle Farnsworth how is that shaping up in an old -- that handles it well but there's still some concerns out there. Yeah I think you're right I mean I think artwork it's certainly a question can he do that again can stay healthy the whole year old ball and gave them a very good year or something he had done for Foley your in the big -- with a tremendous numbers. They've added a little debt to China. Fernando Rodney does provide something warm and I'll be his last couple years in Iraq accounting and J. P. Howell to bounce back from his. For the return from surgery last year. How they brought in a couple guys -- big hop looks like -- make the team Jake McGee back so I think if there are questions about each member of that hope that I can rate the fair question. Everything you read mark says this is the best pitching team in baseball offensively. It seems like that's with a question marks like who's the guy besides Evan Longoria in your mind has the best chance that. Help power this team to score runs this season. Well certainly they're banking on that being Carlos -- bringing him back you know spending over seven million dollar with further it is obviously a lot of money. They're banking on him I think blues got you there -- other big addition as a chance to have a big impact -- to play her the batting order and there's a possibility that you're very good possibility he'll be either Scott or Pena in the two hole little untraditional unconventional but. -- -- about apple that guy should get any problem Gloria and with a hole opened up Desmond Jennings hit some basic could really be interesting for either one of those guys. We got a lot of names just go up and passed this rotation anybody else late in the week to AAA it just seems that every keep bring -- somebody else up. Well I mean they do I think that you have a couple more and that's just the CNET amazingly enough -- negotiation targeted for others seem to find that can. The -- have the fire -- and they deliberately gave the biggest group in the bullpen. They've got out cop who was very good that last year and I gained a triple or Alex Torres to pitch in the big leagues let your triple eight. They've got it and start your cable from the dumpster. Let you know currently at nine -- depth chart but I think a lot of teams he would have been Gary good luck getting campus here. Mark Hopkins saint Petersburg times we go around the AL thank you mark. Let's talk the angels -- out in time. Mark Saxon IBES PNLA joins us and and mark the first month or so the -- Apple's experience how would you break this thing down. Well I mean it's -- it's gonna -- -- possibly hope for today is the from the -- got camp but we rarely looked extremely comfortable. That and what the guys joked around with guys Newton people. -- -- -- and they're under pressure and performed phenomenally. Does crank it 400. The run on a double well. You know I get the situated about what you look like Albert. -- You know I got this team marks the best team in the AL and as such -- the pool halls and it. C. J. Wilson the Kendry Morales is another guy what is the deal with him because of being depicted healthy cigarettes under the radar. Yet that. In the I mean that's been the big question. On the logic all spring out here. -- you know. Again another good story line and the guy. Well you know I didn't get in the game right away when he did it right up the bad. You know it's not going to be I at least -- -- the -- -- -- Molina was in Anaheim but. He. Looked like Egypt and again they're they're planning on him being that number four I'm school which is crucial spot in the lineup so if they. Based suddenly you know appear to have -- middle of the order. -- -- Here mark Jordan Walden set a club wreck -- -- 32 saves last year he tied a Major League record with ten at. Blown saves is there any concern about this can't be in the full time closer for as -- said the best team in the American only. Big task -- saying that is that everybody's worried about that here it is the bomb and and particularly Jordan Walden you know who. It's our public great actors and also people forget that as a rookie. 23 year it'll. Mbeki in that it did not have a great spring. They added a couple of veteran guys they thought would be good influence and LaTroy Hawkins -- and -- -- out and -- it. It's -- -- and had a very rough -- sort of teetering on you know letting the -- this club repair and dark. So there's a lot of question not old man. I think if you were to pick out and actually you're right now that Libya. You know the last couple years -- I've I've been -- my has what what the changes been doing ethic has been pieces up and kind of got me offseason never did this year. They go crazy C. J. Wilson again and pulls a source has got to be pretty excited he's got a lot of pieces the plays brand -- ball but then again it can swing it. They can throw it. Sosa got eleven spring right now. -- I mean going to be interesting. Whether he should run as traditional type of an offense whether they run as much a couple times a string guys -- thrown out. With Albert at the plate which you kind of wonder you know does not make the most that the world. Is that a spring training thing -- the continued. But you're right I mean -- -- pretty excited. They've been you know the last couple years compared to what they had been made they've been sort of mediocre also. Frankly a little bit boring to watch because there are a lot of run who let their pitchers that they're dangling though. You know I think you're right the biggest change that in the -- this law and. Mark appreciate it well talk to throughout the year that is a mark sacks and on ESPN LA let's go to Texas to help that AL west Richard -- of ESPN Dallas joins us and at the -- to be Daisuke experience Richard here in Boston let me ask you -- is the first month of you -- garbage in Texas gone for the Rangers. Expenditures sting effort that people describe it as a circuits that I always correct people it's not a circus circus makes it seem like there's people everywhere don't know what they're doing. This is a special group of journalists from Japan that -- are following covering them is just a lot of them. And that the differences everything he does is chronicle with cameras and reporters assembled by everything I mean. All Koreans stretching. Along cost you name it and their filming -- their coach is what they think it. And that was I think a wake up call for a lot folks was just wanted to analyze long ossetian. But now you own them pitches there has been in some gains there's a lot more work with there. And all the -- but I talked to were super impressed by the movement on it stitches. The command of the passed ball probably the thing to watch. Be consistent with the command key is that breaking stuff will be very difficult to get around. Joe's question mock up here about closing now in Boston -- Bailey Gordon DL. Joseph Nathan exactly hasn't been great in spring training and and police wanting to put him in the bullpen they convinced. But with with -- police in this rotation and given the ball to Joseph Nathan. Well they're convinced that that's how they're gonna start they're committed to it are they convinced that police is gonna be a great starter they won't find out but really what this comes down and they need to find out now whether on Neftali -- can start. Enjoy anything get in the ability to do that. You did not -- -- but in his last re spring outings it's all a lot better. And got three straight out. Regular so you. He felt like he was crowding in the -- the whole time. They weren't they're releasing the results. Now they're seeing the results so they feel confident with Nathan as a closer Mike Adams B want to set up guys Alexio god that was of course -- -- -- Troubled innings package a key couple -- the -- And that Scott Feldman give them a good long relief options sprinkled some other guys in the -- they feel pretty confident about their staff. Josh Hamilton had a little bit of a -- it sounds like -- in his personal life heading into this year he's a free agent. Our Richard I wonder how the Rangers gonna approach this as a negotiation during the year does anything get -- at -- happens long term in a way to laugh for the season. I think they'll wait till after this season but that's an area -- -- -- target for the GM and and what Hamilton the big question. -- -- a lot talk about it is addiction in the off the field stuff but to meet the bigger question is how the guys played one full season. In his career and I felt that BP state healthy and it productive. He's going to get a good contract on the open market whether that's -- or somebody else. If he's not healthy at -- certainly impacts is -- And I think for both sides. And -- motivation to wait. -- that he can put up the great numbers. Immediately bought himself some more money in some more years and it doesn't stay healthy. Then eight meters away the club to work out a deal with and it's favorable for both sides are even more suitable for the club so I think when you got that going. It makes sense for both sides await. He is Richard -- he joins me SPN Dallas thank you Richard. Thanks appreciate the pilots wrap up our round the American League in Detroit. With drew sharp and a lot of guys out drew sharp for opening day. And we're gonna have Cabrera at third we're gonna have -- first until one of those guys is going to be in that DH role for the tigers. Well it is Miguel Cabrera cannot handle. That sentence -- third base and likely get a little more at DH but that. Added we're gonna go -- and -- who has been adamant that. Even if Cabrera struggled for a bit he's gonna keep -- he's going to be -- full time third baseman but I'm with you guys in this one I don't think they have. It would have a long shelf life if if he if he's struggled defensively and as a result in effective offensive production. The -- do it now that's my question okay Victor Martinez I understand -- -- DH you wanna get Miguel and their their basement. Why do it now is just just because they wanna get ready to -- and don't. Nobody got killed here for the children Cabrera clubs and each one of them. Well I know you. Could you want him they have enough holes already offensively as far as you know when you -- second base and for the but the trade reopen it Thursday they want -- stabilized at least one of those. Position to at least to give an opportunity to see -- he could do at third base I get Cabrera credit he's he has put forth the right attitude to try and do the best -- can solve the the injuries sustained taking that. We're -- -- his side but you know he he's gonna get every opportunity. To see who can handle. Well I think Olympic club people the ground American League is a 162. Pre season for but the ditches and up on opening day. Is that how it's being done to try to get a look at 2 o'clock every four years. -- -- We're gonna run -- for. They're supposed to be them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That gonna take a lot for them not to win the AL Central Asia. How good is Doug Fister I'm Ricky Moore he was absolutely lights out that's opening and keep up. He is better when he pitches after a guy like a Justin -- because -- wrote the opposing hitters off balance. After you've been facing the you know the 98 mile an hour plus heat of polar Lander. If you're going up against a guy who liked to work the corners -- a ground ball pitcher and this is the way you gotta fix this whole thing you'll be safe QB the guy that -- hitters will face immediately after Verlander and helps about great. And on this the ERA for the tigers in the post season last year for the relievers. Drew was eight point 01. Rod did they do anything in your mind to add to the apple and their run here in 2012. Well the edit at. Maybe go to the hotel to you know short back into the bullpen. That the only move that -- made it -- -- have a tremendous improvement what they're hoping for is that. But the back into the starting rotation brick. Were so low make sure these guys if they're able to go 67 strong innings consistently. Knock after -- that the middle part depth of the bullpen which is the weakness up. -- -- Detroit Free Press all over the tigers drew thanks wrap this up here around the American League leader Eric appreciated it's going to be a fun year in the AL and great to have Andrew -- mark topped it mark Saxon drew sharp Richard -- we go around the jail on Sunday when that -- the blue jays make a little run here. The AL leased by a lot of blue jays guy on. They'll like June 1 learned the content up in global up on the ball overruling a year and the Q blue jays six. Thought we come back -- hit on the -- and NCAA championship game it's all baseball today missile basketball -- -- united threesome.

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