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Schilling and Valentine war of words continues

Apr 3, 2012|

John and Gerry weigh in on Schilling's comments on yesterday saying that you can't micromanage here and mgrs impact on 9 innings has changed, babysitting

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Hatfield McCoy a Schilling Ballantine. Viewed. Is heating up nicely is not the problem I have with this is that Curt Schilling used to be back. Is on every other show but -- did you -- to (%expletive) him off judge did you hang up bottom -- -- games soccer sometime -- game. -- metres we know we all right I'm not as suitable. When -- wasn't there -- he wasn't there with us when he came -- -- -- and you just don't blame you for -- a few minutes ago -- -- -- -- -- -- slow spot -- apple -- well that's okay because you know we have the sound for all those other appearances. And I just love it because he tweaks the fan boys they date they don't mind -- the key. In the insider when -- in the cars and nice things talk and says the manager you know Terry Francona is Greg Newton on the starting staff is great of these wonderful. Then it's okay then he's -- site. -- when he talks that he talked Saturday with a club obviously. He's an airport cramps she's telling -- said yesterday he does not think Valentine is the right guy to lead the Red -- see where revenues baby aria before was it's not go well guys roll their IA's may be little to whatever. Now he's saying I don't think Bobby V is the right got to lead the Red Sox I'd just feel like this is not going to go the way the people had hoped. I'm not so sure this isn't going to be an oil and water mix early on talk about Valentine in the Red Sox players. Especially if they don't get off to we really good start. Now he talks about the impact of the manager in this day and age and -- makes the case that it has changed over the year. Years it's a Schilling talking about the impact of a manager during a nine -- three hour game. I know it's simplistic to open win. I think the -- of managing 25 players as does one do that everybody has blood platelets are brought to draw over as much as I don't like to say that. We're a different time a different era and I think. But managers impact on wins and losses I think it's changed more base open any professional sport I think they have fairly. Little to do with -- with denied giving a three hours of game play each night. I think good job to become. I've -- babysitting -- the job to become managing personnel. He and Bobby is the guys that that is it is fairly. He's interested in making sure you understand how much goes -- against. Oh that's only 00 and -- it's got an interest in trying to make you understand how much he knows the game. Here's the beauty of this though I mean you can relax and boys in. Easily and an all out to get occurred over here at Bobby V in all his supporters over here. We're gonna find out with Bobby V. Approaches is the work yes soon enough yet we will announce it we'll find out next week or even next month. But he's going to be here for the next six months at least. Probably for the next two years so we'll find out you may have your chance to kick Curt Schilling in the head. 34 months from now or if this daily thing is as bad as we think it is you may have a chance to plot -- and kick Bobby Valentine and head. I mean if if it blows up proof if they aren't listening if they don't respect them. And -- Was right if if they do and he gets them off to a list in their right in the race and July and August and and and David Ortiz from Dundee rookies is running hard to first yeah. And even. And -- and these guys. -- -- on the same page plan hard play like a bunch of Kentucky Wildcats play for -- then you know what was wrong. If they lay down like you know it turns out that there -- no sports scene for September rollovers and disrespect some whispers and all and Kurt was right okay. Given credit easily and an all out there. I think I still think we should get Nomar on finally -- yes if you get a real decisive yeah. But postponed Nomar would say I felt strongly both -- pitching they can win -- he would say like Francona that that's not. Don't ask me that Curt Schilling said he things Bobby Valentine micro manages and relies on the rigid structure of the way the game is played in Japan he said that approach will not work in the Red Sox clubhouse. Or in the Boston market more from Curt Schilling on Bobby V. -- more structured disciplined in Japan and there is in the united. Close. Not even close and and and that to me it is a big deal because. Oprah get over here I think one of the reasons why -- was able to do what he did. It was because he didn't want about the little stuff and Bobby's entire life is is caught up in the little stuff and that's not micromanaging. No part children so vital that that's a problem I don't think -- -- I don't think there was ever a problem here to Begin let. A Curt Schilling says it won't work here as it worked in Japan. Don't worry about that didn't carry not worrying about the little stuff ultimately customers -- ultimately yes yes but he years. Two championships it was a good run. He let it get away from home because. As you know we lose on on drugs and aluminum box under -- -- according to the globe had a personal life and turmoil guessed that but until that. Last month of that last season. It worked out pretty well I don't know that I'm I'm fascinated to see how this plays out. I don't know I. Is you'd -- disagree which it you think -- -- -- approach is going to be the right I think I think it's the right one for this time this team here and now hoping there's a long term you know menu of success waiting for Bobby Valentine immigrants but based on what happened in September I mean come on like eight years into world championships not happening on this deal solely to yeah I understand it works to -- will he lasted too easy to meet. You know. I'd like to be skeptical and I don't mind you know I wouldn't mind jumped on board with. With Schilling instances are gonna work that's the so especially in this town where 99% in the media wave in the -- palms but. When I hear. Criticism. Occasionally callers. Say that's kind of what they need to say. You know Bobby Valentine is gonna shake it we've known -- can hold them make people uncomfortable that's a great I love that term and make them uncomfortable. And in committee. That the -- that's a bad thing. To me it's not not maybe Schilling's right in it too small work long ago. But if they were uncomfortable September. Francona would still be here they were uncomfortable September that have been in the post -- Ended last season with a resounding success somehow won one extra game in September got hot the playoffs rammed through the playoffs and won the world championship with Terry Francona leading the way. And Francona steps down for. Health reasons ulcers OK right now you gotta bring somebody else in two. To try to get this world championship Boston Red Sox team back to the promised land again. Then Bobby Valentine probably is the wrong guy that is he not yes -- successful bunch of guys who said -- we are quirks we record deal right here we adult chicken. -- handled that the right way and he had faith and as. Didn't lose faith not won the World Series stick up your nose Bobby Valentine -- and reinvent the way we feel about baseball. How are approach should be how how hard core how -- gritty how attentive to details we must beat Jessica's Terry worked with us -- ticket office. What was chilling talking about who will roll their eyes talking about. -- -- -- -- Set in -- ways that to think Aaron Cook is rolling -- size if you had to put face on it would be Beckett or Lester Lackey. Or or Ortiz or duke Youkilis and of the veterans who let down based team I -- David Price at which is ruled in his eyes as he loved Terry as much less -- -- -- for two hours ago as a problem with the micromanaging in the the pace. You know unseasonably and operated it may be right I think -- down just just say and she does is not -- Zardari do you do imagined you picture a younger a story or. Journeyman or somebody's playing for a job in this league thank. Akamai delist. Of the list do you think the key is a big problem with -- -- the -- -- Gary -- is Rolen decides. I thought that the Darnell McDonald doesn't think Cody Ross to motivate us good example guy. I mean even loose cut Iglesias is prominent role in his -- because -- the use. Trying to reinvent the game it's the guys who let down who who laid down who lost in in September's sales -- so. The the charges that he's the wrong guy for this particular job Saltalamacchia believe Schilling has a right to his opinion but he says he's flat out wrong salty. I think Bobby brought a lot of good things to this team we're working on our game more than we did hit and run stealing were doing a lot of things we haven't done in the past it can't be anything but good. Is he different than Tito out he's not Tito I thought -- was awesome. More of a quiet approach but adding Bobby has done a great job of keeping the guys loose keeping the heat off of us and put him self. So there you have 617. And that's a good example is a young guy he's not a pampered coddled veteran which doesn't like this in of the change of routine and and I've police Barbara -- yesterday. I you know and we -- and when. Says you know issuing lying I don't think he is I think if you if you wanna be you know fan boy and take -- -- the task just flat out accuse -- -- line. He said he talked to players and their uncomfortable -- or it's not working with Bobby right. -- -- accusing him of lying there's a lot and not -- I think nobody saying he has an agenda he and Kerry got and a result is his comments and he has his perception of how Bobby Valentine's doing the job and -- good bad or in different is colored by his relationship of Arizona's do you think he talked -- players. I think that gives you an idea I think he -- the -- up with -- supposed to do it -- that Bobby Jones and news. His styles at work and he's posted report that for ESP -- posts say. I talked to players at the jury's still routers are supposed to just to make it up saying packed player as their their love and Bobby guys are at a C jury it's not what's he supposed to do its -- Supposed to report but it's gone beyond that now the last couple of days the early salvo was I've talked to players the roll their -- about Bobby Valentine's methods. Now it's court's opinion and that's fine too I -- your court's opinion you can either take it accepted or rejected. And Kurtz opinion now he's not putting any sources is. He's the wrong guy for the job he micro manages you want to know how much he knows about baseball it worked in Japan with the structure that was -- it won't work here. Oil and water all those kinds of things shall we have gone well beyond I've talked to a couple of players and they are rolling their eyes. Quick timeout fault lines open we'll talk -- 6177790850. All 3888525. -- fifty and there's a headline in the Paper. And a story in the Paper that has made me very very. Very happy about the upcoming national football.

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