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Meter Flash with Kentucky Celebration LIVE on TV

Apr 3, 2012|

Meter updates you on the NCAA Champion last night with a live F bomb on TV in Kentucky, you need to hear this!

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And I was -- you know those guys who have soon after it between now and to this. Known as always to you know Saddam's home coats and my friend pursuit of their decision is going. And. That hit an all right so far this what -- you think that's what -- and everything you'll hear The Three Stooges that. This wouldn't. This is choice. Open source all six they are all six league which does he choose was -- partners. He called sixth day. But he's got recruits he's already product or a barrel after oil -- -- price got the top recruits in the country his system. Lies on these guys moving -- For this to work these guys have them Italy that played -- where they came back for a second year they would go forty you know he would win it all right so but. It would be self sustain all about cal two titles in two years I mean it would be unbelievable they came back I mean hell the refreshment to solve -- not like seeing Darius Miller -- out there elegant what is done wrong what do 152 -- a Kentucky. Darius Miller was a key player but. That's a long that but that's never gonna be equalled again. And John calpers -- 152. What do you think it would -- missed all six all six sleeve which would choose I think he probably would -- a quiet moment also actually I -- to all the moment it wants all six back. We do is at last gecko back yet and if said that that I believe that idea got. Comedy. McDonald's all American all lined up for you guys they don't come there if they think they start they played -- -- and done thing. Him to -- stock in these guys screw. Now in perfect world heaped -- you but he can't go on and -- that was Anthony Davis who will we go into the NBA draft. -- It's time to reflect on this decision please it's also got finals this I don't know about those that's right they were how much time expense in the classroom from here till the end of this. What's -- zero. Less than zero -- might stop and to say hello -- and there's some good there it was fun guys that he left his pencil box in the desk and sixteen. Rebounds six blocks five assists. Just disrupting the game only had one bucket that was in the second half with fifteen minutes six blocks. Twenty blocks really did he received. Usual circular to even the big guys of the Whitney with with the equity will be will be issued and Whitney Whitney with the we get it and he would -- look at his games there's there's no reason to slot it looks like sixteen is two shots he didn't blocking Alter -- change and just and just made them you know turtle -- body shots. He's going to be a force in. Russell he is relentless sell out and they have really yeah. That premature to NA Cyril. 6759. Kentucky always there one boy in this game we you said you can't just doesn't match like this morning and watched last three minutes. And yet when it precious based on the first like two minutes ago. No me in the it's -- it was never -- -- so you didn't Kansas is tough on the second. But. He felt like if Kentucky's. Had to they could get a stop. You know just. Play like it and the only shot blocker. -- -- on the floor and they run and Toronto life is unbelievable. Lamb is kind of in her her unheralded guy he's a sophomores these -- he's got. He'll be gone to eleven. So -- sell more. Through just. Industrious seasons at Kentucky Texas is Davis six blocks sixteen rebounds one eyebrow. What -- -- African and the economy sick look at him adjusting his there is a sure he's gonna get a lot endorsements like. Like you know in the thugs. Full of but. I what's next week outlines his sides militants what's -- -- tell he wants an undefeated season. Before I leave coached. I would like to coach an undefeated team. -- on with XY. Because he can't be done. So as -- said. -- we've had the most wins in 2008 and now this year to 38 wins no other programs done that bullets bullets go get a mall. Let's get seven guys draft in the first -- mobile we have six issues. Have. Let's chasing a year without any infractions but let's -- -- is -- leaving. Mean that -- track I think he is going yes he's going in the NBA -- the knicks jump we get a million reasons why does money matter to him is making its 5000000000003. In my house and I'm playing aren't. The game close in the complained to keep pace for me now doesn't it and pay for trick of Lexington and throwing. Good money -- he's got ego -- thirty or fifteen million but we have this down pat. Yeah it does that set yourself up -- dumbest abject failure when you go to the -- AW as the bid is -- are listening to -- -- -- these -- -- -- -- -- it has bothered about the New Jersey NBA experience when he feels like he was a failure in the lead in to a -- play I think they -- one when you're -- 97 and they went to the playoffs and in 98 it -- he says people like to be -- -- -- He's changed the way hockey game -- -- change in the and sees them every interest or I heard it described as the most powerful one of the most powerful men all college sports. I'm opening up promote respect and that's part. Hates him. Which makes -- more. Gratifying and they are celebrating very calmly in Lexington Kentucky. Arrests would. Gunfire. Burning of houses burning of cars houses hurt horses. No no they're not Jerry yeah cars crashing in a patio areas of bars where some people were dining. No one killed yet I don't think -- But the early intrepid reporters on the ground you love listed all these celebratory scenes on the -- stations have to go out on have to go out interview all the yes celebratory fans. Okay -- additional review and you Rojas at woodland Gabriel what's does seem like there. All right we live here at the corner yeah yeah. And there aren't enough and I thought I. And the. We're gonna talk about. All right -- -- -- -- -- apologized today getting on the air but someone getting a little bit too excited I was always go well. -- and I. It's yeah it's yeah it's just that and against that yeah. And our big patsy fans. Didn't. You know it's amazing that's not only do people still turnover isn't that doesn't fire. But they do it. With cameras run on them yes. You sit all -- and on this car and -- -- on camera opening waving did this thing. And I am. And you're like a potential applicant in progress that nobody get arrested Vancouver. Not -- -- anybody invented it was like a year after OK. But I think that in the parking ticket but you'd get on TV. -- -- -- Yours your constituents don't and got caught. Lightning -- just off the swimmer and he likely cost him like he's swimming scholarship from a dealer so that it. -- -- How do you fill. They ever said -- -- what are those who don't know and oil is and -- -- -- -- half of those other extra evidence that managed that it have a bit sculpting you know for those sing alongs. With its religious and we yeah it was would be in me that lynch was -- that logo is everybody in. Your bottom. For a day at a through. But I started I was like this isn't bad but then just went off the tracks really did the horrible there was. Horrible -- -- Jordan sparks out there -- -- belt that I yes yeah sure someone of that -- of the garbage. It's going to be different pay I thought his interest in Roger Goodell says he'd be okay. Bill Parcells hired by the say it's just -- If it ends up being personals and they've gone to the -- process. That's their decision you've built a great coach and he's he's. Pete I'm sure we'll have a lot of personality and intriguing and he's as competitive again. That's their decision the saints need to make those decisions and we will move forward. Don't you think this is a done deal. Yes it's a done to well show after -- got a caution on her show after this morning he said you know there are a lot of people think the bills image is gonna have. Turnaround right at the right at the altar and walk away. -- I don't want right that would be a surprise to a dossier a surprise to has done it before anyway. He was remember the famous. Flight you took a flight with Tampa Bay owner. -- Double for the formally or Glazer is. Says he would take that job yes and then changed his mind. He's done that a couple times where is committed and no. We reserve the right changes mine ended I think he's already agreed to do this but it is -- could wake up today and say now I'm gonna do. There's no -- how bills feeling was if you call -- happily. While on -- very good. Rick import Matt Cain I was look at boards of watching him pitch in Boston or Chicago and -- game 227 million. -- got 127. And a half from the separatist Georgia and -- gets twice as much that. Nevada eagle eagle gets two or 25 over ten years which blows away prince -- contract -- It does and you you bald though that is it's five games for plunking. -- Tulowitzki have been fifty. -- handicaps is gonna join NASA later in this broadcast we'll get back to the Andrew Bailey situation which I don't think. Sounds very promising at all 6777. -- talk to Paula reckon your phone calls next DNC.

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