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The Celtics step their game up on the national stage

Apr 2, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder are talking about the Celtics win over the Miami Heat yesterday. They also discuss some of the Red Sox recent pitching injuries and how that could affect the early season.

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55 minute I've benefited a path that -- have a -- a bet that. Oh I everybody got to show it's got to go all the way Ted. Times a showgirl 8 o'clock 8 o'clock like 8 o'clock tonight. -- So does that it is a lot for you'd add to the shows so call in now get your space organized be first in line. Two to throw in on the program yeah. -- that's Heidi right -- -- that's excited this year forget. And that Jenny Dell clip every of that again. I don't you don't play clips of somebody until it met the yes you know I don't wanna take advantage of relationship is there. I haven't even met Jim I did see her -- finally. Doing it in a report yet she looks pretty good. What awaits you might be great. And I -- -- so job -- the Celtics are pretty great as of this moment. And play well Mike as of this girl the very the second best. Record in the NBA since the all star fifteen and five which is tremendous. And I'm very very happy I've been happy since that game. Cannot control. Yesterday that third quarter sentinels. Rondo you know for all of his detractors I gotta say this they got to figure out a way to get all the Celtics games on national TV. You know if they can just get a mall on national TV this team will never lose. -- -- those spectacular when it comes to that the the white hot spotlight -- he'd just seems to -- out. -- does and I'm not comport what was that stat eighteen triple doubles in his career fourteen of the Monday as they spread like that said. He has five this season. The rest of the league combined has nine now right now if you had to pick between him and -- CP three weeks ago. Well and you know I'd still probably. -- in the way he fits with this team Rondo is better -- -- this team currently but I think going forward. Harder decision and it was right to -- has been pretty impressed always been great I mean it's hard to argue he's been he's been tremendous. Chris Paul still have been pretty damn good player. -- I don't and I never said he wasn't but I an indicator was trying to get Dwight Howard and some others to jump on board I don't know why players don't wanna would want a -- Rondo. Yesterday's game was it to him because I I although it was a 2324 points for for Iran. It appears that twenty to know what's LeBron get LeBron you guys -- his name right. I'd ever did you ever hear anymore I don't know yesterday. Way to get that one quarter where he looked pretty good he was all over the idea second quarter he scored eight of his. But he can't possibly do -- by itself and despite the point totals. From LeBron. It was a acquires 24 point game I've ever seen him three BLE three yeah it is quiz but he really didn't seem like he was and he can effectively. -- -- Foot steel with -- elbow injury and a good. I am to -- there's a lot of guys get a tennis elbow but it's not for tennis. I have been out there knows anything about this maybe you can call open help me out because honestly my rate elbow. If IBM (WSJ) deal are pitcher it's Killen has a right -- do want -- that he was pregnant daughter good that that comes out seems like it was my old image taken themselves in pretty good shape. But the the as the right elbow and mark my wife thinks it's from cars some kind of weird carpal tunnel or or on the computer to clicking yeah clicking and stuff like that thank sandy. Had a bucket of beer and -- barking about Sam Adams thank you really appreciate it. 26 point two with a mug and some glasses and everything and then there's creamy head that statistic that's the new Sam Adams marathon -- It's a little bit later. -- for people to be running a marathon it's called 26 point two -- artery once summer tour and right now out of the market is what I like yeah I like duplicates a spirit Sam Adams ice bucket thank you put up knocking on your head. I'll do whatever it takes to get the job done. But yesterday's game lifted he lifted my spirits because doing what you know and I know that I've been the one out here trumpeting the possibility. That the Celtics were better than we thought could peek at the -- time could come together nicely for playoff run here and in the playoffs have been saying that. Everybody to shoot me down you know big goal of the big all everybody everybody's been saying almost to a man John. I out of -- and what depresses -- knowing about the first round I got a second of the most that -- about it and I did hear that and I for one think that the rest of this country. The on the uncommitted. Basketball fans who aren't so experience around the nation probably looking at them legal well well wait a minute now. -- I think they could overtake Orlando for that three spot. I really really it was a game and a half. A possibility that I want to. Like in -- and and you got to give credit them play and two were terrific and that was the most impressive victory by for the season he has a statement went. Next Sunday right I wanna see how this week plays out really this. Up until the eleventh I wanna see what's going on -- -- -- -- Yeah of course you'd of course wheeled -- you gotta admit. I am looking better on this right little bit. It is these -- right -- well as you got my text messages and text note tweet tweet yet yet and went after me yeah that'll have the I just said do you think. Duke duke -- still John. And -- and then I that I put the hash -- negative Nancy in there and that's what really got to. As you could you put the hash mark back when you it's abuse has Pollyanna right at at at and some good natured -- I thought was pretty yet that's good I'm feeling good about it now. Just to move for a second to throw couple more topics out here on the table tonight that we all agree that this is John Calipari moment. And I should be -- really should be a team that's really put it away from again is the former UMass coach why don't personally. You know we're not friends or anything but it's like yeah I reform reform and I've never rude -- ever ever ever referred to argument but I am and you know. -- interesting in this game is and it's somewhat eerily similar to when he was with Memphis in a way I -- is more talented and Memphis team who devoted their grows could hit their free throws but. A young team again the cut his young team go and up. Against Kansas again in Kansas was the team that beat Memphis right at 2008 that is a team with a bunch of stars though it's going to be different that that game you'll hear it. Our coverage begins today that it should be better than last year's remember that I issues it. Good for you -- but that was a terrible. -- -- -- the worst national title games last year but I'm already getting text about my elbows some racist. Tennis double as an overuse problems this has come down of university orthopedics. It is. Mikey switch hands it won't. He knew you'd get a study that we tennis almost from repetitive motions like hammering. So that would work here around the house probably tendinitis you have to put pressure on the tendon you can get a little air cast. To do this. Yeah I guess and getting their casting here. You know where is -- when you -- Our telephone number on the program is 6177790850. Told created 85250850. The Red Sox have to thumb problems I guess and Alfredo service about with the we use the leak. Because I think that happened down at Foxboro spoke to edit it here he's just raise this up about that guy you like a guy whose head is totally in the breeze. And he's really you know obviously quite willing to do almost page of the game. But that's -- -- he could he could fill in for Beckett on Saturday. Packets in his thumb look at Andrew -- in this -- that are. I don't know I don't know man this whole thumb thing -- at least give some specials to travel with a on the road but your phone calls welcome as we to tape answer the question for -- Aren't the Celtics better than the Miami Heat -- and hey that's a and B is Rondo better and Chris Paul 617779. 0850 let's take Joey. And lol first like Joey. Hello hello -- right how are you today and good. I assure you -- will -- your team and you know and you are pretty. And did you -- know I picked I picked the Celtics to win the game. -- -- -- -- yes it is yes stick it to I think what value like Greta I knew would get this today reverend and I got this yesterday and I am. I -- more on line in the -- does he likes the Celtics are a lot of angles. Or -- -- how -- gonna be wrong how Dewayne wade into Obama I call what bomb ready to bomb. Haven't seen player you're not gonna win it never gonna work. This now aren't you mean because the ball you know demand the ball to be there for ourselves Gabrahall not gonna work. One thing that is a concern for Miami right now is some of their outside shooting and and including. And in LeBron Dwyane Wade at the free throw my gosh my ball doesn't have an answer for is Raj on Rondo and any Mario Chalmers or school but what they'll probably do. The bill match up wade. With the Rondo if they were to meet up in the play -- was at absentee at all. We got -- we could and and KG is being. Blocks like his head no. -- and architecture but isn't -- yeah it really. The you know. By the way it is it's unbelievable how wavered Bradley's plan give -- the credit network minorities -- watching video but let's see. I mean there's going to be -- book on income. Games are gonna start out a little bit more to it well although you know maybe it's just that his his pace of development is -- surprised few people that I mean they were created over that. Cricket stuff that he India through weight. There they were they showed a ten time to block yeah reports but all mobile and that was such a block. And he's and -- the thing is that becomes up in this conversation is what's the Celtics records -- Ray Allen went down. Yeah there there's seven and one or something other yet there under. Six and well right now overall this season they're nine and one without -- -- without OK and but -- in this -- latest will run more broad played so well. I was and adjusting it out -- this Chris Bosh guy. By the way he's just brutal you see him yesterday I think he was two for eleven. Got to eleven boards but he had not a good game Chris spot and his were all. Offensive rebounds I think for the most part right. No well two offensive okay well they were pretty good teams were even over on rebounds overall. Yes Celtics actually a rebound -- those dollar it was or was it just a great game as far as bringing back. Some people -- had written him off already which I thought was premature use the Celtics now if that money should go as it is right now to deal with three. You know injuries right so. To go out there on the court and it was a home game is an 80. And it's -- to be eat at home. In a row isn't yet. It just look at who regularly he's. Eight in a row now. That's one they -- terrible teams forties to decision to have three. Guys injured. OK to go out there against a pretty much full strength the Miami squad. And to -- beat down on him like they did yes it in my nineteen game was necklace. Vetoed by in nineteen did not rule completely falls straight but yeah I mean the day of their -- pillars bronze banged up Mike Miller is hurt right now. But they're but they're very impressive yeah it's comparatively they are full in and the Celtics have been very much so that was very impressive I'm very proud of the Celtics I think this is starting a noticeable trend it's gonna give a big boost to common especially Bradley. And I just can't wait. I cannot wait I watched this season play out in the in the postseason the -- bill and -- in your next on the planet Mikey show. What up guys I don't bill. -- I know -- the other night you would pick to lose to the wolves it was way off on that yeah I -- bit. That that turnaround came. When kids are really excited to get you know you can see he's he lost weight and done that you know he seems like he's on the Jews. And the you know Rondo has the play and add up tempo game when they start slowing down he's not as effective. And you know what happens in the playoffs that happens. And all but I mean that -- Do you could see that once when there -- a lot of like that and Pierce's. Leo so going to run it now you know and in in Avery Bradley runs in those out fro -- Right I mean he. Plays that that -- nation. It's exciting to watch it it was a fun game really was offered to be honest it was -- -- how do we. They know they keep -- within a week by the team they were front running type petite ya know what everything's going well -- fine. And they they're big time riders of the home court advantage and the foul calls when they get down the -- court eight it seems like the rest flip. Ten and seven since the break they've been struggling I think their content with a number two seed. I mean the up. Yeah announces basically said that they you know throw in the towel yesterday. It is. But that's embarrassing -- is that is that any any way for yeah -- quote you know. Seven time champion in future seven time champion of the NBA to access. Because I think that you see this -- the guys that are on the forward not at a place. They they really wanna pick Iran at this you know I know it's a longshot or whatever but they they can't wait to get in the -- -- and try to knock one of these teams off the. Yeah and it's also something in Rondo that I've been -- in this is a man possessed Britain's got to get them out of jail actually right it would you know what -- and -- that's I'm glad you brought that up because people always talk and talk about that that series and we we forgets. Is that. Was it was game three game three games for any data gets his elbow to ripped out of the socket. I mean honestly related to host a little slow injury and -- it. He got out the whole weight -- on the animal so it goes and fiber you know. Is has everything -- that would have been you know that quicker and except for them if if Ron have been on a percentage -- lost in six. The I'm yesterday's game was it was good to act and arrogant that was great thanks -- -- -- Aren't six or seven -- and -- repudiated a 5250850. Text messages coming so anyone know what -- all noble comment was that'll about fix it says explaining all noble comment are you saying he'd fouled him. No he didn't follow him know that some basketball phrase meaning it was such a tremendous block that they had it's not only at all Andy he you know he is wrapped around the -- -- for his exact okay I've become what this -- thought you receive some -- you know what a lot of people that no one's hurt them in basketball her. -- Playgrounds were well I don't know that everybody was the pistol Pete -- you were in as a high school. Schoolyard player -- you know you know I know these that you could probably 80% a year free throws. Yes. We still have to have Erik -- yes. They what do you make of his -- -- hand thing about Curt Schilling on WEEI dot com I would take a different position on this. Kirk they -- says in his column today. A lot of things about Curt Schilling but that he should just shut up is is the basic crux of the of the article. I I disagree with that now I don't care if you agree or disagree we're virtually says there's going to be bowl obviously he'd throw some adopters it's gonna -- evoke a response. But what's wrong with me for sort of happened freedom of speech. Second of all freedom of speech for -- was actually was on the team pitched in the major leagues and admittedly this isn't. The consistency go way down the the normal -- you'd think for for former player who will like -- keeping everything inside the club house and keeping it all internalized. And not sharing it with the media. If Curt Schilling is indeed a member of the media now course -- why can't he say whatever he thinks. Speak his mind I -- Rodriguez an agenda and who would. Obviously a question for Terry Francona right it does bug does like -- -- -- he's he's taken shots but from that perspective but. We can't possibly say that he does have the right to sing it. I mean it's like Kirk is telling cart. Keep your mouth closed but isn't what Kirk does the very same thing. It's making a comment tried to revoke a response for Stanley got a body and your opinion thrown it out there. Making a controversy -- it. That's exactly what he does so I don't understand how anybody can tell -- keep their mouth shut let him keep his mouth open and then we have more to talk about. We have more to comment about after the fact I mean I don't like this is you don't keep your mouth -- attitude it is what it's all about. Whether to website radio station. Or you don't just talking sports in a bar with somebody. Isn't sports is 90% of the fun of probably sports your opinions on stuff would be removed from up there. So I'll throw that out to -- babies coming in this week we can receive this week but we are Alaska calculus they rate last month that.

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