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Monday, April 2nd Whiner Line

Apr 2, 2012|

He believes the Celts can fly... plus more outlandish Holley recreations and people hate on Big Schill some more.

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My music music music expressed and expressed the -- like -- aren't likely to keep pressing this car. We -- discretion he -- -- still don't landmarks. And now goes -- you're alive. But humiliating defense. I've seen the Washington generals -- -- -- it and now there reaches a point for our. People humiliating Boston Celtics -- -- find out tomorrow what they -- -- in -- last -- Plain it's simple as that but WEEI. One -- lie and I reached my breaking point I think even doctor Norman Vincent he would crack. Go -- won't go beyond. We lose gonna lose fighting with the people that wanna fight and not quite get my point. Ladies and it's everybody to think your team winning the defense there weren't thinking that the conducive to watch went to the I broke -- broke -- tonight dial 7793530. By this disease it's gonna wait tonight as I told my biggest CDT the play better. Defense I really believe that I really believe they can see BAT's more games in the case. One or the defense and now know just not even able to contain a man. Simple sweet or simple -- your way to talk about Allen Iverson. You get what you deserve -- and glad we get booed. -- -- terrible about it. Showed Boston Celtics I feel bad he had signed me at tech. WEEI. -- -- win the Kentucky sure tonight -- already got a lot of help with. -- No fault of the good about it yeah Ortega is back. Take this money back I just don't lose our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He went crazy up decent -- and listen I'm not that I'm not gonna put this. They play their next game in Boston. Same starting. I got -- things don't change nobody. Nobody nobody seems so. Ability to get over it. I don't Mikey are great and I couldn't be better what -- weekend how well I don't -- Don't -- -- point guardian. I don't. Entire NB eight. I like to right now. People can argue with -- rally planned like it. As you know what I over the heat losers you really get into this at all today but I'm kind of surprised I'm taking it away from Paul Pierce's had a good week he was named the Eastern Conference player of the week in the right. Now if I would vote for a player of the Celtics over the last week. I think it would go with -- -- KG a very close second and Paul Pierce third. But based on the number of points he scored including what 36 against the bobcats and the other died. Michael Jordan discretionary six against the bobcats are now now guys ever and I'm sure they -- the Eastern Conference player of the you heard. I do agree I think I don't want Rondo and like he's -- Rondo sort of in the players have actually. Visual idolize powered by HE ETW I I live thanks it's available on your iPhone or android Blackberry device brought you by AT&T AT&T four GL TE speeds up to. Ten times faster than three G. AT&T rethink. Possible line and it's. There -- Michael always have a five year old nephew huge bad at work the -- That they would blow. You read patriot grave and Robert -- by just ordered the -- was hoping you could time. But -- you're in the mail. You argued that form. And -- series or five you have yet another line from a big fan of a likelihood that detected no you don't have -- out here where does he realize that this book -- -- a lot of pictures of large prints aren't here and has been following you since you were at the globe alone though we have to -- ten years yeah yeah. Long time though since he was negative -- -- right now 88 years ago 100 reincarnated. Maybe it. -- -- thought about -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I bought my -- You know I don't OK there aren't any control. It won't play ball was a little. -- -- -- But I didn't know what I -- get. What you can't do it and I view this at great role. It can't blow it. When I can't do it I can't talk. Today I can't. Out. I don't look at. I don't quite a lot. And that I didn't know -- was such a diva. It's military generals. Be it public but they about it that we brought this thing. But the better of the triple double -- they'll write you up Harrell. And let's talk about the Oslo I don't know -- -- that eats it up. -- -- -- That don't think through that yesterday -- won -- thirty. And -- message. What a -- And. There -- -- Jamal -- Arizona where it came from -- it up ball popped up but -- bird got back up band. There have been red hot date why we are now thought it would get bad blood stock. And granted citizenship while they show it. They could. -- an -- and -- -- that I had red -- and I think -- -- -- to play the that I've made it big and you know good the end. But did not yet know about that it you know. I've got caught red could not what you got I think -- you guys -- -- -- -- a lot about. But I have -- read about it would be good. And that message you know the red light district at a certain down. Not that accurate you know that. The issue is -- -- and all these government. He hoped would then we'll Bob. He -- his views and video game. I think that's right that's what this kind of stuff proclaim that the guy who does not know a lot of you. The -- we love it there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About Batman wouldn't go. I'm sure it could. The -- Poetic thing that the issue. Antibody hypocrites designer this'll all week it won't -- were talking about the whole chilling thing. But are these the same people would Merrill Hodge says something on national TV on the same network. They're screaming about it and saying he's a sucked up for the Pittsburgh Steelers team he played for dovish and that'll tell him about this okay. So chilling is actually doing what we want. Merrill -- botched the joke around. Chili's -- Republican. Now we asked about it and that's. Politics I think this crosses -- political not going well into march. In March Abbott thick but they want the team to do well and he -- -- Ritalin Noah when he -- it's not going well march. It would have been affected Britain. But that a bigger cap off. And just -- which. They usually bring on the other predictable and. We are not actually it's -- -- they -- it would get back and not get. Get it and expanded it by electing. Now yet. And Internet -- -- fear comes just. What are these you -- Bailey and Josh Beckett thumb injury if you put control. Everybody down. No not at the end of that still to come apparently there's some wrestling and looked at me like really I didn't not mall. That's good all. And I got a novel idea could it be possible thing that remote spot. That Scott Beckett had the dominant all -- -- -- Could that possibly be the things they actually every country of some type. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Experiment I had an ad out called up. Or did they decide that a apartment and edit -- expects second part of seven -- And at about eleven over the next. Money was -- for season ticket holders for the playoffs after by all the tickets issued no upfront. On March 20. They knew about Jeremy -- being out for the entire season before march toward the -- way to okay wait is that ought to. Have secure all the things money can't. Not quite amused by the guy calling and the other room are -- article. That that we red would not be serving beer -- -- anymore. I'm Rick all of the time went -- -- seven an opening statement itself are not over -- believe a Good Friday. -- -- the -- the drinking buddy we went out but what -- my -- we've -- Oakland did not have a beer and quite public animated -- it's that this. And pick has break we did -- three days on the fact that -- conducive -- year on opening day of Friday. That was a legitimate thing we did get a lot of mileage. Why should we are committed Friday was like it should drink beer Good Friday whether -- laws against her they had to change it around. But that was an -- that was a topic you don't remember how Augusta you don't have law. I think. Well -- the final four and a degree -- we were both with a fleet of police. However. The cal Perry -- never try at -- are back but the penal. Court. And message strike took the title has shattered took the title from a right. He did that this meal that the president had that -- me -- off that was that was wrong. That it will it go to but the approach. Can't penetrate. Pathetic quick. And -- suffered -- with a good one -- Curtis both re dialing the big show how it went. One that we don't. Big shot with it and it looked like that -- between. Crop threatened server you know -- help you know I don't know you know Carol Burnett. Think what are all not that this the same guys who have been bought and destroyed Celtics undivided -- -- pack. And so the game. Carol Burnett he has aged quite Carol Jordan action helped him now. It's kind of -- the coolest looking. And Michael Crabtree dependent on you would talk about cal Perry gets placed about and that want it done thank you break it but what it. They didn't want to protect the bank account those kids. Because not everybody knows that cal Perry -- -- -- -- record. And just let it get I thought. It. Yeah whatever -- -- -- finally showed up in the time. One of the better and I don't expect caterpillar -- that they don't hit it up yesterday that the -- did go out. And a message that. That is used to browse it this. I that's built these men have goals in Miami you'd love. Everybody is one in -- both political principle. Didn't he is my. I -- wrong verdict on national TV audience this. But that is not helpful it is so very. Like -- good form. I don't -- performed better when you know you have a large order. And run -- -- did I said get screwed because he should've been. The Eastern Conference player of the week I watched that series compared Ronald to a porn stars Western Conference player of the way it was crystal. That's her again. Hey thank god he's back in my opted audit. My book out go like Bob go out of pot yeah. Felt -- yesterday at this that it tyrant with an MXP. That was the problem he would throw our office does not much left party get along with a prickly -- to get I based on the greatness yeah they had no prop my dad's friends they did you. Luckily I don't have a problem he's he's a prickly -- had trouble getting along -- his nickname was with many technology available nickname yeah you don't get along -- -- was -- target along -- -- Get along with anybody what is -- problem was -- character -- -- -- taxi driver. -- be used to -- Travis technical Travis technical. Half half half. The bailout. And then I haven't picked -- so I. The feel of the Lebanese. Good. And now -- I feel I have embarked upon -- That they extend through. It's a pet food. -- that that would really. All. You know and only effective way and the I do think that overall the I thought they need I have no way he could probably expect them. -- -- bad but it the. Yeah yeah. -- the active I. Could get. And now I'm and then my. Second and. Just thought it through next to them directly to get it's like -- I haven't. Have a more. I was passionate. And I would -- not elect I was pissed -- regret -- throw it right national. And by its its its its four GL TE speeds up to ten times faster than 38. AT&T rethink possible. Court.

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