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Believe it! The Celtics are legitimate Eastern Conference contenders

Apr 2, 2012|

The Celts handed it to the Heat yesterday, showing the rest of the league that the Celtics are still a force to be reckoned with in the East. Glenn and Michael discuss it all.

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Yeah you're not optimistic about the Red Sox that you are optimistic about the Boston Celtics are. Of -- -- I'm optimistic I gotta pay outs at the same thing with him last couple weeks. They're fun they're busting their -- they're playing with heart they're playing with pride I give I give them all the accolades in the world because a lot of other guys. In the same position therein would sit there and say what do I need this for. -- -- RR ring. I've done everything in my career were held up their -- -- total have to prove what a way to prove to anybody out there but they are they're playing. Every game as if they've got something to prove and I think it's great now I think that. Winning a game at home against a very good Miami team translates into being able to beat them in the seven game series were Roma. The road team would you be toward Chicago according to a poll would you be stunned would you just like. I can't believe this happened -- the Celtics beat the Miami Heat the series dealt with that shocked you. Yes it would -- IR as I told you last week I think you're going to give anybody a hard time. Because. They are a veteran team wouldn't -- veteran teams do that in a post season specially when they're playing at home. They won't they won't make it difficult. For anybody they. But to go from series to series to series when you sit there are saying. That. You you lost one player to a heart condition before even to the season began. You lost another one who was a nice little contributor off of the off of the bench to a heart condition you've got a concussion problem now with -- another guy. Cool I think they're a little bit more pessimistic about teachers and whether he can come back this year we look at all of the different issues that they have right now. And look at -- their pensions. -- be shocked. Our. I wouldn't be shocked because. If they beat Miami not shocking this is crazy because Miami has two of the best five player -- On the team went with wade and LeBron James. But the reason I like the man matchup -- Miami more than Chicago if you got an available Derrick Rose for Chicago. That you gotta wash at the point guard position and maybe advantage bulls at point guard. Rose over Rondo and then you've got a superior rebounding team in Chicago and that's the celtics' biggest weakness. Vs Miami. You know dominate. The point guard position it's not even close correct and then. You can deal with the other elements that that Miami is bring it to table. I think it's a better match play in Miami Heat that sounds crazy because of the talent they have that top the top heavy talent that they happen at the overall. It's a really favorable matchup for the -- to it it's a favorable matchup in that one position. And but to win a seventeen. Series. It's going to be very very difficult I just prepared -- deep enough to be able to to do an adult that you need to be real deep. When you get into the playoffs much talked about eleven or twelve deep much of their deep right now 155 and last wanna -- that's correct. Rondo that this is not just to get structuring or Rondo explain -- no Rondo is playing out as mine Rondo in terms of an -- won't be be very specific here with Rondo. In terms of running the team. Just running a team doing what a point guard supposed to do regulating everything regulating the pace he is playing the best. He's playing the best of any point partly. I love I would agree that I'll give you one better. I think he adjusted his game yesterday because of the mismatch that you were talking about the fact that he needed to do a little bit more -- I think he made an adjustment. And did exactly what they needed him to do I won't get to the Celtics as well. At the what -- -- I I'm hearing all weekend. Stop. That when Ray Allen comes back. That your brine and Ray Allen off the bench. Them. The -- until it's one against Brandon Bass. Rhonda creeping down isn't the rebound again it wobbled to watch her that they -- Brandon -- I was -- -- Fox turns -- no good rebound or Rondo but. Triple double -- game. -- the -- and this. Veterans forums about the virtual collapse of its new elections. It is that a good good -- kindness and. -- Chris Bosh. Bad games will be the last loan it out. You know and it was surprising. To see him play like that because immediately that he cigar. While. Yeah but he he was. -- and he was really bad it probably was their best player yesterday I don't know like that but I was gonna say is that big and again my swing and again. Pretty well. Or hang out. For had to -- -- -- -- -- the Spitzer tells it to call off off of Pierce's back and scored off over the head up heads up play on a great day through the rights to the top of the bigger surprising about bosh is that. Last year in the playoffs he proved something to me I've been down on him the entire season -- felt like. He helped himself the least by joining forces with with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade -- like he exposed himself that he didn't seem to be a great player. And the playoffs vs the Celtics he really stepped up to me he played like the guy that I saw in Toronto so I thought he was. He was passed it is sub par performances verses KG in the Celtics because. You know he's he's been spotty over the especially when he was with Toronto he never knew what -- gonna get from Chris -- vs the Celtics. Last in the playoffs he was great. Yesterday not so much and LeBron LeBron James. Not having an -- it was the second time in his career. That he had a game and haven't assessed. An amazing step. Wasn't that one of those games though when you look at it that. It meant far more to Boston than it man. To Miami and let's also remember that Boston has had a lot of success against Miami playing here at home via -- all they beat Miami virtually every done so but let's remember let's. Yesterday's game was not Ben wedeman our on our harms the interview set to debut well if you say -- impressive wow. Okay it's got to pick wanna -- say. It's it is going to be tough for the Celtics beat Miami in seven games theories purity acknowledged it felt to throw a lot of confidence against the Miami at home. -- you talking about stealing a game berth if it comes to that and I -- we're getting ahead of ourselves but becomes that if you steal a game in Miami. The Celtics. You come home. Full of confidence you know you can deal with -- here right. Tell me that. That gives you a building block toward went in Syria while I'm I'd never went reset I would be shocked by Hugh I forgot what we -- three weeks ago. What on his program. As you were actually talking about sweeps against Miami or Chicago nice adherence do you. I don't think he'll get swept by either one of those teams because they -- old gutsy veteran team -- that will steal a couple of home. And they'll extend those series are just not having Chicago will be an ugly series I got to be what about Derrick Rose right now. And slide up and -- -- assuming you've got right Derrick Rose available to play every game of the series the tough time for the felt so -- it. They're playing with great pride I think I'd really like this team. I don't see how you can not like the Celtics team the way they're gutting it out every single by the odds are are stacked up against. But to sit here and get carried away. But the fact that they won at home when Miami's looking at the calendar -- three weeks and I'll start the games for the Atlanta hey you homeowners are gonna in my hands up and play for now. -- Chicago Chicago lost earlier in the day night. And you pick up the game in Chicago I don't think they really care about that when you look at what they're playing the right here in the last couple weeks. Might complain like trash on the Red -- -- they should care about addiction -- security should need you used to play for home court advantage that they are such an. Unpredictable road team. So Chicago loses you've got no Derrick Rose this is your time to make a charge and make up some ground Steve you can win the Eastern Conference if you can come up but the number one seed which you know I mean no -- -- let -- fourteen of -- playing like one of those -- teams. It's playing out the string right now get -- to the real games that's the way -- -- let's get to the phone -- -- Mike -- and Randolph Massachusetts. First up on today's picture what's up Mike. And Michael -- -- what's going on. Our puppet to stand by saying I hope one walk. I really hope I'm -- You know it's almost like it -- go goal is just will be different -- odd they want to remind -- -- two point 947. And it took a rebound out your point and rebounding -- I would say to what -- like that ought to prevent. It would get. You look at Chicago where he was out he wrote. The work -- maybe. You need everybody to them. Seven game series. In the report -- All of the opposite I think that we. They're they're not a good rebounding team right after the -- -- definitely that's the biggest weakness yes. I keep hell -- they -- think Greg -- hit their shots. But they -- this Q&A big jump shooting -- And it's well out there don't they don't get good about and just those two things really work again I hope Omar hold on to speed up pessimistic. But it. You don't if -- -- -- -- -- he's actually gonna get this can yell and I am glad I agree like watching this team and. No there there on the eighteenth Green and didn't know and they are just playing every single game at a plant are at all. And I love it and I don't know big even hold off till I get this the rural rural rural are stretched next sixteen. And I'm an adult they want to do that would be happy with it now that the two and all that eight game stretch now like maybe it you can split -- -- -- happy. But I mean it's just. Over seven -- series I mean they're not gonna be Miami they're actually beat Chicago they are just too small that. In addition it yet they're smaller than not they're not deep enough I mean if any one of the key guys get in -- foul trouble. They have major problems but but but but Mike how can you not law. What you're doing right now I mean it is really there in year five. Of this three year program. And guess what they're they're competitive out there you know their competitive depth fight their ass off. Out there I am like Microsoft -- us your message and and now we've missed it because we've been. We've been all over this guy there have been lots of reports the bottom. From the start of the season from Danny trying to trade him. For Chris Paul to the mid amid report in mid season report we heard. Chris were -- or Chris Broussard say that he wasn't getting along with Doc Rivers. Rajon Rondo has taken his game somewhere else. He's -- he has become a better player. Even want flash and it was very good last year he's become even better so you factor that and that's why I like them vs Miami. And Mike let me just your point also are not -- people all day saying. All -- grant should -- I'll become a bank -- Bradley. But I did turn away pretty what want to either Bradley you obviously you have very good to conduct all that to -- it better and it seems like. -- you can that he appeal went to putt and went round I want to get the ball blocking ultra Ebert Bradley who didn't athleticism on the -- It started to open things -- on. It's -- and on the run in the order what I guess it was funny when you're right when you negate. Put the ball and -- what everybody else but the -- he wanted to. Acting -- brought it to be -- into the net. As -- call. Right he didn't execute well apparently not it people who can help but you know you've been a great idea that the event. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah market goes it goes it too surprising things for me I mean Rondo taken it to another level and then and then Bradley is out and -- Bradley. I don't know what Brad especially as I don't know what Bradley is going to be I don't know what he's gonna become when he grows up but I didn't think I didn't think much of them honestly -- And he he does surprise me here in the stretch why didn't take an awful things are. -- also receives a defensively it does not surprise and I thought the day he stepped into the NBA he was capable. Being. Pretty damn good defender at this level com offensively a little bit different but I don't know by -- -- Ray Allen comes back. First of all I wanna about the -- with a starting crew because his office. Is based. On the threat of those other guys on the war. The pick and roll that they run that opens him up for those three point shots which he shoots a high percentage. Are all based. On the fact that you've got somebody other offensive threats out there on the floor right if you bring innovation. With is -- like infant boy yourself package I'm not sure she gets those same shots if he's not in to the dolphins. He's not good enough defense to play around there are really helping an awful lot where Bradley. -- it was skill set number one would be defense. I'd rather him coming off the bench to go and like Tony Allen and to say okay. -- -- himself and about humongous quarter I -- you out there. You blanket him we need to get him out of his rhythm right now I think Bradley serves that purpose much better as much as he's given you some offense. He is nowhere close to being the office supplier. That ray -- -- I just think if you look at dual roles. I think Bradley's much more suited to come off the. Yeah I think for both of the guys when. Coming off the bench would really it is. Would be a step down it will really hurt both their games gonna hurt Avery Bradley because he's he's had the luxury now. In the starting line up a run and with. Rondo you know but he's he's not he's not a point guard to better offensive player of the -- here -- I don't understand -- for Bradley the reason it hurts going to the bench. In the starting lineup. He runs with -- Rondo. Things are much easier by him he doesn't have to worry about running the team. And Ray Allen going to the bench -- for obvious reasons you dissent and rated them. It -- it would create a different dynamic form shots wouldn't be as easy. The rhythm would just be office felt like he's gonna go to the bench and and and become the next that he you know microwave Johnston you know he's gonna do that. That that's not his game coming off the bat so it's gonna what he comes back -- gonna hurt Bradley is going to be the guy wanted events. And he's gonna take a step back offensively because there's nobody on the bench McKeon -- is not going to be able to do for him what Rondo. Has been able to do -- so he'll look a little different offensively but you're right defense always -- quick break right back to -- coast early show.

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