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Bruins clinch Northeast division and second seed in the Eastern Conference

Apr 2, 2012|

The Bruins beat the Rangers and clinched the second seed in the conference. What should Claude's plan of attack be from here as far as resting players?

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NBC sports on the call little bit hesitant little bit of a soft goal for Bergeron make it to one the Bruins what -- hold on to win. Tough to argue they had a weakened just this could is that the Celtics did hear Lou they go to the islanders and yet but I'll understand their home doubled 63. And he bounced back and beat the detector number earlier -- the Rangers they really good weekend if you're Bruins fan -- you're blowing champion Boston -- you've been would you blow up. You know that third period on Saturday against the islanders and commodity faced the Rangers in a building against the team they haven't had much success. -- to Tom usher in the year complaining about mass square garden I don't like lights lighting I don't see it very well it's kind of one of those it was in a moment where this team was struggling excuses were kind of flying out well. Authorities outstanding yes especially at their peers they outshot nineteen -- three the Rangers put everything on them at the end. That that was a that was playoff hockey it was big for the steam because they've struggled against the Rangers. On NASA team that we talk about the Rangers terrible Pittsburgh. Flyers only want teams that come out of that go to going to be playing one another and after what you see the date that should be dictating series. It was a big went for that -- you clinch and I can do whatever you want here right these next three games that you could you wanna play Thomas in one of them fine so -- it. And figure out who your goal is back -- goal is going to be in the playoffs you bring up the who'd opened. Fine so be it. Rest guys like Chara Seidenberg got a nice little break you know unfortunately -- missed missed a couple of with the with a leg situation. -- maybe he's rested but still plays a lot of minutes you wanna give him a break now you can do whatever you want to be ready for this. You know for this -- team which is most likely with a going to be playing but I agree to because. You know this. It criticized before like are you jump on the bandwagon too soon his team's gonna be find it it looked like it a month ago Kate did not look like. The -- port it was out terribly was out Thomas look -- was starred defensively they weren't getting it done. The forwards defensively we're getting it done Corvel as a defensive liability nobody was played well at all of the put it wasn't a week it was like. Who would have to -- past months a mediocre harsh and the record back that up. -- even the biggest Bruins -- recognize that that team for awhile was playing. Nowhere near their capabilities and nowhere near they've played in November December and nowhere near the running well last year and for two and a half months they played like in middle of the road. Not much of -- contending NHL hockey didn't. And like very good teams do and the team deal last year. But -- march came they found a way now last year was sparked by that the road trip. The one that seven game road trip some so with that circus came through town they go on the road and that was their big jumping off point. This year was the Philadelphia game on Saturday afternoon. In -- last night games this team is 71 on one. And they show every single trait of what you saw last year third period good for checking good confidence good scoring across lines good goaltending. Great at times during a 71 in one stretch. Mean they look like a different team again but to say that for two and a half months they all we knew with -- gonna come out of this thing. -- I'd say your your line. I'd say if you thought they were now able to turn it on like this now at the Celtics haven't changed your mind but the way they play lately. More importantly Tim Thomas is lately 51 in one in his last seven Turco is giving a couple wing talk -- golf that I had their navy and he's given Thomas. That little breather that he means. Where are you now with this Bruins didn't mean is it four teams even a tool to play one another in -- first round is it four teams have a chance to win this Sunday in that category. The Bruins have always been a chaotic lives in Pittsburgh in Phil didn't ranges did you have -- I had a below that group amid at that that Pittsburgh team forget the Rangers for second. The Pittsburgh team as the one at real really still scares me because they combine. The real Smart tough hockey with the elite offensive players that's that combination with Malkin and Crosby that. Let's or any other team in the Eastern Conference at not just that if a matching up penguins brought the -- with anybody else. They can -- tough Smart hockey good goaltending and that -- -- -- the players and two lines the end to score from anywhere. So they've they've always sort of been above we investigated for me was are reminded that yeah I eat as much as blunt with the -- the bruins' number. -- a soft goal Nicholas the Bruins home but that was a really good sign. -- and it firms are filled -- the Bruins it is changed. My opinion changed because of one guy Tim Thomas I -- Thomas looks like Tim Thomas again and that third period yesterday. Was it and -- -- off. At a point blank range shot should have been a gold Thomas somehow came up what they say that Steve Downey. The waist on down in the Tampa series last year but that was a goal in 99 other times -- the want out of water to make -- stop he made to stop it was brilliant. He's brilliant there in the third period you're telling me. That the -- rest. And -- Logan in their play is gonna allow him to play like we saw Thomas yesterday. This team's got a shot against pretty much anybody and you can live with I deliberately playoff loss to Pittsburgh. Anybody else they'd meet up with you feel like they have the ability and the goaltending and the guts. Be able comment of. I series there's nothing you have a mean Rangers still be great series that was desperately Greece's it was fairly. It be great series right critic Tim Thomas kind of holds everything when you look at this Bruins team. Almost to -- gets defined by a third line and a fourth line you know the first two lines we all know what they can do look at it very potent -- this third line is scoring. The way they have been the last three or four weeks that's what makes this team great. It when that fourth line a physical play guys like -- thorn in -- Ron who knows going to be that high apparently killing knows that he's going to be Dick Campbell. It that's the thing has -- -- think album right you think deep. They have their land nick at school when they're hot they're they're tough. Get a fourth line energy line that's tough. That's -- I that's I need to find the Boston Bruins right deep team that's tough that hits. First to my dog she wanted to call in this for the most part that your goal ten that's your goal scorer but you goaltenders. And at their fourth line at the finds his Bruins team. I figure attitude feeling about them and how good they can be. Seen again the other thing besides Tim Thomas over the weekend and the way he played yesterday and we split as of late. Putting Bergeron mark shot and -- back together. I wasn't for those last week that I thought that that's taking crate she combination. Was accommodation want try to keep together and and maybe we'll still see some flexibility but it's pretty clear. When those three guys together that original sort of second line he can be such a good offensive line what did late -- leads the islanders on Saturday. And it did the game started poorly not a time energy there. And that line that group of guys together in the power player and even strength. Just found awaiting big goal after goal after goal and make that that's. A a game the -- that thing out there late. That second line they're clicking like that. And you can move guys around that first line in you we suck Ronnie grade it. Beverly. Its inability for this Bruins team to again you talk about the depth. To a widget top scoring lines there at the top. You got -- the lines that are gonna mile carry through these playoffs and went into a ball well earlier this year that second line of Bergeron Marchand and Sagan carried. You get to a spot in the post -- we are struggling. And that's not a lot he can rely on again. -- -- line that you gonna have to rely on to see them or at at some of the goals they scored on Saturday specifically. See that happen again as a reminder of okay. Playoff hockey the state line it's gonna have to be dealt with via the opposition. Yet AC crate -- out there with a Lucic and whoever at the quote unquote top line. We better be prepared to send out your top defense apparent at times. Against that second line and can score and an elite. -- don't watch -- Rangers now played them a few times in a -- be difficult to root against this team you know to find that hatred but guess arranged as the -- respect and they play the game -- The local -- Brian Boyle he might be that -- So when you watch him he's a big tough guy -- yesterday nick gave me seems that keys that could be that bad agitator. And local dude write down streaming want to be seeing. -- given a second period it's that depth there there's gonna start off his gloves are going to be flying everywhere. Believe that second period ended and it's shot -- him go and -- it he had char go and add it. It just felt like it was gonna call the fisticuffs. It really happened Pakistan prime boy will be -- India the evil men there -- on the Rangers were you hoping that we're gonna get a little off flyers penguins kick off that there are we here at greater -- Rangers I'd love death. I was actually out -- and I don't know what those teams going to play -- trying to send a message. Well I would not what you're doing and. I think I can we take that for seven games the way we don't have to deal with that if that's the first round matchup we -- and -- -- but this on Friday. That's Philadelphia Pittsburgh if we get that for seven games. Is there any hopes the post season and that he was gonna drop -- after that. You get that 45 matchup in the first round Eastern Conference the coach standing over the boards appointing another coach. -- the got a regular season game. What else yet. Listen when you're up three goals and. It's in a one line up there at Pittsburgh throws up down three goals. Ordered him before -- they're tough skyline out there against your score line as a Laviolette get so pissed about to hit the hit was clean and get a good clean -- But -- -- gave up three put Atlanta up there against your best. I think that was some of the issues which right set up for both those teams. -- if -- Brewster in the did the that it the first try to keep knives at for doctors you know. Unit because if Florida can can win. -- -- Vick beat New Jersey now you've got Florida next round Philly Pittsburgh they're playing each other it's gonna be awful difficult for Philly Pittsburgh to. Late that series hard fought series. Play the Bruins if -- get by and face the Rangers. Physical three rounds of physical hockey what's left by the time you get there before bro it's very try to -- -- the winner of that series. And you hope that Florida can knock off New Jersey keep -- that wish you played at three seed. Rather than Jersey be in the low seed plays the Rangers but it's NHL hockey now that's a given the Washington buffalo. Buffalo's playing great right now who wins that last spot. With the Rangers a -- either it's static shock I. I love NHL hockey I absolutely love watching any -- ticket enough heavy stocked up on the crown because the playoffs start next week I know I'm getting ready to go clean myself up much ground reinforcement. -- -- -- You asked the question about the Celtics -- asked the question about the Bruins know what you saw this weekend is your opinion change. A couple of games against the islanders and the Rangers. Change your take on how far this team should go as expected to go here. The playoffs start a -- 6177790. Late fifteenth still free 888525. Zero late fifty Verizon cellphone pound WEEI it's a free call you watch his Bruins team this week you'll get your reaction to what you saw you can text us your thoughts as well. At 85850. An -- in addition to your phone calls. You just mentioned the bottom of the Eastern Conference. You might know -- plays a Bruins -- -- Saturday night because boy are things jumble we'll talk about that next.

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