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Red Sox 5th starter Daniel Bard

Apr 2, 2012|

Daniel Bard talked this morning to Dennis and Callahan about how he found out about becoming the 5th starter and the locker room and how the team is adjusting to Bobby V

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Joining us -- AT&T hot line AT&T forgy LT was needs of the ten times after a retreat AT&T rethink possible. Red Sox darting rotation -- Daniel Bard hey -- good morning -- -- -- Are you guys are good pick victories -- are ever remember -- and at at that I. We will take it easy on you you're up you're representing the Jimmy Fund and a great. -- rally against cancer support the Jimmy Fund is going on all month long until the thirteenth of April get to that just the second. The news came down yesterday from your manager. That they're human Felix are starter four and five how would you describe. Your feelings when the manager called in the office and said Daniel -- fifth starter with the -- Was it joy was it just another day at the office what ran through your brain and Bobby -- said you're the guy. Well there was no call in the office there -- Yes good morning and Bob McClure are new pitching coach that they did -- occur around. Where -- regarding about five minutes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then this -- -- of I have to go to training room record got on the weight room about an hour goes by to -- and some aren't so. I remember walking into an outside perception. -- come out and and it goes it's our area are real busy to learn -- -- meeting and not. Had a chance to collier and gave -- the Paper are are good news. They're both but it is -- -- and let her. Go that's about -- what a relief ride I was doing what. I bet but I feel better relief you know I've tried not who worry about it too much -- -- couple weeks just. Try to focus on what I can control. And are going out there and and trying to compete every five days. Shall not capable of going deep in the game so the rest goes in there and. And when did you find out that Andrew Bailey. Was hurt and would be on the DL and it was when you heard that just they all come a moment the ball well already. You know -- Didn't know what they're their plans were they hadn't been through that and anyway so. I anything that ultimately it was just just me speculating so. You know I'll think they'll come out from what was on those -- -- gonna miss him much arms. Are precautionary make sure looked -- Not -- by the restart. -- do you look at the -- As a star I'm sure as a reliever used to look at -- say a great gig there have you know once every five days that I know they've played more golf than you guys do in the bowl and and and I'm looking at the schedule. In Detroit in a big opening series. You're not even involved is that a weird feeling that we're. -- weird because I like. Well I'm preparing her for my card in their next week that the same time I can totally fully relax and just enjoyed that that moment that period that. We'll watch let her and Verlander to the best game go at it and it's a -- we could see it that way out right field. Aid and I like Augusta probably not a better job all the big. -- than than than being the yeah the starting pitcher is it fair to say because observational would have cheered as bring training war on. In your last two starts you were getting better and better and more confident and more in command and control would you agree that. Matt and -- decided it was it was it was so. Any improvement and I don't think -- Allow anybody with that but for sure but I don't -- -- coming in with a little character. We'll see you you know Kirby can do just couldn't -- you know somewhat efficient. With your pitch count and get it in the ball game than. I think they trust that. Are the numbers shall take care of old but I'm just. Do -- again or start. And what led to that steady improvement wasn't wasn't hitting you're -- better was it just more command what what was the reason for the improvement at the end of training. We've debated it in the met all outside of starting -- just. -- a grind of your outing being an -- out or rather than -- driver can go to them. You know expect to get through it and in that lineup -- a third time in and really just. I art art from the first couple starts earlier this spring in between innings my -- to sit there watch the games you know there. You -- under -- both walk and conduct or off the pace off all. Whenever attributed not to build on the -- or three. We've been able the kind of pick up. I gather my off -- about what not a lot going in there and or have much or starter like. Do you do you look ahead mound C when you're going to be maybe we gonna start against. And do you think if there are days often rain outs and and you think I'm gonna get skin hair or do you did you at some assurances that they would stay with the five man rotation. Merit I have looked up -- I don't know I got the Blue Jays. In five and you know I just think all all the way they should go to the range the next time around the past couldn't take you're playing. I guess when you're a reliever Daniel -- that that there's really no routine because you know your name can pop up at any point when that bullpen phone rings now that your starter. Used to -- wouldn't have a game big kind of routine will make Q let's say coach what you don't want guys pop into you when you come to the clubhouse on the day that you are. No I really don't I can't see myself doing that just because. Not -- it's been a leader for for so long now that. And they you know every day it kind of amused saying if -- sure that -- every day right is that psychological as it's up. Not as they relaxed and then you know be one of the guys and recorded five minute. -- an hour before the games start you can't help -- get a lot and and I'm not a guy that goes right now anybody. -- talk about the same time are probably. Tiger looked quieter and got to -- to get in my adult. Well what can give us a number you think -- 15070. Innings there or is it -- -- if everything broke right did you go. -- 1819200. Right now 200 the goals so you know. Arteries and otherwise. I don't -- -- -- any limits then. I'm not gonna put it myself where -- starts and -- make sense for years or younger or haven't thrown nearly that many innings. Any person or so or if you don't want to be cost -- It over in Europe you know I think they're gonna -- military at the beginning and you know go. Daniel did you feel bad for a seventh could clearly you wanted to be a starter as well now he's headed back to the -- -- -- you know -- India. Our case. Two days ago about it then he wasn't. Well the super happy about it at the same time. -- understand. You know if you go to the bigger picture. Much as he would like to be our races and really good really good team player. -- strange parent but it man you really want or and there's no doubt and can help us win a lot of games no matter what road that. You think he's going to be the closer with until. Bailey -- back. I mean one option that got him a little bit of sense but. That'll be memorable -- I would have imagined. -- I think I've been good with either or because of the opener went. -- Daniel or Curt Schilling on the station the other -- said he didn't think the Bobby mount that thing was work and out the guys were. No essentially a -- -- polarize it that they Bobby style approach you see that you feel that in in the club -- I mean it's hard to say I don't know where there's still talk to I don't know nothing we didn't talk to anyone but I wasn't me going now. I didn't speak so. Another I haven't gone lower overall vibe bank darom. Think I was just excited about the feet and you know there -- -- that you work and training. We didn't think enough and all that different -- Bobby. Think he likes enjoy our media and that's fine I don't think it's that they're wrong that let it open. And the funny I'm weird here and there but it. Aren't big or -- to think it's a pretty. Pretty normal. Have you learned anything from belt that is have been a moment where he said some thing and somebody wrote about the just Leo he doesn't understand why anybody winds up Lisa you know. And the big moments pressures on guys on -- share in the stretch why go back to wind up when no one's on. You know -- that before long before you ever since I was on I ever respect guarding in my -- He developed a line out. You know I was thinking to myself I was at a lot of time to sit out there and -- thanks so. No wonder what -- starter rather you know with both her and a kind of one of itself is the article expecting those systems just to prove that and now. I'm. On or not figured that tradition in our old guys -- -- used the wind up the against them off the -- out guys have been really simple. But toned down a lineup that are basically don't know -- so. A good question. I don't know what are you should -- order did you gain any velocity out of the windup. Out -- that well also be -- like 98. There -- like that. Again the conversation we were having before you do when it's on the year something we've been talking about for a while now Ray Allen Celtics great shooting guard whole -- Kennedy to shore. Has an ankle injury they're I believe 71 with him out of the lineup and Avery Bradley young guys committed played very very well in fact shut down Dwyane Wade yesterday. Conversation was about losing your job injury goes back to. Drew Bledsoe being injured Tom Brady coming in -- opportunity gave Brady chance to become Tom Brady. What's -- thought about about losing a job injury as an example if the services absolutely or Blanton is absolutely. Lights out Billy comes back. Should -- get that closers job back automatically. -- got a rare spot at a. That's I mean not I think if it's this early in the season. You've got to go because these are committed to it to really. Now that the the four months five months for some reason admitting that there's a guy like commit. And you got a guy who like glance there's favorites that. -- an all star closer you know -- -- all year and that's where I think you consider I don't know how long. -- it out or vote as that target they're going Enders. Coaches got to go the hot and sometimes you. -- ever coached. To your credit Daniel your bureau representing the Jimmy Fund and with this rally against cancer does or Jimmy Fund going on now 313 tells about the program what -- it what is it doing out you get involved in what he'll win. You rally against cancer. You can go to. -- after dot ORG. Are now through April 13 which is -- home opener. Register your team on line. And the team can be a cool him off there. Our department you name it whatever you want. Everyone to set to give five dollars or more. Who workers -- on April 13. Prelude and it does seventh years are raised over a 100000. That the -- the authority to oil. -- to get 250000. I'm all -- Wheldon and and others are -- there's a big payoff at the end is and they're the top fundraising business school get something out of this. I looked up about part. It's been through raises the most I could hit it a career excellent so it's rally and got cancer dot org you can register online -- team five dollars minimum donation which you can donate a lot more than that. The part of Hartman or the pool -- the whatever the case may be the raised the most to visit from Daniel Bard. I'd appreciate the time this morning congratulations on the fifth starter role and we'll see you when you get after opening day. -- -- I would portrait Daniel Bard with Dennis and Callahan on. AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Mean here's your job you have two under researched this. Is there more. Allen had more talent at number five starter and they all. I mean obviously he's got to make that adjustment that still work in progress. How many number five starters for 100. Not many I was gonna suggest -- -- with him but maybe that's true they don't have a five they get out of my face -- -- -- five base that's a good point -- Whoever's been stellar and that was going to be released by his door a hundred but -- is there more a guy with more a more gifted arm. In the five spot and what and when the arena. Use it and cold doesn't get that together and that that in the in the -- and stay healthy and use it and -- if he pitches well like it is in his last. He skipped -- -- rain outs days off. That's what happens they put up Bobby thinking outside the box we'll have to wait for them right. We -- like we might have a -- -- -- might have a -- you forced out as a lefty obviously I'm writing do you mean -- go matchup some matchups against certain teams before deciding who was it all we use they with a five man rotation and give everybody everybody gets -- -- -- rest yeah. I think Bobby would look at match number of obvious the six man rotation guy he's that fantasy is they might look and say I don't care how many rain outs -- everybody could use more rest. More likely is probably. Problem applicable to bug me it's. And several reports that a starter starter and never let those guys -- they have asked about 61777. -- steroids that people pre 80852508. If your phone calls -- to the NC.

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