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Celtics Rewind: John Ryder with Paul Flannery of WEEI.com

Apr 1, 2012|

Following a huge 91-72 win over the Miami Heat, Paul Flannery joins John Ryder on a Sunday night to recap a great day at the Garden for the C's.

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Back here on the Celtics rewind and happy to be joined as always by. Paul Flannery does tremendous job cover the Celtics in the NBA for WE I don't comic also lawmen on Twitter at people -- -- -- Our area not great now people over the moon about this win in as expected they should be and this was an extremely impressive win but. I had some text earlier on -- Q and is this fool's gold nearer or is this a legitimate statement went for the Celtics. Yeah but it's local law I don't look at -- they're gonna go on and you know ought to -- out and heading -- the final period like that. But -- does that they've played really well the last few weeks here. And you know obviously not it -- what you Friday night with the Minnesota and be it could timberwolves team on the road back to you I don't over the final score there about fifteen right. Pretty much throughout. And obviously eager to class but you did they have been doing this is not who they're playing that well right now. Where they can sustain it or not if -- good question but right now. You can make your argument that you have to that the Celtics -- -- to be taken here. Would LeBron James is he hurt. -- -- -- Probably. And yet is an elbow issues or some big issues like that but. It definitely Petrino and -- -- I -- -- safe doubling bet you would -- reports. For -- should they -- -- the worst team in the world but now that did not feel like LeBron James nothing about it. Yeah no assists though I ticket I was first time that's happened since 2009. And I think like to let you know exactly right but yeah I mean there's a pretty upset. -- at some point you gotta make shots Cuba that it. Think it would take to get right to be -- right from the opening tip. And they never let -- and admitted there are a couple of players in the system bid to Celtics got their. -- it was. Now as much as people talk about well you don't wanna see that -- or Chicago. In the first round. Those teams probably don't wanna see the Celtics in the first round but the data I don't they could beat him but you know what I mean. Sure absolutely and I think nothing more Miami and Chicago if I mean. It was a very big deal that may be -- clustered file you remember how they it's over and how they react is -- very. Gary did he admit -- one game a -- you know one way or another that could no longer series it wasn't you know collection -- but to me. The Celtics still are also on the key which is. They have Rondo. They had no natural Rondo is the eco and Alec are Netflix and her. That changed the match up completely you know too well Anthony has started to bring the past Kevin Garnett and that's not something that -- that they need to click that. What do you think Miami has to do at a what do they do to the end of -- trap Rondo did they put LeBron on a morbid then you -- other mismatches. Go 140 hearsay. In -- -- if these teams met up in a playoff series. I mean that's -- the earlier question but I don't think it probably give web store you know no political -- But you know I think you would probably be different things you probably -- -- abroad more -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to a number of different things and you know Battier Q Lleyton does that help I'm sure you would feel a lot a whole lot more. -- that he would jump up you go to our Internet in a playoff series. This group that's the -- does that -- -- as a reminder. Reminder that when Rondo is playing like that he's aggressive brakes start. Different about although they're great they're awesome they're fine but when he's aggressive like that right from the start they are very proud to be. Yeah they really are and not only I mean not only the fourteen assists we know the numbers just jump off the charts and another triple double for Rondo. It's just you know even getting guys the foul line. Maybe he was -- in getting guys involved than they were getting following this was just one of those at the best games I've witnessed complain we've seen in place of tremendous -- Absolutely yeah they're they're they were they were last thirteen to -- like maybe twenty free throws he made that an ultimate and maybe did but. They got the line early in October and about that believed had a career highs definitely I would country for -- -- that's usually not his game he used packet that could collide. He got there all that long because eventually. You know abatement -- -- -- over on Iran so that looked at the open. You get out on the a shot and so really great stuff Rondo and you know it's funny. People start to get a little and I did you go a little worried about his reluctance shoot over the last couple weeks using such a -- Finding guys and really he's still in the office and that's with a game -- where you felt you had to go out score right away just to get them to guard him a little bit more and he did it. He did it he was unbelievable today because -- this great point by -- Right up the bad I can remember last time he attempted thirteen shots he scores ten in the first quarter but then it's almost like he changed it up. They're they're gonna start doubling on and helping out on defense that open it up for other guys. Absolutely and they did it change. And you'd just went another I think you've got in talent to turn over rather. Yes -- yes. That was huge today because I think it's misleading and I know a lot -- Celtics ended up -- sixty turnovers but a lot of that was when the game was already out of reach. To turn overs for Rondo the Celtics really limited the turnovers today we know how Miami how great they are and out points off of turnovers typically. Right and it's it's it's -- turnovers are live ball turnovers in the public wreck of a budget that ball turn articulate fumbled the ball out of they did it did silly stuff like that offensive foul or can we can't do against -- and you can't give them the ball -- -- the -- in the court -- court. There are core every single card and -- even told the players don't. Is that the -- -- saving it wildly or throwing it as they have thrown it. You know don't let -- out rock back -- the lectured postseason got a bit it was a -- -- take -- and I'd like to go back and and look at winnowed the majority this turnovers came up because it didn't feel like I turn over game. No I didn't at all and -- and -- at the half they only had a five point lead and they had seven of those turnovers at daft but at the Italy Blakey says a lot of it. A dead ball turnovers a Paul Pierce said cut another solid game and and with grandy Macs and oppose him structured type tomb after the game were. -- or people document locker room but he said on the post game show anyway he's not as intimidated by LeBron James. I'm paraphrasing. You know many players or -- yet have. Another I mean I know Rondo should catch the headlines neighbor Bradley there's a lot of talk about him -- Paul really this month of march and it started today as well is really the play well. Integrate them you know I can move Garnett got a lot of credit justifiably so -- -- putting up these ridiculous assist assist numbers. Paul Pierce has been the Celtic MVP -- the second after the -- I would look the other day and eighth in in -- averaging like 23. Six rebounds yes this. I'm a lawyer I -- read here actually I've put that up too because they did he had for the month of march 22 point three points per game. Five point six rebounds is always good thing when he's rebound of the best ball they need that three point six -- is a turning the ball over that much. And and played 34 minutes. Valued and yet and that's built into it does have actually gone down in part he's putting up those numbers. It's great the appear as though it appears that that there all of last season the -- so if you're in flashes. You know earlier in the season. But he has in it after it like a very quiet 23 point seven rebounds reassess oh hold on any outplayed abroad and he's right he's not as. Intimidated by the -- to -- you played him really talked about so abruptly in but. You bet they are day. The Celtics. When we talk about how they have to match play any part of its -- part of it is the fact that they can just put -- On abroad and they don't have double though Obama is forty but they don't have double and that huge advantage. Yeah and and Avery Bradley fifteen starts now and really over the six game stretch without Ray Allen. As -- playing very well cutting without the best but we know his defense is there. But done do you think teams start to pay a little bit more attention to him go on forty year. Yeah -- very very cute -- goes to a lady and that it was about you know bit by bit by the centers in the league. And that's Dwyane Wade socket though. Amid a -- you know art I guess that was in the locker totally new one or the other but. That humans are. Edmonton at the Braga are about that he's not a people are paying attention to now -- -- get -- and that would cut. And the fact he -- that backed off so well that that in the next thing because he'd been to kill. And it's very hard at it. And let's see if there's a reason why the principal and so successful. Because eventually got and turn their head start looking at the ball and -- -- -- and they now notebook form he cut baseline and he can score to get up. Anything to impeach him you know you can -- -- the -- so I think you know there's going to be a book. You know. Outlook on on on Avery but right now the way he's playing. You've been really really and it's it's I -- it would keep improving game inning game. -- it -- has been in the interesting thing will be when Ray Allen how he reacts when that ankle comes back when he comes back from the ankle injury. I think we both would agree Rleal pro -- starting but the question is and I I know this depends on matchups but. How many minutes slavery Bradley get -- Ray Allen -- What a great question I'm actually right about that tomorrow for the site and you know I mean. It is maybe heresy but -- start to come around the notion that. Ebert Bradley as a starter -- six men will be pretty good. Howell -- react to that the -- without chemistry any events -- does. Veteran bodies we know how close he is with Kevin Garnett earlier. Although they're really good questions not to take -- lightly. At all. But at the same time that that's a pretty intriguing thought. It really is so funny considering -- given that's Corey could be that six guy like Jason Terry is in Dallas or you know one of these it but. Would he buy into that is is another question losing his story job to an injury. Sharp as I you know I'd like at seven there's a lot think that that's like an intriguing. How much the right answer for right now. But I think it's something that should be considered that -- about that game in Plano. -- Open it open to think about yeah. The the go on ahead and end as you might expect about a lot of text a lot of calls and people get really hyped over this what do they should amend the Celtics deserve a lot of credit especially the way they played. But where they fit in right now I mean is there really one of those. 400 Telecom like kind of wanna wait and see and I know this is the easy answer but it's the truth. Over the next couple weeks because of this brutal schedule and and we -- they fit in here and what's going on with Philly and it is still a lot to be played out here. I'll let let let's have him -- the conversation I'm sure every day the next five days let alone have a conversation next allegedly bill. Because over the next over the next few days they've -- Antonio Wednesday Chicago Thursday Indiana Saturday Billy Sunday. They're sit there and they run off four out of five here -- three you know whatever. Then maybe we can start. Part of competition which is how good are. Right now today -- play as well as anybody any comfort Chicago's banged up. At the byproduct of trying to win every game in the season which is where you should play -- the same time -- they have been running aground. Miami is not playing well they haven't played well through last month and you know Orlando sort of hit -- -- Right now the self discipline -- -- any team in the count on April 1 but there's a long way to go between now and it twice. -- lastly but Miami today. The numbers look pretty good in terms of their three point shooting but. -- they have enough shooting. I know that you know LeBron and in Dwyane Wade at the free throw line right now Mike Miller's out with a -- injury. I think -- I think it's eleven straight gain knowledge and ankle injury James Jones has really been up and down -- they have enough shooting. Like Miller is really important -- you -- last year he will be in this year I don't it is a question on I'm like doesn't matter. And then you don't remember -- in western playoff LeBron went crazy for -- -- reportedly took a shot helped form taking minimal. Though you know probably -- it reenter your question but it will that matter is the other thing and I'm not sure at community so count the team you don't win this year. They got seriously think about the direction that it because it does this would be your little. -- really is always great stuff from you Paul appreciate -- -- be targeted this coming week. -- -- picked up all right thanks but Paul Flannery does great job for WB --

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